Demographics and the American Prospect

Conservatives might quibble over the root cause of minority voting patterns, whistle past the graveyard counting their change, and settle for losing nobly, or they can use what time remains to wage a full-spectrum war on this front.

Pagan Son

On its face, Bunker Spreckels’ story is that of a young man who seems to have been born to die, of a boy who flew too close to the sun with wings of feathers and wax, of greatness stunted by greatness as it only could be.

A Better Guide than Reason

Reason, wrote John Locke, is man’s “only Star and compass.” It will bring those who but consult it to the table of amity, where they […]

Cold War Kicks

Anyone who is still celebrating the liberal-capitalist "defeat" of communism needs to reckon with the field of Democratic presidential candidates; subject themselves to scold Greta Thunberg as she calls for Stalinist central planning to “fight” climate change; and must explain why virtually every mainstream media and academic institution is lurching us toward totalitarian darkness.

Struggle for the World Anew

A lean and hungry spirit moves its hand through political movements and parties throughout the West. It’s not exactly Left or Right, liberal or conservative.

No Justice But What We Make

As California continues to flout the nation’s immigration laws and protect criminal aliens, President Trump refrains from taking serious action. What is he waiting for?

The Democrat-Antifa Axis

If you think the far-left Black Bloc and the mainstream party of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden have little in common, you haven’t been paying attention to what’s happening in Portland.

Beating the War Drums

War is coming to the Right, like it or not, and so far as we have seen our political leadership is unequipped for the fight. 

In Search of White Supremacy

In the wake of another series of mass shootings, we begin our regularly scheduled programming searching for the systemic culprits: “white supremacists” who, we are […]

Covenants Without the Sword

Conor Friedersdorf fancies himself The Atlantic’s resident ethnic White Knight, galloping in to the aid of minorities terrorized by the handful of genuinely conservative pundits […]

Who Is for Middle America?

The late Edward Abbey, an irascible and irreverent American environmentalist, took aim at the immigration ideologues in terms still relevant for our time: “The conservatives […]

All Out of Bootstraps

The Republican Party claims to fear socialism, yet does little to stop its ascendancy. It’s almost as if they don’t want to fight, let alone win.

Undocumented and Afraid

President Trump last week announced that starting at the end of June, “ICE will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who […]

The Entitled Uninvited

On a Sunday afternoon in May, Etta Nugent found Marco Cobos, a Mexican national, at her doorstep in Houston after his truck had broken down […]