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Chris is the Publisher and Editor of American Greatness and the host of The Seth & Chris Show. He was a Publius Fellow at the Claremont Institute. and received a Fellowship from the Earhart Foundation. Chris is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold businesses in financial services and digital marketing. He is a frequent guest on NPR's Morning Edition. His writing has appeared in The Washington Post, The Hill, and elsewhere. Connect with Chris on Twitter at @TheChrisBuskirk

Good Riddance, Mr. Speaker

In 2016, Wisconsin turned red for Donald Trump but Paul Ryan’s Janesville remained stubbornly blue—so perhaps it is no surprise that the speaker of the House won’t seek re-election. For Republicans, this is an unalloyed good. For his entire career, Mr. Ryan has been the wunderkind who couldn’t deliver. As the No. 2

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What’s At Stake In Syria?

It's just about a year ago that Syria was last in the news in a big way. Less than 90 days into the Trump Administration there was a gas attack at Khan Shaykhun that left 74 dead. Civilized people everywhere were horrified. "Something must be done!" we were told. But by whom, what, and why

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Is the Free Press Under Attack?

I participated in a symposium yesterday at the National Press Club in D.C. called Truth, Trust, and the First Amendment in the Digital Age. It was sponsored by the University of Missouri Law School and the Mizzou School of Journalism – one of the oldest journalism program’s in the country. There were two panels. The

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This Monstrosity of a Spending Bill Will Hurt Republicans

The omnibus spending bill passed in the dead of night and signed into law Friday, on the eighth anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, is bad policy and worse politics for Republicans facing midterm elections. Despite the GOP’s promises and congressional majorities, Obamacare is still the law of the land and the omnibus

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The Ruling Class Hates You

I thought love trumps hate. That’s what I’ve been led to believe by an effusion of t-shirts, bumper stickers, and social media postings from the self-styled anti-Trump Resistance™. As my friend Roger Kimball likes to say, there really is nothing like the intoxication of moral superiority. The syrupy slogans promulgated by the ruling

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Worse Than Watergate

The FISA Abuse Memo is out and now we know why the Democrats were desperate to keep its contents hidden from the public: it confirms the worst fears not just of President Trump’s supporters but of everyone concerned about the abuse of police power, government corruption, and the sanctity of our elections. The memo

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