Millennials Are Breaking Free from the Thought Police

Millennials have already changed our country. This generation was raised in groups starting in daycare. They are linked constantly via social media. They never experienced the classic freedom of American childhood, playing outside on their own for hours on end, and seem to lack an instinctual feel for freedom. They don’t know how to stand up to bullies. They’ve been shaped by their leftist teachers. They are far more vulnerable than other adults to the uncritical conformity dubbed “hive mind.”

Ominously for our country, young women, gays, and nonwhites have been separated out, and emotionally manipulated to fear and reject their white, heterosexual fellow citizens. Their bigotry against Christians and whites is sanitized and misrepresented as respect for diversity. Obama often boasted that our demographic destiny, as nonwhites approach a majority (already 44 percent among Millennials, the majority of our five-year-olds), would create a permanent one-party progressive rule. Obama’s legacy was to be protected by a vanguard of the young.

Obama’s activist army is still calling the shots for the Democrats, still loudly dominating the public sphere, but they have failed to completely cow Millennials. A narrow majority of white Millennials quietly voted for Romney. It was the minority kids, including other anointed victim groups such as feminists, our growing Muslim population, and LGBTQ voters, who gave us Barack Obama’s second term. These are precisely the kids herded into groups who are rewarded and exploited by identity politics. This situation means that the Democratic Party is far gone from the days of the New Deal Coalition. There’s no going back, no course correction. They march and scream under the false banner of financial inequality and social justice.

How ironic and yet fitting, that it was left to a gay hairdresser from New York to give Millennials an outlet to voice their rebellion and publicly unite. Brandon Straka launched a political movement calling on Democrat voters to “walk away” from what has become the Democratic party of hate. He posted a riveting personal video that quickly got 2 million hits. The #Walkaway movement now has over 170,000Facebook members, from all lifestyles, regions, and generations. After left-wing media tried to dismiss them as Russian bots, thousands began posting videos with their personal story on a public Facebook page and YouTube.

Baby boomers rebelled against those over 30. Meet the Millennials who are rebelling against their own generation.

A young black man who goes by “Mike Nificent” on YouTube and who voted for Obama twice had once bought the racial divisiveness of identity politics. But no more. He says he used to trust CNN telling him that Republicans don’t like black people, that “it’s open season on black men . . . to make me believe I was a victim.”

By 2016 that all changed. He was out of college and moved from progressive Minnesota to Republican Florida. He got a job and encountered white people and Trump supporters. The moment of rebellion is a beautiful thing.

Step one: He didn’t like the political bullying. “(In Minnesota) I encountered social justice warriors. Free speech was shunned . . . they really didn’t want you speaking freely. Those things had me pulling away from the Democrat party.”

Step two: He got out of the fake news information bubble. “I looked into stuff for myself, I decided I’m gonna think for myself, to be clear minded.”

He shook off the emotional hysteria the Left relies upon and began to think more rationally. Trump Derangement Syndrome struck him as ludicrous.

“After Donald Trump won, everyone was losing their minds,” he says in the video. “It was like Chicken Little . . . America is over, we’re going to war with North Korea, you’re going back to Africa, they’re going to ship everyone out of the country. I realized, there’s more emotion than logic on the Left. There’s not a lot of critical thinking. There’s not a lot of just common sense.”

Step three: realizing white people and Trump supporters were not the evil racists he was told to fear. He was working and not encountering racism among the deplorables. “That propaganda, that hyperbolic rhetoric . . . saying every pro-Trump rally is a white supremacist rally… The more I am around white people and people who vote for Donald Trump, I realize the media has bamboozled me . . . .”

Step four: away from college and the liberal enclave, his basic American values of patriotism, personal responsibility and pragmatism come to the fore. He liked and shared Trump’s American patriotism. Along with 20 percent (Rasmussen says 38 percent) of his fellow black men, he liked what Trump was accomplishing.

“I saw a lot of success in his presidency and they wouldn’t give him credit.… …I am all about personal responsibility, individual liberty…I believe in the Constitution, I love America. I’m proud, I’m patriotic, I love the President, I love what he’s doing. I’ll hold him accountable if he does something I don’t like, but I’ll also give him credit. …Walking away from the left was one of the greatest decisions I’ve made in my life.”

A gay Millennial man named Justin living in the Bay Area echoes many of these same themes about halfway into his video. He rejects the thought police, stands up to political bullying, has started looking into things himself, and realizes Trump supporters do not hate gays.

Justin says his turning point politically began with Hillary Clinton’s use of an unsecured private email server as secretary of state. She accepted a huge amount of money from Middle Eastern countries that murder gay men. He made one critical Facebook post and his life changed forever.

Step one: He experienced the mob onslaught, but he dug his heels in instead of caving. “I posted one article. Within about an hour of posting this article, I had lost over 500 friends . . . people I had known my whole life, people I trusted and cared about, people who loved me my whole life would suddenly completely turn their backs on me cause I refused to think exactly the way they do.”

Step two: He tested the lies about Republicans hating gays and other minorities. “People said the Republican party will never accept you as a gay man . . . they hate you . . . so I found the largest pro-Trump groups on Facebook. I joined them . . . It was nothing but love and support. I told my Mom, the most negative one was, ‘I may not agree with your lifestyle, but I support you and you are welcome. Here. You are welcome in this party. You are welcome in this country. And you have the right to be you. . . . When I started looking at all these lies. Republicans hating black people, hating gays, hating women, hating Mexicans . . . It wasn’t true.”

Step three: He checked out fake news and felt lied to. “All these things they told me, ‘How can you vote for him because of this, this, this.’ And I would look them up, and they weren’t true . . . How could people be getting so much information wrong?”

Step four: He threw his support to Trump. “The whole fiscal, economic side of things, I’ve always been fiscally conservative, I’ve always believed in smaller government . . . I voted for Donald Trump . . . I still feel every day like I have to hide my thoughts and opinions . . . I am literally fearful that someone might physically hurt me . . . I had to leave the Bay Area . . . I feel like this campaign has saved me.“

An appealingly sincere Millennial woman has reached 300,000 viewers with her video. She followed a similar path—being turned off by feminists, then the “relentless attack on Trump supporters,” looking into things for herself and realizing she been brainwashed in college and graduate school. She now takes great pleasure in President Trump and patriotism.

Step one: The media vilification of Trump voters led her to look into things for herself. “I was watching CNN and MSNBC during the election. . . . What caught my eye was the relentless attack on Trump supporters . . . racists . . . bigots, stupid . . . being so abusive, so I decided one day to go on my phone and try to get to know Trump supporters ’cause I couldn’t believe these millions of people, what the media was telling me, were the worst people in the world.”

Step two: She tested the lies about conservatives and discovered the deplorables are nice, smart, kind—and made rational arguments. “So I went online and I was so angry when I looked at thousands and thousands of hours of Trump supporters . . . they were such nice people. They were smart, they were kind, they were loving, they were extremely well-informed. And they were actually making arguments, they weren’t just name-calling.”

Rejecting the emotional name-calling put campus liberalism in a totally new light. “Clearly college is failing us . . . a lot of college educated people think that name calling is some kind of argument . . . cause you’re screaming racist every five minutes?”

She discovered fake news. “I was so angry I was lied to by the media. So then I went down the rabbit hole and discovered how much the media has lied to me my whole life. … I have my doctorate. You can be intelligent but not wise. So I had a very humble experience realizing I was not wise.”

Step three: She embraced American values of freedom. “I hope this platform can bring freedom to people to talk to who they want, to vote for who they want, without people unfriending them, their family cutting them off…this is not how things should be.”

Step four: She said goodbye to the Democratic Party and its identity politics. She gives Trump a fair look and likes what she sees. “I didn’t vote for Trump . . . . I am very very pleased with how well he is doing . . . Democrats? I don’t think I can forgive them for the Russia conspiracy . . . I don’t think they care about me. I don’t think they care about what I have to say. They are losing a lot of voters and they could [sic] care less about us.”

Every poll indicates that the Millennial generation, brought up in daycare, wants a lifelong Nanny state. According to Pew, voters under 30 were the one age group that thinks government“should do more to solve problems.” The majority of Millennials tell pollsters they prefer socialism.

A first-generation Chinese-American Millennial has a message for them. He knows about the dangers of left-wing fascism from his grandparents and parents, who fled Communist China. He never bought racial grievance dredged up from the past or the shaming of America.

I’m proud to be American. . . . What the left is doing, is trying to push this hateful rhetoric about people who don’t agree with them, simply having a different political view, labeled a racist, a fascist, a bigot…physically attack people. That’s where it gets to the point where I can’t be silent about that anymore. The United States has a bill of rights, a Constitution for a reason. To grant liberty to people who want to escape tyranny. My parents came to this country to escape tyranny . . . I’m supporting the side of conservatives and our President because of the extreme bias and hate the left is trying to push. They don’t stand for equality, for freedom, for tolerance. The reason my family is Republican is to flee from Communism, to flee from dictatorship, to flee from control.

Many of the #walkaways by black and Hispanic Millennials talk about their lives not getting better by putting Democrats in power. They want results, and they like what Trump is delivering.

An Hispanic first-generation vet from New Jersey tells us, “After a life-long experience of being liberal, I realize it hasn’t helped… I do not like anything that has happened from the Democrat party…Even though speaking out for conservative values is controversial, it is the right thing to do. We have the more intelligent ideas. It’s not always emotionally appealing on the surface…I’m a Hispanic. I support Trump. I support all his policies. I love the way the country is turning around.”

The internet allows us to hear directly from people we would never meet. Listen to a black inner-cityMillennialwho didn’t need Kanye West to give him the courage to defy Democrats. He spent six years in prison from age 14, and hates the Clintons with a bitter hatred because of minimum sentencing for first-time offenders.

As he puts it, “(Clinton) is a f’ing serial rapist.” He never mentions Obama but damns all Democrats as the party of destruction. “Impeachment, impeachment, impeachment—what are the Democrats doing to help dig us out of this shit?” He goes on:

I want to tell my truth. Someone who is an ex-felon, immersed in hip hop culture, has moved from left to right. Democrats are liars. All you seen since you were a kid and you were black were promises on things they were gonna change, things would become better. All you seen, things have become worse . . . Who’s responsible, who’s running this system? It’s the Democrats. Destroyed the black family. Destroyed the black home . . . . They come every four years and they take take take and they don’t give you shit back. I’m tired of it, tired of the excuses… and you should be tired of it too. … If you’re from this inner city, and you want to see change, stop listening to these dumb motherf’ers on the news…they’re trying to destroy this country, because without closed borders there’s no country, there’s no America, there’s no constitution. Think about it.

#Walkaway Millennials are speaking out, even though it means being attacked and rejected by friends and family. Their numbers are not even half of their age cohort, but they are reaching a threshold that could mean significant trouble for Democrats, who need block voting. Less than two years of comparing Obama to Trump and young white men have switched by a dramatic 20 percentage points, from a 12 percent lead for Democrats to an 11 percent lead for Republicans. Include women, and white Millennials (only 55 percent of their generation) are now evenly split between the two parties.

The switch to Trump among young black men is equally dramatic. Rasmussen reports black support for Trump overall is a whopping 36percent. An NAACP poll set it at 21 percent. If they vote, they will be game changers for their community.

Adults in America no longer need to worry that an entire generation has been lost to American values. Yes, we have a big battle on our hands, but we have wonderful allies among the Millennials.

A young woman who grew up blocks from the Berkeley campus walked away after witnessing the vicious mobbing of a Trump supporter at a Bernie Sanders rally. Now she’s a Trump supporter herself. An old high school friend of hers rejects free speech for conservatives and thinks all men should be castrated. This Berkeley Millennial tells us: “I’m tired of people who preach nothing but love and practice nothing but hate. I’m tired of white people being called racist because they don’t believe in the welfare state . . . . honestly, if someone disagrees with you, what’s the big deal? Nobody agrees on everything…I grew up thinking Republicans were stupid or racist and sexist. I’m so glad I grew out of the bubble…I no longer view half of the country as deplorable. I’m mainly tired of the hypocrisy. I’m a completely different person. It’s just time.”

It is time. Our 83 million Millennials are growing up. Many are rebelling against the social bullying. Millions have rejected the progressive brainwashing by their parents and teachers. They have a healthy instinctual recoil from political correctness. Importantly, many have found the courage to fight back. Now old enough to graduate and get jobs, they can see that Obama’s economic policies were a disaster and that Trump is doing a great job. They don’t all fall for the idea that important things should come to them for free, without effort. As they mature, reality testing is kicking in and they are enjoying thinking for themselves.

Best of all, they are not letting the Left divide them by their demographic blocs. They love America, our Constitution, our individual rights and responsibilities, and our people. We can welcome them back home.

Correction: The story originally misidentified the founder of the #Walkaway movement as Brian Straka. 

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