Iran’s Space Threat is the Problem

One can expect Iran to launch many more satellites into orbit over the next year or so to complete the constellation it is developing. At that point, both North Korea and Iran would have the capability to threaten the technological American military with certain defeat.

Is Xi Jinping Losing China’s ‘Mandate of Heaven’?

The coronavirus outbreak and its impact on Chinese politics is probably the most important event for China since Mao’s “Great Leap Forward.” China’s long history suggests there is a pattern to these events that ends with the old regime being swept away and replaced by another.

Democrats Willing to Let America Lose the Space Race

Whichever country conquers space first will write the destiny of the rest of us on Earth for this century. Clearly, the House Democrats don’t care. They want us to lose to the Red Chinese because that would be a victory for them over “that man” in the White House.

China Is Kicking America’s Ass in Space

The successful launch of China’s Long March V heavy-lift rocket should be far more disconcerting to American leaders than it has been. Those American leaders who are not taking this development seriously are part of the reason why the United States has allowed its advantages in space to evaporate.

Brexit and Britain’s Pending Marriage to America

Brexit is a blessing for both the American and British governments. Yet, that blessing may not be fully realized without American help. The Trump Administration should act swiftly to help London in securing a better future both for itself and the Anglo-American community.

A Cyber Terrorism Campaign Is Coming

Rather than obfuscate the recent events in Pensacola, the U.S. government should declare that the country is at risk as never before to a jihadist cyberattack. And it must go on an emergency war footing to defend our vulnerable assets in cyberspace.

Make Alberta American?

From one perspective, it would be a no-brainer: Alberta’s entrance as the 51st state would consolidate U.S. power and prosperity on the North American continent, while better positioning the United States to compete for access and dominance in the Arctic.