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Ned Ryun is a former presidential writer for George W. Bush and the founder and CEO of American Majority. You can find him on Twitter @nedryun.

None Dared Call It Treason . . . When It Was a Democrat

The past week of Russia hysteria has me longing for the good old days. Like 2009, when a Democratic president could pull missile defense systems out of Poland and the Czech Republic to appease Vladimir Putin without facing charges of treason. Or 2010, when a former Democratic president could take a cool half-million

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Transparency Would Wipe the Smirk Off Strzok’s Face

Normally, a congressional hearing is not the place to look for revelations of undiscovered truths. Typically, not much “hearing” happens at a hearing, anyway. It’s often just an opportunity for congressmen to grandstand and yell out a few talking points so their staffers can make a quick video to post on Facebook. Last

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Trump’s Message: Full Transparency to Restore Trust

Back in the day, I wrote for a president. Not speeches, mind you, but special correspondence and proclamations. Watching this entire nauseating mess with the Justice Department and the FBI—agencies that many believe are corrupt to their core—I thought I'd write a statement for President Donald J. Trump that he could use to

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The Creepy and Creeping Power of Social Media

With the recent revelations that “Google allowed "Nazism” to be associated with the California Republican Party in searches, to YouTube removing purely mechanical gun content, to the news that Facebook allowed far greater access to private data than anyone realized, it’s time to have a conversation about what these social and tech giants really

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China’s Clear and Present Threat

\ While the Left continues to lose its mind over Russia and the fairytale of collusion, the fact is Russia simply is not a real threat to the future of our democracy. By any measure, the threat to America's future freedom is China.   When Trump first brought up the issue of tariffs, a great

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The Ever Shrinking James Comey

It’s amusing to watch the James Comey Self-Aggrandizement Tour stagger along. With every passing day, Comey diminishes himself and solidifies his true legacy: a self-aggrandizing, sanctimonious prig that who somehow thinks he, of all people, has cornered the market on morality. His carefully cultivated act of “The Last Honest Man, Boy Scout for

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Why the Leadership of Both Parties Is Lax on Immigration

When then-candidate Donald Trump announced his presidential bid in 2016, he did so with a bang. Right out of the gate, he took on one of the deepest and long-simmering dysfunctions in our republic—illegal immigration. Never one for subtlety when an opportunity for the dramatic presents itself, Trump used what some found to

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