Carelords, Art Thots, and Liquid Modernity: Talking with Anna Khachiyan

Anna Khachiyan joins “The Chris Buskirk Show” to discuss how modernity broke civilization, denatures and degrades humanity, and how nice she is IRL. They also discuss the state of art and architecture, the desirability and necessity of religious revival, and living in a tiny house in Google’s parking lot.

And since it’s Anna, here are links to a few of her favorite books:

The Culture of Narcissism

The Revolt of the Elites


You can listen to her podcast, “Red Scare,” which she co-hosts with Dasha Nekrasova.

Video and audio versions of our discussion are below.

Listen to “Carelords, Art Thots, & Liquid Modernity: Talking with Anna Khachiyan” on Spreaker.

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