Do We Own Our Military?

This is bigger than just one buggy, unflyable fighter jet. This is a matter of national security and American sovereignty.

Does the Military Brass Know Best?

A fighting force that can be held accountable for its mistakes is desperately needed in our era of eroding trust in civic institutions. And given how many mistakes one can lay at the door of William McRaven and others like him, it would be best if they shut up.

The Inertial State

The United States isn't so much a representative republic as it is an administrative state that runs on autopilot, implementing programs that cannot be changed or stopped, regardless of how the majority of the American people vote.

Attack of the
Left-Wing Ken Dolls

If the Beto O’Rourkes of the world prevail, this is the fight the country will have to look forward to: the pampered boys and girls of the Left versus the forgotten men and women of the Right.

Resisting #TheResistance

If the recent generic ballots tell us anything, it is that the Republican establishment should stop trying to run generic Republicans as candidates. The GOP […]

The Rise and Fall of the Alt Right

With Russiagate increasingly looking like a deep state and Clinton campaign-manufactured bugaboo, a new brand of leftist McCarthyism has reared its head—namely, trying to seek […]

The Slut Shaming of Donald Trump

The news of Michael Cohen’s flip against President Trump has sent liberals and NeverTrump into paroxysms of glee. “Legal blows fuel impeachment fears,” Politico crowed […]

Hearing Evil Out

William F. Buckley once famously quipped of Robert F. Kennedy’s continued refusal to come on Firing Line, “Why does bologna reject the grinder?” Today, the […]