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Rachel Bovard is senior director of policy at the Conservative Partnership Institute and Senior Advisor to the Internet Accountability Project. Beginning in 2006, she served in both the House and Senate in various roles including as legislative director for Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and policy director for the Senate Steering Committee under the successive chairmanships of Senator Pat Toomey (R-Penn.) and Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah), where she advised Committee members on strategy related to floor procedure and policy matters. In the House, she worked as senior legislative assistant to Congressman Donald Manzullo (R-Il.), and Congressman Ted Poe (R-Texas). She is the former director of policy services for the Heritage Foundation. Follow her on Twitter at @RachelBovard.

Escalating Cartel Violence Demands a U.S. Response

The horrific murders of nine American women and children in Mexico last week has left the country reeling—and exposed Mexico as a cartel-led, warlord state that is an increasing threat to U.S. national security. The daylight attack occurred less than 100 miles from the Arizona border in the northern Mexican state of Sonora. Women and

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The Pentagon, Prudence, and Missile Defense

Earlier this year, the U.S. military acknowledged that North Korean intercontinental ballistic missiles can now hit targets anywhere in the continental United States. Bizarrely, the Pentagon has responded by cutting the one program that could stop them. The Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) program, which has existed since the early 2000s, is designed to protect the

By | 2019-11-10T04:41:20-07:00 November 6th, 2019|Tags: |

The Mean Girl Senate and the Cuccinelli Nomination

The do-nothing Republican Senate, which cannot repeal Obamacare, secure the border, defund Planned Parenthood, or even take more than one vote to bar infanticide, has proven itself shockingly adept at one thing: going into overdrive to block the Trump nominees they personally dislike. Witness the long knives that came out against Ken Cuccinelli, currently Trump’s

By | 2019-11-07T09:33:24-07:00 November 2nd, 2019|Tags: |

Adam Schiff’s ‘Gossip Girl’ Probe

As week four of the impeachment drama draws to a close we are left with enough changing narratives, secret hearings, and meme-worthy tantrums to fill an entire season of “Gossip Girl.” Except, this is Congress, so let’s not insult the writers of “Gossip Girl.” Despite the fact that support for impeachment is slowly dropping, and

By | 2019-10-19T17:31:58-07:00 October 19th, 2019|Tags: |

The Democrat Impeachment Circus

House Democrats are taking to their fainting couches over the impeachment of President Trump. They’re underscoring the “seriousness” of their effort, speaking in hushed tones of a “constitutional crisis,” or raging about the need for the president to be “held accountable” and “order to be restored.” They do all of this, meanwhile, against a backdrop

By | 2019-10-15T20:34:26-07:00 October 12th, 2019|Tags: |

Hunter Biden’s Wild Ukrainian Ride

Democrats threw the country into turmoil this week announcing their intention to proceed with the impeachment of President Donald Trump. They just have a few problems. Chief among them, their narratives keep collapsing. First, there was the “coverup” both of the call with the President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine, and of the whistleblower’s report. Then

By | 2019-10-05T19:52:25-07:00 October 5th, 2019|Tags: |

The Case Against Universal Background Checks

On Capitol Hill this week, lawmakers got a visit from Attorney General Bill Barr and White House Legislative Affairs Director Eric Ueland, looking to sell them on a gun control proposal. The proposal, an outline of which was released by the Daily Caller’s Amber Athey, parallels legislation proposed by Senators Pat Toomey (R-Penn.) and Joe

By | 2019-09-21T15:41:22-07:00 September 21st, 2019|Tags: |

Red Flags About ‘Red Flag Laws’

After a handful of mass shootings over the summer, Congress is returning to session flush with the need to act on gun violence. Unfortunately, consensus appears to be forming around proposals that are both ineffective and constitutionally suspect. I’m talking about federal “red flag” legislation, which would allow family members and friends to report on

By | 2019-09-14T18:02:57-07:00 September 14th, 2019|Tags: |

Lies the Left Tells About Guns

Congress reconvenes this week after a summer fraught with multiple mass shootings. Reportedly, legislation implementing tighter gun control is on the table, with rumored support by some in the White House. The rhetoric surrounding guns continues to escalate. Here’s the thing about guns. The Constitution—that handy little document—guarantees our rights to them, and that guarantee

By | 2019-09-07T19:56:24-07:00 September 7th, 2019|Tags: |

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