The Woke’s Lepers

The woke religion has many malignant features. One of these is leprosy. Not actually people who have leprosy. But people who are treated like the lepers of the Bible. 

Who are the modern lepers? The unvaccinated.

Across the world, the apparatus of woke government is seeking ways to compel unwanted medical treatment. 

They are doing so by permitting employers to demand vaccination before people return to work and threatening to provide internal vaccine passports, which would be required for admission to public spaces, excluding the unvaccinated from their livelihoods and the full life of their community. 

But there are many reasons not to get vaccinated. In full disclosure, I received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine several months ago. I did so for my own reasons in consultation with my doctor and family. The important thing is not whether I am vaccinated but whether it was my choice. The demand for universal vaccination against COVID is arbitrary.

The woke, in the superstitious zeal of the Voodoo they practice, will claim that the unvaccinated are a danger. The Biden Administration is calling COVID a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” 

But the vaccinated can still become infected with and transmit COVID. In fact, COVID has infected quite a number of the vaccinated. Given that the vaccine reduces the severity of the infection, and testing is down, we can speculate that there are more vaccinated people who have contracted COVID than are known to the data minders (and manipulators). And the infected vaccinated can still transmit the disease to others. 

Indeed, there is a possibility that the vaccinated may be superior transmitters of COVID. There are circumstances where a vaccine has proven to be more dangerous by making the virus less dangerous to the infected and so more prevalent. 

There may be good reasons for an individual to choose not to get vaccinated. If you had COVID previously, you have antibodies that are just as effective or more effective than the antibodies whose production is triggered by the vaccines. Why should someone be compelled to take a vaccine, with its inherent risk of serious side effects, if they may reasonably be presumed to be immune already? 

Further, not everyone’s immune system is the same. Vaccines trigger immune responses. The effect of the workout an RNA vaccine gives your immune system is simply not known. Unnecessarily taking vaccines may lead to auto-immune disorders. The fact is there is not a lot of data (and no long term data) for any of this. 

People who tell you that they know that these vaccines are safe for everyone are lying to you. They are making an educated guess that they are safe, or a calculation about the general tradeoffs of injury or death from the vaccine versus injury or death from COVID. But you are a particular case, not a generalization.

Keep in mind that physicians are not always right. Physicians thought Tylenol was safe. And then researchers discovered that acetaminophen (the generic name for Tylenol) was responsible for 46 percent of cases of liver failure in the United States

If you are young and have no comorbidities, there may be no good reason for you to get the vaccine. There is a known, very serious, possible side effect in teens called myocarditis. Let’s not be too clinical. Let’s be human and a little alarmist: It’s heart inflammation

It’s a rare side effect. But also rare is the instance in teens of life-threatening cases of COVID. If you don’t want your teen risking myocarditis, and would prefer they take the low risk of a serious case of COVID, that should be your choice. Remember, their being vaccinated does not prevent them from getting COVID and spreading it to others. It merely mitigates the risk that they get a serious case which already was low. 

There may be many good reasons for an individual not to get a COVID vaccine, just as there are many good reasons for other individuals to get a COVID vaccine.

There is no good reason for stigmatizing and shunning those who, in their own good judgment, determine that they do not want to take a vaccine. 

There is no reason to allow the woke to make lepers of free people. 

“Thou be clean.” Matthew 8:3.



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