Herd Immunity vs. Herd Mentality

Although we do not yet know every detail of the end of our infatuation with the coronavirus, it’s clear that the historian of this episode will include a chapter called “Mistakes Were Made.”

This Is An Emergency!

For the good of the country, and especially for the good of our leaders, we must prorogue Congress. We must do it today! And since we do not know how long this plague will last, we must do it indefinitely.

Mike Bloomberg, American Julianus

The billionaire former New York City mayor is throwing a lot of money around and renouncing plenty of sensible positions to win the Democratic Party’s presidential nod. His effort to buy the presidency will fail.

Wokeness, Free Speech, and the Role of Education

Conservatives have rightly lamented the assault on free speech that is such a conspicuous and disfiguring reality of life in America today. But that loss only achieves its true significance in the context of a more fundamental erosion: the erosion of a shared political consensus that gives life to “We, the People.”

‘Walls Are Closing In’ on the Democrats

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Democrats Consume Themselves

Hatred of Donald Trump has been to some extent sidelined while what Freud called the “narcissism of small differences” plays out in bickering, backbiting, and political sabotage.

Of Causation and Emojis

Aristotle identified four sorts of causation: formal, material, efficient, and final. Iran’s foreign minister has just introduced a fifth category, akin to what some specialists call the Chewbacca defense: rather than offer a rational and compelling explanation one instead resorts to “intentional distraction or obfuscation.”

An Antidote to the Iran Hysterics

Trump has always shown that he prefers diplomacy to military action. At the same time, he understands, as did Ronald Reagan, that diplomacy only works when it is backed up by military strength and a willingness to exercise it.

The Standing Committee on Impeachment

Start talking about impeaching a president 19 minutes after he is inaugurated, go on talking about it at every opportunity, regardless of whether there are any grounds to deploy this most serious of political rebukes. Could a Standing Committee on Impeachment do any better?

The Tortoise and the Hare of Modernity Reconsidered

Hares do not countenance irrational impediments such as "taboos." Their response to the tortoises who deploy them is a mixture of loathing, hysteria, and contempt. But as a wise man put it, “The madman is not the man who has lost his reason. The madman is the man who has lost everything except his reason.”