Americans Deserve a Full Hearing on the Trump-Russia Hoax

The House Intelligence Committee closed its investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, concluding there is “no evidence of collusion, coordination, or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians.” Rep. Mike Conaway (R-Texas), who led the committee’s probe, said his team interviewed 73 witnesses and reviewed more than 300,000 documents over the past 14 months.

But the media overlooked one damning nugget. The committee report disputes a key finding by President Obama’s intelligence team that Vladimir Putin and his regime “aspired to help President-elect Trump’s election chances when possible by discrediting Secretary Clinton and publicly contrasting her unfavorably to him.” According to Conaway, trained analysts examined the underlying documents of the January 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment (which remain classified) and he said “the piece about Putin’s purported preference for Trump, we think, is not supported by the evidence. We disagree with them.”

Then why did the Intelligence Community make that claim? “That [IC review] started in early December and was finished in January, coinciding with an attack on the Trump presidency throughout that timeframe, and seemed to underpin that narrative that somehow Putin had more effect on the election than he should have, and delegitimize the Trump presidency,” Conaway told Tucker Carlson on Fox News. “That was a part of that narrative.”

Translation: Days before Trump’s inauguration, known political operatives—FBI Director James Comey, CIA Director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper—released a report with the imprimatur of the world’s most powerful intelligence apparatus to bolster the pernicious plotline that Putin helped Trump win the election and was henceforth an illegitimate president.

Considering the shameful post-election conduct by top Obama officials, including Comey and Brennan, and the possibility that Clapper leaked information to the press after he briefed Trump on the IC report, is anyone surprised? How many rats do we have to smell before we fumigate the nest? When will Americans get clear answers, and when will people publicly be held accountable for their role in propagating this ruse?

It doesn’t look like anytime soon. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is now considering a request by the House Judiciary Committee for a second special counsel to look into this mess, insisting the Justice Department is not “capable of investigating these fact patterns in a fashion likely to garner public confidence.” Sessions indicated he prefers allowing his department’s inspector general to take the lead. The Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday asked Sessions for a second special counsel to work with Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

Pardon my French, but WTF?

Before time potentially runs out on a Republican-led Congress, GOP lawmakers must hold public hearings to expose how the Obama Administration hatched and executed the Trump-Russia election conspiracy, which the press then propagandized and weaponized. This needs to be done without delay. And it needs to happen whether or not Sessions names another special counsel.

Here’s why: For nearly two years, the nation has been consumed by what is quite possibly the biggest scam—and scandal—in American political history. The Trump-Russia hoax has monopolized news coverage, dominated the attention of the nation’s top lawmakers, and led to a costly, freewheeling investigation that is destroying people’s reputations and livelihoods without any proof yet that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump were in cahoots before November 2016. Robert Mueller’s investigation has outraged and distracted an easily outraged and distractible president, prompted the resignations of key aides, and handcuffed the federal government’s top lawyer. He is now subpoenaing Trump’s business empire for documents related to Russia and “other topics,” the New York Times reports.

But the most odious purpose of continuing to peddle and “investigate” the Trump-Russia fantasy is to obfuscate the real scandal: Top officials in the Obama Administration collaborated with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and Democratic National Committee to torpedo Donald Trump’s candidacy and undermine his presidency after he won.

Thanks to investigations by the House Intelligence Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee, we know that the Obama Justice Department used a politically funded and preposterous “dossier” to win the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court’s approval to eavesdrop on Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page, just a few weeks before the election and without revealing the document was produced by the rival campaign.

The dossier was also used to plant news articles written by activist-journalists to sow public suspicion about the Trump campaign working with the Russians to influence the election’s outcome. (At least one article was then used as evidence on the FISA application for Page.) And it’s likely that the dossier and subsequent surveillance was used by Obama chiefs to justify the unmasking of Trump campaign aides in intelligence reports. Text messages between FBI officials have exposed serious political bias, and several Justice Department bigwigs have been outed for questionable political activity, media leaks, and ties to the firm that produced the dossier. Mueller’s team is compromised.

But despite all the evidence of malfeasance, Obama loyalists and apologists in the media—some who carry around mini figurines of the former president to demonstrate their fealty—have done little to demand answers about what happened.

Instead of chasing down Christopher Steele or Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simpson or Peter Strzok or Susan Rice, reporters are chasing down Florida grandmothers who attended Trump campaign rallies. With the exception of Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, and writers Andrew McCarthy and Sara Carter, very little in-depth coverage has been given to this scandal. Traditional news outlets have been complicit from the very beginning in raising the temperature of the Trump-Russia fever dream and continue to give the Obama administration cover, just like they did during the Benghazi terrorist scandal and IRS targeting scandal.

Congress should not allow it to happen again.

Perhaps the Senate should convene a select committee, but whatever the format is, it needs to happen fast. Democrats are hoping the clock runs out on the Republican majority in Congress; if that occurs, we’ll never get the truth about what happened at the Obama White House and Justice Department in the months before and after the November 2016 election.

The roster of potential witnesses is long. Here is my personal short-list:

  • Christopher Steele: The ex-British spy was the author of the dossier. Without his handiwork, there is no Trump-Russia chimera. Since it’s possible Steele was paid by the FBI—i.e., American tax dollars—and is now the subject of a criminal referral, he has some explaining to do. How did he collect the information contained in the dossier? What was his relationship with the FBI? What led to his termination as a source by the FBI? Was he paid by anyone associated with the Russian government?
  • Glenn Simpson: The Fusion GPS principal should explain publicly how he came in contact with the FBI, what his firm’s relationship was with the agency, and if he leveraged FBI contacts to pitch news stories to the media. Most important, Simpson should explain his connection to Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who famously met with Donald Trump, Jr. in June 2016. Simpson met with Veselnitskaya before and after her Trump Tower meeting. Why? Since this meeting is major grist for the Trump-Russia rumor mill and Trump, Jr. has been questioned about the brief encounter, it’s imperative that Simpson explain his role in possibly setting up the president’s son to meet with the Russian lawyer.
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz: This is where the story began: The alleged hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s email system by Russian operatives. Yet Schultz, the DNC chief at the time, refused to turn over the server to the FBI for inspection. Why? Since mid-2016, the media and the anti-Trump mob have relied on a dubious report from a private cybersecurity company with ties to the same law firm that retained Fusion GPS.  Plenty of questions here.
  • James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper: This triumvirate should explain the specific intelligence that led them to conclude that Putin influenced the election in favor of Donald Trump. Also, they should justify why they purportedly “unmasked” Americans in classified reports and defend leaks of classified information to the media. The three also should be scolded harshly for their unprofessional and provocative politicking over the past year. It is inexcusable.
  • Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, James Baker: Answer everything. Defend the texts, the politicking, the leaking, the connection between Ohr, a top DOJ official, and his wife, a Fusion GPS employee. And tell us who at the top was giving the orders. (Attorney General Jeff Sessions is now considering a recommendation to fire McCabe based on an internal investigation.)
  • Carter Page: The target of the Obama administration’s secret spy mission should talk about how this has impacted his personal and professional life. Despite being surveilled for suspicious activity for a year, Carter is a free man, giving interviews and suing news organizations for defamation. Worst foreign agent ever.
  • Shailagh Murray: Murray was Obama’s senior communications advisor when all this went down. Murray’s husband, Neil King, worked with Glenn Simpson at the Wall Street Journal. After the election, King went to work for Fusion GPS. Was Murray the conduit between the White House, Fusion GPS and the media? How much of Fusion’s bidding in the press was Murray doing in the summer and fall of 2016?

I think that’s a good start.

Of course, there are plenty of other folks that Americans should hear from: Susan Rice, Samantha Power, and John Kerry. The FISC judges. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and acting Attorney General Sally Yates. Perhaps the publishers of the Washington Post and the New York Times and owners of CNN to answer for their egregious, prodigious reporting on the Trump-Russia scheme, and how their coverage may have aided the attempted political annihilation of a sitting president and fueled one of the most destructive political environments in U.S. history.

Years from now, perhaps an enterprising researcher will develop a model to evaluate how much time and money was diverted away from serious issues to focus on what now appears to be a colossal hoax unrivaled in the annals of U.S. presidential campaigns. But for now, we are mired in a nonstop loop of leaks, accusations, tweets, indictments, opinion columns, and cable news tirades all serving as a collective life-support system to keep alive the anti-Trump mob’s singular hope of taking down the man it despises.

Americans are exhausted. We are angry. We deserve answers. So, Congress, get to work. And don’t screw it up.

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210 responses to “Americans Deserve a Full Hearing on the Trump-Russia Hoax”

  1. More hearings are the last thing we need. Like Stein’s Oakland, there’s no “there” there. If collusion existed it would have been found by now and persons indicted for more than “obstruction of justice” and “conspiracy to defraud the US.” Keeping the thing on life support with still more hearings will redound only to the benefit of the Left/Democrats. No amount of not finding collusion will ever dissuade Democrats from continuing to wonder out loud about it, and the media will gladly keep reporting every little lacuna or oddity turned up in more “hearings.” The serpent that is the Mueller investigation should have been killed in its shell, but still better to kill it now before it grows into a full constrictor.

    • There’s already more than enough evidence to bring up a number of people on charges, yet nothing happens. There’s even an argument for rounding up the whole lot of them and charging them with sedition.

  2. Now leading GOP members of the panel — including its chair — are already walking away from the claim and grudgingly admitting the Kremlin worked to undermine Hillary Clinton and boost Trump.

    “Everyone gets to make their own mind whether or not they are trying to hurt Hillary or help Trump,” Rep. Mike Conaway (R-TX), who led the House intelligence probe, said to reporters on Tuesday. “It is kind of the glass half-full, glass half-empty, depending how you look at it.”

    Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) — best known for his investigations into the deadly 2012 attack on a US diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya — said Tuesday that Putin had been “motivated in whole or in part by a desire to harm her candidacy or undermine her presidency had she prevailed.”

    Gowdy spokesperson Amanda Gonzalez told me Wednesday that the Congress member didn’t see a difference between liking Trump and hating Clinton — which means that Gowdy is backing away from the Republican claim even more explicitly than Conaway.

    “In a binary race, hoping one candidate will lose is tantamount to hoping the other candidate prevails,” Gonzalez said.

    Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), who has served on the committee since 2015, told Vox that the original Republican assertion that Moscow hadn’t tried to help Trump may not even make it into the final report. A 150-page draft report was sent to Democrats Tuesday; it’s not clear when it will be made public, or what changes — if any — Republicans will agree to make beforehand.

    • Old news and nothing that changes the facts. The failed former affirmative action president, the Clinton crime family and the DNC colluded with Russia, spied on American citizens and political rivals while the DOJ/FBI under Obama committed crimes in order to protect the massive corruption of Obama, the failed former president, Clinton and the DNC.

      • The fact is the boys on the panel are backtracking on their claim. Flynn says send cigarettes they will save his hiney.

      • That’s not a fact and no walk back at all. They have always maintained their goal was getting to the truth on an impartial basis. Now I realize the truth is something you despise, but for patriotic Americans it is the essence of our constitutional Republic. The issue was collusion by Trump and there was none. Now on to the real collusion and corruption and evidence points to Obama, the failed former affirmative action president, Clinton and the DNC while cleaning out the traitors in DOJ/FBI. Mueller’s job is to obstruct and continue the cover-up.

      • So they kinda think boris wanted trump, gotcha. Ill take what the intel agencies said, I dont trust lackey nunes.

      • Only brain dead leftists come to that conclusion which is and has always has been the fatal conceit of the Russian hoax. If anything he preferred Clinton since he could manipulate her with hush money and graft, but the reality is Putin really cares about sowing discord and disruption. The fellow travelers on the left and in the DNC in collaboration with the failed former affirmative action president Obama colluded unwittingly and that’s why they are known as useful idiots.

      • Interesting that the only “hush money and graft” in evidence is in the Trump Administration, not the Clinton Campaign.

      • So, where’s your proof? The evidence is mounting the facts are leading to lies, deceit and corruption not only of the Clinton crime family, but the administration of the failed former president, and the DNC. You are just too hyper-partisan and ignorant to see the forest for the trees.

      • You have that exactly backwards, of course. How many indictments from the Clinton Campaign? Clinton Foundation? Obama administration? DNC? How about the Trump Campaign?

      • Nope, I have it exactly right. The obstruction that was omnipresent in the administration of the failed former president Obama is now being uncovered and the repercussions are just beginning to manifest themselves in firings with indictments likely to follow. Massive corruption in the DOJ/FBI has been suspected fpr sometime and daily revelations are putting fear into those who have betrayed their responsibilities due to partisan hatred. Who falls after McCabe?

        And now the dominoes are falling.

    • Then they should release all the classified intelligence that supports the IC assessment.

  3. More BS drops to the ground with a thud. Panic over Mueller Time? Can the president tell the truth when asked a question? Are campaign payoffs to sex workers a crime? Why did Jr. Jared and Manifort meet with Russians with HRC dirt? How was money laundering facilitated? Why is Trump firing his cabinet, 25th amendment insurance?

    • There is nothing in your post that is as worrisome and corrupt as the administration of the failed former affirmative action president spying on American citizens and political rivals. There is nothing Trump has done that is morally equivalent to the sort of deceit and betrayal that occurred under the failed former president Obama or the Clinton Crime family and the bigoted DNC.

  4. We need a new ‘UnAmerican Activities’ committee and a contemporary Joe McCarthy with the courage to root the malefactors of their spider-holes.

  5. I think the author should cool her overheated jets. Let’s wait to hear tom Mueller. The House Intelligence Committee has less credibility than a ferret. I am still betting than Mueller is going to reveal some stuff that even the most comatose and brain dead “conservatives” are going to find grossly unacceptable. So, Julie, settle down and wait. The truth will be revealed soon enough.

    • Mueller is unelected and unaccountable. Our representatives don’t have those luxuries. What are you afraid of?

      • Irrelevant. ALL of Trump’s Pirate Pack that he calls a Cabinet is unelected. Appointed officials can have power. And he is accountable – to the ADG. I am surprised you would get that so confused.

        What am I afraid of? One thing: Trump staying in office. But I take comfort from the belief that Mueller is going to slice him up like a radish and after the Impeachment/resignation Trump will be back in Queens bankrupting companies, shafting tradesmen, swindling partners and trolling around for wife #4.

        Archibald Cox and Ken Starr were both appointed and “accountable” and they sure did a lot of damage. After Mueller reports I think we will have a buffet table of Impeachable offenses, gross conflicts of interests, and tax improprieties. The hard part will be which to choose. And,of course, Jared and Junior will be in serious trouble.

        So, don’t celebrate because of the House Intelligence Committee. That was like having the monkeys in charge of the bananas – the outcome was foregone.

      • But I take comfort from the belief that Mueller is going to slice him up like a radish and after the Impeachment/resignation Trump will be back in Queens…

        That Dem’s are still pining for this reminds me of how adolescent boys masturbate to pornography but swear that someday they’ll have real girlfriends.

        You live in a fantasy world. In all likelihood PDT will leave office on Monday, 20 January 2025.

      • Here you have it, another vulgar low life Trump supporter. As Trump’s support shrinks, his “core support” is becoming clear: 50+. under-educated, vulgar, bigoted, misogynist, gullible, under-employed, angry, white, male slobs. Throw in a few other outlying misfits and you have it covered. His support group is starting to look just like him.

      • To quote Joe Biden: It’s a big f*cking deal!

      • It worked. Trump bumpers keep forgetting that he lost the popular vote by 3 million. There were just enough trailer park Neanderthals in America to give him an electoral college fluke win. Won’y happen again. Trumps support is down to the brutal lumpen mob of human rubbish that is his “core”. If he makes it to the 2020 election, which I doubt, he will be annihilated.

      • Exactly. In other news, the Carolina Panthers had 315 total net yards vs. the Denver Bronco’s 194 net yards in Superbowl 50—62% more yards—yet the Panthers lost the game! It’s not fair!

        BTW, Trump’s approval rating is in the lower- to mid-40’s, about where Obama’s was at this stage of his presidency.

        But, please, keep calling half the country brutal lumpen mob of human rubbish. It’s a sure fire way to win elections. Just ask Hillary.

      • Trump will not survive 2018 in office. Mueller is going to annihilate him. And his knuckle dragger supporters will have to take up whittling again.

      • Gonna happen. Don’t bet your trailer against it; you’ll be homeless. Imagine, homeless AND clueless.

      • Inequality is an America specialty. We have the greatest income and wealth disparity in the world. And Trump’s tax changes will make it a whole lot worse.

      • Poor Americans are chumps. They would be better off in every G20 country. America is a harsh place to be poor.

        Gosh, you couldn’t be more wrong. The OECD publishes a graph called the Better Life Index, showing that there are only three places in the world you would be better off poor than the US: Canada, Sweden, and Australia. In fact, American poor are actually better off than the rich in several other 1st world countries.

        Where do you get your odd notions?

  6. How about we just let Mueller finish his job before we call anything a hoax.

    • Well , your DNC lobotomy is finished , and we all know the results .

    • How about we just let Trump finish his job before calling anything collusion. Mmmkay?

      • Well, because it would be nice to know if our President is compromised or has committed any crimes.

      • Why are you so uninterested in who committed the real crimes and holding them accountable? The evidence points to collusion, corruption and betrayal in the Obama administration, the DNC, the DOJ/FBI, and Clinton. It’s coming out.

      • It really doesn’t point that way. I don’t care if they get caught up in it as well, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

      • Yes, it does. The evidence is pretty profound and if not for DOJ/FBI obstruction there would be even more clear cut evidence. Why do you avoid the truth?

      • Oh you mean his DOJ and FBI with his picks as attorney general and director? Yeah they aren’t obstructing anything.

      • Are they? I suggest you take a moment to do some research and then rethink your position. Your comment suggests you are uninformed and ignorant.

      • Because it simply is not the truth. What is your evidence? A couple of FBI folks exchanged emails about what an idiot Trump is. Well, apparently his Secretary of State thought the same. A Canadian donated money to the Clinton Foundation, and three years later the company that bought his company was sold to the Russians. If you weren’t so completely blinded by partisanship, you’d be embarrased to make such an argument.

      • Yeah, I read that already. I asked for evidence, not an editorial opinion. “Conspired to collude?” WTF does that even mean? As Trumpkins are always eager to point out, “collusion” is not an actual crime. What you actually have is an investigator looking to chat with a judge that he knew. I would imagine that happens all the time.

      • Conspiracy is a crime.

        As verbs the difference between collude and conspire is that collude is to act in concert with; to conspire while conspire is to secretly plot or make plans together, often used regarding something bad or illegal.
        Collude vs Conspire – What’s the difference?

        Strzok and the Judge Contreras acted in concert to secretly use their governmental powers to criminally charge General Flynn. Heck, even the interviewing FBI agents didn’t think Flynn lied during the interview. But Strzok and Contreras conspired to collude to railroad Flynn on a process charge.

        It really is sleazy, much like the many other aspects of the corrupt Obama administration.

      • First you have to know what truth is in order to doubt it. People like you who have a contempt for the truth and the American people make excuses in a feeble attempt to explain denying, blaming and then lying about deceit and betrayal. There’s an old saying, that in politics, if you are explaining you are losing. It’s never partisan or embarrassing to cite facts and truth and the firing of McCabe is just the beginning, chump.

    • The only job Mueller has is to continue the cover up and the collusion hoax provides the vehicle for protection racket.

    • I think it’s fair to ask if he will “finish”. It seems to be an investigation meant more to interfere with the presidency and keep the tin-foil hat wearers happy.

      • Took over 2 years to get Nixon and this is way more complex.

  7. It’s obviously just an endless “investigation” though. If I were Trump I’d definitely go after Hillary and all her leftist friends. There’s certainly plenty of evidence available of their crimes.

    The facts known about actions taken by Hillary Clinton while secretary of state surrounding the use of an unsecure private email server for conducting government business show that she violated 10 federal statutes. Several are national-security-related felonies, just three of which include: 1. disclosure of classified information (22 documents were Top Secret), 2. unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents, and 3. destruction of evidence (erasure of the hard drive and deletion of some 30,000 emails by Secretary Clinton) after a government investigation had commenced (Benghazi hearings began Oct. 10, 2012).

    The most plausible explanation for Hillary Clinton’s circumventing longstanding federal rules on secure communication — and for her insistence on implementing a private email server — was simply to conceal a conflict of interest in continuing a role in the Clinton Foundation while also serving as secretary of state. It is instructive that Secretary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, was simultaneously on payrolls of both the State Department and the Teneo Group, an influence-peddling consulting operation founded by a Clinton confidant. Additionally, a private email server would protect disclosure of fund-raising activities for Hillary Clinton’s anticipated run for president.

      • I see you do not have the critical thinking skills and gift of persuasion in order to counter Max’s facts. This makes your comment just loud mouth noise.

      • Well, Max doesn’t seem to understand what “disclosure” means, and doesn’t seem to know when Clinton ordered the erasure of the old server. He also does not seem to be aware that many previous government officials have used private servers, including the entire Bush White House staff. more than 22 million emails were unretrievable when Congress tried to investigate the firings of US Attorneys, but nobody made a big deal over it. I wonder why that is?

      • Many previous government officials did not use the power of political office and a private server to hide their betrayals and pay to play schemes like Hillary Clinton has. You seem to have trouble distinguishing between right and wrong. This is a known affliction that strikes progressives only.

      • I suspect facts confuse those, like you, who have no intimate relationship with truth.

      • Well, you’re not going to hear of it on CNN, but it’s certainly there for the reading if you take the time to look for it.

      • Reading bs helps no human, even if you are reading it at a church

      • I know 10 times as much as you or any of the other posters on this article about tRump and his buddy Putin. The difference is that everything I know is based on actual facts.

  8. Even the liberals on this thread, understand the the “Russian Investigation ” is a total DNC/RINO hoax , although they would never be sane/honest enough to admit it .

      • You seem to be unfamiliar with the concept of “proof.” Perhaps you should study up a bit before you use it again.

      • I know exactly what proof is, however, the issue is that you ‘re just a condescending liberal pr!ck

    • in october 2016 jason chaffetz bragged that he already had 4 years’ of investigations lined up should HRC win… so russiagate is conservative projection about ‘leftist sore losers’ and why? cause it’s what you all would do, and in fact did for 8 years of BHO including denying a sitting president’s SC nominee a hearing…

      it’s really this simple: if no crimes why all the LIES by this administration about meetings w/ russians… we know of at least 19 different russians and yet the potus (who claims to have one if not THE bestest memory around) says there were none… it’s the lies and omissions that have mueller focused on the potus… and for such a nothing burger so far there are 4 guilty pleas and 15 indictments… now before you say, none of that has anything to do w/ the potus… you don’t know what crimes mueller might have forgiven for cooperation…

      this latest subpeona to the potus business seems pretty targeted and coincides w/ rick gates flipping…

      the only hoax is the fox noise entertainment division led by hysterical hannity and his avoidance of all things russia, to the point last night he was replaying the FL shooting show and whining about how kids should be seen and not heard, or something along those lines… meanwhile, in the real world the gop house intel folks are suddenly admitting to some regret about wrapping up their investigation so quickly… each new lie exposed only makes them look dumb and dumber…

      • Is that you Maxine? Been huffing your wig glue again?

      • is that you sean? that orange spray tan lip gloss looks mighty purdy on you.. believe me

    • The people who fudge climate data, etc. only care about one thing: imposing their views on you and everyone else. By any means necessary up to and most certainly including violence.

  9. Pretty good analysis.. Too much WASNT investigated. Politicians closing ranks whether right or left. Otherwise Hillary would be behind bars by now.

    • I’m not sure you understood the article. She’s on your side.

    • That’s crap. Trump is president and Sessions is AG and Hillary is free. Try to connect the dots.

      • You missed a few dots, such as the original investigation of Hillary by co-conspirators Lunch & Comey. Also, the recusal scheme by Sessions/Rosenstein and the threats to Trump from Senate republicans. Trump has repeatedly criticized the defiance of Sessions. And, the mass media propaganda campaign. Trump is surrounded here, he is the victim.

  10. Regarding further investigation, the author writes: “It doesn’t look like anytime soon. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is now considering a request by the House Judiciary Committee for a second special counsel…

    However, AG Sessions has already stated that he has appointed someone to look into the issues raised by the House investigators, although the way he said it was interpreted by some to imply that the person appointed was looking into whether to appoint a special counsel or not.

    It’s likely that the person already appointed by Sessions is a career prosecutor who was appointed some time ago, probably back when the IG first uncovered apparent criminality, since IG Horowitz isn’t charged with investigating criminal acts. He was also compelled to inform higher ups as soon as he uncovered criminal behavior during his procedural investigation.

    If this is correct, a special counsel isn’t needed. When IG Horowitz issues his upcoming report, it will likely be followed immediately by a report from the DOJ prosecutor that Sessions appointed to work alongside Horowitz, a report that includes multiple criminal indictments. At least I hope that’s what’s going on.

    • I’d like for this to be true, but I remain skeptical until evidence of Sessions actually doing anything that results in people being held to account for their actions.

  11. Not long now boys n girls an we will find out just how much of a “hoax” this investigation is. Mueller will lay out his cards before the midterms, I am sure, so the voters will have that info to take into the polling booth. My bet? Mueller has the goods on Trump on all three issues: obstruction, conspiracy, and money launderin. The man looks like a slice of toast to me.

    • It will be interesting to see which of us gets the report we’re hoping to get (See my post below yours)

      • I was just reading it, Rod. Disagree on all counts. The attempt to get a new special prosecutor to investigate the DOJ/FBI is just the next chess move in Trump’s defensive attempt to get the law men an women off his back.

      • It’s not defensive, it’s following the evidence and the evidence points to collusion and corruption under the failed former affirmative action president Obama, the DNC and Clinton. Spying on American citizens and political rivals is the essence of a totalitarian ideologies.

      • You can disagree all you want. But if what I wrote is approximately the case, you’re going to be awfully surprised when the IG report is issued.

        Apparently you have no trouble with the way the FISA court was manipulated, with the unmasking of hundreds of Americans, with Hillary’s handling of her emails, with the FBI leadership’s insistence upon a sham investigation of those emails, etc.

        It will take something on the scale of what I’m talking about to shake sense into a lot of people, and even then it might not be enough.

      • Haven’t you heard? The alleged unmasking scandal fizzled away into nothing.

    • That’s a bet most would take. The intellectually honest know that Mueller is conducting a cover up not an investigation.

    • Mueller blew it when he hired a pack of partisan Dem lawyers. Inexcusable.

      • Tell me, if you were going to pick a random set of 17 out of the ranks of top prosecutors, how many would you expect to find who had donated to Democratic candidates?

    • What evidence do you have to show for your “feelings” that Mueller has the goods on Trump?

    • You don’t know your asshole from a hole in the ground. That’s what it looks like to me.

  12. the real republican report is muellars . not the party kiss butt report.

  13. I can answer all your questions in just one sentence. Democrats, and some RINO Republicans, are traitors.

  14. Wow! That’s the most delusional and far fetched article I have ever read.
    I am fine accepting Trump’s confession to Holt and the Russians, so he can plead guilty to obstructing and resign immediately.

    • Julie is right up there with the craziest of them.but your correct. the real.crimes are trumps compromised financial position with Russian characters

  15. How come Democrats are all against Russians influencing our elections, but all for Illegal Aliens being able to vote, thus REALLY influencing our election? Please answer!!

    • nothing remotely rational will be said in response.

      • I guess you can call me stupid if you want, but the cabal of super-smart Ivy-leagers who have been in control for so long have mired us in debt which we can never repay, created a huge welfare dependent underclass and flooded my country with illegal aliens with impunity.

        Yeah, I’m dumb. And pissed. And I’m happy as hell to see how much of those genius’ work Donald Trump can tear down. None of it has been good for our country.

    • For the same reason that Republicans want to make child molestation legal.

      • But the Dems want to kill them in the womb, and thats ok with you?

      • Justice Ginsburg favors the age of consent to be 12, said so. So, a 65 year old man down the block could sleep with a 12 year old girl and the parents have no recourse.

    • Democrats are not for illegal aliens being able to vote. That is a lie.

      • Correct – Why cant the right understand that they just want to make sure that nobody ever has to prove they are a US citizen in order to vote. Democrats are 100% against illegal immigrants voting – even though illegals would vote 100% for Democrats.

      • Yeah – its just a coincidence that Dems support a policy that lets felons and illegal immigrants vote when those groups vote about 100% for Democrats.

        Are you seriously going cite a source for me to take seriously that has as its slogan “Progressive. Alternative.”

      • You are trying to communicate with a liberal fascist that marinaded his brains with intellectual sewage and pretzel logic in some fetid humanities program…..give it up, the guy has not one neuron firing in a rational, logical manner.

      • Oh, come off of it. Democrats support illegal aliens voting in the same way that Republicans support school shootings – you don’t, you just think that the restrictions we want to enact to prevent school shootings are not worth the impact on law-abiding people. It’s exactly the same thing.
        As for your last comment, that’s what we call “Ad Hominem.” I’m not really familiar with the publication, I was just looking for examples of people who had been disenfranchised or seriously inconvenienced by voter ID laws. There are easily hundreds of cases out there that you can read about if you are interested, which of course you are not. That would require challenging your preconceptions.

      • Dumb comparison – obviously no politician or sane person supports school shootings. On the other hand – there is a very plausible argument for Democrat support for voter id laws being all about illegal aliens and felons voting (because it is).

        I just opened your “source” and it says on the masthead “Progressive. Alternative”. Do you think I cant find an article by National Review or The Federalist saying that voter id laws are all about illegal aliens and felons voting for democrats?

        Im going to listen to Doug and stop responding.

      • You didn’t even read it, did you? It discusses real live human beings who have been victimized by voter ID laws, like the Holocaust survivor with no birth certificate or the woman with no hands who couldn’t sign the form. But you don’t really care about reality, do you? You just care about scoring political points. So go ahead, stop responding – but don’t wonder why people call you “deplorable.”

      • Gov School huh You really do have that decease also huh. Take a Oxy and relieve your head (notice I did not say Brain)

      • No, most think that the restrictions that the Dems want won’t do anything to prevent school shootings. As far as voter ID goes, that would be a good start. Voters should also be able to pass a basic logic test in order for their vote to count.

      • Democrats give the illegals a registration (no action required), republicans don’t give crazy people guns.

      • Any moron that can’t (or won’t) get an ID probably shouldn’t have a voice in how the country is run?

      • In Canada, you have to prove you are a Canadian citizen to vote. Why not in the US? It doesn’t make sense that Democrats don’t seem to care that the country is full of illegals. In Canada, even legitimate immigrants are concerned about illegals. They see it as being unfair and a con job on Canadian taxpayers, of which they have become themselves. Where is the logic in excusing such behavior? If voter ID requirements disenfranchise voters, then why is there no uproar in Canada, a strongly pc country?

      • Sorry guy but last I checked the State of California is run all but wholly by the Democrat party. Need I remind you that they have run through legislation for any illegal, who wants a drivers license, has only to pass the same tests as anyone else. Oh yeah, if you have a California drivers license you’re automatically registered to vote.

      • They merely make registration automatic, avoid checking voter databases, and destroy ballots to avoid recounts.

      • Yes, they are. The whole reason for the Dems resistance to any form of legal immigration is to flood the country with a whole new constitiency, since their current constituency is leaving the party in droves.

    • Illegal foreigners weaken a strong white Christian nation. Russia is a white Christian nation. America used to be a strong white Christian nation. The enemies of Christ want the two Christian nations separate and apart and they would like one to kill the other. Should America and Russia unite for the common good, it would be very bad for the enemies of Christ.

      • Out me down. Christians are a scourge. We should ban further immigrations of this violent sect.

    • Democrats believe that anything that causes chaos will help them lead us into a greater government future.

  16. Trump should have fired every Democrat and Obama holdover on day one.

  17. It is utterly flabbergasting that all the clear and direct evidence of collusion, money laundering, bribe-taking, and outright criminality of the Obama Administration and the Clintons is being completely ignored. Along with the politicization of the FBI, DoJ, and other Government agencies by the Obama Administration. Anyone with open eyes and a working brain can see that Comey’s ‘investigation’ was a complete sham. A very concise outline is available in the latest Imprimus from Hillsdale College:

    • Yes it is obvious, the issue is simply fact versus fiction. There is nothing incriminating found in the spying and investigating on Trump. The intention of the Left and the elites is to blur the division between fact and fiction.

  18. Here, here! I mean what the f? There better be people going to jail for this treasonous farce against trump.
    And while you are at, WHY IS NO ONE IN JAIL FOR THE WMD TREASON?!!!! We can start with morally rudderless, repulsive Clapper.

  19. Andy McCarthy and Sara Carter have certainly done yeoman’s work on this tyranny but I believe that the author is remiss for not mentioning Lee Smith of Tablet Magazine for his in-depth, insightful coverage.

    • An excerpt below from a Real Clear Politics article called “Who Believes in Russiagate?: Knowledgable reporters on the left and right are frightened by the spread of an elite conspiracy theory among American media.” By Lee Smith

      By far the best I’ve read about the “Russian collusion” story promoted by the left. What will the left say about this? They’ll say what they always say which is that those who oppose them are White Supremacist Nazis ( or their dupes ) who want to “Make America White Again!” Judge for yourself what the truth is.

      “Half the country hates Donald Trump, and even the half that thinks he’s doing a good job often flinch from his boorishness, his nasty public attacks, sometimes even on his own aides. For all the top talent he says he’s surrounded himself with, the president repeatedly attracts among the worst that Washington—and New York—have to offer. No doubt that’s one reason why whatever is thrown at him seems to stick.

      At the same time, there is a growing consensus among reporters and thinkers on the left and right—especially those who know anything about Russia, the surveillance apparatus, and intelligence bureaucracy—that the Russiagate-collusion theory that was supposed to end Trump’s presidency within six months has sprung more than a few holes. Worse, it has proved to be a cover for U.S. intelligence and law-enforcement bureaucracies to break the law, with what’s left of the press gleefully going along for the ride. Where Watergate was a story about a crime that came to define an entire generation’s oppositional attitude toward politicians and the country’s elite, Russiagate, they argue, has proved itself to be the reverse: It is a device that the American elite is using to define itself against its enemies—the rest of the country.”

      • That’s fine, and pardon me for asking, but was there a point you wished to convey more directly? I’d welcome such a response.

        I’ve been reading Lee Smith’s cogent analyses for some time now. Unlike, say, Andy McCarthy, who generally keeps his commentary to the legal aspects, Smith has researched and assembled the various pieces into a cohesive narrative that allows any reader to clearly understand the broad and frightening scope of this attempted coup d’etat.

        I encourage everyone to read Lee Smith’s work, follow the links to associated articles, review the source materials presented, prove it for yourself.

      • I just put it there to back up what you said and encourage others to read it. I’ve already posted that in many other places so it’s not like it was something especially for you.

        It is a very good article. I saw it on Real Clear Politics recently.

        Thank God for Real Clear Politics. Such a great site. Always a lot of good information there.

      • Yeah, been following RCP since their inception. I appreciate your posting the excerpt.

        It all makes for such sober reading though. I mean that I never thought that I would live to see this day. Left vs. Right antagonisms are, once again, coming to a head both here and abroad.

        The Left is on the move and they’ve allied with Islamists worldwide. The defenders of liberty better wake up and organize before it’s too late.

      • I think our society is disintegrating.

        It used to be, not so many years ago, that you could look back and see the noticeable social erosion over the past year. Now that time frame seems to be rapidly shrinking. It now almost seems like you can see the unraveling of the social fabric of our society from one week to the next.

        I’ve always liked reading history. Something that’s always bothered me about reading history though is that you realize how distressingly common it is for societies to become insane and self destruct. During the dreadful twentieth century major nations like Germany, Japan, Russia and China became quite insane for periods of time. Now it seems to be our turn.

        Why does this happen? Why does this keep happening? Why do people periodically become insane and destroy what they worked so hard to create? I suppose it’s just a severe flaw in human nature that we have to live with.

        Last year an Assyrian at work in Chicago told me that “All of Iraq is ruined.” They’re heartbroken over what has happened to their country. So are the Vietnamese at work about what’s happened to Vietnam. They say the whole country is just an impoverished, totally corrupt prison.

        Hope springs eternal. All we can do is hope for the best. Hopefully fate will be kind to us and spare us from the same kind of nightmare which has befallen my coworkers former countries.

      • Max,
        Answering your questions would indeed take a discussion. The short answer is: because these battles never entirely cease. Ever. Sometimes there is a confluence of events that inflames matters to the point of armed conflict.

        The Middle East powder keg further inflamed by Obama’s radical Marxist policies and skullduggery while hollowing our our military; the Iranians and worldwide Islamic terror networks and Obama again aiding and abetting our enemies; the Chinese “Silk Road” plan for world conquest; the century-long Russian communist infiltration of our every government department and bureau; the foreign assault upon the United States.

        Indeed, it has been said that we are upon a Fourth Turning. Have you ever seen the Citizens United documentary, Generation Zero? If not, you should. It helps fill in some blanks of recent history.

  20. Completely disagree. We do not need more pointless hearings by these inept nincompoops. Richard Burr sounds like an idiot every time he is on TV bragging about how “non-partisan” his hearing is and is complicit. What Sessions needs to do (and he won’t because he is a wimp) is charge Comey, Steele, Clapper and Brennan criminally for conspiracy against the United States and fraud. If republicans are serious that this is all one big hoax, then that is the only logical outcome. All of this was done to intentionally sabotage a lawfully elected President of the United States. It was an attempted bloodless coup and should be treated as such.

    Republicans in congress completely are led by the nore by the liberal media and are famously inept. Why they are investigating Hillary sour grapes in the first place and angering their base are exhibit “A”. Exhibit “B” is their complete screw up of the Bhengazi hearings, where they turned a “guilty as hell” Hillary into a martyr with endless droning questions so the meat of the charge was lost and people felt bad for her having to sit there through their pointless pontificating. So we want them to hold “hearings” where they will just screw that up too? Nunes’ memo was damning (the one guy in all of congress that is not a complete idiot) and the left laughed it off and now say it is “debunked” (it wasn’t)

    Stop with the political stuff. If this was an intentional hoax, then we should demand these people be prosecuted, period. If they are all buddy/buddy and do not demand prosecutions, then their charges that this is all a hoax will fade into partisan nothingness and quicksand where conservatives will think it is a hoax and liberals will think Trump colluded. Charge these people and lay it all out what they did so the American people understand it. If CNN and the media see these fools going down in handcuffs, the Trump collusion narrative will disappear so fast our heads will spin.

  21. Why waste all the time and money that your inquiries will cost? If Trump is innocent, have him sit down for live, broadcast testimony before Mueller and explain his position. Why not? Because he won’t do it. Why? Because he’s guilty. You don’t need to be a genius to figure that out. His every move reeks of consciousness of guilt. He will fire Mueller and create a Constitutional crisis before he ever testifies. Then, if the GOP senators have any fortitude, they will commence his impeachment trial (I’m assuming that the Dem wave will create a House majority that will file articles of impeachment). Until then, keep sniffing, Julie. I, too, smell a rodent: Julie Kelly.

    • When the trolls come out, you know Julie has hit close to home

      • When the ad hominem attacks commence, I know I’m on to something. Ironically, Julie wants a full hearing. Gosh, why didn’t we get a full hearing from the GOP controlled HIC? Because they don’t want the facts.

    • You don’t need to be a genius to figure that out.

      You are proof.

  22. It is amazing how glaringly obvious this it to anyone paying attention and how absolutely obdurate Sessions or Congress remain to actually do something about it. This is why the public has lost faith in its government. There is no justice since the laws only apply to little people who try to follow them.

    • What is glaringly obvious is the right’s transparent attempt to protect Trump by smearing a lot of dedicated public servants, most of whom are Republican. It won’t wash.

      • Dedicated public servants don’t continually break the law to aid in committing sedition. The trolls are outraged by this article. Must have really struck a nerve

      • You are right, they don’t. That’s why Mueller is investigating them.

  23. The left is insane. How could I possibly trust such people to investigate Trump. Mueller is supposed to be an impartial Republican. His behavior says otherwise.

    This excerpt from a Real Clear Politics article called “What California’s Racist History Can Teach Us” is a good example of why I consider the left wildly insane and totally distrust them. Our society most surely is now sailing in uncharted waters. Time will tell what fate has in store for us.

    “The rest of the country would never believe that a state that has essentially declared itself a sanctuary for undocumented folks was, for nearly all of its existence, the most xenophobic in America. But not only is that true, it’s also why the legislature — now run by Gen X Latinos who came of ageduring the last gasp of white America in California — has become so stridently pro-immigrant. It’s not just because it’s the right thing to do, but to atone for the sins of their predecessors.”

    • Such intelligent and well reasoned comments here from you and your friend, Name. You’ve certainly convinced me that Julie is lying and that I should join the “hate Trump and his deplorable followers” camp.

      Keep up the good work. I’m sure you’re bringing in many new recruits.

  24. The Russian collusion story is the equivalent of the “birther debate” on the left. A phantasm designed to explain away reality.

    There was no collusion because:
    1. There was no way for Trump to communicate / meet with anyone without tens of people knowing about it. Multiple sources say the Trump campaign was a mess. It would have come up by now.
    2. There’s not much the Russians or anyone could do. The Facebook stuff is a joke. Stolen information is tainted. No one would make themselves impeachable and black-mailable in exchange for vague stuff. Trump may be many things but not an idiot.
    3. No one in their right mind would deal with and trust foreign agents they don’t know. In fact it would be in Russia’s interest to expose any small intent of collusion and plunge US in a constitutional crisis. Trump would have known this.
    4. The Steele stuff is obviously fabricated. 90% of it is relating conversations in which various unknown characters express their feelings about various events or non events. There are almost no facts.
    5. Trump did not change or soften the foreign policy approach to Russia, on the contrary.
    6. If it is real spook stuff it happens behind the scenes and is dealt with by men with guns. If it is political stuff it happens in the press through leaks.

    • 1. It did. Why do you think we are having an investigation? Papadapoulos bragged about it, as did Stone in a roundabout way.
      2. They could release emails via Wikileaks in the most damaging way possible, which they in fact did.
      3. I suspect we will just have to agree to disagree on this point. Trump’s Twitter habit has convinced me that he is not a strategic player, to say the least.
      4. If there are no facts, how could it be fabricated? More to the point, if there are no facts then it could not have formed the basis for a warrant.
      5. Yes, he did. He took the Ukraine plank out of the GOP platform and tried to return two diplomatic compounds that Obama had seized. He got blowback and slowed down, but he still refused to impose sanctions even when Congress passed a bill requiring him to, until this week.
      6. Huh?

      • Birther debate indeed. Dream away. Who am I to wake you. The problem is it prevents the Democrats from doing the stuff they need to do in order to win (like talk about what they want to do). It wastes time and attention on what will eventually be a non issue. But dream away. It helps Trump.

        1. They would have tens of people and clear proof. Papadopoulos who?
        2. Whatever wikileaks released was barely noticeable. That was my point. Not worth it.
        3. If you believe Trump is an idiot because Twitter then yes, we really have nothing to share. I used to believe he’s an idiot too but have changed my opinion. Dream on.
        4. To say there were facts because there was a warrant is circular reasoning. There were no facts. The warrant was based on fabricated evidence. Read the Steele dossier carefully and see if there is anything other than the “golden showers” stuff.
        5. Quick reminder that Russia annexed Crimea and occupied Eastern Ukraine during the Obama years. Yet somehow Trump is soft on Russia and hard on Ukraine. Hello??
        6. Yes. Whenever supposedly national security stuff is dealt through with leaks it is politics not real stuff.

  25. A full hearing would result in too many Democratic dominos falling

    A partisan Deep State is the first step towards one party rule in this country, so I hope that I’m proven wrong and this mess gets a full, fair investigation.

  26. It seems to be Sessions’s, and presumably Trump’s, mission in life to see to it that we never have a full hearing on this scandal.

    • Maybe wishful thinking, but perhaps PDT is holding him back ’till, oh, September or October. Trump is a showman and has a gifted sense for timing.

  27. I gave a copy of this Real Clear Politics article called “What California’s Racist History Can Teach Us” to a Mexican friend at work in Chicago. He read it and agreed this situation is very bad. He said groups like La Raza in California want to make it their country.

    He said it’s a very stupid idea because it would just end up a lawless place like Mexico controlled by the drug cartels. Last month a different Mexican friend at work was telling me he grew up in a small town near the border. He said it was taken over by a drug cartel about 10 years ago. There were large ranches outside of the town which they used as their headquarters. I asked him if they just told the owners to get out. He said no, they just killed them.

    Why are the California Mexicans too stupid to understand this is almost certainly how their California/Mexico would end up? Why do white leftists in California support this idiocy?

    I’ve always gotten along quite well with Mexicans but it could well be that Midwest Mexicans have already become more American than those near the border. Certainly a disastrous situation though. Just seems to get worse and worse. Very much a low intensity civil war rapidly heading for far worse.

    • boy max you are all identity politics all the time. leave Chicago max come to NYC . we mix well here. as long as you got money.

      • Perhaps if you followed my links and read the articles I provide you’d understand why I consider your beloved left so wildly insane.

        If you ever come to Chicago though please stop by and visit me. I’d like to take you to the south side and leave you there.

        You’d soon be howling for the cops you leftists despise to come and save your life. The cops have greatly backed off on policing due to their being demonized by the left so by the time they finally arrived you’d be long gone from this world and you’d have only yourself to blame for the unpleasant end of your life.

  28. It is obviously a giant hoax but all of the players are too big to jail.

  29. Trump appointees who agree Russia tried to help Trump win: Jeff Sessions, AG; Mike Pompeo, CIA director; Rod Rosenstein

    These are Trump appointees who were approved by a Republican Senate.

  30. The one fact that cannot be ignored by any fair minded person is that both Brennan and Comey failed to disclose the funding behind the dossier to Congress. Why ? We know they knew.

  31. The reason this hasn’t happened is pretty obvious. The Repubs who inflicted Mueller on Trump relied on this false narrative to justify doing it. What we’d find is all the fake conservative leadership in Congress was well aware of how fake all of this was. I’m just a deplorable and I started calling out the Obama administration on all this in Nov-Dec 17. That’s how obvious it was. At this point, I just want to start seeing people who broke the law get prosecuted. I’m disgusted with most of my own party and I want to see Trump defy all of them and fire Mueller. That will lance the boil and we can all take note of who the traitors are.

  32. Maybe we need hearings, but we also need a special counsel that wants to take down as many corrupt D.C. swamp creatures as he can. This would have to be someone unassailable and from west of the Mississippi.

  33. Yes, another hearing so we can waste more taxpayer dollars on stuff we already know.

    • They’re being paid either way and we don’t have answers from the people mentioned in this article so I don’t know what the F youre talking about!

  34. As Donald Trump Jr. said as he colluded with Russians to help his father’s campaign, I’d love it!

    Seriously though, this article is astonishingly stupid.

    • Seriously though, your comment is astonishingly stupid.

    • McCabe was just fired without benefits from the FBI for lying to the FBI about behavior related tp the 2016 elections.

      The conspiracy is unravelling.

      • Yes, yes he was. As the Trump Administration continues to attempt to be above and beyond the law. Sessions, as someone who has repeatedly been caught lying under oath, is the perfect person to falsely accuse others of the same. Repulsive.

      • What law is Trump trying to be above?

        When did Sessions lie under oath? Oh.

  35. Yeah, well, when “someone” (cough*SnoozyMcSessionzzzzzzzzz*cough) decides that maybe the DOJ and FBI need to start coughing up information to Congress yesterday, things might happen. Better yet, Donald could go Full Trump, declassify EVERYTHING and order it all released tomorrow.

  36. So, apparently the Republican Senate Intelligence Committee, the Republican House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, the Republican Independent Counsel, the Trump-appointed Republican Attorney General, and the Trump-appointed Republican Director of the FBI are all just too biased in favor of the liberal media to give a “fair accounting” of the so-called “hoax”?

    Why bother with yet another “special counsel”? Won’t he just be in on the anti-Trump, pro-media conspiracy too?

  37. its no hoax. trump is,going off the deep end. if hes,winning so much why is he firing his team. trump will need removed.hes becoming unhinged.

  38. I suspect that McCabe will sing like an opera star soon, & more light will be shined on the shenanigans at the intelligence agencies. He’s not going to take the fall for anybody. I’m ordering a case of popcorn to have on hand while watching the “movies.” Should be fun!

    • hes,going to sing all right. hes,going to call out trump as a national danger.

  39. Ain’t gonna happen while Sessions is AG. Listen to that folksy demeanor of his and you’ll find he has zero interest in pursuing a probe of this magnitude. He’s literally the worst individual in the worst place at the worst time.

  40. Well, Julie, your boy Donnie fires Tillerson by a tweet but tries to backdate the firing; then he fires McCabe late Friday night which may be a screwup because it isn’t effective until Monday morning which allows McCabe to collect his retirement. You are defending a psychopathic, incompetent, wannabe oligarch who can’t get out of his own way. You deserve whatever he gets.

    • President Trump didn’t fire McCabe, Jeff Sessions did. Are you too unhinged to realize that?

      • I’m sorry. I cut it short. President Trump told Sessions to fire McCabe. Then, Sessions fired McCabe. Didn’t work so smoothly for Nixon, but it worked for Trump. Let’s see how long he can continue with that. So, will Trump fire Sessions? Then, will he appoint Pruitt? Then, will Trump tell Pruitt to fire Mueller? Then, will Pruitt fire Mueller? In other words, will Trump fire Mueller?
        I left out Rosenstein, but I think you can get my drift.

  41. As long as Trey Gowdy is in charge I don’t expect to see any of those people testifying about anything.He is the worst of all of them

  42. Julie, let’s review. Putin has gotten what he wanted. He’s messed with us, screwed Clinton’s campaign, helped Donnie get elected, reduced/delayed sanctions against his regime. He’s happy. He’s busy poisoning folks.
    Donnie, meanwhile, has had his moment in the sun. He’s hired and fired people. He’s gotten his tax cut that benefits him and his family. Now, it’s getting a little hot for him. Does he really want to hang around for Mueller’s investigation to zero in on him and his in-laws and family? It’s time for him to rake in his chips and walk away. Is he up to it? Remember, there are lots of Stormys out there who would really be impressed to say they slept with a former POTUS (and slapped his butt with Forbes magazine). And perhaps he can get his old TV show back. Looks like an easy call to me.

  43. The DemocRats are in full stall mode. Make it to November and all will be fine.

  44. Never happen. With McConnell and Ryan and all the other RINO’s in charge they want the Democrats to take over so they can have nothing to do, but tell us what they will do for us if they get re-elected!

  45. Well, that’s what criminals do. Especially “if that SOB wins we all hang by a noose!” HRC

  46. How come we are focused on Russia’s influence on our election when it was a British government worker who compiled the dossier? Isn’t the UK complicit? And why isn’t Obama’s interference in the Egyptian and Israeli elections addressed? Not to mention his endorsement of Macron and push for the Remainers? Why is Wasserman not in the limelight and her Pakistani hacker? Why is there no common sense or accountability here?

  47. None of what Ms. Kelly has written here has been reported in the major media, none of it. It is the second biggest scandal in American history all by itself. Coupled with the scandal of the vast left wing conspiracy to undermine and even destroy the Trump presidency these are far and away the two biggest scandals ever in the annals of our American government. These make Watergate look like the two bit burglary and cover up it was.