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3 responses to “The Nunes Memo”

  1. This is a total nothing-burger. Mueller: carry on. But speed it up. We need Trump out sooner than later.


    1) PAGE met with SECHIN ………check

    1A) George PAPADOP from Team Trump was informing FBI

    2) Cohen travlled 3 times to Europe to meet Russians….check

    3) Manafort was paid for work…. check

    4) Russians tried cover up of Manafort payments…check

    5) Kremlin PAID for Flynn to meet with Putin…check

    6) Team Trump nervous about Ruddian collusions told to LIE and DENY…check

    7) DOSSIER claims Russia and Trump would DENY it all—check

    8) Dossier claims Trump would lift sanctions if elected…CHECK and MATE!!!

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