What Is Racism Today?

The racial abuse that threatens to destroy America transcends mere ethnicity by weaponizing it to attack our way of life, our faith, our culture and traditions, and our institutions.

The Undifferentiated Human Matter of Replacism

Absent intact and confident national Western cultures who know where they came from and who they are, the immigrant waves that retain the most confidence in their collective identity will overwhelm those cultures that do not. And that may not end well for anyone or anything, including the Davos-cracy, including modernity itself.

A Vision for California’s Visionless Republican Party

An effective message wouldn’t just spew carefully curated sound bites, pretending to dislike Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff. It would offer a specific policy agenda, and not only propose candidates but also offer citizen initiatives sponsored directly by the party to fulfill that agenda.

Density Ideology Will Destroy America

Pay attention to zoning decisions in your cities and counties. At all levels, densification and “inclusionary” zoning laws are rolling across the nation. Stopping this is a prerequisite to preserving American freedom.

The Obligations of Compassion

Compassion, properly tempered with common sense, and properly balanced with the other fundamental moral values, may seem harsh, but the results are what matter, not the rhetoric.

Black Conservatives in America

Ideology is color blind. Patriotism is color blind. Faith is color blind. As Benjamin Franklin once said, we must hang together, or surely we shall hang separately.

The Inclusion Delusion

The saddest part of the diversity bureaucracy is its delusional message that race and ethnicity and gender matter more than hard work and academic achievement.

Fossil Fuel Reality

People who demand the rapid elimination of fossil fuels need to either face the algebraic impossibility of doing that, or be honest and disclose their true motives.

Liberalism’s Winners and Losers in California

Four groups comprising a supermajority of Californians are exempt from the consequences of liberalism. But only one of these four groups has to be peeled away to change the political landscape in the Golden State.

The YouTube Channel That Never Happened

The Southern Poverty Law Center and Media Matters called it a “hate site.” YouTube agreed and wiped out hundreds of videos with more than 300,000 subscribers and millions of views. Now Red Ice TV co-founder and co-host Lana Lokteff answers the charges, makes the case for freedom of unpopular speech, and reveals what it’s like to be “canceled” by Big Tech.