A Lesson from Texas

The arrival of the Chinese flu has given those who think of themselves as our rulers a new opportunity to exert control over those of us who are simply going about our daily lives. But in Texas, people are on to it.

Common Sense About China

China’s goal, Brian Kennedy writes, is “demoralizing the United States to the point where America believes that further resistance is futile.” They can’t succeed without the help of America’s elite.

Following Up on Fauciism

A useful shorthand term for “expert-induced panic,” much in the way “McCarthyism” is shorthand for “anti-Communist hysteria.”

The Perils of Philosophy

Self-evident truths are the foundation of common sense realism; for Thomas Reid, common sense is the human faculty which enables us to grasp self-evident truths.

Common Sense vs. Corruption (Again)

Trump is once again likely to be running against a Democrat who is the very embodiment of political corruption, even the most outstanding current example we have of American political corruption, aside from the Clintons of course.

Obama Fundamentally Transformed Our Two-Party System

Only time will tell if the Democrat insiders will be able to stop Sanders this time around. Perhaps they will, perhaps they won’t. But in either case, it is now clear that Obama succeeded in fundamentally transforming America’s two-party system. We now have an openly anti-American party and an openly pro-American party.

Trump’s Common Sense on Foreign Policy

Instead of putting America’s vast economic power to work benefitting Xi and the ayatollahs, Trump is using America’s economic power against them; this is simply common sense. And, unsurprisingly, it is working.

Living in a Post-Truth World

The post-truth era promises to be a wild ride. In a post-truth world, a promise is meaningless . . .  A post-truth person is free to swear on a Bible to uphold the Constitution and then set right to work subverting it.

The War on Common Sense

Faltering belief in common sense is behind the rejection of the Founders’ idea of America. More broadly, it is behind the astonishing rejection of Western civilization by its own people—a rejection that has reached what looks to be a civilization-ending crisis in Europe.