Fighting Democrats’ Dirty Politics

The midterms are in the rearview mirror and the chattering classes are back to debating fake collusion with Russia and a looming indictment of the president. Before the midterms, Republican voters were told this election was consequential. After the midterms, we’re told it is just one more split-government election, move along.

I’m not moving along so easily, and neither is my circle of patriotic MAGA friends.

Losing the House of Representatives was a crippling blow on immigration, the cornerstone of the Democrats’ drive to permanent domination. Any hopes of Democrats accepting Trump’s 2016 victory as normal politics is dead, and now they have Congress from which to harry and hobble the president.

Democrats have dehumanized Trump and all his supporters as white supremacists, in order to justify violence against our republican foundations. Since inauguration day they have undermined respect for the presidential election, the Supreme Court, the electoral college, freedom of speech and religion and the right to bear arms. Democrats claim these hallowed institutions are bringing on fascism.

Danger lights should be going off in every decent person’s mind. We are not in a terrain of politics as usual, but in a new and terrifying world of the hard Left.

Democrats justify their crossing every line of normal political behavior in America by manufacturing a Russian crisis out of thin air. The only “crisis” is that Republicans won an election, fair and square.

The Three Rules of Democrat Dirty Politics 101

Democrats have three major strategies of dirty politics that we can and must counter.

Rule No. 1: Outnumber Republican voters with immigrants.

America’s existing minority population doesn’t give the Democrats a guaranteed victory , so they need to bring in millions of new minority voters—legally and illegally. Mass migration flipped key districts in the midterms, turning many previously red districts purple or blue.

President Obama repeatedly boasted that “improved” demographics (which have already made whites a minority among children under 5) would soon hand Democrats permanent electoral victory. That’s why he and Clinton badmouth working class and middle America as racist. Those voters are expendable.

Some 300,000 “anchor babies” are born every year, more than the total of U.S. citizens’ births in 48 states. Hillary Clinton’s margin in the popular vote is a decade of anchor babies now grown to voting age. All Democrats have to do is run out the clock on Trump’s immigration agenda, and his path to victory in 2020 is in jeopardy.

In Tucker Carlson’s haunting words, “They’ve replaced you.”

Nothing is destiny until it happens. Trump is working hard to close the borders, and he will make full use of the courts and regulations. We should take the fight against anchor babies to the Supreme Court, now that the court is not stacked with liberal operatives.

Equally important, we must concede nothing to Democrats’ identity politics. Their weak spot is that many of their own voters hate the immigration onslaught. There is no reason why minorities should be on their side. Aggressively take this this issue to black voters and Latino citizens, as well as millennials working in the sciences and tech industries—the people directly injured by our excessive migration. We can appeal to Asian-Americans discriminated against in college and hiring.

Nor should we concede that new immigrants must become Democrats. Go all out to assimilate our wonderful legal immigrants. Teach them the good and sweet values and rewards of American identity. Patriotism is easily taught, if we try. Above all, we must end the anti-American education in our schools—or we lose.

Rule No. 2: Cry Racism and Rape

Democrats have discovered political gold: turn every single issue into accusations of racism. Now they’ve added sexual harassment, homophobia, and transphobia.

Emotional manipulation is powerful. Blacks and young women vote Democrat because they think Republicans don’t like them. They vote Democrat because they think Republicans are Bad People. And they vote Democrat, because they are afraid of being vilified and punished, if they disagree on anything.

Naïve conservatives keep insisting that calling us names is no way to win us to their side. They miss the point. The accusations are entirely for Democrat consumption. They don’t want you.

The pleasures of social cohesion keep regular Democrats thinking alike. Everyone else they know believes the same things. Blacks “know” Republicans are racist. Women “know” Republicans are sexist. No one questions. No one listens to the arguments of people who are against you. Democrats have inoculated large groups of people from listening to or being persuaded by counterarguments.

To make sure Democrats never question the thought police, if a Democrat disagrees on even a minor point, perhaps school choice, or the propriety of letting transgender athletes compete against those born female, or “white privilege,” he is dragged to the stake as an example to others. A few well-publicized cases of people losing their jobs, their companies, being mobbed mercilessly on social media, and everyone gets the message. Dissent is dangerous.

No wonder regular Democrats, not particularly interested in politics anyway, embrace the correct talking points, don’t look into issues for themselves, and remain safely in the herd.

Conformity also has its rewards. Labeling Republicans as Bad People makes Democrats feel great about themselves. Millennials in Silicon Valley are hooked on the psychic rewards of virtue-signaling and punishing dissenters.

What to do? Every Republican needs to follow Trump’s model. Go on the attack—label the racist accusations as fake. Demand zero tolerance for hate and any form of discrimination. Talk about the importance of our constitutional rights for justice and fairness. Talk loudly and often about our belief in love and toleration for fellow citizens. Highlight Democrats’ embrace of anti-Semitism.

Turn the tables on them and go after the minority vote, big time. Tell blacks and Hispanics we respect and care about them and want their votes—because we do! Follow-up by earning their votes on the issues they care about—jobs, school choice, and incarceration reform.

Even without Congress, much can be done on the state level. Education is a local battleground—why do we let progressive activists dominate? Stop requiring armies of diversity officers in corporations and on campus. They are thought police for the other side. Fight for color-blind, gender-blind, politically blind, true tolerance. Nothing is more important than disarming the Democrat’s identity hate machine.

Rule No. 3: Blacklisting Conservatives

Blacklisting Republicans to exclude them from America’s most influential jobs is the Democrat’s single greatest key to power. Democrats practice blacklisting in social media companies, journalism, sports, entertainment, and education. This gives them free rein to influence low information voters on a daily basis. It is blacklisting that enables them to win the culture wars, and swing elections.

Excluding Republicans from positions of cultural influence is not normal. Blacklisting is McCarthyism ascendant.

Employment of Republicans is almost non-existent in Silicon Valley. Fact: 100 percent of Facebook and 100 percent of Apple employee contributions to partisan 527 organizations went to Democrats. Since Trump’s election, they have only redoubled their efforts to politicize and weaponize their companies in the service of politics.

The social media giants will crush us if we allow their abuses to continue. Facebook, Google, and Twitter employees are suppressing conservative news and opinion, with the explicit aim of not allowing Trump’s victory in 2016 to be repeated.

Ominously, activists are pressuring corporations to cut their advertising to conservative websites. They want to bankrupt and silence them. Your favorite news sources won’t just be shadowbanned, they will be gone.

We see the same blacklisting in government. The federal civil service is 90 percent Democrat. Justice Department employees gave 99 percent of their political contributions to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Are we surprised they obeyed orders to cover up Hillary Clinton’s knowing exposure of national security secrets and quid pro quo felonies as secretary of state? Are we surprised the FBI and the Justice Department are still perpetuating the Russian collusion hoax?

Republican politicians are doing exactly nothing to protect us. We must break up the social media companies. We must make it illegal for such platforms to censor content and manipulate searches. They are out to destroy us. We must destroy their political manipulation of social media.

Tweaking a few political appointees is no answer to the deep state. Stop pretending a bureaucracy packed overwhelmingly with Democrats is politically neutral—we need to make it so by requiring employees come from both parties. One party rule in the federal bureaucracy is dangerous.

Blacklisting should be illegal. Get serious.

Before the midterms, I hoped that decent, common sense liberals would walk away from the Democratic Party in significant numbers, as did this black, gay, Millennial woman. The only place it happened was with black women in Florida, standing up for school choice for their children, and pushing Ron DeSantis to victory.

Commentators on the Right are talking about a cold civil war. My friends are talking about the 1930s. The Democrats have become a party of hate. Their immigration policy to replace Americans with more compliant voters is aimed at one-party rule. Fighting white privilege is shorthand for “hating whites.” Dissent is crushed by mobbing and blacklisting.

We came out of the midterms with no ability to pass federal laws. We have to look for every opening to fight back, not just policy skirmishes, and not just in government. We must disable their main cultural weapons.

I remain an optimist, half out of faith in America, half out of bloody mindedness. The American experiment is a glorious thing, far bigger than the small, envious haters on the Left. Keith Ellison, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Elizabeth Warren are not our future. They cannot wipe out the work of Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln.

The Left is composed of moral midgets, and we stand on the shoulders of giants. Those giants fought their battles, we have to fight ours. Politicians are not doing the job for us. We’ve all got to step up and get into the game, or we’ll lose our country.

Photo Credit: Civil War Memorial Capitol Hill Washington D.C.

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Karin McQuillan served in the Peace Corps in West Africa, was a clinical social worker and psychotherapist, and is now a writer and regular contributor to American Thinker and American Greatness.

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