Articles by Jeremy Carl

The “Peaceful Protestors” Are More Destructive Than the Looters and Rioters

henever conservatives castigate the blatant lawlessness, vandalism, threats, and violence that have regularly been present in the nationwide George Floyd protests, liberals accuse us of failing to distinguish “peaceful protestors” from looters and rioters. Superficially, this distinction makes sense. Looters and rioters are an imminent threat to public welfare. Peaceful protestors, by definition, are not. […]

White Liberals and the Cult of Ethnic Sado-Narcissism

hen Jussie Smollett’s hate hoax collapsed spectacularly a few weeks back, after being publicized incessantly by Hollywood celebrities and the mainstream media, the most penetrating take came from journalist Andy Ngo. “Jussie Smollett’s hoax is symptomatic of America’s illness,” Ngo wrote—a combination he attributed to the rise of victimhood culture fueled in significant part by […]

Don’t Give In to the Left’s Moral Blackmail

A statement posted on social media by Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue shooter shows what he shares in common with 99 percent of the members of the “mainstream” media: “For the record I did not vote for him [Trump] nor have I owned, worn or even touched a MAGA hat.” Yet while the president, like […]

The Cowardice of a ‘Conservative’

The long descent of Arizona Republicans from Barry Goldwater to Jeff Flake is in many ways the story of the decline of the modern conservative movement. As Tucker Carlson noted after watching Flake’s sad capitulation to Democrats’ preposterous demands for an FBI investigation of Brett Kavanaugh: “In Washington, when they congratulate you on leaving the […]