Articles by Ned Ryun

Omnibus Spending Bill Is A Swampy, Filthy Mess

Lost in the hullabaloo and nonstop coverage of the impeachment farce was the fact that the week before Christmas, the swamp triumphed yet again with the passage, and then signing, of a $1.4 trillion omnibus bill. Sure, Trump got his defense spending, but he vowed in March 2018 never again to sign a bill like […]

The Toxic Swamp Gas Polluting the American Right

It’s about time we had a conversation about the racket in D.C., though it’s probably not the one that springs first to mind. I’m talking about Conservatism Inc.—that ecosystem of mostly worthless and ineffective think tanks and conservative organizations that are part and parcel of the swamp. They came riding into town, some decades ago, […]

The Senate Needs to Stop Sniveling

The Hill reported this week that should the House Democrats be foolish enough (they were) to pass the two articles of impeachment (which summarized are We hate Trump and We’re super mad Trump won in 2016) Senate Republicans will drag their feet on calling witnesses for a potential Senate trial. While I realize the default […]

Democrats May Regret This Dance When Republicans Call the Tune

As the Democrat impeachment farce concluded its meltdown in the House Intelligence Committee this week, it’s clear Representative Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and company think we’re idiots. Schiff claims he doesn’t know the identity of the political-operative-masquerading-as-a-“whistleblower” while other Democrats insist that hearsay is sometimes more relevant than first-hand accounts. (Ponder that one in the context […]

How to Shut Down the Democrats’ Alternative Universe

By now, only a person living in Alternate Universe One could fail to understand that the past three years have precisely nothing to do with Russian collusion or Ukraine corruption and everything to do with who makes decisions about American policy: the duly elected president of the United States or the administrative state. That is […]

Our Elites Don’t See What’s Coming

What a world we live in. A confidential asset of a hyper-political CIA director, likely handpicked by the director to spy on the Trump White House, is now called a “whistleblower.” The son of a former vice-president and a current Democrat nominee was apparently eyeball-deep in corruption in Ukraine, and the Left screams that the […]

Hillary Sees Russians!

Gam Gam Clinton is back at it, spreading conspiracy theories, without evidence (as they say), that U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) has been “groomed” by the Russians to run as a third-party candidate in 2020. Let’s unpack that suggestion for just a moment, shall we? Hillary Clinton, whose Clinton Foundation received millions from Russia and […]

Breaking the Administrative State

Everyone who knows American history understands that what we are experiencing today was almost inevitable. The Russia-collusion hoax, Ukraine-gate, Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation circus, all of the non-stop, relentless attacks on Donald Trump and his administration from the day he was sworn in were bound to happen. The political moment we are living through is not […]

There is No Middle Ground with Today’s Democrats or the Deep State

Lose an election you thought you’d win? Well Democrats’ have a solution for that: “We shall impeach all da things!!” Don’t like a Supreme Court justice? Impeach him! Don’t like the president? Impeach away. And if you’re Congressman “President” Swalwell, I assume you nuke whatever is left. Of course there are no real grounds for […]

Ruling Class vs. ‘The Others’

There has always been a troubling trend on the Left, and among statists and the ruling class in general, when it comes to the rule of law. For those types, “rule of law” means more of a series of suggestions intended to keep “the others”—that is, “the deplorables” or we peasants—in our place. It’s very […]

A Precedent for Ending Big Tech’s Monopoly

During the time of the Roman Republic, Cato the Elder would end every speech in the Senate, no matter what the topic, with “Carthago delenda est.” Carthage must be destroyed. Why? Because Cato saw Carthage as a very real and existential threat to the Roman Republic. In many ways, the tech monopolies today are a […]

Tolerating Ourselves to Death with Google and China

As if we needed more reasons to intensify our calls to break up Google and other tech monopolies, this week the search-and-advertising giant announced that in the second quarter of 2019 it had removed 500 million comments, more than 100,000 videos, and over 17,000 channels from YouTube. Clearly, this private corporation has decided, while our […]

Cowardly Congress Won’t Condemn the Anti-Semitic BDS Movement

Why is it that almost every time the Left accuses the Right of some misbehavior or attitude, it’s actually something the Left is guilty of doing or being? Take, for example, the regular accusations that Donald Trump is an anti-Semite. Forget the fact that his son-in-law is Jewish and his daughter has converted to Judaism. […]

BDS Is an Anti-Semitic Movement and Tlaib and Omar Are Its Face

By barring Representatives Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) and Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) from entering the country, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did what he needed to do when confronted with his nation’s enemies. Israel quite rightly refuses entry to people who advocate its destruction. As any sane country would. (Ahem.)  When Tlaib was extended a humanitarian visa […]

Address the Real Cause of Central American Migration

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