Dan Proft Commentary: Are There Christians to be Counted?

DAN PROFT COMMENTARY: Are there Christians to be counted?


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President Joe Biden didn’t do that before he did it.

He issued the proclamation declaring March 31, Easter Sunday, the Trans Day of Visibility.

Then when asked if he considered how Christians might feel a bit slighted over Jesus’ Resurrection having to share the stage with RuPaul, Biden said, “I didn’t do that.”

A la the “I did that!” stickers (image attached) on gas pumps, I wonder who will be first to market with the “I didn’t do that!” stickers to affix to copies of Gender Queer in your kid’s school library, on postings for Drag Queen story hours, on Rachel Levine’s uniform, on Mayor Pete & Chasten’s swing, et al.

The damage control spin was that Biden meant he didn’t do that because the Trans Day of Visibility was established in 2009 during JoeBama’s first term.

Yeah, it turns out the proclamation of the state’s culture war against Christians and people of faith in something other than government was declared 15 years ago and few bothered to take notice.

What was the big deal? It was just a kitschy designation day.

How about now?

Couldn’t Biden just have moved the date, as some Christian Political Pacificists suggested?

Well, first, with 144 days already committed to LGBTQIA2S++++++++ there are only so many dates on the calendar to get that Day of Visibility squeezed in, you know?

Second, how is it they’re not getting through to you? You defer to them. Got it. This is not a reciprocal arrangement.

Which part of the complete reordering of society to accommodate then celebrate then demand all celebrate the ravings of the mentally ill is unclear? The bathrooms? The sports? The removal of parental rights? The mutilation of children?

We are dealing with people who argue simultaneously that race and gender are mere social constructs AND that society should award benefits—reparations, admissions, jobs, contracts–based on these invented identities.

To speak the truth is to hate. To embrace the scam is to love.

Bernie Madoff could’ve learned a thing or two from the identitarian Left.

They promise a judgment free society while presenting you with a binary choice. Make the wrong selection and their judgment is delivered with a sledgehammer.

For 15 years—and frankly many years before that—they’ve been priming your kids in their schools with messages like this one from U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona.

The seeming overnight success, to most Christians, of the New Marxists in converting nearly 1 in 3 Gen Zers to identifying as part of the Lavender Bunde was like overnight successes in other sectors: the result of decades of diligence in the shadows. They chased their revolution while we slept.

NYU Psychology Professor Jonathan Haidt explained what happened from a clinical perspective during a recent interview on PBS’ “Firing Line” program.

Given the multiple generation head start, what are Christians to do now? It’s a little late for consideration of the Benedict Option. Retreat is no longer an option. They will come for apostates.

So what’s it going to be, gentlemen, in particular?

Will you raise up the truth in defiance of the depraved and the mentally ill or defer to the politics of the day?

Men identifying as women are not women. They should not be in your daughter’s bathroom. They should not take her place on girls’ sports teams.

Will you be the protector God created you to be?

Can the women in your life count on your or not?

This is the time when you will show us who you are, one way or another.



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