Articles by Mytheos Holt

Do We Own Our Military?

The preamble to the Constitution lists a number of core functions for the American government. Any American who has ever listened to “Schoolhouse Rock” (or maybe just an obsessive listener like yours truly) can name them all: Promote a more perfect union; establish justice; ensure domestic tranquility; provide for the common defense; promote the general […]

Does the Military Brass Know Best?

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Death and taxes are certain. And Donald Trump’s presidency offends technocrats to the point that they act like lunatics. The first two certainties have been with us from time immemorial: the last is more recent, but seems no less immutable in spite of it. […]

The Inertial State

One of the nobler elements of the American system is its jealous protection of the rights of minority interests. Going back to James Madison’s strictures about balancing faction against faction in Federalist #10, and Abraham Lincoln’s warnings against unfettered popular sovereignty in the Lincoln-Douglas debates, Americans have long held to a noble tradition of respecting […]

The Eagle and the Dragonfly: How Google Threatens Freedom

Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s recent congressional testimony capped a deservedly rough year for the embattled search giant. While Pichai largely avoided any major missteps in his testimony—thanks mostly to the technological illiteracy of the questioners—even Google-friendly sources couldn’t help noticing his evasiveness on one key point: the infamous proposed partnership between Google and the Chinese […]

The Menace of Western Masochism

There is an old joke that if you look up French military victories on Google, it says nothing can be found, and asks “Did you mean French military defeats?” Back when Google was an accurate search engine, the result would be imaginable. Given, however, that looking up “American inventors” on Google now produces a parade […]

The Decline and Fall of the Alt Right

  Recently, I wrote a piece at this website detailing my own experiences with the political movement known as the “Alt Right,” and explaining why its trajectory since its high water mark in 2016 has made me regard it as a stillborn mess. Moreover, I predicted that the movement would degenerate even further into obscurity and ignominy, […]

Hillary’s Useful Idiots Revisited

Two years ago on this day, I published my first article ever with American Greatness, titled “Hillary’s Useful Idiots.” The overarching thesis of the piece was that if Hillary Clinton won, #NeverTrumpers would be thrown under the bus by the Left the instant they started disagreeing with her, as they inevitably would. Speaking of figures […]

The Feinstein Farce Will Let Rapists Go Free

In the vast catalog of human cruelty, the crime of rape is one of the most grotesque. In its perversion of human intimacy, the corruption of human agency in one case and the destruction of it in another, coupled with the absolutely stomach-churning betrayals of trust that so frequently accompany the act, it is granted […]

Resisting #TheResistance

If the recent generic ballots tell us anything, it is that the Republican establishment should stop trying to run generic Republicans as candidates. The GOP of Paul “throw-granny-off-a-cliff-and-give-her-Social-Security-check-to-the-Koch-Brothers” Ryan has never been popular, and for good reason. This is why Donald Trump, despite having ostensibly low approval ratings, is virtually unstoppable compared to his purported […]

The Rise and Fall of the Alt Right

With Russiagate increasingly looking like a deep state and Clinton campaign-manufactured bugaboo, a new brand of leftist McCarthyism has reared its head—namely, trying to seek out members or allies of the Trump Administration with ties to the dreaded Alt-Right. So far, the only targets have been Department of Homeland Security (DHS) staffer Ian Smith, who […]

The Slut Shaming of Donald Trump

The news of Michael Cohen’s flip against President Trump has sent liberals and NeverTrump into paroxysms of glee. “Legal blows fuel impeachment fears,” Politico crowed gleefully. “The president is clearly guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors,” sniffed Bret Stephens. “He should resign from his office or be impeached and removed from office.” Unsurprisingly, former Hillary […]

The Genocidal Elite, Part III: The Trail of ‘White Tears’

Sarah Jeong and her defenders in the media truly have given America a gift. Where once it was only dark speculation that media elites, at best, are ambivalent toward openly genocidal and bigoted statements about white Americans, now we are certain that these sentiments exist. We know, too, that the most common defense of these […]

The Genocidal Elite, Part II: The Pains in South Africa

Ask any social justice leftist about the tweets by the New York Times’ disgraceful new hire Sarah Jeong, and once you’ve got them off all the red herrings about Trump/white supremacy/fascism/incoherent screaming, you will get an answer along the lines of, “Come on, Jeong’s tweets are just the cathartic way that social justice warriors of […]

The Genocidal Elite, Part I: Who’s Afraid of Sarah Jeong?

Rahm Emanuel famously warned against letting a crisis go to waste. In the case of the New York Times’ hiring of Sarah Jeong, he’s right. Make no mistake: Jeong’s hiring is a crisis. It is a crisis for journalism, a crisis for elite opinion, and a crisis for America above all. Those who gloat that […]

The Left’s Real Problem: It Can’t Buy SCOTUS

As signs point to an easy confirmation for President Trump’s latest Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, #TheResistance has entered full “chicken with its head cut off” mode. For evidence of this, look no further than Judge Kavanaugh’s alma mater, Yale Law School, where a series of alumni, teachers, and various other sour grapes enthusiasts […]

You Aren’t Maintaining That

Longtime readers of this site will know that I am no fan of the tech industry. Over the years, I have criticized Google for its censorious behavior, Facebook for fostering an “always online” culture of hypersensitiveness, Amazon for trying to seize the US government’s intelligence assets, and Twitter for just being terrible, period. I have long warned against the […]

Hearing Evil Out

William F. Buckley once famously quipped of Robert F. Kennedy’s continued refusal to come on Firing Line, “Why does bologna reject the grinder?” Today, the motto of our purported mainstream journalists appears to be that the grinder should reject bologna because the grinder shouldn’t give bologna a platform. At least, that’s the only conclusion I […]