A Poem of Persecution and Faith by a January 6 Trespasser

Boyd Camper, formerly of Montana, was sentenced on Friday to 60 days in jail after pleading guilty to one count of “parading” in the Capitol building, a misdemeanor. Camper was arrested in March and charged with the four most common misdemeanors applied to hundreds of January 6 protesters.

Camper attended President Trump’s speech at the Ellipse then walked to Capitol Hill. At approximately 2:45 p.m., Camper entered the building through a set of open doors on the upper west terrace at the Senate wing; surveillance video shows several Capitol police stationed near those doors as at least 300 people entered without resistance from law enforcement.

Prior to sentencing, Camper’s attorney argued for probation based on the fact Camper retains sole custody of his school-aged son. Since January 6, his attorney wrote, Camper has become “a pariah in his home state of Montana. Friends of years have renounced friendship with him; business associates, companies and merchants have severed ties. As a result, he has moved to another state to get a fresh start.”

Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, a Clinton appointee, sided with the recommendation by Joe Biden’s Justice Department to imprison Camper for two months. Kotelly also denied Camper’s request to serve his time on the weekend so his son would not be without parental supervision for 60 days. 

“It’s unfortunate but when you get involved in criminal conduct, your family suffers the consequences sometimes for your actions,” the judge said.

In an email to American Greatness on Saturday morning, Camper shared a poem he wrote over the summer:

I heard the call, took the invitation, it was the last stand for our nation. You gave your speech, “stop the steal,” the machines stated that which was not real. You told us, “the corrupt, dishonest, lying cheats, they would have their day and finally be beat.”

I believed it all, showed up, supported you, yet in the end, you did not come through. 800,000 Americans came together that day, we showed our strength, regardless of what they might say. We the people united, all for one, It’s the true strength we have, only way won.

You invited us to March to the Capitol, said you’d be there, I bought the line, still felt then you cared. “Go cheer on our Senators, to do the right thing,” O how I wished I’d known of the coming sting.

My son and I marched, as you directed, feeling certain, by the president, we were protected. United we the people, walked through Washington, D.C., the power, energy, unity for the world to see. We marched to the Capitol steps, our voice loud and clear, we the people demand transparency that’s why we’re here.

Our peaceful protest was infiltrated by those against us, stop this unity movement, escorted in by bus. Those in the front, they were not loyal supporters, they were the armored, masked, aligned with the dishonest REPORTERS.

I confronted them, “back the blue,” they’re not our fight, yet all you’ve been shown is how the blue took flight. They held the door wide open, I walked right through, why oh why did they stand and watch, they were all dressed in blue.

The momentum, the movement found me inside, caught up in the moment, this I cannot deny, it was my patriotism, loyalty, frustration I could not hide, I was amazed how I was allowed to walk right inside. Not one confrontation, barrier, treated like a friend, in but a few minutes, yet far from the end.

I sought the way out, as I realized my job was done, representation for all, not just for some. I had lost my senses and wondered about, the blue directed me how to get out.

Once outside, a reporter asked for my interview, misled, I spoke the truth. Oh how I wish I only knew. My words twisted, truth became lie, truth no longer, that day—it died.

One by one, they came for us, Patriots, Veterans, white man, we can’t trust. “Insurrection, violent, rioters,” is what they say, yet none of them saw what we saw that day. 800,000 Americans red, white, and blue, Walking, Praying, for truth to see us through. What the Hell happened, how did we get here, when a true, proud, Patriot, American we fear?

Yet when nine criminals, real rioters, caught in the act, are given a free ride, protected, it becomes their fact. Follow the law, the court, “Why?” you ask, they hide behind the government mask.  

My bank, Facebook, Lyft, and employer, canceled cultured—they’re the real destroyer. My sponsor, friends, and society believe what they see—truth no longer matters—they saw it on T.V. “Guilty, not innocent, prosecute them today, forget the Constitution, it’s the old way.”

Social media, the matrix, has the power to control us, most of our daily hours. Such were my days before Capitol Hill, Facebook erased it all, this is the real steal.

Stolen innocence, unity, truth, our thoughts, that’s who we are now, paid for and bought. Senators sold out our country for the almighty dollar, it’s not too late, must do more than holler. First Amendment gave me the right to be there, where is the outcry, does anyone really care?

Charged, I stand before Washington, D.C. , they put the full force of DOJ after me. No deal, no plea bargain for you, only for rioters, murders, against the blue, no longer Democrat or Republican too, it’s their job to put me against you.

No, I’m an American, I stand for freedom, a right given to all God’s kingdom. Culture canceled me, yet again, this time Stockman Bank [a Montana-based bank] doesn’t want to be my friend. I protested, why? What did I do? Given not a clear answer, stated, “we’re through with you!”

See, I’m not censored or politically correct, I say the truth, bluntly, and direct. I will not lay down and let them win. Someone must fight, all the way to the end. The end of this life will be my last stand, life, liberty, and happiness that is our land. We have traitors in our midst, disguised as saviors, deception’s great twist.

Look not with thine eyes, see with the heart, it’s God’s love that they cannot depart. Dig deep, look only within, for it’s God who wins in the end. Christ came to teach us of God’s power, it’s the only truth, found each hour. Look not to the left or the right, it’s hidden inside, far from sight.

The world will distract you so you won’t hear the powerful mighty God, who is oh so so near. His love is real, and carries me through, these times unknown, yet he always knew. Knew I was His child, this I sometimes forget, yet His love catches me, my true safety net.

When I surrender all that they do to me, I walk in peace, God’s presence, serenity. So help me Lord, this day I ask, for without you, I can do no task. Thank you for carrying me this far, let me not forget I’m your shooting star. So let my light shine, bright and clear, that in the end Your glory they will hear. For this battle is not against me, it’s the darkness, hate, evil is the real enemy. Let me forget this not, Your Son was purchased, paid for and bought.

What does this all have to do with D.C.? Everything, it’s what matters and empowers me. We are but that which we create, masters of our destiny, love or hate. Choose wisely, we make the choices, guided inside by so many voices. It’s those we listen to the most that win, they’re the guiding forces in the end. So let the heart guide, not the eyes, for they are deceived, believe all the lies.

I rest now, knowing you care, for God’s love will forever be there. I know just a little what Christ felt, when only on his knees he knelt. Life’s burdens are too heavy for even Him to stand. Not death, entrance to the promised land. So I take the government’s hits, one by one, knowing in the end, like Christ, I already won.

Help me Lord to keep my eyes on You, forgive me the moments I doubt you’ll come through. These moments are obvious to see and hear, my words and actions, full of fear. Yet in Your presence is serenity. Forgive me my trespasses, dwell daily within me.

Boyd Camper, July 2021

Camper expects to report to jail in January 2022.


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