Swamp Things in the Russia Investigation

“The Swamp” usually refers to the vast federal bureaucratic machinery of mostly unelected top officials who exercise influence and power without worry about the appearance of conflicts of interest. They are often exempt from the consequences of the laws and regulations that affect others. The chief characteristics of the swamp are the interlocking friendships, business relationships, marriages and partnerships in Washington, and their immune response against anyone who challenges them.

Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged collusion between Russia and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has proven the locus classicus of a dysfunctional and highly incestuous Washington culture—so much so that it borders on being a caricature of a Washington investigation.

The Origins of the Robert Mueller Appointment
How did it come about? Mueller’s acquaintance, former FBI Director James Comey (Mueller and Comey were lauded dating back to the Bush Administration as “brothers in arms”), has testified that he was so exasperated with the president that he leaked his own confidential and likely classified memos of presidential meetings to the press via a friend in order that it “might prompt the appointment of a special counsel.” It certainly did that. And mirabile dictu, the special counsel was soon none other than Robert Mueller with whom Comey had had a professional relationship in a variety of contexts for nearly 20 years. At some point, will one of Mueller’s staff have to depose him to ask whether he ever discussed the possibility of a special counsel appointment with Comey prior to Comey’s firing?

Will Mueller need to investigate Comey for leaking what may have been a classified memo and thus a likely felonious act? If the investigation touches upon the strange exemptions granted Hillary Clinton in the Uranium One scandal, will Mueller investigate his own prior investigation—a Mueller v. Mueller special counsel probe? Is the U.S. legal community so impoverished in former federal attorneys that we cannot find special counsels without any prior relationships with those knee-deep in the proposed investigations? Is there one former prosecutor in Washington who is not somehow involved in these scandals?

Lisa Page and Peter Strzok
The two FBI investigators had a long-concealed amorous relationship characterized by an overriding antipathy for Donald Trump and a desire to ensure that he was not elected president or, barring that, did not prove a successful president. Strzok interviewed Michael Flynn, Huma Abedin, and Cheryl Mills. Both Page and Strzok communicated concerning the “insurance” idea that might suggest efforts to stop Trump’s election or thwart his presidency, with deputy director Andrew McCabe.

When the inspector general released evidence of their prejudices and romantic involvement, they were dismissed. But Mueller apparently did not announce exactly why they were taken off his investigation. Their staggered departures were reported in the press as normal reassignments and not as connected, as if to inform the public why they were leaving would somehow not be in the Mueller investigation’s interest.

Will Page at some point be deposed about Strzok’s behavior or vice versa? Would she or he plead paramour privilege?

Andrew McCabe
The former deputy director of the FBI should never have been assigned to the Clinton email scandal and should have had no further assignments into anything tangential to charges of Russian-Trump collusion. His wife was once a candidate for statewide office in Virginia and a recipient of large amounts of money (sometimes reported as $670,000) from a Clinton-related PAC.

Yet from the Page-Strzok archive, McCabe was a likely anti-Trump partisan. His presence in any investigation involving either his wife’s patron Clinton or Clinton’s campaign rival Trump should never have been permitted and should be seen as suspect.

Rod Rosenstein
Rosenstein never should have been allowed to appoint the special counsel Robert Mueller. Barring that, he long ago should have recused himself from all matters relating to the Mueller investigation. Rosenstein while in the Obama Department of Justice was once a supervisor of the highly controversial Uranium One investigation headed by then FBI Director Robert Mueller—an investigation that may be revisited by or is currently connected with efforts to find Russian collusion with American elected or appointed officials.

Rosenstein signed on behalf of the Obama Justice Department at least one of the surveillance requests to a FISA court, an application currently under a cloud for allegedly not disclosing the unverified nature of the Steele dossier, the departure of Steele from FBI associations, or the circular nature of news accounts concerning the dossier. Will Mueller at some point reexamine the nature of the FISA applications and thus the official who appointed him?

The Team
At least four of the Mueller team worked as lawyers at the Washington law firm of WilmerHale. Robert Mueller should never have recruited so many of his former associates. Some of them may be investigating former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, Trump’s daughter Ivanka and Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law, who are also supposedly represented by WilmerHale attorneys. Of the initial 15 appointed lawyers, at least seven are known to have contributed money to the Democratic Party or to Hillary Clinton or both.

In such a politicized investigation, would it have been difficult to find greater diversity, either defined by geography, ideology, or former employment? Will a Clinton cash supporter soon be deposing a former Trump campaign official, or will one former WilmerHale attorney be in court facing another former WilmerHale colleague?

Andrew Weissmann
Weissmann should never have been appointed to the Mueller team. He is another former partner at WilmerHale where Mueller worked, and had emailed applause to Obama DOJ holdover Sally Yates, when as an Obama holdover acting attorney general, she tried to block her then boss’s President Trump’s targeted immigration moratorium. Like other Mueller team members, Weissmann was a donor to Democratic causes and a Hillary Clinton partisan. The idea that he can investigate Trump, after donating and patronizing his political opponent and applauding renegade efforts to block his executive orders, is not credible. Sally Yates reportedly cosigned one of the FISA court requests to monitor Trump campaign associates; if the duplicity surrounding those applications becomes an issue, will Weissmann then recalibrate his former high-five for Yates as he investigates her?

Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce G. Ohr
He may be the most conflicted of all government attorneys associated with past and present investigations. Ohr had met with the architects of the fusion GPS dossier and likely did not disclose that meeting to his superiors. His wife, a Russian expert, was hired by Fusion/GPS to help find damaging information about Donald Trump—a fact Ohr deliberately and likely unlawfully hid on a federal disclosure form. Whom did Bruce Ohr talk to about Fusion/GPS and to what degree did he interact with Rosenstein, Comey, or the authors of the FISA court requests? Almost any interaction with Ohr that pertains to Fusion GPS and the Mueller investigation is now the fruit of a poisoned tree. At some point would Ohr have been consulted about Ohr co-produced research?

Aaron Zebley
He was Mueller’s chief of staff while Mueller was FBI director, and yet another former partner at WilmerHale. In the past, Zebley had represented Justin Cooper, who has testified that he set up Hillary Clinton private server and then destroyed with a hammer some of Clinton’s mobile devices, when there was already investigatory interest in their contents. Indeed, the Clintons’ email server in question—the domain clintonemail.com—used by Hillary Clinton was in fact registered to Cooper himself, not to Bill or Hillary Clinton, while she was secretary of state.

To reiterate: Mueller selected a lawyer to help investigate Trump who had recently defended a former Clinton aide in the midst of the Hillary Clinton scandal. Was the idea that Zebley could always plead attorney-client relationship if his own investigation butted up to matters of the Clinton email scandals? Would Zebley at some point have deposed his former client?

Jeannie Rhee
It might be one thing to have one member of a team investigating Trump who had represented an employee or foundation of the Clintons, but quite another with two incidents. Yet Rhee—another WilmerHale alumna, and another sizable contributor to the Clinton campaign—was yet another attorney who had represented someone deeply involved in a recent Clinton scandal.

She had recently been hired not only by the Clinton Foundation but also by Obama Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes during the investigation of the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack and its relationship to the Clinton tenure as secretary of state. If the Mueller investigation turns to the areas involving the misuse of FISA court-approved surveillance and improper unmasking and leaking of the names of American citizens, will Rhee depose her former client Rhodes? Will she advise Mueller about the nature of the Clinton Foundation she defended if the matter of his own past investigations of Uranium One-associated donations to the foundations arises.

Mueller Keeps Feeding the Beast
A special counsel investigation is by nature an object of singular scrutiny. Fairly and not, it is constantly subject to charges of partisanship, and government pressure. It was the duty of Robert Mueller to appoint attorneys who were not just immune from charges of conflict of interest but exempt from the very thought of charges of conflict of interest—as well as recusing himself and his attorneys from any past associations that might have conflicted with his own investigations. He knew from his original directive that he had latitude to pursue any illegality that arose from his collusion investigations; he has just done that in the tangential matters of alleged tax and lobbying crimes. He may likely have to again when he collides with defective FISA court requests, illegal unmasking and leaking of surveilled citizens, past Russian collusion in the Uranium One and Fusion/GPS Steele dossier, and obstruction of justice concerning the Clinton emails.

Instead of preempting these conflicts of interests, he has managed to feed a veritable beltway octopus whose tentacles are so deeply wrapped around the players and financing of the 2016 campaign, the dubious FISA court applications, a Washington blue-chip legal firm on both sides of the current collusion allegations, and the assorted past scandals of Hillary Clinton from Uranium One to the email debacle, that if it had not earned legitimate criticism, it would have had to be invented.

It is the Washington habit to praise Mueller for his unquestionably sober and judicious legal career and long and admirable public service. The giddy media has nonstop fed the public the stunning resumes and often past patriotic sacrifices of his legal team. All that is a fine and noble thing. But local attorneys in Boise, prosecutors in Memphis, and FBI investigators in San Jose know how to avoid the appearance of conflicts of interest.

The Mueller team either does not or believes in its case it simply doesn’t matter.

About Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson is a distinguished fellow of the Center for American Greatness and the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. He is an American military historian, columnist, a former classics professor, and scholar of ancient warfare. He has been a visiting professor at Hillsdale College since 2004. Hanson was awarded the National Humanities Medal in 2007 by President George W. Bush. Hanson is also a farmer (growing raisin grapes on a family farm in Selma, California) and a critic of social trends related to farming and agrarianism. He is the author most recently of The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won, The Case for Trump and the newly released The Dying Citizen.

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186 responses to “Swamp Things in the Russia Investigation”

  1. While reading this has ensured a daylong depression for me, I have one consoling thought. If they fail to take our president down, they will have succeeded in making him the most powerful president of at least my long lifetime, possibly my daughter’s and granddaughter’s as well.

    • out of your ever loving mind. That will happen with Dems having a majority in the House? Delusional much?

      • I hope you get your majority. I hope you impeach Trump. I hope there’s still some popcorn left to buy for watching what happens next.

        Seeing you Democrat dogs catch the car would be the greatest show on earth.

    • Thank God, that true Patriots are likely going to take done the Russian agent in the White House!

      • Liberals are not patriots. Globalism is the antithesis of patriotism.

      • I fought against the Russians during the Cold War. There are no Russian “Agents” in the White House. Instead, there is a president who loves America and Americans, unlike his predecessor, who cared only about himself and his embarrassing legacy.

  2. All of the cards were marked in advance, the trial was a pig-circus, he never had a chance…

  3. We need a second special prosecutor to teach the Swamp that there is a cost for corruption and treason. If Gen Flynn has to sell his house to pay lawyers, I see no reason those named above should not taste the meal they’ve been dishing.

    • sympathy for Flynn? Not really an American are you?

      • Anytime an American citizen (and last I heard Flynn qualifies) finds their rights violated (a judge just ruled that Mueller and company need to provide Flynn and his attorneys the exculpatory evidence they previously witheld) it should concern any ACTUAL American. That such doesn’t concern you is self evident.

      • And why is that? Because Sullivan was the judge on the Ted Stevens case, where the Federal prosecutors railroaded a US Senator by keeping the exculpatory evidence to themselves. It looks like having been burned once, Sullivan does not assume that Federal prosecutors are behaving ethically. Flynn caught a lucky break when Sullivan was assigned his case.

      • The point is the order was not issued in response to any activity on this particular case. He issues it in every case. Thus, the alt-right theory that this order indicated Mueller had done something wrong in taking Flynn’s guilty plea would result in Flynn seeking to vacate his plea was simply false. A nothingburger.

      • Not so much. A nothingburger is swallowing whole what you have to say.

      • Not invited even were you to pay–which would be a liberal first.

      • As a resident of California, I pay more than my share of taxes to keep red states afloat. You’re welcome.

      • Only now you can no longer offset your claimed burden by writing off your state taxes. What a shame: now you really do have to keep red states afloat lol. Wallow in it buddy, that’s what libs do.

      • It’s a $10,000 limit as I recall. What state are you in? Perhaps there’s a check box where I can designate that my tax dollars go to early education in your state.

      • Texas bro. And you may as well send it for early education in another state for it appears its done little if any good for early education in your state: second from the bottom! It really doesn’t get much lower than that.

      • I spent 18 of my formative years in Texas. I think it needs help.

      • I spent the first full nineteen (almost twenty) years of my life in California and back then it was riding high. A great place to grow up in. I’ve since returned countless times on business and I’m here to tell you that I know ‘Cali’ is BEYOND help.

      • Hardly beyond help, but we certaainly don’t need Trump and Sessions’ punitve strokes.
        There was definitely a golden era in California. It ended with the passage of Prop. 13. That hurt public education and services. I was in Texas last year. Even with all it’s crazy right wing b.s., it’s in many ways (particularly development) emulating California.

      • A few exceptions stand out. California has the highest level of poverty in the country. The reason is simple: the state advertises its desire to pay for it. Just over 30% of those on relief in the US reside in CA. That’s no accident! And more come by the day! Ever since I was a small boy California always had a generous social safety net. Such is not the case in Texas nor has it ever been. If you come down here to mooch what you can from the taxpayer you won’t find a welcome mat to be sure. Now if you want to start a business Texas is the place. That dynamic has led to a migration of sorts to this state that simply proves of different mindset. As for how Texas looks- as an installation- it’s pretty much where CA was when we left: a brand new and expanding infrastructure with commerce in your face. I see that continuing in Texas but it’s long since gone in CA. I’m left to wonder why.

      • I don’t feel up to arguing about the relative merits of the two states at this point. I’ll just say I’m glad you have Abbott, Patrick, Gohmert, Cruz, et al. to contend with and I don’t.

      • Pelosi, Harris, Feinstein (for now) and, lest we forget, any twosome Newsom you’re welcome to as well. In fact please keep them by joining a secessionist movement in your neighborhood today.

      • Well, texas certainly secession with its ability to split into 5 states, its threats to secede if HRC was elected, etc.

      • Lol!!! I’ll leave this at that. So far this has been amongst the most rewarding as to somewhat sophisticated repartee. A lot of fun really. Sadly I don’t get much chance to engage in such. You’re good! Never lost your cool.

      • Holly, I see your point; there is nothing special about Judge Sullivan issuing such an order-he does it in every case. My point is that Judge Sullivan does this because he saw the prosecutorial abuse involved in the Stevens case. General Flynn caught a lucky break here in that the judge on his case is not one who will simply take the prosecution’s word that they are behaving ethically; the prosecution will have to behave ethically or risk having their case damaged by a judge who will not tolerate any shenanigans on their part. As you say, all this is probably a nothingburger, but this is a politically charged case and it does no harm to let the government know that the man running the case will not permit the politics involved get in the way of justice.

      • Now, if such an order that could be imposed on Trump….

      • He didn’t used to until what happened? Answer the question, Hollywood. I want to hear it in your own words.

      • I suppose you are thinking of the Stevens case. If I am not mistaken the prosecutor is under an obligation to turn over all such materials in every case–order or not. The order is just a friendly reminder.

      • Only when I see someone jobbed by what we euphemistically refer to as a criminal justice system. I tend to lose my sense of humor…entirely. You?

      • So you’ll be laughing with me when Mueller’s indictments continue to come in?

      • Lol!!! I’m glad you found the indictment of thirteen Russian trolls- none of whom the DOJ will ever lay their hands on- funny. I thought it was a riot! Still do every time one of you brings the subject up.

      • The indictment is a template indicating where parts of the investigation are going. As for the Russians, this puts a severe kink in their travel plans and access to assets here.

      • They didn’t have much to begin with here. Furthermore it appears they took all of there assets with them: hence the thirteen individual indictments. This remains some of the weakest stuff I’ve ever seen come out of the DOJ or a facet of it.

      • Remind me again, what’s your experience with federal indictments?

      • Remind me again, what’s your experience with federal indictments?

      • Yeah, there is whenever you find yourself asking a question of someone who can ask you the same question. I thought you understood that.

      • Perhaps you have an explanation for why Sullivan was handed Flynns case. I really don’t expect an answer. Obfuscation? Absolutely! An actual answer? Hardly.

      • Do you know the answer? Is this a test? My understanding is that when a new complaint is filed, the clerk makes up a file and assigns a case number. The file is then assigned to the next judge “on the wheel.” Here, that appears to have occurred. For some reason the assigned judge recused himself. So the file went back to the clerk who assigned it to the next judge on the wheel, here, Sullivan.
        Or do you have a more interesting story?

      • Lol!!! I Don’t have a more interesting story guy. A story proves almost always more interesting than the truth. Almost always. The judge assigned did not recuse himself. He was removed! And NO ONE knows why other than who ordered him removed.

      • Well, here you go. I’ve heard you and others say the judge was removed, but I have seen no evidence of that. None. Show me. A judge can recuse himself. A judge can be recused if a party (presumably Flynn) successfully moves to recuse him. Where’s the motion? Where’s the order?

      • Precisely! Contreras left nothing! He was removed but not by a motion from Flynn. He was recused but he did not recuse himself. Someone else recused him. In effect he was removed and no one knows by who or for what reason other than whoever ordered it. Google judge Contreras/Flynn case and see for yourself. Let me know if you don’t feel up to it and I’ll provide a number of links.

      • As does Politico and a host of others. Moreover since you looked it up (you prove a good deal more energetic than I thought: my apologies), you also came across Reuters, Business Insider (Reuters), Washington Times, American Thinker and a host of others who happen to say otherwise. Sorry but that entitles both of us to maintain our respective claims. That said The Hills take reads more as a lead in to the already well known fact that Flynn pleaded guilty and “is cooperating with Muellers investigation.” It gives no reason as to why Contreras recused himself. It doesn’t even care to speculate which is a bit odd. This makes that article a good deal more suspect than Reuters however neither one has a reason and Contreras has apparently left nothing for anyone to talk about.

      • I suspect the recusal business may turn out to be just a curious artifact of this ongoing situation. However, if you wish to spin it as part of some Deep State conspiracy, feel free.

      • One can’t spin something one has no answer to. Of course one can always employ speculation as have you. I prefer leaving an unanswered question unanswered. It leaves it open for an eventual truth.

      • He was forced to plead guilty to (what many have said he was not lying per the statements of the FBI!) lying about his conversation with Russian Ambassador (his job) when the FBI agents in question had “wiretapped” recordings of phone call-they already new what he said!! He was entrapped into “lying” saying what he said. It was go broke and be financially and reputationally ruined for life or tell Meuller what he needed to hear. If this is your sense of justice you better hope you are never ensnared in it. This is abosutely immoral….

      • Find another name, Troll, Chilton was a good man who hated fakes. Then be sure and look me up. Ask yourself if being a Troll for a short time was really worth it.

      • I used to be an American, but, damn! those Russian chicks are hot!

      • “Not really American” is the most succinct description of the Democrat Party I’ve heard. Well done!

    • Stick, nice job of taking the things I believe and putting them on paper without my anger and frustration. Thank you.

  4. Typical behavior from Mueller who has long behaved as if he is above the law. Research his malicious prosecution of Steven Hatfill, who was completely innocent, in the botched Anthrax case.

  5. Clearly, Mueller wishes neither to do the law or to do justice.
    He just wants to get Trump, and will keep “on the job” indefinitely in the pursuit of such.

    • Yes, he wants to remove the Russian agent who stole the lection with the aid of V Putin and his Merry Pranksters

  6. The next shoe to drop is the OIG report. It could implicate Mr Comey. If so, will Mueller need to re-think an obstruction claim arising from the firing of Comey ?

    • Don’t hold your breath. mueller and company would give America’s enemies the nuclear football code if it would bring Trump down. Mueller’s allegiance is not to the American people or the constitution.

  7. Superb essay, VDH. You could have titled it “J’accuse.

  8. The notion that Bruce Ohr kept his ties to Fusion/Steele from Loretta Lynch is very doubtful. It is no coincidence that a Joe Biden staffer and White House advisor was the wife of Fusion’s no. 2 man; or that the law firm which hired Fusion was the home of Obama’s personal attorneys (including one who was also the White House counsel, and one which received his alleged birth certificate).

  9. Just call it an FBI cover-up. Crimes were committed by the FBI and Mueller was selected to run the cover-up.

  10. Only Democrats could get away with this. Where is our illustrious free press on this? We know there’s no there, there, because with all the spying the Obama Administration was doing on the Trump campaign, they know already there’s nothing to this. So why keep it up? Politics. They believe that having this issue in doubt, in November, gives the Democrats an advantage, and they may be right. I hope not, but it’s possible they’re right. Never forget Ted Stevens and how the DOJ filed false charges against him so he lost his Senate race in Alaska, then a judge dropped the hammer on them, but it was too late, Stevens had died and the Democrats had a filibuster proof Senate. SO, they are capable of doing anything to win and they really don’t deserve to win.

    • Mary Beth Kepner was the FBI agent who withheld the exculpatory evidence. After, not only was she not fired, she was promoted.
      Her boss at the time? Bobby Mueller.

  11. Let’s cut to the chase, the special counsel is headed by a clinton toad, who hired other clinton toads to upend and reverse the 2016 election. mueller, comey, lynch, obama, clinton ( both of them ) are guilty of treason.
    Ironically mueller’s witch hunt found the witch, despite their best efforts to protect the witch ( and their own overpaid careers).

    • They are even more incompetent than they are corrupt.

      • No, I was referring to the concept of adherence to our Constitution and to the idea that our first allegiance should be to our fellow citizens and not international corporations. But thanks.

      • As opposed to Trump who’s a wannabe tinpot dictator.

      • It’s been my experience that most prosecutors and most law enforcement officials are GOP.

  12. James Comey has worst conflicts of all. His links to the Clintons go back to at least when he was the DoJ prosecutor who mysteriously didn’t pursue matter of Sandy Berger stuffing classified documents into his pants. He refused to widen investigation to who else might be involved, like, say, Bill Clinton. (Some say Comey encountered Clintons as early as Whitewater.) He then was general counsel at LockheedMartin when it donated millions to Clinton Foundation and a director at the bank HSBC, when it donated millions. His brother works for the law firm that does the Clinton Foundation’s taxes and he works on Foundation matters. Any investigation of the Foundation necessarily extends to the brother. Comey loaned the brother hundreds of thousands for his mortgage, so anything that hurt Hillary or her election chances adversely affected brother’s income and therefore, Comey. He should have recused himself from anything Hillary.


    Comey’s links to the Clintons and his brother’s employment are not unknown. I can pull up 100 references. Why has IG, Congress, GOP or conservative media not made anything of this?

    Odder still is the suggestion that the law firm, DLA Piper, for which the brother works also represents CrowdStrike, the mysterious tech firm that examined the DNC servers and said the Russians hacked them. Huh? Same law firm represents Clinton Foundation and Crowd Strike and Comey’s brother works for it and no one is mentioning or exploring that???????? I don’t get silence on this.


    • “Why has GOP or conservative media not made anything of this?” Why? Probably because the web of interconnections and intrigue are too difficult for the average reader to keep track of. And because the ‘conservative media’ are by-and-large small, scattered, and ineffectual in the larger media marketplace. It would be different if this Consiglieri Mafia were conservative Republicans. Then the national print and TV media would be pouring over all this with ‘investigative’ teams and there would be non-stop public hearings, grand-jury indictments, and guilty parties in handcuffs hiding behind their expensive suit jackets.

      We desperately need a conservative equivalent to The New York Times, in terms of influence and reputation, just to get the truth about the malefactors into every small town and county paper, every local TV station, in the country. Until that happens, we ought to be glad we have the next best thing: a President using Twitter. Just watch out: the Clinton-Obama Mafia have their agents in Silicone Valley, and they are shameless enough to try and shut down Mr Trump’s accounts.

      Thanks for those links and their revelations. I hope you can find the means to shout them from the rooftops.

      /L. E. Joiner (WalkingCreekWorld.wordpress.com)

      • The brother is not difficult to understand. I don’t know if the law firm representation of both CrowdStrike and Foundation is correct, but holy sh*t if it is – think of the implications.

        Half of Congress and its staffers are lawyers (as am I). This is not difficult to understand.

        I guess Fox is our NYT, except it isn’t reliable – i.e., didn’t used to touch immigration, doesn’t touch Seth Richard murder now.

        I have been posting and emailing about Comey for over a year. Dozens of blogs know about the brother and Comey’s past. As I said, I could pull up dozens of sources (but not msm). But where is IG and Congress?

        If you want sources, just google “comey’s brother” and “comey works for clintons.” You’ll find dozens of sites.

  13. This federal Govt, just like California no longer has my consent to be governed in this Soviet style manner.

    It is going to take violence to correct.

    • It’s one for smart people. You may already be in over your head.

      • DC running Op-Eds from Russians that are Putin allies. This crap being shoveled here. When Muellers report drops Dems will own the House. Uh-Oh

      • As I said, no efficient perception of reality. Mueller’s report will be a terrible disappointment to the Dems and the Left media and many will be so depressed as to warrant suicide watch.

      • They won’t care that it’s a nothing-burger. Like right now they don’t care that none of the four indictments have anything to do with campaign collusion, they just keep spouting “four indictments!” hoping that casual observers won’t look deeper. As they did in the last election, they will declare victory no matter what the score is.

    • Peonie answered you that “It’s one for smart people.”
      So, obviously it is not for you, bless your heart.

      • member of Mensa. Match IQs with you any day of the week darling. Call me poor next OK?

      • Sure you are. A millionaire too! Your posts read like an 8th grader with an IQ of about 60 so your claims of a high IQ are not in evidence.

      • IQ has nothing to do with the efficient perception of reality which you obviously lack. You can state your conclusion but as is the case with your dumber brothers-in-arms on the Left, you did not and never do provide any factual or rational basis for your conclusion. In that sense you are an embarrassment to MENSA and your citing to MENSA as some proof of being “smarter” than anyone here is also an embarrassment to MENSA.

      • I can’t check your Discus comments because you are so proud of them that you’ve set your profile to private. Judging purely by this comment thread, you must be a mathematical marvel to compensate for your pathetic verbal skills.

  14. Mueller is a dirty cop. His entire team is a hit squad against Trump. They’re waiting for the fall elections to release all manner of trash-indictments and scurrilous charges. Then a Dem Congress can burn Trump via impeachment for not liking his haircut. It all smacks of criminalizing a list election.

  15. Its infuriating that Sessions stepped aside to allow this type thing to occur. It was obvious that this was playing into the swamps designs to protect itself. Why won’t he appoint a special prosecutor? I won’t be satisfied until control of these investigations is removed from the swamp.

  16. Sessions is a disaster.
    He should be removed … by whatever means necessary.

    • In order to remove Sessions we’ll have to find him first.

      I think the best place to look is under his desk.

      Rumor has it he spends most of his time there clutching his blanket and sucking his thumb while hiding from his Boss Rod Rosenstein.

    • If Sessions goes Rosenstein is acting AG for as many years as Schumer can delay a confirmation vote.

  17. None of this, or little of it, is news to the communist stooges who voted for the Hillary thing. They actually approve of such behavior. They must therefore be dealt with in a different way. If Mueller or Comey or McCabe were to simply disappear, that would get the point across.

  18. In a legal battle, you argue the facts. If you do not have the facts, you argue the law. If you have neither you smear the other side. But the other side must not show up already smeared. It stinks.

    There are two basic conflicts on public trial, Donald Trump’s corruption and the corruption in the swamp, particularly the DoJ/FBI. Mueller has not spoken and every day he delays injures our only President and nation. We want the crooks removed from power, in both parties and the bureaucracies.

    Fish or cut bait Mr. Mueller.

  19. Masterfully explicated. It’s all there in a nutshell.

  20. Many crimes were committed in plain sight and in full view of the authorities during and since The Obama Error.

    If there are not investigations, arrests, indictments, prosecutions, convictions, sentences, and incarcerations the concept of equal justice under the law and the rule of law will suffer irredeemable harm.

    • The Trump side (my side) doesn’t give a damn if Trump colluded in some way with Russians. Even Democrats know that if any actual collusion is found, it will be small potatoes. The Left will still want Trump forced from office.

      The Left doesn’t care about the Clinton Foundation or Hillary’s many derelictions and corruptions. Even if another special counsel is appointed and discovers that Hillary is a co-signer on Putin’s personal checking account, they will shrug. And if she is prosecuted, they will take to the streets.

      America has chosen sides, and I wouldn’t care if Trump shot a crippled reporter in broad daylight on 5th Avenue, and Democrats wouldn’t care if there were tape recordings of Hillary ordering every single Arkancide.

      Whatever happens in the next several years, the center will not hold.

      • The Democrats’ wet dream of a coup d’etat is just that, an acne-faced teen-ager’s wet dream.

  21. The real possibility of prison sentences should go a long way toward sobering up these miscreants.

    • So far, none of them feel any sense of personal or legal jeopardy. So, far their smug sense of safety seems rational. Of course, you can say the same about Marie Antoinette.

  22. Mr. Hanson, you have become my favorite political writer and look forward to reading anything you write. Again, your exposee of the whole Special Prosecutor mess under Mueller is clear, concise and overwhelming in the corrupt nature of it all. Now we read that Mueller will hold off issuing his conclusions on the Obstruction of Justice theme until everything else is wrapped up too. There is no question that he is doing this simply for politics keeping the theme alive even a little until the midterms and depriving Trump of his victory dance embarrassing the Democrats. I harken back to a statement made by Hillary just before the vote when she said to the media and her fellows in crime that “if Trump wins, we will all hang”. From her lips to God’s ears, let it be so.

  23. America won’t be great again until “The Swamp” has been rounded up, arrested, and disappeared into the FEMA camps.

  24. Mueller’s team leaks the way most people breathe…constantly. And yet, not one shred of evidence (or even a leak) indicating any “collusion” between the Trump team and Russia. On the other hand, Hillary and the DNC paid millions for Russian smears against Trump and her husband received a cool half million from a Kremlin bank just as her department was approving the sale of 20% of our uranium to Russia. That is of no interest to Mueller. If only Sessions weren’t AWOL, this hideous farce of a deep state coup could be brought to an end.

  25. The House Intel committee investigation was a complete sham conducted by Trump’s allies as a cover for his collusion with the Russians! Muller is conducting a real investigation into Trump’s illegal activities, and he will ensure that justice is served!! Those republican traitors will face the wrath of the voters in November!! Maybe, the Russians will come to their rescue.

  26. It is nice to see a well stated representation of the facts surrounding the coup taking place against Trump. Many of us know these facts but VDH has the ability to articulate them via the light he has been given in a manner that others of us only wish we could. God knows his is a lonely voice on the air waves as nearly all the media types are in the tank for anything that harms Trump, be it legal or otherwise. We hope and believe that the truth will come out eventually, but it never will unless someone is demanding it and illuminating the way towards it.

  27. Doesn’t matter. Most people are fed their news by CNN and the alphabet channels and not by Rush or VDH. They will never see or ever hear about this article. The Democrats are in charge of the national communications apparatchiks and social media apparatus which daily and unchallenged stifle any who oppose their ideological propaganda. Sad. But, true.

    • Do you really believe that Rush and VDH are not ideological propaganda?

      • Wait. Let me carefully read through my comments again. No. Nope. I can’t see where I said such a thing. On the other hand, I see where CNN and their fellow traveller democratic party propaganda organs are constantly outed and embarrassed for their outright false, misleading and, in way too many cases, lie-by-omission #FakeNews. Victor Davis Hanson has never ever been accused by anyone credible of ‘ideological propaganda’ and Rush always has his facts straight. CNN, ABC and others are not so careful. Just ask Lester Holt.

      • Well, VDH has been accused of being a hack, but if you say that the people making that accusation are “not credible” then I guess you have a circular argument.

      • Hahahhaa… Ah. Now VDH “has been accused of being a hack”? Really? By whom? You, maybe?
        Or wait. VDH has been hacking computer systems? Or, no. You may mean a person doing ‘crappy work’ as Urban Dictionary offers as an alternative. I actually think that may apply to your own comments, but I’m pretty certain that Dr. Hanson isn’t a hack. In fact, here’s some of his bio:

        “Victor Davis Hanson is the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow in Residence in Classics and Military History at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, a professor of Classics Emeritus at California State University, Fresno, and a nationally syndicated columnist for Tribune Media Services.

        He is also the Wayne & Marcia Buske Distinguished Fellow in History, Hillsdale College, where he teaches each fall semester courses in military history and classical culture.

        Hanson was awarded the National Humanities Medal in 2007, and the Bradley Prize in 2008, as well as the Edmund Burke Award (2018), William F. Buckley Prize (2015), the Claremont Institute’s Statesmanship Award (2006), and the Eric Breindel Award for opinion journalism (2002).”

        Or, maybe you’re just not credible, eh?

    • democrats unlike republicans do not get their news from tv alone. they read books. im sure some day republicans will burn books for being anti American

      • Sure. That is why many of us pore over articles of interest. An ideologue such as yourself is a waste of space.

      • Of course. I’m sure that’s the case based purely upon the current wholesale trampling of the first amendment on university campuses all across the country. And, sure. Republicans “don’t read books”. Smh.

  28. I don’t know there, vic… Mr. Mueller seems to be doing a good job to me. Facts supported by thorough research…

    Ah, well. You write good history, vic… But… tell us – are you angling for a Secretary of State job?

    There’s an opening, ya know… good for up to a year, or three trump temper-tantrums, whichever comes first. Reports directly to trump, so no integrity required, wife-beating optional, security clearance optional, absolute fealty and loyalty to trump absolutely required.

  29. It is mystifying to me that an otherwise brilliant guy like VDH (and many others) cannot see what should be obvious to anyone whose IQ is above room temperature: We have elected a President who is an active Russian intelligence asset. Whether by sexual or financial blackmail DJT is under the complete control of V Putin and his Merry Pranksters. Even more confounding is that a lot of otherwise good Americans are allowing their hatred of the “Establishment” to blind them to reality and become willing tools of a literal Russian conspiracy to de-stabilize our government and society. Robert Mueller is the last hope we have to save us from this insidious plot!

    • After selling our uranium to the Russians, selling access to the state department, and oh yes, selling overnight visits to the Lincoln bedroom, we would all be much further ahead with the Clinton’s in the White House (gmafb)!

    • I sure Michael Moore is planning a new movie about the latest grand conspiracy, like Bush and the bin Laden’s.
      “To Russia With Love: How Putin got Trump elected president”

    • the only true thing trump ever said was he could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and murder someone his supports will still stand with him. they are on an ideological mission to take America back from progressives.

    • If you are right, then I, for one, welcome our new Russian overlords. The Trump/Putin cabal is sure running the country a lot better than the Democrats and Republicans.

      Of course, you are not right. You are a TDS-addled jackass who thinks he’s smarter than people he admits are smarter than he is.

  30. If Mueller were serious, his first move would have been to seize the DNC’s server as “the best evidence” of a Russian hack. That server may have led straight to the Russian hackers, instead of taking months to discover a handful of Russians posting things on Facebook & Twitter.

    Mueller’s investigation is reminiscent of Patrick Fitzgerald’s investigation into the Valerie Plame incident.

    Fitzgerald knew on day one that Richard Armitage was the person that disclosed Valerie Plame’s name to the
    media. Fitzgerald also knew that Plame was a desk jockey at Langley at the time & not a covert agent. Yet, Fitzgerald continued his investigation with hopes of uncovering some other crime or catching someone in the Bush administration in a lie.

    Fitzgerald succeeded in his mission when Scooter Libby said he got Plame’s identity from Tim Russert.

    But Russert denied that he gave Libby that info.

    Libby got sent to prison because he had a busy schedule (involving mountains of details) & a bad memory. On the other hand, maybe Russert had a bad memory. Sounds like something out of a Kafka novel to me.

    Either the FBI or the Justice Department must have something on Jeff Sessions. Either Sessions appoints a special counsel to look into the corruption & abuse at our Justice Department & FBI or Trump should fire him. Sessions has been a major disappointment. His visit to California amounted to little more than grandstanding & deflection away from his dereliction of duty as to the matters people are really concerned about.

    • Mueller already has proof that the Russians hacked the DNC server. His investigation is proceeding from there.

  31. Roger Stone claimed to two friends, Sam Nunberg and another associate, that he had learned from Julian Assange that Wikileaks had obtained emails that would torment senior Democrats such as John Podesta—months before the emails went public, WaPo reports.

  32. We’ll be naming schools and bridges after Mueller for decades after he removes the piece of human excrement from the White House.

  33. Seems clear that the players were selected primarily because they know where the bodies are buried. This whole charade is a smokescreen to provide cover while they go back and cover their tracks. Disgusting.

  34. The Democratic Party should change it’s name to the Hate Whitey Party.

    That’d be a much more honest and accurate description for a party that endlessly wallows in the fanatically deranged delusion that working class whites like me are white devils who are brutally oppressing “people of color”.

    The left is insane and the Democratic Party most surely is the party of the left. Does America even still exist as a country? What was once a great nation is now just a big pot of ever more intensely boiling intense hate. Time will tell what fate has in store for us.

    • …”testing whether this nation, or any nation so conceived, can endure”

      • I think our society is disintegrating so it matters less and less how this “investigation” turns out.

        It used to be, not so many years ago, that you could look back and see the noticeable social erosion over the past year. Now that time frame seems to be rapidly shrinking. It now almost seems like you can see the unraveling of the social fabric of our society from one week to the next.

        I’ve always liked reading history. Something that’s always bothered me about reading history though is that you realize how distressingly common it is for societies to become insane and self destruct. During the dreadful twentieth century major nations like Germany, Japan, Russia and China became quite insane for periods of time. Now it seems to be our turn.

        Why does this happen? Why does this keep happening? Why do people periodically become insane and destroy what they worked so hard to create? I suppose it’s just a severe flaw in human nature that we have to live with.

        Last year an Assyrian at work told me that “All of Iraq is ruined.” They’re heartbroken over what has happened to their country. So are the Vietnamese at work about what’s happened to Vietnam. They say the whole country is just an impoverished, totally corrupt prison.

        Hope springs eternal. All we can do is hope for the best. Hopefully fate will be kind to us and spare us from the same kind of nightmare which has befallen my coworkers former countries.

      • IMHO, it is the seduction of socialism and collectivism that has eroded American individualism. The craven lust for power by Democrats and the ‘any and all means’ mentality has popularized the approach.

  35. Mueller ingested too much Agent Orange in the Nam and is now mentally deficient.

    • The great problem is though that half the country admires him. Why would anyone believe that America still exists as a country?

  36. It appears that conflict of interest exists only in the eye of the MSM. If They don’t recognize it, it never happened.

  37. The entire bunch are criminals to the bone. They have morphed, through many years, from those determined to catch criminals, into those they originally wanted to apprehend.

    It sometimes happens to criminal defense attorneys, due to years of associating with their clients. But THIS set of deep state criminals has been conspiring against the United States and the Constitution, not just pulling robberies or committing murders.

    Hang them; either figuratively or literally.

  38. We have witnessed a cabal of kangaroos who hoped to hold court and maliciously condemn Mr. Trump’s campaign and Presidency.
    Their failure to equally pursue Hillary’s numerous national security violations, her numerous connections to Russian operatives, and their participation in corrupting numerous government institutions have permanently harmed their reputations. It is as if they were holding a party and madly jumping into a cesspool. Have they no shame!

    • The facts known about actions taken by Hillary Clinton while secretary of state surrounding the use of an unsecure private email server for conducting government business show that she violated 10 federal statutes. Several are national-security-related felonies, just three of which include: 1. disclosure of classified information (22 documents were Top Secret), 2. unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents, and 3. destruction of evidence (erasure of the hard drive and deletion of some 30,000 emails by Secretary Clinton) after a government investigation had commenced (Benghazi hearings began Oct. 10, 2012).

      The most plausible explanation for Hillary Clinton’s circumventing longstanding federal rules on secure communication — and for her insistence on implementing a private email server — was simply to conceal a conflict of interest in continuing a role in the Clinton Foundation while also serving as secretary of state. It is instructive that Secretary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, was simultaneously on payrolls of both the State Department and the Teneo Group, an influence-peddling consulting operation founded by a Clinton confidant. Additionally, a private email server would protect disclosure of fund-raising activities for Hillary Clinton’s anticipated run for president.

  39. No denying we’re all on a sinking ship which certainly is quite a distressing development but this awful world isn’t all bad.

    Here’s a link to a Caroline Campbell video. Such a beautiful church. Such beautiful music. Such a beautiful woman. Some say it’s Satan, the Prince of Darkness, who’s the supernatural force behind our fallen world but if that’s true then at least Satan’s not all bad because we certainly do have many beautiful things in our terrible world that we should be thankful for.


    • How right you are. The Uni-party deep state loves it’s power and prestige and isn’t about to lose it.

    • I’ve been saying this for years; it’s exciting that it’s now become visible enough that people don’t think I’m nuts.

  40. The DC swamp views itself as the ‘Essential America’, the highly evolved and refined America worth preserving and enhancing. DC Uber Alles. We, the normals, who work for living, beg to differ.

  41. It feels like a major effort is underway to undermine whatever Trump findings Mueller’s investigation might make. It does not matter how biased the investigators are really if Trump is correct and there is no collusion with the Russians. So while the other areas of concern need to be addressed I do not buy at all the idea that the investigation as it stands with respect to Trump is seriously flawed by the composition of the Mueller’s team. In fact Trump should be delighted with Mueller’s team because in repeatedly assuring everyone that there was no collusion with Russia it would be much better that all these characters finally be the ones to announce it. I believe Trump.

  42. What a dizzying list of conflicts of interest and seeming collusion of the deep state.

    It’s actually sickening to think that justice could possible be served by this metastatic mass.

  43. This article is founded on the foggy idea that the matters which Dir. Mueller is investigating in some way relate to the allegations regarding Sec. Clinton. There certainly was no relationship when Dir. Mueller was appointed, and in fact the call now is for two separate investigations of, on the one hand, Dir. Mueller himself and on the other, a tiresome eighth investigation of Sec. Clinton. Conflicts of interest do not arise when a lawyer who once looked at the Secretary now looks at Pres. Trump. It is not a zero-sum game when justice is dispensed, with more to go to one side if less goes to the other.

    Ideas such as “fruit of the poisoned [sic] tree” which are poorly treated here are not nearly so broad as the writer prays they are.

    • No. The other investigation being called for is the corruption of the Obama admin. for using the Executive bureaucracy, including the Intel. agencies to gather information on a political opponent and if the Obama admin. investigation into Hillary’s emails was properly done, seeing as how the man in charge of it was also Mueller lead investigator, why are you worried about that. Remember, this was supposed to be a counter-intell. investigation so why all the criminal lawyers on Mueller’s team? They abused the FISA Court and to illegally obtain a warrant on one of your fellow citizens. Why and how did the UN Ambassador, Samantha Powers, get the power and the need to release your fellow citizens names on redacted classified materials? Also, you are wrong about it being another Spec. Pros. investigation. That has not been determined , yet.

  44. We know about all these conflicts of interest ad infinitum. We have know about this for a long time. Yet still, no one is doing anything about it. With all these conflicts of interest this investigation should have been shut down a long time ago the special investigator and his cronies should be under investigation. Why are they allowed to continue to get away with this? When will somebody make a move to shut this down?

    • “Somebody” is the Establishment. The Establishment is – and always has been – a cabal of Democrat, Republican and ‘Deep State’ political, media and financial actors. All these guys hate Trump with a passion that’s hard to over-exaggerate. Not a chance they will shut down the witch hunt. Not a chance they will ever, ever investigate Hillary, either. After all, they were ALL in on the conspiracy. So, yeah. No one is doing anything about it, including our illustrious attorney general. Coup D’etat. And, you’re living in it.

  45. How could Mr. Hanson know all these ugly facts concerning Mueller yet the world renowned Andrew McCarthy doesn’t? We owe Mr. hanson a lot of gratitude for his work. Instead all we get from McCarthy is one article after another that Mueller is not to be touched because he is such an upstanding citizen and caretaker of the law. There is no way in he11 that Mueller should have ever excepted this assignment. He is a dirty as anyone in this whole ridiculous affair and that says a lot. Mueller should be forced to acknowledge if he has anything or else call it quits. Mueller and Sessions should both apologize to the American people for doing such a lousy job and then retire. More than half of Mueller’s investigation team are also part of the law firm he runs but McCarthy never has enough space in his articles to mention these things. McCarthy has lost a ton of credibility in my eyes with his Mueller defense.

  46. Since Sessions won’t unrecuse himself and fire Rosenstein and stop the Mueller “investigation”, who is the proper person to stop this whole charade?

  47. Knock, knock!
    Who’s there?
    Robert who ?
    Robert Mueller III with a subpoena !
    What does that subpoena request from me, Robert Mueller III ?
    All Trump business records, specifically your “Russian” business records !
    But.., didn’t you hear what I said..; “there was no collusion” and “I draw a red line at my business records”.
    We fully understand what you said.., and why you said it.., accordingly, we’ve crossed “your” red line anyway !

    Tick, tock, tick, tock !