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Ken Masugi, Ph.D., is a senior fellow of the Claremont Institute. He has been a speechwriter for two cabinet members, as well as for Clarence Thomas when he was chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Masugi is co-author, editor, or co-editor of seven books on American politics. He has taught at the U.S. Air Force Academy, where he was Olin Distinguished Visiting Professor; James Madison College of Michigan State University; the Ashbrook Center of Ashland University; and Princeton University.

The Left Trashes the Constitution: Sacking the Senate

The Democrats’ trashing of the Constitution did not end with the Kavanaugh confirmation battle but now rambles on with their denunciations of the fundamental institutions of American republican government. They will continue their attack on the electoral process with their disparagement of the Electoral College. Next up, we hear rumblings about the supposed

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Progressive Elitism by the Numbers

A shrewd observer of American politics, Thomas Edsall sums up the evidence that the Democratic Party has rapidly become a far more left-wing party than it ever has been. In the last 18 years, the percentage of white Democrats identifying themselves as liberal doubled, from 28 to 55 percent, while percentages of moderates

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Harry Jaffa on Kavanaugh and the Crisis of America Divided

The centenary of Harry V. Jaffa’s birth was October 7. He passed away on January 10, 2015 after a career of scholarship and teaching that got people to see the philosophic foundations for understanding America. In seeking to understand one’s own country, one philosophized. In his major books, Crisis of the House Divided

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Obama’s Con-Job ‘Conservatism’

Some “conservatives” never learn and continue to live under mental delusions. Barack Obama has commanded their souls and continues to do so today. His public return to politics, first with his South Africa speech and last week with his campaign speech disguised as an award acceptance speech in Illinois, repeat the centrist show

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Crazy Brainy Asians

The Justice Department last week filed a “statement of interest” on behalf of a lawsuit by Students for Fair Admissions against Harvard University for discriminating against Asian-American applicants as a class. The government’s intervention is stronger than a mere “friend of the court” brief and portends a federal lawsuit against Harvard. To better

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Finding the Next Justice Thomas Will Take a Gang, Not a Village

David Brooks’ insightful account of “a self-consciously built” “conservative legal infrastructure” behind Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination raises more fundamental questions about the Court and contemporary political and academic trends. While this “infrastructure” is a work of many hands, Brooks really means to single out the Federalist Society. The Federalist Society is better understood

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Trump’s Immigration Policies Aren’t Like Japanese Internment

I rarely feel sympathy for Members of Congress, least of all Maryland Democrat Elijah Cummings, but his tearful plea about separating children from their illegal immigrant parents—“What country is that?”—moves even as it exasperates.   Far worse than Cummings’ emoting are the hysterical attacks by the media and sanctimonious elites on the Trump

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