Articles by Adam Ellwanger

Cancel Sports!

hen news broke last week that the Washington Redskins football team finally would be renamed, I couldn’t celebrate: I was too worried that this progressive victory might distract us from the fact that the entire enterprise of American sports is a hotbed of bigotry and intolerance. So it was with great relief that I greeted […]

Fear and Loathing on the Lawn

ne thing I love about my neighbors is that my association with them is premised on shared immediate interests rather than the abstract self-interests that permeate contemporary identity politics. I’ve never had a sign endorsing a political candidate on my lawn. I’ve never had a political bumper sticker on my car. In my mind, the […]

Get Your Woke Hands Off My Bookshelf

s summer begins, it grows increasingly difficult to account for all of the fronts on which the Left’s intifada against American history and culture is unfolding. Between the purging of the newsroom infidels, the iconoclasm displayed in the attacks upon historical monuments dedicated to even the most exemplary of Americans, the radicalization of public school […]

‘Because Trump’: Voting for Biden in the Age of #MeToo

he difference between the way Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media treat conservatives accused of sexual misconduct and leftists accused of the same is too obvious to justify further commentary. The realpolitik that explains these differences is too obvious to justify further commentary. The selective application of inanities like #BelieveAllWomen and #MeToo is […]

Putting the Public Back in Public Opinion

great number of commentators have drawn attention to the New York Times’ coverage of the sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden, the presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee. In particular, they have contrasted the media treatment of this corroborated allegation against the former vice president with their treatment of the entirely uncorroborated allegations against Supreme Court […]

American Penitence in Our Time of Plague

ent—the high penitential season of the Christian liturgical calendar—ends this week. These final days that precede Easter are meant to be a time of reflection on our individual and collective moral inadequacies. These inadequacies are what underscore our need for a savior. Penitence is a recognition that we can’t save ourselves: not through knowledge, or […]

America’s Cultural Left Chooses to Advance Chinese Interests Over America’s

eople who follow the news closely likely are aware of how mainstream outlets lambasted President Trump’s use of terms like the “China virus” or the “Chinese virus” to refer to the novel coronavirus. His detractors argue the term is racist, xenophobic rhetoric validating all their criticisms of his personality. As others have demonstrated, critics seem […]

The Cowardice of Our Half-Trained Relativistic Elites

ast week, “Hardball” host Chris Matthews resigned on air after a decades-long run on the program. He assured us that his departure would not mean the end of his political commentary—that he would continue to inform the public on the sensations in his lower extremities, finely-tuned political seismographs that they are. Of course, sensations in […]

COVID-19, Science, and the Rediscovery of the Divine

It is increasingly the case in our young millennium that ideas initially dismissed as nutty conspiracy theories have proven true with the passage of time. Dark theories about the origins of the novel coronavirus that caused the illness called COVID-19 in China and around the globe moved one step closer to vindication this week. While […]

Why Christians Under Siege See a Cyrus in Trump

A recent Vox column by JournoList founder Ezra Klein produced a flood on top of the already-steady stream of articles from the corporate leftist media chiding Trump-supporting Christians for being poor exemplars of the faith. Christians should be wary of such articles in the lead-up to the 2020 elections, as they are clearly designed to […]

The #Resistance Resembles the Flight 175 Hijackers

Like many Americans do around the 9/11 anniversaries, I have contemplated the mindset of the men flying the planes. It is a natural response: how could a human being deliberately undertake such an inhumane act? The terrorists who flew Flight 11 into the North Tower were at least partially ignorant of what would result from […]

Make Honduras Great . . . Again?

As we near the completion of President Trump’s third year in office, the partisan divisions on the problem of illegal immigration grow ever deeper. For the first two years, Democrats and the mainstream media insisted that there was no crisis at America’s southern border: it was a “manufactured” situation, fake news designed to manipulate the […]

Heads I Win, Tails You Lose: Impeachment and Elite Entitlement

These words from the Mueller Report—allegedly uttered by President Trump upon learning of the appointment of a special counsel—are catnip to Trump’s enemies: “Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my presidency. I’m fucked.” Why, they ask, would an innocent man respond with such fatalist resignation? And thus, the quote becomes […]