Masks Made in America by an All-American Company

So far, no polling illustrates whether public sentiment has shifted to even stronger support for American-made products, but you have to imagine it certainly hasn't shifted toward relying on more products from China, given the shortages we've faced.

While the Economy Goes Bust, Farm-to-Table Booms

For months during this pandemic, consumers who used to drive to the supermarket to buy prepackaged food have instead gotten food delivery literally from a farm to their table. People are getting hooked on direct food sourcing and eating healthier because of it.

Coronavirus Even Closed the Waffle House

We all come from a different place, but we all end up at the same destination, usually at places such as this diner. When our cathedrals are locked, we worry and wonder if we will ever get back to our idea of normal.

The Reason They Support Trump Isn’t About Trump

Despite moans from the chattering class saying there have been too many stories on Trump voters, farmers such as these have a story to tell about lives focused on faith, family and farming. Few who actually know them could argue they're not creating a profound benefit for the entire country.