Jeff Flake’s Flaky ‘Conservatism’

U.S. Senator Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) has written a terrible screed against Donald Trump posing as a conservative, arguing that Trump must be toppled or the Republican Party will suffer dire electoral consequences next year and in the years to come.

Flake blames the current state of affairs on the GOP’s tolerance for certain “marginal figures” within it. He half-heartedly blames himself for not doing enough to isolate those radicals because their unchallenged presence has apparently given rise to Trump.

And who is Flake’s authority explaining the current woes of the Republican party? The sanctimonious Michael Gerson. Our compassionate bleeding-heart Republican can find none of those characteristics when he writes, “The conservative mind, in some very visible cases, has become diseased,” and “with the blessings of a president . . . have abandoned the normal constraints of reason and compassion.” That assessment seems rather brutish. But Flake and Gerson whine in sackcloth and ashes that the End is Near. If only Trump would stop tweeting, we might not have to build a political ark to carry us over the flood waters sure to come. However, Gerson and the political classes of both parties have little to offer us in the way meaningful policy change and they have not for decades.

Flake demonstrates his trivial concerns by focusing on failed politicians who did not have an answer to the leftward drift in the country likely because they were, like Flake, more in agreement with the premises of the Left than the principles of the American Founders. This is why Flake ultimately supported Hillary Clinton for president. So craven was his disdain for all things Trump he even appeared in a Clinton campaign ad, which called Trump “unfit” and “dangerous.” He praised Clinton’s pick of Tim Kaine for vice president, calling him a “good man” and a “good friend.”

The Democrats and Obamacare are not a problem for Flake. Nor is the criminal activity of Hillary Clinton (her solicitation of Ukraine for electoral assistance, for example), Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s burgeoning data scandal, spying on political opponents, or the connection of the so called Steele “dossier” to the Russian government and the Democratic Party.

No. Flake thinks Russia is the problem and that the “Russian menace” is as much of a threat as it was in 1964. Is he serious? If he is, then vapid is his middle name.

Flake ignores the threats of jihadist terror to our national interest; the nuclear ambitions of North Korea; the expansion of the Chinese into territorial waters and the threats to our ally Japan; the problem with domestic terrorism in the form of MS-13; the potential for more Islamic terrorism as lawless judges strike down the ability of this country to protect its border;, and the list could go on. Yet Flake thinks we are living under the threat of the old Soviet Union, equating the Russian Bear with the Russian Federation. This is cannot be what Publius believed would pass for thoughtful reflection in the Senate.

Flake has always been a Never Trumper, and is probably more worried that Trump is actively supporting challengers to the senator in his home state. However, even if Flake’s ire is personal, it still places him in the same camp as those Rush Limbaugh has said want a silent coup. His startling ignorance of the current state of affairs and his support for a party and a system that beg for the overthrow of the American electorate helps explain why he is trailing in at least one poll. How he expects to win another election while chastising the electorate for being so stupid to elect Trump defies reason.

Publius wrote that “no government, any more than an individual, will long be respected without being truly respectable.” Flake has demonstrated in only a few short years that he has diminished himself by his intemperate remarks and his disregard for our national character. He no longer deserves our respect.


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41 responses to “Jeff Flake’s Flaky ‘Conservatism’”

  1. Arizona should be embarrassed by it’s Senators.

    • They recently voted McCain in for another 6 years….or the max he can do until……..

  2. Well said. Flake is no different than the Maverick. Both masquerade as Republicans but long for membership in the Democrat party.

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    • Why are Flake and McCain getting elected in conservative Arizona.

      Both need a good primary opponent.

    • How does Arizona keep plaguing us with senators that cannot get over themselves. McCain will be gone soon as his health is questionable. Don’t go ballistic with moral judgements. I don’t wish McCain ill will. It’s just inevitable for an octogenarian with brain cancer. But Flake will require a primary opponent. It’s time for Arizona to clean up its act.

      • Watch for a ‘known name’ or two individuals to move to Arizona in preparation for a run for the Senate.

  3. Flake is self-righteous and cruel. He’s now trying to claim the mantle of a prophet when he’s actually nothing but another RINO, a real one. He, Jonah Goldberg and Kevin Williamson are all cut out of the same piece of rotten cloth.

    • UniParty incredibly ignorant delusional bat-sh&t crazy leftist racist pathological Liars.

      • You left out ‘slimy scummy mindless twits’. You’re welcome.

  4. Publius wrote that “no government, any more than an individual, will long be respected without being truly respectable.”

    Publius would’ve been horrified by Trump.

    • No. Publius would be quite proud of President Trump/.

  5. It is people like Jeff Flake who’ve destroyed conservatism. They have only themselves to blame for the rise of Trump.

  6. Flake is perhaps a little less liberal than Susan Collins, but certainly not a conservative. I see him in much the same light as I did Arlen Specter and Charlie Crist.

  7. Spot on. Arizona’s Senators have no interest in being Conservative or supporting its voters. They both need to be recalled. It is a shame we direct elect them so they can be DC darlings and disgraces to their state.

  8. Don’t worry, Flake will lose to a Democrat in the next election.

    • I still firmly believe Democrats will lose 12 seats in the Senate next year, however, at the rate the RINOs keep shooting themselves in the collective foot, I can’t rule out they may crash and burn instead. Here’s hoping there are some good primary challengers to remove them from the party. They are like an infection, poisoning the body politic.

      • 2018’s bringing the Rs 18 seats in the Senate & 72 seats in the House!

  9. Let’s all dump on Flake because he has the balls to call the big fat pos’ bluff

    If Trump is the hill on which you plant your flag, you’ll forever be living in disgrace

    • Trump is the best thing to happen to this country since Reagan.

      • Amen! And the worst thing to happen to our naïve gullible incredibly ignorant delusional bat-sh&t crazy leftist racist pathological Liars!
        Life is good.

    • Yeah, that’s the bile regurgitating by naïve gullible incredibly ignorant delusional bat-sh&t crazy leftist racist pathological Liars I keep hearing. You Losers are one sad gaggle.

  10. The lesson to be learned from people like Flake is that traitors are always useful to the opposition…until they’re not. Elections are tricky things because, at least in theory, they let The People vote. From at least some elitist perspectives, this has *always* been a bad idea, but since they are not yet emboldened to cease elections, the strategy of the elite has been to, essentially, nullify the electoral process. The primary way has been to make sure that *all* candidates support the *same* policies while appearing not to. Since the 1970s Americans were offered a choice between the ‘Democratic’ wing of the Globalist Party and the ‘Republican’ wing of the Globalist Party. As the man said, ‘Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.’ This strategy failed with Trump and now the strategy is to nullify the election by nullifying Trump. Same hammer. Different nail. The goal is always the same, to maintain control of the *instrument* of power: The State. The (real) Left has been far ahead of the curve on recognizing this simple truth for some time now.

  11. Perhaps this is a wake-up call: not everyone calling himself conservative is one. Close-up exams needed, voters.

  12. Sugar Frosted Flake has now set himself up to be burnt toast.

  13. So, Jeff Flake supports marital infidelity & thinks that what Bill Clinton did to his wife (& other women) Hillary, is OK? Jeff Flake thinks that it was OK for Hillary & obama to leave 4 Americans to die & then Lie about it? WOW, that is what Jeff Flake thinks being a Republican is? I guess it depends on what your definition of “is”, is…

  14. Two slimey snakes in the sand. (Not enough grass in Arizona to permit slivering)

  15. Good article. And you can put Ben Sasse, Lindsey Graham, and John McCain into the same category along with Flake. (“Flake” is the perfect name for this kind of politician.)