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Rachel Bovard is senior director of policy at the Conservative Partnership Institute. Beginning in 2006, she served in both the House and Senate in various roles including as legislative director for Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and policy director for the Senate Steering Committee under the successive chairmanships of Senator Pat Toomey (R-Penn.) and Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah), where she advised Committee members on strategy related to floor procedure and policy matters. In the House, she worked as senior legislative assistant to Congressman Donald Manzullo (R-Il.), and Congressman Ted Poe (R-Texas). She is the former director of policy services for the Heritage Foundation. Follow her on Twitter at @RachelBovard.

Crisis on the Border

If 2018 has made anything clear—apart from the fact that our politics are a dumpster fire—it’s that we have a crisis at the southern border. Whatever one thinks about Trump, he didn’t create it. He is, however, the only one who has been trying to fix it, and next week represents the last

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Debunking a Few Myths About Mitch McConnell

The Weekly Standard published a gusher last week on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). Fred Barnes, the magazine’s executive editor, fell all over himself praising McConnell’s “pragmatism and political skill . . . [which] allows little to get in the way of winning.” Barnes went on to brag about the majority leader’s

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Looking Forward to an Exciting Lame-Duck Session

Despite Democratic gains in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, Election Day outcomes were far from the big blue wave that liberals promised Though Democrats managed to flip the House, the loss of at least 30 Republican seats is in line with historical averages. Generally speaking, the president’s party loses around 30 seats

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Only Congress Can Prevent the Next Border Surge

A thousand miles or so from the southern U.S. border, Central American migrants are on the march. What began with around 5,000 people has swelled to as many as 14,000—and possibly more. They have traveled on foot approximately 500 miles so far, walking through immigration checkpoints in Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico with minimal

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Mitch McConnell’s Lame-Duck Sellout

Barely one week after redoubling his commitment to build President Trump’s southern border wall in the upcoming lame-duck session, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has given in. McConnell on October 10 told the Associated Press he was “committed to helping the president get wall funding.” The next day, he told  the Washington

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Building the Wall After All?

After two solid years of fighting it, congressional Republicans may now be prepared to fund President Trump’s border wall after all. On Monday, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) promised “a big fight” over Trump’s wall when the House returns to work in December, telling reporters, “we have a commitment to go

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Last Chance for Trump’s Wall?

Building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border was Donald Trump’s signature campaign promise. He’s running out of chances to keep it. Trump has been president for nearly two years, but we are still waiting to see construction begin on even part of the roughly 1,000 miles of border wall he pledged to voters.

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It Takes a Veto

All summer long, Republicans have been touting their success in passing spending bills. The problem? There are no Republican policies in them. The bill the Senate passed earlier this week—which combines three spending bills into one package and extends government funding through December 7—fails to address any Republican policy priorities. It somehow manages

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