Articles by Erik Root

Keeping Christmas Great

Christmas season is upon us, which means it is another opportunity for legacy media to take shots at President Trump and his elegant wife, Melania. What could possibly be the latest outrage? Same as every year—their supposed poor aesthetic taste in their choices for Christmas decorations at the People’s House. This year the substantive criticisms […]

Natural Disasters and the AR-15

As I was traveling from Jacksonville, Florida back home up the I-95, hundreds of electric power service vehicles from several companies were making their way south. Among those service vehicles were the ubiquitous Asplundh tree clearing trucks meshed in between the convoys. For people living on the East Coast, these were anxious days because as […]

Music in the 80s Sucked

In an excellent essay making the case that pop music was at its zenith in 1984, Julie Kelly writes that the era represented a patriotic swoon. She might also have mentioned that the same year, Lee Greenwood released “God Bless the U.S.A.,” the most patriotic song of the year though it was not, strictly speaking, […]

John Dean: Still a Crook

There is something retrogressively fetid in the odor wafting from House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerold Nadler’s (D-N.Y.) show trial on Monday. In it, he called the infamously dishonest criminal John Dean as star witness to assist, once again, in the obstruction of justice we now know is being perpetrated by the Democrat Party in their […]

Our Tech Slave Power

There can be no doubt any longer that Facebook, Google, Twitter, and their subsidiaries—YouTube, Instagram, Periscope, among others—are trying to suffocate political speech. These American companies have chosen political sides with the Democratic Party, donating what amounts to an in-kind political contribution by silencing those who disagree with them. Consider that techno censors have never […]

Linda Chavez and Her Opinion Hammer

[fusion_text columns=”” column_min_width=”” column_ rule_style=”default” rule_size=”” rule_color=”” ] [fusion_text columns=”” column_min_width=”” column_ rule_style=”default” rule_size=”” rule_color=”” ] Appearing last week on CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper,” part-time Republican/part-time Democrat Linda Chavez labeled as “white nationalists” those who support President Trump, or who are anti-anti Trump. In fact, anyone who believes in defending America’s borders is […]

A New American Agenda

Daniel McCarthy’s essay, “The New Conservative Agenda” which appears in the March issue of First Things, deserves serious attention.  McCarthy correctly finds that “conservatism” has waned and stagnated since Ronald Reagan left office. What is worse, it was our own conservative elites who allowed this to happen. To remedy this atrophy, he argues, we need […]

The Return of Classical (and Manly) Shaving

By now, millions have seen the Gillette “short film,” where men are depicted as unthinking rubes and bullies, presumably in need of the scolding reform only a great razor can offer. To show their agreement with the hegemonic monoculture, businesses like Gillette no longer sell product; they sell ideology—and not even that, but the acceptance […]

Leftist Grinches See Red over the White House Christmas Display

Last year I wrote that good taste had returned to the White House in the aesthetic arrangement of Christmas decorations. This year, with the theme “American Treasures” Melania Trump continues to exhibit good taste as, in addition to honoring well established Christian tradition, she also pays homage to “the unique heritage of America” in giving […]

About That Kavanaugh Poll

A poll recently conducted by NBC/WSJ from September 16-19 purportedly showing strong opposition to Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court has several flaws and is yet another example of the news media trying to soften public opinion toward Kavanaugh’s accuser. In essence, the poll is completely meaningless. First, the poll surveys “registered voters.” As […]

American Publius: Grant Reconsidered

Summing up the importance of Ulysses S. Grant is a daunting task, given his ascension to the American political scene followed the august statesmanship of Abraham Lincoln. Any president who followed so closely upon the heels of our martyred 16th president was destined to appear inferior. Ron Chernow’s new biography, Grant, seeks to defend the […]

Good Taste Returns to the White House this Christmas

Though the hate-filled press would like you to think otherwise, this Christmas we have witnessed a return to a classic sense of style at the White House. The much-discussed Trump Christmas decor has contributed to this proper and appropriate appreciation of style which—as opposed to fashion—is timeless. Adam Flusser, the master of sartorial propriety, taught […]

Jeff Flake’s Flaky ‘Conservatism’

U.S. Senator Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) has written a terrible screed against Donald Trump posing as a conservative, arguing that Trump must be toppled or the Republican Party will suffer dire electoral consequences next year and in the years to come. Flake blames the current state of affairs on the GOP’s tolerance for certain “marginal figures” […]

The Biggest Threat to the First Amendment is the Press Itself

The media has been deceptive and/or outright lying about Trump for a long time now. Mollie Hemingway detailed just a few of their whoppers in a recent piece. When the president exercised his constitutional authority to fire FBI Director James Comey, the New York Times published a story accusing Trump of pressuring Comey to end […]

Judge Orrick’s Nullification of the Rule of Law

Back in March 2016, the Obama Administration threatened to withhold federal education dollars from the state of North Carolina if the state did not repeal their now famous bathroom bill, otherwise known as HB2. Obama’s Department of Justice thought it was a civil rights issue if a state intervened to prevent men from entering public […]

Let My People Go: Removing the Shackles of Academic Jim Crow

On Wednesday March 29, Betsy DeVos, the Secretary of Education, gave a thoughtful speech before the Brookings Institution. The speech was a substantive development in a week otherwise dominated by the ongoing investigation into the Trump administration, which—as it happens—is turning into an investigation of Democrat spying. In her speech DeVos’s noted that, “parents know […]

A Time for Choosing

Last month I threw away nearly all my old National Review magazines. Watching the decline of a publication once home to a conservative intellectual elite has been sad to watch, and it has darkened many friendships. But the times called for clarity and for distinctions to be made. Although we may long for reconciliation, that […]