Hillary’s Hypocrisy Is In Crisis

Hillary Clinton employs just 30 words before ladling a characteristic untruth across the page of The Atlantic this week. It shouldn’t surprise anyone inured to her austere relationship with the truth.

The essay, an excerpted afterword of the soon-to-be published paperback edition of What Happened, is sparse in the details of what actually happened in 2016, and why Hillary Clinton can only call herself Madam President in some parallel and cosmically unfortunate universe.

A lady who even lies about the genesis of her own first name, dives straight into attacking President Trump, claiming, charitably, that she gave him a chance to lead unhindered. That, the computer tells us, is a lie.

Plucking her concession speech for focus-grouped slithers of integrity, Hillary claims she was true to the words: “We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead.” Perhaps forgetting that the Clinton campaign set to sabotage the 63 million votes of Americans they regard as irredeemable oafs, before those votes were even stamped on ballot papers via the apparent telekinesis of Vladimir Putin.

She expects us to believe she was gracious in defeat. But disfiguring the truth has always been a pathological challenge for Hillary Rodham Clinton. A game. And it’s one she thinks she is rather good at.

The emotional manipulation begins with a degree of shameless untruth common to the state-controlled airwaves of banana republics. No time is wasted in conjuring up lurid imagery of President Trump, The Heartless.

“Exhibit A is the unspeakable cruelty that this administration has inflicted on undocumented families arriving at the border, including separating children, some as young as eight months, from their parents,” she offers.

The language employed is typically Clintonian—emotive, evasive, manipulative, and larcenous. After all, that paragraph of wanton untruth could easily have applied to the Obama or Bush administrations. That context, of course, doesn’t enter into it.

Orwellian falsities thread the essay brazenly. Man, these people are stupid! cackles the pant-suited purveyor of piffle.

Desperate to lavish the president with a Katrina of his own, Hillary shamelessly litters the bodies of 3,000 Puerto Ricans on the White House lawn as if the president himself summoned Hurricane Maria to ravage the island.

“Now Trump flatly denies those deaths were caused by the storm,” she lies with abandon, disgusted with the president’s refusal to accept the most tenuous of charges.

But none of this is new, is it? A quick glance of the mainstream media pollutes the eyes with uniformly anti-Trump hysterics. The president could cure cancer; his critics would solemnly insist he was putting doctors on the breadline.

That’s why Hillary’s essay, which she probably didn’t write herself, won’t change a thing. As the midterms approach, and loose talk of a self-soothing blue wave rumbles, the reemergence of Hillary Clinton bumping her gums could be the perfect livener to get Republicans to the voting booths.

After all, she is about as popular as leprosy. Many Republicans held their nose in 2016—“Trump isn’t Hillary,” the mantra; her own corruption, the motivator.

After staining the page with therapeutic soothers, Hillary lays out five reasons why President Trump is unacceptable to her and her criminal friends on Wall Street and in the thickets of the Washington swamp.

President Trump is charged with an assault on the rule of law. Undermining the legitimacy of elections; a war on truth and reason; breathtaking corruption; and damaging national unity that makes democracy possible.

The fourth reason may induce a bout of laughter akin to that of an inhabitant of a padded room. The passage is worth reading at length:

Fourth, there’s Trump’s breathtaking corruption. Considering that this administration promised to “drain the swamp,” it’s amazing how blithely the president and his Cabinet have piled up conflicts of interest, abuses of power, and blatant violations of ethics rules. Trump is the first president in 40 years to refuse to release his tax returns. He has refused to put his assets in a blind trust or divest himself of his properties and businesses, as previous presidents did. This has created unprecedented conflicts of interest . . . They are putting money directly into his pocket. He’s profiting off the business of the presidency.

This from a woman who left the White House “dead broke” and is now one half of the richest ex-presidential couples. The Clintons have bilked over $155 million since leaving the White House. That’s before we parse the pay-for-play racket of the Clinton Foundation, which has assets nearing $300 million.

The hypocrisy purifies, before a call to action to mobilize “massive turnout” at the midterms. As ever, when Democrats lose, the previously acceptable is no longer acceptable.

There’s a puerile call to end the Electoral College—the same one which authored Hillary’s “Blue Wall” boasts in the old world of 2016.

“You won’t be surprised to hear that I passionately believe it’s time to abolish the Electoral College,” she writes, endorsing a United States of California and New York—which, in a rare spasm of honesty, is her actual worldview.

But it is apparently President Trump who has no interest in working for the entire nation.

“Trump doesn’t even try to pretend he is a president for all Americans,” she claims. “I don’t know whether Trump ignores the suffering of Puerto Ricans because he doesn’t know that they’re American citizens, because he assumes people with brown skin and Latino last names probably aren’t Trump fans, or because he just doesn’t have the capacity for empathy.”

Hillary forgets that almost a third of Latinos voted for Trump. Hillary ignores the recent doubling in Trump’s approval among black Americans, after getting just eight percent of their votes. Hillary forgets to mention that both enjoy historically-low unemployment figures thanks to Trump’s rampant economy.

And all this from a “chaotic” White House helmed by a “tyrant” who is both maniacally conniving, and a hapless incompetent—depending on which media squawking point dominates the week in its ceaseless obsession of Schroedinger’s Trump.

But there certainly isn’t two sides to Hillary Clinton. Americans know that much. And they will vote accordingly.

Photo Credit: Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

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