Welcome to the Jungle Recall

With more than 1.8 million signatures in hand, a special election to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom is looking more likely. That presents opportunities for Republicans—and a nightmare.

In Defense of Multiracial Americanism

There are thousands of black Americans who aren’t merely part of the populist conservative, pro-Trump movement, but who are leaders in this movement. And tens of thousands more are stepping up.

The Choice Facing Libertarians

This is an existential battle. Siphoning off voters from the side that’s fighting the hardest to preserve individual liberty and economic freedom is not principled. It is nihilism.

How Libertarians Aid and Abet Oligarchy

Libertarians like spoiler Senate candidate Shane Hazel fail to appreciate that America can be just as thoroughly dominated by big corporations and powerful oligarchs as it can be by big government. 

Big Tech’s War on Free Speech

Americans who supported President Trump’s policies on trade, energy and the environment, immigration, foreign policy, deregulation, education, and free speech are in a fight for their lives.