It Belongs in a Museum!

Past creations should be curated, preserved, admired, and reflected upon. They shouldn’t be assaulted and morphed into ideological props. 

Bleached New World

The object of our current crisis has not been to get people back to life, joy, and pleasure but to institute a “new normal,” which involves denial of humanity and an excuse for our own lack of joy.

America, Interrupted

By living in fear, we are psychologically, culturally, and even spiritually distancing ourselves from a uniquely American space.

Tragic Affairs of the Human Heart

In Fritz Lang’s “The Woman in the Window,” Edward G. Robinson shines as an academic, yearning for passion over his life of silent desperation. But, as his character reveals, there is always a cost for such untamed desire.

Roger Scruton, Seeker of Truth and Beauty

The philosopher, who died Sunday at 75, was often criticized by the leftist intellectual establishment for nothing more than making much-needed observations they termed value judgments, which involved a defense of Western Civilization and the order of things.

Gratitude in Dark Times

Gratitude is a state of mind, and it encompasses an entirety of one’s being and existence. Our choice to be grateful is also a choice to recognize the hope and the possibility of being, especially during a seemingly endless darkness.

Camille Paglia, Now More than Ever

More than anything, Camille Paglia’s style and élan vital invites readers to think further about culture and ideas and, in a society dominated by ideology, this is something we need now more than ever.