On Race, Biden is Speedy Joe

Americans must realize Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are racial fanatics and defend their honor against their new would-be “slaveocracy.”

Harris Drops Her Mask

Harris’ “none of us are free … until all of us are free …” rhetoric would have been alien to the founders and to Abraham Lincoln as it eschews individual rights and duties, instead making an appeal to collective ones.

Fully Woke Joe

Not “sleepy” at all, Biden would distort the heart of American finance and transform the nation’s basic economic structure using the mantra of “civil rights” and equality.

Trump Calls Out the New Confederate and Tory Mobs

The president, not the mobs, marches with King demanding that “promissory note” of the Declaration of Independence. They both affirm America’s founding document that “American freedom exists for American greatness.”

Lincoln’s New Assassins

The fact that we have produced senseless mobs willing to tear down our monuments testifies to the fact that we, the living, need to do more to honor our nation’s living spirit, not merely take selfies before dead bronze.

Gorsuch Takes a Knee

When people who believe there are boys and there are girls get treated as slaves, they should not look for judges to help them out, especially when it was the judges who got them into this mess.

Democrats Confining Americans Like it’s 1942

In many ways, the government and military in post-Pearl Harbor 1942 presented a far more credible case for the social distancing of the ethnic Japanese relocation than the various governments have today for the COVID-19 regulations.

‘The Weight’ Worth Waiting For

The 50th anniversary performance of “The Weight” is universal not only in the diversity of the performers and their instruments made possible by technology. It reflects as well the universality of the Christian promise of Easter, one of repentance and renewal.

Was the Revolution About Reason?

What Thompson evidently wants to do is substitute his Enlightenment natural right epistemology for that of Tocqueville, and withal his own Enlightenment rationality for the theological-political unity Tocqueville struggled with.

A Resource for Religious Liberty

Religious Liberty is the latest in the Ashbrook Center’s series of document collections covering major periods, themes, and institutions in American history and government. 

The Unimpeachable Soul of America

We are a people ever ancient, ever new. Not theatrics, but this old teaching is at the heart of President Trump’s remarkable State of the Union address.

Pelosi Drones on Impeachment

It is not the tempestuous Trump who threatens the rule of law today but instead the progressives prodding the presumptuous Pelosi. In fact her impeachment strategy is a reductio ad absurdum of progressive complaints about constitutional government.

Leninism: The Highest Stage of Progressivism

As the talk of socialism becomes more widespread on the Left, particularly within Democratic party politics, and as anger at President Trump boils over, the advocacy of political scientists will become even clearer: first, Progressivism, then socialism, and ultimately, Leninism.