Articles by Eric Lendrum

Students in Virginia County Mandated to Learn About Slavery in Kindergarten

Students in one Virginia County are being ordered to learn about slavery and so-called “institutional racism” as early as kindergarten, according to the Washington Free Beacon. Loudoun County, Virginia, located just outside Washington D.C., is mandating that “social justice” be made a permanent part of the curriculum in all public schools in the county. To […]

National Association of Police Organizations Endorses President Trump’s Reelection

In a massive political turnaround, the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) announced its endorsement of President Donald Trump’s reelection bid in November, according to Breitbart. NAPO made the announcement on its Twitter account, which declared their support for President Trump due to his “steadfast and very public support for our men and women on […]

Nearly 90 Protesters Arrested for Protesting Outside of Kentucky Attorney General’s Home

Eighty-seven far-left demonstrators were arrested on Tuesday for gathering outside of the home of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, as reported by ABC News. The gathering was one of many radical demonstrations by a Black Lives Matter-affiliated group called “Until Freedom,” demanding “justice” for alleged police brutality and so-called “systemic racism.” The protesters staged a […]

Liberty University Sues New York Times Over False Coronavirus Outbreak Story

The conservative college Liberty University has filed a defamation lawsuit against the New York Times after the paper falsely reported a coronavirus outbreak at the university, according to the New York Post. The story, titled “Liberty University Brings Back Its Students, and Coronavirus Fears, Too,” was published on March 29th. The school said that the […]

Local News Investigation Finds Florida Hospitals Exaggerated COVID Numbers

After an investigation by local media outlet Fox 35 in Orlando, Florida, it has been revealed that the supposed positivity rates in Coronavirus testings have been grossly exaggerated in many hospitals. The investigation was conducted after several facilities reported unusually high numbers of positive results, including a 100 percent positivity rate at an Orlando Centra […]

LA Times Calls for the Replacement of the National Anthem

An op-ed piece published in the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday suggested replacing the National Anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner, with something else due to false claims that the anthem is racist, as reported by the Daily Caller. The article’s author, Jody Rosen, cited no evidence to back up his claim that the National Anthem is […]

Trump Administration Partially Halts Plans to Deport Foreign Students

The Trump Administration announced a temporary halt to its recently-announced policy intending to deport foreign students whose schools hold only online classes, while other aspects of the plan are still being enforced, as reported by Politico. Shortly after announcing the policy on July 6th, several lawsuits were filed by far-left institutions against the Trump Administration, […]

18 States Sue Trump Administration to Allow Foreign Students to Remain in America

Eighteen American states, plus Washington D.C., are suing the Trump Administration over its new executive rule dictating that foreign students must return to their countries if their universities are not holding in-person classes, as reported by Politico. The group of states, led by Attorney General Maura Healey (D-Mass.), are essentially arguing that schools have the […]

Oliver Stone Calls Out ‘Fragile’ and ‘Politically Correct’ Hollywood

Academy Award-winning director Oliver Stone recently decried the “fragile” nature of Hollywood in an interview with the New York Times, as reported by The Hill. In the interview, the 73-year-old Stone criticized the current culture of Hollywood as having become “too fragile” and “too sensitive,” adding that nowadays “you can’t make a film without a […]

Penn State Deletes Tweet in Support of Tolerance for Conservative Beliefs

Pennsylvania State University, more frequently known as Penn State, posted and then deleted a tweet encouraging tolerance of all political viewpoints, including conservatism, after backlash from intolerant leftist students, as reported by the Daily Caller. The tweet, posted by the Twitter account of Penn State’s College of Liberal Arts, originally read “Dear students, each of […]

Democrats Call for Boycott of Goya Foods After CEO Praises Trump

After the CEO of Goya Foods praised President Donald Trump for signing a school choice executive order into law, several prominent Democrats began demanding a boycott of the largely Hispanic-owned company, as reported by USA Today. The CEO, Robert Unanue, appeared at the event alongside President Trump, declaring that “We’re all truly blessed…to have a […]

100 Ford Employees Sign a Letter Demanding the Company Stop Making Police Vehicles

Approximately 100 employees of the Ford Motor Company signed a letter demanding that the company cease all production of police vehicles, accusing such vehicles of being a part of “systemic racism,” as reported by The Daily Caller. Although the group makes up an insignificant fraction of the company’s 85,000-strong workforce, Ford executives still took their […]