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J. Whig is an attorney practicing in New York and a resident of Connecticut specializing in insolvency and restructuring. Opinions are his own.

Make America Not Small Again

On the eve of the release of the IG report, President Trump can be seen in relief against the backdrop of a year and a half of events. So can his enemies.The elite’s embrace of globalism has choked off recognition of ordinary Americans—those without a recognized grievance—in favor of the outer of the concentric

By | 2018-05-20T09:57:34-07:00 May 19th, 2018|

A Night At the Opera with Tenor Trey Gowdy

Mark Twain once wrote, "A southerner talks music.”  U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy’s operatic molasses-and-cream voice, and a wardrobe’s worth of changing hairdos, memorably color the politics of the last decade. Who can forget the South Carolina Republican's virtuoso performance of Immolazieone delle Spoliazioni (The Immolation of Spoliation)? In hearings on IRS misconduct, the

By | 2018-03-24T15:19:20-07:00 March 24th, 2018|

Jordan Peterson and the Tomato

Until recently, Jordan Peterson had been a relatively obscure figure outside of a burgeoning and loyal YouTube following. Peterson’s earlier book, Maps of Meaning: the Architecture of Belief, explored social conflict, and territoriality in belief systems, particularly as it pertained to extremism in the defense of belief systems against “chaos.” Peterson, who teaches

By | 2018-03-01T11:05:22-07:00 March 1st, 2018|

A Serious Note on ‘The Monopoly on Force’

This year in the United States more than 35,000 people likely will die and more than 2 million people likely will be injured or disabled in road crashes. Of the people killed in road crashes, nearly 8,000 will be killed in crashes involving drivers ages 16- to 20-years-old. Despite the high cost in life

By | 2018-02-19T12:31:47-07:00 February 19th, 2018|

Trust No One, Especially Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff has been in government his entire life. The ranking Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has worked as a prosecutor, served one term as a California state senator, and has represented his Southern California congressional district for 18 years and counting. In a recent column for Esquire, Schiff

By | 2018-02-06T11:20:52-07:00 February 6th, 2018|

Night of the Living Dead

Looking at the Democrats Tuesday night I thought of zombies. No living man or woman could have sat motionless through words to which no living, thinking man or woman can be indifferent. Perhaps Democrats have been feeding on so much #Resist zombie paste that they can no longer think. But they need to

By | 2018-02-01T12:11:26-07:00 February 1st, 2018|

The Answer to the Left’s Pink McCarthyism

What is the best defense against Pink McCarthyism? A good offense. Pink McCarthyism is a political tactic. It is based on a dominant opinion (no matter that it may not be your opinion) that women are an oppressed class in America who are subjected to rampant harassment in the workplace by men in

By | 2017-12-15T14:13:40-07:00 December 15th, 2017|

Comey Exemplifies the Effort to Get Stupid

Former FBI Director James Comey is tweeting about justice and liberty. He accompanies his tweets with creepy selfies, and the context suggests he is colluding with his conflicted friend, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, in spirit if not in practice. Opinion columns heralding the intensification of Mueller’s investigation now flow like mighty rivers carrying

By | 2017-12-06T15:04:09-07:00 December 6th, 2017|

Persian Globalists Meet the First Greek President

After killing a usurper to the Achaemenid throne in 522 B.C., the Persian conspirators responsible for this act debated what form of government should replace him. It was no surprise at the time that they chose monarchy. Herodotus, the ancient Greek historian, notes that many Greeks were bewildered that such a discussion even

By | 2017-10-17T21:24:59-07:00 October 17th, 2017|

The Sound of Statesmanship

The most nationalist speech given by an American to an international audience was—and remains—John F. Kennedy's “Ich Bin Ein Berliner” speech. In it, Kennedy threatened the Soviet Union, an enemy of the United States. The Soviet Union menaced the United States with a massive arsenal of thermonuclear weapons. Mutually assured destruction made the

By | 2017-09-23T14:18:29-07:00 September 21st, 2017|

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