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Chris is the Publisher and Editor of American Greatness and the host of The Seth & Chris Show. He was a Publius Fellow at the Claremont Institute. and received a Fellowship from the Earhart Foundation. Chris is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold businesses in financial services and digital marketing. He is a frequent guest on NPR's Morning Edition. His writing has appeared in The Washington Post, The Hill, and elsewhere. Connect with Chris on Twitter at @TheChrisBuskirk

The Suicidal Sanctimony of Phony Conservatives

Christine Blasey Ford made scurrilous accusations against Brett Kavanaugh for actions she claims occurred nearly 35 years ago when they were both minors. Both Judge Kavanaugh and Mark Judge, who Ford also claims was present have vehemently and categorically denied her claims. The people who know Kavanaugh, as well as decades of evidence

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Biography Is Not Enough, for John McCain or Anyone Else

Biography does not predict success in office. It never has. And yet we’re all drawn to it. We love personal stories of heroism, sacrifice, challenges overcome, outstanding virtue. That said, we should also recognize that a compelling back story may be necessary, but it is not a sufficient condition for political greatness. Which

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America 2025: Made Great Again

Exhausted. Exhilarated. Thankful. And ready to get back to work. Those are some of my feelings after watching President Kobach take the oath of office this morning. But more than anything else, today is a day of contented reflection. The past decade has been one of constant activity. Since the day Donald Trump

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Pay Attention to the Killing of Mollie Tibbetts

Iowa police announced this week what we long suspected: Mollie Tibbetts, the Iowa college student who was missing for over a month, is dead. The preliminary autopsy report, released Thursday, reveals that she was killed by “multiple sharp force injuries.” Prosecutors have filed first-degree murder charges against Cristhian Rivera, a 24-year-old Mexican who

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Let’s Not Throw the Word Treason Around

When they talk about President Trump, why are so many Democratic politicians talking about treason? Whatever they may truly believe, why are they letting their inflammatory rhetoric become decoupled from the facts?By doing so, they are setting the country on a dangerous, unpredictable trajectory that could lead to a crisis of political legitimacy. And

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Mika’s Right—Somebody’s Coming Unhinged

Feelings of impotence often lead to rage. Witness the recent escalation of the rhetoric directed at the president from the anti-Trump media. As the president’s approval rating hovers at or near its highs in polls from the Wall St. Journal/NBC News and Rasmussen and Special Counsel Robert Mueller is prosecuting decade-old crimes against

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