Hindsight Is 20/20,
Unless You’re a Democrat

Hindsight is 20/20—unless you’re a Democrat. Then you can be a political arsonist, figuratively and literally, and move from target to smoldering target without a twinge of guilt. See the Russian collusion hoax, the Black Lives Matter riots, Ukrainian quid pro quo, etc. All of these were either massive lies or destructive to the tune of billions of dollars. 

But this kind of recklessness reaches the next level when they play political arson with another country that borders a nuclear power and then act like they had nothing to do with it. There are serious consequences in the real world outside of this country where the corporate propagandists can’t run interference for the Democrats and where someone with his trigger finger on thousands of nukes might not like what they’re doing.

I’m referring to the “incident” in 2014 in Ukraine when Barack Obama’s State Department decided it would foment a coup and help install a “friendly” government, essentially turning Ukraine into something of a client state to use it as a tool to destabilize Russia and Vladimir Putin—perhaps to the point of bringing about regime change in Moscow. Now, some people are horrified that their countrymen might question the wisdom of this maneuver. That’s not allowed. Instead, we are expected to nod in agreement like drones: “We must support Ukraine for democracy and freedom!” or else you are a Putin stooge and, somehow, unpatriotic. 

To those people, I kindly and humbly say: Get bent.

While it’s hard for the mindless drones to carry two independent thoughts in their heads simultaneously, you can absolutely have two parallel trains of thought that are both correct in this situation: Putin is an evil thug whose Ukraine invasion is illegal (and yes, I hope he gets bloodied in Ukraine) and Obama’s State Department is absolutely culpable for what they did in Eastern Europe in 2009 and in Ukraine in 2014.

Recall that in 2009, as Hillary was yukking it up with her Russian counterpart with a “reset” button, Obama canceled a congressionally approved missile defense treaty between Poland and the United States that would have provided the region with missile defenses from many of the types of missiles now raining down on Ukraine. 

Why the withdrawal? Obama wanted to show Putin he was a decent guy who respected Putin and Russia. The withdrawal of this treaty has done far more damage to the lives of the people in Eastern Europe and the world over the past 10 years than, say, the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Accords on climate change. Putin saw Obama and his team for what they were: unprepared, uninformed, and spineless. He invaded Crimea, launched cyberattacks against U.S. interests with impunity, and launched perhaps the single largest and most successful disinformation campaign against the United States in history. 

Now add to Obama’s weakness Joe Biden’s foolish noises last year indicating a plan for Ukraine to join NATO, combining fecklessness with a heaping topping of bellicosity. What did any rational person think was going to happen?

Any power on the border of Ukraine, led by someone evil or not, who might view a plan for Ukraine to enter NATO as a shot across the bow—quite frankly, into the bow—would take active steps in response; that’s essentially Statecraft 101 for all the keyboard warriors out there howling for World War III. At some point, there were going to be consequences for the actions of Obama and Biden. And now, here we are. 

Now the war drums are thumping away in D.C., as U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) calls for Putin’s assassination and Sean “My Show is Tanking” Hannity appeals to NATO to bomb Russian convoys, all of which would be acts of war against the world’s largest nuclear power. People are actually calling for the United States to enforce a no-fly zone in Ukraine. 

What the low-IQ people repeating that request need to understand is that they are calling for U.S. jets to clear the Ukrainian skies of Russian fighters—as in, shoot them down; as in, get into a shooting war with Russia and its 6,300 nuclear weapons. All of this for a backward, corrupt (very, very, corrupt) Eastern European nation that is the playground for George Soros and crooked American politicians and their offspring. In short, unless you would like to see the world de-peopled by a billion or so, no intelligent person would ever ask for a no-fly zone. 

Others huff that we must do something and are obligated to stop Putin from “expanding his sphere of influence” in Europe. Do you mean the $1.1 billion a day the EU is paying Putin for oil and gas? Or how about the low estimate of $100 billion that European nations paid Russia for gas and oil in 2021 alone? You mean that kind of sphere and that kind of influence? Because it already exists, thanks to the feckless leadership of globalists on the energy front. The Russian sphere of influence in Europe of Europe’s own making. 

So what is to be done? I would humbly propose that any and all plans for Ukraine to enter NATO be scrapped. Period. NATO doesn’t want Ukraine anyway, so remove take that option off the table. Next, perhaps European and U.S. leaders will realize the way to diminish Putin is not to escalate hostilities with a nuclear power but to starve Putin of his energy revenue. 

Remember, Russia’s gross domestic product is under $1.5 trillion. More than 30 percent of the Russian government’s revenue comes from energy exports. There is no need to declare energy war on Putin and try to remove all $100 billion to $300 billion of the annual revenue from European sales. Instead, reduce his revenue by 40 to 50 percent, or whatever the line is where Putin isn’t boxed into a corner and feels threatened, yet can’t go outside Russia’s borders as he has with this Ukrainian adventurism. 

Of course, all of this would require adults to be in charge in Europe and the United States, people who would reject the infantile man-made global warming, renewable energy claptrap. As this is clearly not the current situation, it’s something we can all hope and pray for in the very near future. In the meantime, hope to God the imbecile-in-chief doesn’t blunder us into World War III.

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About Ned Ryun

Ned Ryun is a former presidential writer for George W. Bush and the founder and CEO of American Majority. You can find him on Twitter @nedryun.

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