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J. Whig is an attorney practicing in New York and a resident of Connecticut specializing in insolvency and restructuring. Opinions are his own.

The Judgments of The Lord: Trump at Liberty University

The establishment, Right and Left, spent the weekend imagining the Founders had envisioned the linchpin of republican government to be an independent federal celebrity policeman. President Trump spent the weekend acting as President in the manner the Founders hoped. In a speech Saturday at Liberty University, President Trump traversed ground he has covered

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Looking Down on Trump’s Brain

According to Ross Douthat, in his April 1, 2017 New York Times article, “Trump Needs a Brain”: Trump himself doesn’t know what he wants to do on major issues and there’s nobody in his innermost circle who seems to have a compelling vision that might guide him. Douthat says in an “ideologically unstable age” Trump

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On the Moderation of Donald Trump

Moderation is a virtue, a human excellence. As Aristotle described it, moderation is a habit of choosing the mean between too much and too little. After President Trump's speech last week to a joint session of Congress, the inanity that Trump "became President tonight" was the new mantra of many in the media.

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A Second Look at Trump’s Magnificence and Possible Magnanimity

"The Magnanimity of Scipio Africanus," by Simon de Vos. There has been a great deal of commentary on character in this election. In my opinion much of that commentary confuses the teaching of Emily Post and the teaching of Aristotle. That is, the commentary imputes to manners the moral quality of virtue. It

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The Tory Chimney

  Earlier this week, Bill Kristol retweeted CNN's Kristen Holmes (@Kristenhcnn) tweet of a clip of angry baseball fans hollering "CNN sucks!" with this charming caption: "Yes they're frustrated by government & elites & social trends. But they're behaving like jackasses--& sometimes a jackass is just a jackass."   https://twitter.com/BillKristol/status/790724438836834304   Jackasses. That's what Bill

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Defenestration & The Crisis of 2016

  So it has come to this: Goldman Sachs has instructed its partners not to contribute to the Donald Trump presidential campaign or associated PACs. One presumes a possible consequence of breaking this rule is an involuntary exit from the Goldman partnership. Goldman has its reasons, no doubt. According to news reports, the investment banking

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The Simoniac of the Church of Globalism

  Donald Trump continues to recover in the polls (RCP average -3.9 at this wr) from a low following Hillary Clinton's convention bounce and a series of missteps by the unconventional GOP candidate. The media, which have largely abandoned any pretense of impartiality, have elevated Trump’s defeat over pursuit of the facts. What then explains

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Overheard Somewhere in Ohio: The Little Hamlet and the Global Village

  Boy: Grandpa, I don't understand what I see on TV. People seem angry. Why are people saying terrible things about one another? Old Man: I don't know for sure, my boy. It's an election year. And for some people not everything is going well. And when that happens people become angry. It's part of

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The Needed Change

The needed change of the 1980s was a recognition that rolling back the Soviet Union not only was possible without war but in fact was essential to reduce the risk of nuclear annihilation. Recognizing that rolling back our globalized administrative state is not only possible but essential for averting America’s economic and environmental annihilation is

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