Scholars & Writers for Trump

Scholars & Writers for America Given our choices in the presidential election, we believe that Donald Trump is the candidate most likely to restore the […]

The 8 Big Lies About Donald Trump

Liar. Tyrant. Racist. Nazi. These are some of the choice descriptors America’s scribbling class applies to Donald Trump. While they’re busy consuming hours of free […]

Weigel Gets It Right In “God & Brexit”

George Weigel sees a cautionary tale in Europe that Americans would be wise to heed.  Referencing German scholar, Ernst-Friedrich Boeckenfoerde he notes “that the modern liberal-democratic state […]

Dropping The Big One

He lies. He’s unstable. He’s a sociopath. He doesn’t have the right temperament. He can’t be trusted. And now, because nothing succeeds like excess, the […]