The Black Swan of 2020

When a majority of Americans finally realizes what was really happening in 2016 and 2017, do you really think they’ll give Joe Biden power again?

Death by the Numbers

This stress test of the Chinese coronavirus has shown us many weaknesses, from our manufacturing capacities and our immigration politics to who Americans have become as a people.

We’ve Lost Our Damn Minds

Are we really—and shamefully—just going to slink down the path of complete subservience to bureaucrats and big tech, or are we going to stand up and say no?

Our Crooked Congress

While we all hope we can get back to normal sometime soon, there’s almost zero reason to believe Congress will start acting in a responsible way and this is exactly the kind of “normal” we should hope to avoid.

Pocahontas Scalps Mini Mike

Unfortunately for Democrats, what happened in Vegas will not stay in Vegas. The next few weeks will be bloody and clarifying at once as the candidates fight for delegates in Nevada, South Carolina, and the big one: Super Tuesday.

Virginia Gun Grabbers Assault Citizens’ Rights

Democrats in Virginia can pass all the “laws” they want to, but they should expect every last bit of righteous resistance in response to their attempts to take away the rights and property of law-abiding American citizens.

What Iowa Tells Us About the Democratic Party

They coddled the far Left, encouraged it, embracing its small donor base and grassroots activists, never thinking that the beast might actually want more than just platitudes and scraps: it might actually want to be in power and consume its supposed masters.

Why on Earth Would Trump Endorse Carl DeMaio?

The Republican congressional candidate from San Diego is pro-choice, pro-immigration, and vocally anti-Trump. Yet the "conservative" media in Washington thinks the president should endorse him. Huh?

Tyranny at the Door in Virginia

The problem that Ralph Northam, Mark Herring, and the rest of the statists in the Democratic Party have is that they’re in defiance of natural law the purpose of republican government.

Republican Governors’ ‘Tolerance’ Will Kill Us All

Fixing this broken, immoral immigration system is one of the main reasons Donald Trump was elected. For the sake of the American people and the continuation of America as a truly unique, sovereign country, there really is no option for him but to succeed.