Slow Joe, Bad Vlad

Vladimir Putin is certainly worthy of condemnation. But that does not mean Donald Trump was wrong when he observed it would be “a good thing, not a bad thing” if America got on well with Russia.

Bad Portents for Biden

Joe Biden came to town bearing a double-decker ice-cream smile. He likely wilI leave like Xerxes—confused, battered, alone.

Joe Biden: Deep State Puppet

Will the country be able to survive three more years of a deep state conspiracy presided over by an angry, incompetent, and increasingly senile puppet?

Trump in 2024? Maybe!

What’s certain is not too many Americans will be willing to hand over the honor of choosing the next president to Liz Cheney and her smug, entitled, and repellent confrères.

The Freedom Façade

You still hear people talk about individual liberty and the rule of law, but the slogans are shot through with a brittle cynicism.

Oh, Oh, Omicron!

The new COVID variant is an excuse for control—the little frisson that comes with the exercise of power and lording it over other people.

Conspiracy Theory or Conspiracy In Fact?

Something to keep in mind about January 6 is when the Soothsayer came to warn Caesar about the Ides of March, he wasn’t warning about a conspiracy theory. He was warning about a conspiracy in fact.