Does Trump Threaten Science?

The American Association of University Professors has issued a short thunderclap of a report accusing President Trump of undermining the natural sciences. By itself, this would be pretty bad, but according to the AAUP, Trump’s hatred for science extends by means of foreign policy to damaging intellectual inquiry, economic prosperity, and human health

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Liberal Hatred of Hillsdale is Really Hatred of Self-Government

The Frederick Douglass statue at Hillsdale College. Visit the Hillsdale College website and the first thing you see is a quote from President Larry P. Arnn: “Hillsdale offers an education designed to equip human beings for self-government.” Scroll down a little further and discover a whole section dedicated to the importance of “elevating

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Illegal U: An Immigration Scam in Plain Sight

The often desperate measures foreigners take to enter our borders—crossing deserts being packed into trucks, and surviving unspeakable brutalities—rightly provoke our anger and evoke our pity. Because of the pathos involved in this kind of illegal entry, we often overlook the fact that there is a far safer and common  way for would-be

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Monumental Dishonesty

Walk around any college campus, and you will see the names of distinguished faculty and generous donors adorning most of the buildings. Likewise, many campuses feature statues, memorials, or plaques dedicated to individuals or events of historical significance to that particular school, or the school’s home state. Such monuments typically seek to connect

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A Case Against Globalism

The concept of globalism burdens American society, and this encumbrance comes mainly from the political and social Left. We rarely discuss what globalism is and many Americans don’t seem to see the grave dangers that it represents. We hear phrases like “global citizenship,” or “citizen of the world,” which are supposed to evoke

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Can This Generation Be Saved?

Ask my Millennial children what they think of their Gen X mother on a bad day, and they will inform you, plentifully and in painful detail, exactly what is wrong with me (and therefore, my generation). They will tell you I am fussy about word usage, that I lack a sense of humor

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What Millennials Want

All of the world’s problems began the day we started handing fat kids participation trophies for wheezing into last place. Promised, I can attest, a totemic mound of salty fries and enough Coke to slake Death Valley, we Millennials of the more globulus persuasion marshaled our heaving bundles across the finish line, valiantly

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