Putting the Public Back in Public Opinion

The New York Times’ petty swipe at conservatives (disguised as a swipe at Trump) in an article about Biden’s alleged indiscretions is proof that the corporate media has less and less ability to dictate public opinion. And they hate it.

The Cowardice of Our Half-Trained Relativistic Elites

American elites have embraced a subjective view of reality. But their educations were incomplete: a true commitment to relativism requires one to abandon the prerogative to make universal claims to truth. But they can’t do that since it’s their ticket to power.

The #Resistance Resembles the Flight 175 Hijackers

The #Resistance are like the men who hijacked Flight 175—they are true believers. They are convinced that Trump represents such a threat that no law, no precedent, no amount of collateral damage, no future consequences could justify refusing to use the most brutal force to address their grievances.

Make Rhetoric Great Again

At the university where I teach rhetoric, an organization called the Center for Public Deliberation promotes events where students, faculty and other citizens can discuss […]