Aloha, Electors!

If the Supreme Court will not provide a remedy in the Texas lawsuit, what is the remedy? A law is not a law if it does not provide a remedy.

Blitzkrieg Ballots

The blitz is on! Is there sufficient time between Election Day and certification to allow a challenge based on the general conduct of the election affecting a very large number of votes?

Foxed Up Beyond All Recognition

Fox News—with programming led by Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs, and Sean Hannity—remained through the 2020 campaign the only large venue for diverse, if biased, information. That ended on Election Night.

Secession, Succession, and Concession

People cannot trust their lives, their families, and their welfare to majoritarian politics without unanimity as to their character as one people. Democrats have all but abandoned that understanding.

Sobre Hombres Libres: On Free Men

Cuando un estadounidense vota por presidente, se hace eco del espíritu de esos humildes granjeros que dispararon. When a person is chosen by the United States he feels it inside with a great passion.

The Debatable and the Relatable

Biden is advancing a far-Left platform that is indifferent to civil liberties, embraces international socialism in the guise of environmentalism, and is an ally of a Marxist insurgency at home.

Tax Sux

When you own real estate, your taxes are more complicated than those of wage earners.

Artificial Unintelligence

When an artificial intelligence clearly fails, like a chatbot that starts making racist remarks or an autopilot that flies an aircraft into the ground, its designers shut it down. America’s 17 intelligence agencies are like that failed chatbot and autopilot.