Project Veritas: Pfizer Director Acknowledges Internal Concerns About Post-Injection Menstrual Irregularities

In the latest Project Veritas video, Pfizer Director Dr. Jordan Trishton Walker acknowledged that the company has concerns regarding the potential negative impacts its mRNA products are having on women’s reproductive systems.

Veritas released  another video Thursday night featuring Walker, Director of Worldwide Research and Development Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning at Pfizer, spilling company secrets during a dinner date with a male undercover Project Veritas journalist.

Last week, Project Veritas released its first bombshell video of Walker discussing research that involves mutating the COVID virus to help the company develop profitable new vaccines. A second Veritas video featured Walker’s unhinged reaction when Veritas founder James O’Keefe confronted him about his remarks.

Walker told the Veritas reporter that Pfizer still has a “dedicated mRNA COVID team,” but was moving beyond the coronavirus, and exploring other ways to use its mRNA technology.

“There’s a whole list of things we’re developing it for,” Walker said. “We’re applying it, for like, oncology. I’m less certain about its oncology prospects, but we are doing it, for like, gene editing,” he added. “Nobody gives a shit about COVID.”

When asked if he thought Pfizer would be held accountable for any of “the vaccine injuries that have happened,” Walker responded between bites, “I don’t think so,” explaining, ” because usually when you give drugs to people, and there is a known side effect, it’s like encoded on the FDA label.”

Walker admitted that there could be a problem for Pfizer “if there are, like, a lot of people” having heart attacks. Multiple studies have shown that the risk of myocarditis—which can cause permanent damage to heart muscle—increases with the number of boosters a person has taken and can in some cases result in death.

Vaccines administered under an Emergency Use Authorization are protected from legal liability, but not if they were fraudulently produced. Pfizer is facing multiple lawsuits, as well as a grand jury investigation in Florida to look into potential criminal activity related to its mRNA shots.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said in a recent interview that he knew of no safety signals with the company’s mRNA products. “We constantly review and analyze the data. We’ve not seen a single [safety] signal although we have distributed billions of doses,” said Bourla last month.

Walker echoed Bourla’s comments, saying: “There haven’t been any problems so far, but we’ll see.”  He then joked that if anything comes up in the next couple of years, he’ll want “to take Pfizer off my resume.”

Walker did acknowledge however that there have been significant safety signals regarding female menstrual cycles. “There is something irregular about the menstrual cycles. So, people will have to investigate that down the line,” he told the Veritas reporter.

Dr. James Thorp, an physician MD board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology, as well as maternal-fetal medicine, testified last year that he has seen a massive spike in fetal death and adverse pregnancy outcomes since the mass vaccination campaign began.

“What I have seen in my medical practice has been a substantial increase in infertility, miscarriage, fetal death and fetal malformation. What we have seen is catastrophic,’  Thorp said during Senator Ron Johnson’s Roundtable discussion on the COVID-19 Vaccine injuries on Dec. 7, 2022.

“The [COVID] vaccine shouldn’t be interfering with that [menstrual cycles]. So, we don’t really know,” Walker continued, adding that “I hope we don’t find out that somehow this mRNA lingers in the body and like — because it has to be affecting something hormonal to impact menstrual cycles,” he said.

Researchers have known for at least a year that the “mRNA lingers” in the human body for an extended period of time post-injection.

Back in March of 2022, the Cell publication of Röltgen et al published a paper demonstrating that the pseudouridine-containing mRNA product persists in lymph nodes for at least 60 days after injection.

A recent study in the journal Circulation found that a “free spike antigen” was “detected in blood of adolescents & young adults who developed post-mRNA vaccine myocarditis, advancing insight into potential underlying cause” of vaccine induced myocarditis.

“I hope we don’t discover something really bad down the line…If something were to happen downstream and it was, like, really bad? I mean, the scale of that scandal would be enormous,” Walker said.

In response to Walker’s comments, Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA technology, wrote on his Substack, “the mRNA vaccines must be pulled from the market, for the sake of humanity.”

“Once again, as myself and my colleagues did on May 11, 2022, I call for withdrawal of the COVID-19 mRNA gene-therapy based ‘vaccines’ from all global and domestic markets,” Malone said. “They are neither safe nor effective. But what this latest investigative reporting video documents is that a Pfizer senior executive with line responsibility for ‘mRNA Scientific Planning’ is aware that these products have significant reproductive risks.”

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