Big White Lies

"This government has failed us . . . We need a self-help program, a do-it-yourself philosophy, a do-it-right-now philosophy, an it’s-already-too-late philosophy."
— Malcolm X, “The Ballot or the Bullet”

A new poll of more than 1,000 registered voters released by Echelon Insights offers a startling glimpse into the psyche of Joe Biden supporters. Among Democrats, the top three issues over which they say they are “extremely” or “very concerned” are “Donald Trump supporters,” “white nationalism,” and “systemic racism.” 

Among the actions Biden took during his first week in the White House was to rescind President Trump’s ban on critical race theory training in the federal government. We can now expect the cultural revolution to resume in the federal bureaucracy, a bureaucracy that will now explicitly demonize huge segments of what is (supposed to be) our country. 

My purpose, however, is not to criticize our ruling regime. No, I’m here to criticize psychologically conquered white people and to denounce white liberal supremacy. The former constitute so much of the governing class within the Republican Party and the latter are at the top of every major U.S. institution, public and private. It is time to be critical of the innumerable half-truths and white lies that pass for discourse in our decadent age.

Our Dumb, Racialist Civic Vocabulary

Who is a “white supremacist” according to our ruling regime? According to students at the University of Washington, it is George Washington. Who is a “white nationalist?” Apparently, it is anyone who objects to open borders, reads Patrick Buchanan, or worked for Donald Trump.

This is where we are as a people. We are in a world where, after an elderly man who happens to be Asian is killed by a criminal who happens to be black, the regime and its sycophants decide to solve the problem by marching against . . . white supremacy? The generalized outbreak of violence against Asians by non-Asians is the fault of . . . white supremacy

We live in a world in which Coca-Cola corporate training encourages employees to be “less white.” And the California Department of Education this week will consider whether or not to adopt a curriculum that explicitly calls for students to “name, speak to, resist, and transform the hegemonic Eurocentric neocolonial condition” in a posture of “transformational resistance” to “decolonize” American society and establish a new regime of “countergenocide” and “counterhegemony,” which will displace white Christian culture and lead to the “regeneration of indigenous epistemic and cultural futurity.” Got all that?

Here we are, living in a country where whites (still the largest part of the population in the United States, but with a minority of the children under age 16) are rapidly becoming pariahs in their own country and in which “white” has become a kind of profanity. Why?

Because white Americans allowed it. Because white lies pay

Try getting a job in the globalist occupation regime while openly rebuking its slogans about “white privilege.” See how quickly you are promoted when you argue explicitly that the founders were great men and builders of a great nation. You won’t get promoted, to say the least. Refuse to lie about your history and the history of your ancestors and you’ll run into a brick wall. It takes zero courage to denounce the white privilege boogeyman, but doing so carries great pecuniary benefits. 

Because people are social creatures, too many either allow themselves to be silenced or simply regurgitate the required slogans of our new regime. To do otherwise not only means you will be shunned and canceled by leftists, but you’ll also have plenty of passenger-seat-conservatives piling on to spray gasoline into the public dumpster fire that is your cancellation as well.

Clueless, Shameful Conservatives

Just as vile as the explicitly anti-white regime which stretches from K Street to Congress to the White House to Hollywood to Silicon Valley are the many “conservatives” who fail on two points. Namely, they refuse to name and denounce what is happening. And they refuse to defend their constituents from attacks based on their race. Why do so many “conservatives” and “Republicans” refuse to denounce the anti-white regime and to defend their overwhelmingly white constituents?

Because they are embarrassed that you are their largest constituency.

They are blushing from shame because, still, 81 percent of self-identified Republicans are white. For them this fact doesn’t represent a clarion call that defines who the Republican base is and who they ought to fight for. Instead, this fact is a clarion call that they need to do something, anything, to disassociate from and escape the unbearable whiteness of their party.

Take this thought experiment, for example and you might see my point.

In 2016, had whites voted Republican as loyally as Hispanics voted Democratic, Donald Trump would have won in 2016 with 53 percent of the popular vote and 395 electoral votes. Had as many whites voted for Republicans as loyally as blacks voted for Democrats, Trump would have won the 2016 election with 531 electoral votes and 72.6 percent of the popular vote. (Play with the numbers yourself here.)

The ruling-class Left openly cultivates, promotes, and turns out their voting blocs. They are explicit in saying they need to increase the turnout of blacks, Hispanics, Asians, gays, and unmarried women. They work hard to do so. Then they reward their client base by doling out patronage. It’s that simple.

Do Republican leaders do anything similar for their demographic base? Of course not. Because deep down they believe what the ruling regime says about us. They’re ashamed of you because they value being seen as “non-racist” by those who detest us in order to get head pats from the ruling regime for being “good conservatives.” There is no length to which they will not go to avoid standing up for their, say it with me, white constituents. 

Look at all of the Bushes, Romneys, McCains, Haleys, Kushners, and Rubios. Have any of them ever explicitly denounced the anti-white demagoguery from the culture or the ruling regime? Of course not.

Whiteness Is a Cudgel

Here’s a question: wouldn’t it be good if Republicans (or any political party) could persuade this many whites to vote for their program without first disavowing their own skin color or having to prove a negative (that they’re not, in fact, vicious racists)?

If your answer is “I’m not sure,” or “No, that’s racist,” you are psychologically conquered. Stop reading this article.

Republicans had a chance, yet again, to call out Democratic anti-white racism, but of course they waffled. So what do we get? A $1.9 trillion relief bill with specific portions handing out debt forgiveness explicitly to women and non-white farm owners. White males? Sorry, bigots. A provision inserted by Senator Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) offers grants for restaurant owners in amounts up to $5 million per facility provided those facilities are run by women, veterans, or minorities. You’re a white male who isn’t a vet? No chance, oppressor.

Did any nationally recognized Republican get on television and explicitly denounce these sections of the bill as being anti-white? Nope. We haven’t seen that kind of courage since Barry Goldwater in 1964 and Donald Trump in 2015.

Instead, we see Republican leaders so beholden to anti-white racists that they will do anything to avoid confronting this central issue in order to prove to their donors that they care more about the fraud issues of the Left than they care about preventing your cousin’s job from being off-shored, keeping Chinese fentanyl out of your nephew’s bloodstream, and preserving the patrimony which the founders gave you.

Republicans seem more interested in proving to leftists—who believe that diversity is the opposite of white people—that, in fact, they are the diverse party, while tacitly accepting the unspoken premise which says that their lack of non-whites is proof that they’re fundamentally defective.

I am so tired of denunciations from the Right that call such evils simply anti-American while not saying explicitly what they really are: anti-white. When Mr. Biden calls for small business relief for every race in America except whites, it isn’t enough to call it anti-American. We already know it’s anti-American. But the reason why it’s anti-American is that it is bigotry. It is anti-white bigotry.

If you and your politicians won’t stand up for yourselves, why should anyone else? Samuel Adams, Theodor Herzl, and yes, Malcolm X all understood this fact.

How to escape this trap? For me, it came in realizing that in this moment “whiteness” is a concept defined and used almost entirely by anti-whites against white people. Whiteness is a cudgel.

Detestable White Lies

If I want to raise your taxes, all I have to do is associate your whiteness with your money and I have forced you into the false dilemma of defending it or your savings.

Oh, and yes, your whiteness is evil and racist; and if you object to this definition, it proves you are even more evil and racist.

So, which will you choose? Will you defend both your money and your whiteness? Why would you do that when doing so means that you will end up losing your money anyway after you lose your job and status in respectable society?

Is there anything good about one’s whiteness? What are those things, if any? The average white Republican won’t even allow himself to countenance such questions because, for the time being, he is sufficiently colonized by leftist ideology and fearful enough of Blue imperialism that he knows deep down what such questions entail: the end of his political career, community ostracism, and social death.

Who can honestly face such a dilemma? Is it surprising, therefore, that such people consistently try to escape the question by making appeals to defend everything (their moral virtue, their good character, their sense of American identity) but what is actually being attacked (their whiteness)?

Why does this matter? It matters because a functioning multiracial America cannot exist with white liberal supremacy and a mass of psychologically conquered whites who accept such an illegitimate state of affairs predicated on detestable white lies.

As long as white Americans are willing to be participants in their own marginalization, as long as they allow their own identity to be weaponized against them, they’ll keep experiencing this intense frustration.

As I have written years ago, the arguments underpinning the current anti-white ideology in many ways mirror the anti-Semitic ideologies of the 19th century. What I haven’t written about is the parallel between the self-hating Jew and the self-hating white liberal. Otto Weininger, not exactly a proud Jew, commented on the curious tendency of assimilationist Jews to detest themselves in order to gain gentile acceptance. He said, 

whosoever detests the Jewish character detests it first of all in himself. That he persecutes it in others is merely his attempt to separate himself in this way from what is Jewish. He strives to sever himself from it by locating it in his fellow-creatures, and so for a moment be able to imagine himself free of it. Hatred, like love, is a projected phenomenon: you hate that person who you feel reminds you unpleasantly of yourself.

Now replace the noun “Jew” with “white.” Read through it again. Sometimes I wonder if this doesn’t perfectly encapsulate any of the sundry modern white liberals who currently rule us whether we are white, black, Hispanic, or Asian. Of course, the payoffs for the only political-racial group in America with an out-group preference is they are rewarded for demonizing the majority population of the United States as oppressors by dominating media, entertainment, education, tech, the federal bureaucracy, and most of the S&P 500.

But what of the lumpen white proles who aren’t white liberals? A study by Zach Goldberg, a Ph.D. student at Georgia State University, shows on an apples-to-apples basis that moderate and conservative whites, in general, have far less in-group preference than moderate or conservative blacks, Hispanics, or Asians. What does this mean? And is it an unqualified good? I still haven’t figured out what to make of this fact. But what I do wonder is this: why should moderate or conservative blacks, Hispanics, or Asians respect or stick up for fellow Americans who don’t respect themselves?

This much I know: a revitalized and restorationist Republican Party will never take shape until white America finally gets off its knees.

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Hezekiah Kantor is a pseudonym for an American high school teacher and coach with a B.A. from an Ivy League University and an M.A. in teaching from a Jesuit college on the West Coast. A teacher of the year in his first school district, he holds a National Board Certificate for Adult and Youth Social Studies. He has an interest in politics, religion, economics, and military history. His 2019 book, Trojan Horse Religion explains in detail the beliefs and practices of the Progressive Liberal religion and describes how Progressive Liberalism aims to be the State Church.

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