Refusing What We Are: The Evil of Children’s Transgenderism

Sometimes there is a flash of light so bright that you are compelled to look away. Sometimes a crime is so profound that it is difficult even to name it; to grasp the enormity of it. The recent explosion of transgenderism in children, an affliction currently affecting the lives of more than 1-in-50 young adults and children in Gen Z, is one such instance.


It’s the word of the month, which the Right is applying increasingly to our leftist political establishment.

Perhaps the best response to the groomer debate came from Helena Kirschner, a woman who detransitioned (that is, she spent years as “transgender man” before later accepting her birth sex) and has become an influential voice speaking up against transgender ideology:

“There’s a place for precise terminology,” she tweeted. “There’s also a place for memetic terms that convey a difficult to articulate concept in a way many people can intuitively understand. ‘Groomer’ applied to teachers & other adults who manipulate kids into gender confusion accomplishes this.”

And that is exactly right. It’s difficult for us to acknowledge the enormity of the crime that has been committed against our children because it’s hard for us to acknowledge how deeply we have failed. And it’s hard for us to accept that this crime is taking place with the full support of the leadership of one of America’s major political parties and most of the medical establishment. Indeed, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) banned a group of those skeptical of pediatric transgenderism from even setting up a booth at the latest AAP conference. To acknowledge the depth of the transgender transgression against our children is to stare deep into the void of a society in chaos and moral decay.

The mass grooming of our children into pediatric transgenderism and other confused gender identities is a crime of world-historical proportions, a crime which dare not speak its name.

It is useful to illuminate the scale of what is being done to our children. Even now, after years of propaganda, transgenderism scarcely exists among baby boomers and older—just 0.1-0.2 percent; whereas it is 2.1 percent among adults in Gen Z, a figure that appears to be rising. 

Our schools are pushing transgenderism to our youngest and most vulnerable kids. The Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s most prominent LGBT lobbying group, has an active initiative to enable and encourage gender transition for even elementary school kids, one that includes things like hiding transition from parents, even among the youngest elementary school students

It’s clear that schools are not just trying to say that “transgender kids” are OK—they are actively aiding and abetting children’s transgenderism and gender confusion. And the world’s most powerful corporations, such as Apple and Google, have lined up to support this.

Incredibly, our most powerful institutions have normalized the celebration of sexual deviance at an incredibly young age. Jaron Bloshinsky (a.k.a “Jazz Jennings”) was a young boy who was sent to a gender therapist at age 3, and appeared on national TV as early as 6-years-old (!) to discuss being transgender.

By age 14, he had a show on the TLC network called “I Am Jazz.” This delicate child, whose parents were legally, ethically, and spiritually bound to protect him, instead became a circus freak feeding the maw of the media and powerful corporations, abused by his parents and supported by our most powerful celebrities. He starred in propaganda episodes beamed for years to a million viewers each week. How many of those viewer-victims were confused kids who decided that they were now “transgender” after seeing “Jazz’s” story? 

Johnson & Johnson, one of the world’s largest consumer brands and one of the world’s most valuable companies, signed him up for an endorsement deal. He appeared on an Amazon video series. He was accepted to Harvard. Our most powerful and prestigious institutions have reified and glorified his monstrous abuse.

“Jazz” had the first of his so-called “gender confirmation” surgeries as a minor. He has had three additional corrective surgeries since then to attempt to manage the insult done to his body. His children’s book, I am Jazz, was published by a division of Penguin Publishing group—the world’s largest publishing house. It is explicitly marketed to 4-to-8-year-olds. I am Jazz won an award from the American Library Association. Instagram (a subsidiary of Meta) which is known to take down transgender-critical sites, lets him target children with his message on his 1.2 million-follower account. 

Meanwhile, by his own account, he suffers from anxiety, depression, and binge eating, recently having put on more than 100 pounds. All this on top of managing the ongoing complications of his genital mutilation. 

Let’s be clear what happened here: A pre-schooler named Jaron Bloshinsky was groomed and sexually abused by his parents, in full view of the cameras and abetted by some of our most powerful corporations. Even as we are threatened with censorship and banishment for doing so, we need to say Jaron’s name: His real name. 

The current trans young celebrity of the moment is an 8-year-old transgender “girl” in Texas, who recently testified before the state legislature to ensure he could be pumped full of puberty blockers and possibly genitally mutilated legally, in the face of GOP attempts to stop the madness. 

Imagine an 8-year-old who “knows” that he is transgender and has in fact known it for some time, with such confidence that he can lecture government officials about it. The Democrats believe that mentally unbalanced 8-year-olds should be directing public policy. This is a party led by degenerates, mental and moral midgets who should never be let anywhere near a single lever of power.

The parents who enabled this should have their custody removed immediately.

And yet Joe Biden invited this child to his State of the Union address. Our media is full of praise for this 8-year-old. Nobody questions the parents.

This child also testified at the state capitol. “My first visit to the Capitol should have been on a school field trip, not defending my right to exist . . . Don’t be a Grinch. Let your heart grow.” There is no such thing as an 8-year-old transgender activist. There are only children who have been groomed for sexual exploitation. 

How many children are being damaged as this is normalized? 

Why aren’t we making criminal referrals to all of these “physicians” prescribing this “gender affirming care?” 

Yes, the most abusive of these parents should be stripped of custody. 

Yes, the physicians should be losing their licenses to practice medicine, and, for the most significant cases, criminally referred. 

Yes, we should be boycotting the media companies and consumer companies that have enabled this, and, where possible, criminally prosecuting their executives for enabling child abuse. 

Yes, we should be prosecuting the leaders of schools who are transing kids while keeping it secret from parents. 

These “transgender” children are victims and we must channel our justifiable anger at the medical community, the politicians, the “physicians,” the “educators,” the corporations and, when appropriate, the disturbed parents who have enabled this. We should feel rage toward these people and not their young victims.  

There are no “transgender kids.” There are confused kids. There are kids with gender dysphoria. There are depressed kids. There are feminine boys and masculine girls. There are kids who have been groomed and abused by the system, our corporations, our education system, and our media for years and are now deeply damaged. But there are no trans kids. There are only adults who have stolen our children’s innocence.

We lack the language to even describe the level of violation that has taken place. Joe Biden has absurdly labeled transgenderism “the civil rights issue of our time.” He has said there is “no room for compromise” on the issue. If there is no room for compromise with those who support genital mutilation of children than we are truly ruled by demons in human form.

Consider Richard “Rachel” Levine. It is not a coincidence that our first Senate-confirmed transgender federal official was appointed as assistant secretary for health, where of course, he has legal oversight over much of this madness. If Levine were an assistant secretary of commerce, far fewer people would care. The absurdity is the point. The deviance is the point. To have someone suffering from florid mental illness shaming and mocking normality is the point.

“Maybe the target nowadays is not to discover what we are but to refuse what we are,” wrote the French philosopher and left-wing hero Michel Foucault, in his 1982 book, The Subject and Power. In attempting to force their transgender madness on the youngest and and most innocent members of our society, the Left has elevated this principle to a central sacrament in their depraved and false religion. 

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About Jeremy Carl

Jeremy Carl is a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute. He served as deputy assistant secretary of the interior under President Trump and lives with his family in Montana. You can follow him on Twitter at @jeremycarl4.

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