A Great Week for the President and a NeverTrump Crack-up

This week has been a vindication for much-maligned Trump supporters. Not only did the president have the best week of his administration, an internecine feud erupted within the “NeverTrump” tribe.

First, the great week. The president fulfilled a key campaign promise with his signing this morning of the tax reform bill that also eliminated Obamacare’s individual mandate and opened up the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge to drilling. He reprioritized our national security interests with his National Security Statement issued Monday And finally, who can’t be proud of the the announcement that the United States would finally be “taking names” of our foes at the United Nations? There is palpable satisfaction among Trump voters and even reluctant supporters.

Though ultimately less important, on one level, the “NeverTrump” infighting may be even more delicious than the solid week of accomplishments. Before the primary elections, an influential and vocal group of conservatives loosely banded together to oppose Trump’s candidacy; this included the editors of National Review and The Weekly Standard, conservative columnists for the Washington Post and New York Times, authors such as Tom Nichols, and the presidential ticket of independents Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn. But since Trump won (and subsequently amassed a record any legitimate conservative would have hailed had it come from a different Republican) a growing rift has developed between the various factions in NeverTrumpland. On one side are influencers who gradually, if begrudgingly, acknowledge Trump is governing in a way far more palatable to their “principled conservatism” than they expected. While they still bemoan his temperament and approach, they commend his achievements.

On the other side are opportunists who have become traitors to the “conservative” cause they once championed as they shrewdly trade their integrity for air time on MSNBC or CNN to rant about the president. (I have written about them here and here.) They have publicly speculated—or hoped, to put it more accurately—that Trump would not survive the first year of his presidency, and encouraged his staff and Congressional Republicans to abandon the Trump Titanic before the Mueller iceberg took it down. Their message has become inchoate and unhinged, and decidedly not conservative.

The widening rift between the two camps turned into a chasm this week. On Monday, National Review Online published a column by its editor, Charles C. W. Cooke, denouncing the hyperbole and hypocrisy of Jennifer Rubin, the Washington Post’s allegedly conservative blogger. Cooke, not exactly a fan of President Trump, compared Rubin to Trump’s most “unprincipled acolytes” who demand blind loyalty to the MAGA cause: “Rubin has become precisely what she dislikes in others: a monomaniac and a bore, whose visceral dislike of her opponents has prompted her to drop the keys to her conscience into a well.”

Cooke identifies several issues on which Rubin has flip-flopped since Trump was elected, including the Paris Climate Accord, Obama’s Iran deal, the U.S. embassy move to Jerusalem, and gun control. To illustrate her reversals, Cooke cited Rubin’s own words and columns. (Cooke also linked to my recent article about Rubin.) Cooke calls her byline “tragically misleading,” noting “she is not in fact writing from a ‘conservative perspective,’ but as just one more voice among a host of Trump-obsessed zealots who add nothing to our discourse. In so doing, she does conservatism a sincere disservice.”

It was a fair but unvarnished profile of a once-credible conservative who has lost any shred of integrity since November 2016. But it didn’t take long for others in her camp to rise to Rubin’s defense.

The next day, David Frum, a former speechwriter for George W. Bush and diehard NeverTrumper, posted a retort to Cooke in The Atlantic. It was the verbal version of a junk drawer, an odd mix of throwaway lines and anecdotes that did nothing to refute Cooke’s central argument about Rubin’s doublespeak.

Frum calls Cooke’s column a “savagely personal attack” on Rubin—it wasn’t—and misrepresents Cooke’s view of Trump, falsely accusing Cooke of “speaking fiercely of Donald Trump before the election, [but] has since mostly avoided the uncongenial subject.” (I invite Frum to listen to any one of NRO’s “The Editors” weekly podcasts to hear Cooke’s often harsh opinion about Donald Trump.)

Frum then weirdly writes: “Conservatism is what conservatives think, say, and do. As conservatives change—as much through the harsh fact of death and birth as by the fluctuations of opinion—so does what it means to be a conservative.” It is fine to acknowledge that conservatism may take a different shape based on the prevailing political climate (though Frum and his crew seemed to have had quite a hard time doing that in 2016), but it does not mean you abandon key principles—less intrusive federal government, a non-punitive tax code, strong national defense, a compassionate but not graft-ridden social safety net—just because your candidate lost and you are embarrassed.

To try and make sense of the reaction to Rubin from those who wish to remain on the honest right, even if they aren’t full-throated Trump supporters, Frum then calls Rubin a member of the “embattled center-right” who is joined by other brave, anti-Trump mouthpieces such as Max Boot, Mona Charen, Bill Kristol, John Podhoretz, Evan McMullin, Mindy Finn, Tom Nichols, and Joe Scarborough. (Yes, he refers to Scarborough as center-right.)

Indeed, that very crew also jumped to Rubin’s defense and heaped praise on Frum for his chivalric missive on her behalf:

But then Tom Nichols, author of The Death of Expertise and one of the nastier NeverTrumpers who not only criticizes the president, but also demeans his voters, administration, and supporters in Congress, got a little over his skis with this Tweet storm:

This prompted a reply by National Review author Jim Geraghty: “What, is all U.S. policy supposed to stand still for four years? That’s an impossibility, so stop wasting time imagining a world where Trump never does anything as president. Policy will change in the Trump years, so you might as well push for the policies to be changed in your preferred direction.” The two continued to tussle a bit on Twitter.

There were other back-and-forth articles, including a follow-up by Cooke and a piece by Jonah Goldberg, and plenty of play on social media.

Let’s just say, for those of us who have been demeaned by some NeverTrumpers, and who have called out their harsh rhetoric and destructive agenda, it was gratifying to watch this play out. Not only is it time for anti-Trump conservatives to acknowledge this president’s bold and conservative-friendly presidency so far, it is time to call bullshit on those who refuse to do so. Admitting you were wrong—or at least mistaken in your assessment of both the electorate and a president—is never easy. But holding on to a dishonest narrative that a president—who is now doing things that alleged “conservatives” once proclaimed to be among their objectives—is somehow working to undermine those goals, is not being conservative. In fact, it’s just lying.

I suspect all of this is related to the fact that people who fancy themselves smarter than the rest of us—I am looking at you, Tom Nichols—were flat wrong about Trump. They continue to say “we knew who Trump was all along.” Did you really? Did you expect he would govern the way he has? Did you anticipate the massive regulatory rollback, the conservative judicial picks, the snubbing of the global aristocracy, the strong Cabinet choices, the push for energy independence? Did you expect he would expose the appalling lack of integrity in the nation’s media, or usher in frightening revelations about a wholly corrupt Obama Administration, which many NeverTrumpers blatantly ignore?

Here, I’ll answer for you: No, you did not. So perhaps we “Bubbas” who you think fell for “boob bait” (as people such as Rubin and Kristol so eruditely like to put it) knew something you didn’t. Maybe, despite your credentials and advanced degrees and Beltway influence, you were blind to something that the folks out here in flyover country detected about Trump. You were wrong, and you refuse to admit it.

A good week for the president, his voters, and the country. A bad week for the NeverTrump sore losers who keep digging a hole that will be tough—if not impossible—to climb out of.  Happy to toss them a rope, though, when the apologies come.

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417 responses to “A Great Week for the President and a NeverTrump Crack-up”

  1. On the money….on steroids. The Never Trumpers are, at the very least, living up to their name. At the end of the day they don’t like the man and that hate will never let them change their dopinions no matter what Trump does to further Conservative mentality. To them I say a. Not the intelligencia you purport to be b. Never change….we’ve got you figured out.

  2. I’m not so charitable. Go ahead and toss them a rope, we’ll be there to cut it and doom them to the subterranean life they’ve earned.

  3. Not sure the Never Trumpers realize he literally saved the country, at least temporarily. Imagine a world with HRC or another puffcake Republican President in charge. And it took somebody with skin as tough as nails to take the slings and arrows of the untruthful, nasty and conniving Dems, with their sycophant mainstream media (really an extension of the party), and the NTers and a portion of the Rep party. Who else could do this? DJT is exactly the only person who could break these chains and put America back on course. Conservatives should be thanking God for him. Insightful article.

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    • Totally agree. From another perspective – Imagine a world with zero percent interest rates and massive money printing (under the euphemism QE) MASKING a no growth economy. Workers dropping out of the workforce MASKING an unemployment headline number that blatantly misrepresented the real employment reality. If Hillary had been elected and the Dems had continued these outrageous policies we were on the road to socialist France or Italy. Thank god for the voters in America seeing through the medias lies and propaganda and for getting it right in electing Donald Trump who is Making America Great Again!!!!!!!!

      • With the passage of the Tax Reform and Jobs Act tax legislation, Republicans (and I mean TRUE Republicans) just won both the 2018 and 2020 elections. #MAGA .

    • Who would have ever thought, ever, that it would be Donald J. Trump, billionaire, who would save America from progressive oblivion. God certainly has a sense of humor!

      • LOL. Progressives sense the danger, hence the visceral hate.

      • That danger being exposing the progressives Marxists Alynskites for their unfettered resolve to destroy our foundational principles.

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      • If you listen to Trump 20 years ago you would know he was the only one who could fix this country

      • Not really. Four years ago I thought he was just a blowhard. And I started out the campaign thinking that. But then he was the only one who supported and articulated what I wanted done and defended people like me from the attacks of my “bettors”. So it didn’t take long for me to change my mind- at first tentatively then solidly.

      • Yes but if you go back and really listen to him he had a plan 2 decades ago to turn the country around and was talking about the same things he is addressing now.I always thought he would win if he ran.Merry Christmas

      • Not many, myself included, took him seriously, but I’m sure you’re right. It took the utter irrationality of the NeverTrumpers to finally open my mind to what he was actually saying. It so happens I spoke to a state representative from Florida at church this morning, and he said he was very late to the table, but he’s all in now. He was sure Trump was really a liberal, but after almost a year in office with a track record to point to, it is clear he is most surely not!

    • November 8, 2016 is a date which shall live in infamy. The curtain has been pulled to expose the evil wizardry of the liberal left, MSM, Hollywood and the democratic party. God bless Donald Trump for exacing this sea change event possible.

      • Infamy for the left, maybe, a day of celebration for us.

    • Seriously? The weakest president since Harding and you think this guy has “literally saved the country”? He has had one legislative accomplishment in a full year, and that being the easiest of all Republican accomplishments — lowering taxes. And this took a full year, and he got with the narrowest of votes despite having both houses of Congress.

      Where’s that wall? Where’s China being declared a currency manipulator? Are we out of NAFTA? Why is illegal immigration actually up? Has Obamacare been repealed? (Why, no, no it has not — not in actuality, not “effectively” since the mandate only covers 6% of Americans, and half of those get subsidies.) Has the carried interest loophole been closed in the tax law? Has the AMT been eliminated? How’s that infrastructure bill? Has that Iran deal been “renegotiated”? Has North Korea stopped lobbing missiles or testing nukes?

      Here’s a pro-tip for you: When you see an article that says “Trump had a great week!” or “Trump opponents had a horrible week!”, you can tell something really really bad happened to the Republicans and they’re picking out lipstick shades for their pig.

      • 26k in posts, where do you progressive losers find all the time?

      • Well, when the people you’re responding to don’t have much of an argument, there really isn’t much of a time commitment.

      • Excellent. You are following my instructions. For HAPPINESS KEEP BLABBERING ONLINE. I GUARANTEE IT.
         Unfortunately for you Trump is President and you are NOT. And he lives in the WH and Mar-a-Lago and NYC Trump Tower and you do NOT. And he flies on Air Force One and you fly “steerage”. But I see that you need some HAPPINESS in your life, so please carry on with your posts. We are all given ……life, liberty and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. I guarantee that you will get some happiness with your posts. Please carry on.

      • He also plays golf 25% of the time. No, really. I bet you didn’t know that. But according to WH records, he played golf more than 83 times since taking office last January. He’s been in office 337 days. That means he has played golf 1 out of every 4 days over the past year.

        You must be so proud! Especially after he criticized Obama for playing golf too much. Obviously, he meant Obama wasn’t playing golf nearly enough, right? Trump is kinda dyslexic like that.

      • Excellent!!!!! I am very gratified that you are following my instructions. Blabbering online is giving you a whole heap of HAPPINESS. You should be bathing in HAPPINESS BY

      • Epstein’s MotherF……r is like a clown paid by DNC to entertain us, while President Trump is marking win after win after win. Watching this amoeba contort and twist in pain is the bonus of the AMAZING Trumpian times we live in.

      • The obvious difference between President Trump’s and Barry’s golfing is, Trump is good at it. When not golfing, Trump is focused on doing good for America. Barry got high on the golf course and then went home to watch ESPN until dinner.

      • Yes, he is indeed good at turning over world leadership to the Chinese. I hope your Mandarin is up to snuff.

        You have learned Mandarin, haven’t you?

      • Mandarin? I just got through learning Russian because Rachel Maddow, Dana Bash, and nine other TV news jews and jewesses said Trump was Putin’s pawn. Now you want me to learn Mandarin? What next, Yiddish?

      • Just because Trump sells himself out to a second-rate power doesn’t change the fact that they are second-rate. You should know this yourself well by now.

      • Enjoy your Alternate Reality Hellary Presidency, you little amusing worm.

      • Oh, dear me, whatever am I going to do with such insulting language! It indeed cuts me to the quick!

        Pumpkin, your squirming in the current reality is amusement enough for me. You had your hissy fit. You got your reality TV show character as president. And now you’re stuck with the rest of the country laughing at you, pointing out that he hasn’t accomplished anything, and you watching as a Democratic wave prepares itself for not just 2018 (which shouldn’t even be mathematically possible in the Senate) but for 2020 as well (which is a mathematical given).

        Yes, the modern world is passing you by. Hope you enjoy your last 3 years.

      • Why do all you people assume he’s a progressive? Is that it? You’re either pro Trump or a progressive? There’s no other way to look at the world? How are his observations wrong? The Republicans have been getting elected for years on repealing Obamacare, but didn’t even have a plan after how many years? And couldn’t get it done despite having both branches of Congress and the presidency.
        Also, his Avatar strongly leads me to suspect that he is a frequenter of a certain libertarian leaning site.

      • Awwwwww poor loser, not to worry, he made some rookie mistakes in the beginning, you can count on the fact that he has learned from them, you Lefty sycophants will really start screaming shortly, can’t wait for that;-) Merry Christmas MAGA

      • Yeah, so you think politics is like football, where you get to make “rookie mistakes”? What, you think Trump gets a “do-over”?

        Sorry, Pumpkin. You had your shot. You had it for a year. And all you got was one piece of legislation passed, and a lost senate seat in the reddest state in the country.

        I mean, that’s pretty impressive, when you think about it. You know, since we’re talking about “sycophants”, this is something you’ll definitely want to point to.

        Don’t forget, this is a guy who underlines as a major “accomplishment” that he filed a response to an injunction against his Muslim ban. Whoo hooo! That’s MAGA for you!

        Incidentally, when you voted for him, were you planning on him spending literally 25% of his first year in office playing golf? Literally. And I’m using “literally” in the proper sense here. You can look up the White House logs. More than 80 days of the past year playing golf. At $3 million per day in Secret Service expenses. Was that what you meant by MAGA?

        You must be so tired of winning.

      • You see I guaranteed that you will find HAPPINESS by blabbering online. Good for you.
         Unfortunately for you Trump is President and you are NOT. And he lives in the WH and Mar-a-Lago and NYC Trump Tower and you do NOT. And he flies on Air Force One and you fly “steerage”. But I see that you need some HAPPINESS in your life, so please carry on with your posts. We are all given ……life, liberty and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. I guarantee that you will get some happiness with your posts. Please carry on.

      • So far he’s out done oblammers, since oblammers remained a rookie the entire time as POTUS.. oblammers didn’t learn a damn thing in 8 years except how to enrich himself at our expense, you must be terribly proud of that!! Almost forgot, he did learn how to weaponize all the alphabet agencies though, but that’s only because LiBitcherals need so much help with their disgusting agenda!! So solly, won’t be tired of winning for another 7 years;-)

      • Well, he did get several major pieces of legislation through Congress. You know, that legislation that Trump promised to repeal in his first year but couldn’t, despite having control of both houses of Congress? Obamacare. Dodd Frank. Etc. Etc. Etc.

      • So, any single day a man plays a round of golf means that day is done: 3.5 hours of golf cancels out any other events of the day? Is that what you mean by using “literally” in the proper sense. Not a huge Trump fan here, but you’re a little off the rails.

      • Well, since Trump thought it did when Obama was golfing, it must be true, right?

        Also, you do know it costs $3 million each time he golfs? He could do it much cheaper at Andrews AFB, but he refuses to golf there. He insists that he golf at his own places — and he insists the Secret Service pay to attend.

      • Barry’s golfing ended his day because he was too high afterward to do anything but drink and watch ESPN.

      • But he did have the advantage of at least being literate.

      • Corpsremen instead of corpsman, speaking Austrian, 57 States. No TelePrompTer and he was incoherent

      • But he does have the advantage of being literate. Trump can’t even read. (That’s what “illiterate” means.)

      • Oh, you’re sputtering again! Did I touch a nerve? Again?

      • ‘Literate’ also means being able to write. Barry’s single self-written book reads like a ninth-grader’s book report…. and speaking of writing, Mooch Obama’s Senior College Thesis reads like an application for a job she didn’t want.

      • And yet Trump didn’t write his “own” book and didn’t have a thesis. He also only got into Penn his junior year and only after his brother gave the admissions counselor lots of cash.

        We know Trump is illiterate. His own people say so. They say he’ll only read something if it has his name in a paragraph.

        At least he knows how to spell his own name, I suppose.

      • OK have it your way. Trump’s illiterate. But somehow he managed to defeat seven seasoned political opponents in his first primary and destroy “the smartest woman in America” armed with $1.5 Billion in cash plus the total complicity of the Jurassic press.

        Barry was a disaster. Hillary would have been a catastrope.
        On the strength of personal energy and intellect, Trump has given America a boost not seen since Reagan.

      • Yes, Trump managed to luck out. Unlike most of the right wing crazies who insisted on nutbags rather than actual sane conservatives, Trump managed to get through a set of weak primary candidates and then ran against the worst Democrat the DNC could manage. Even there, of course, he lost the popular vote massively — but just happened to squeak out 78,000 extra votes over 3 states with record low Democratic turnout.

        Since only 80% of Trump voters say they would vote for him again, his odds of reelection seem rather low.

      • Wanna bet? $$ Las Vegas has escrow houses that will hold the cash.

      • “Uh… uh-uh, yeoh-uh… tuh, fer, yeoh aaaaaand….”

      • Yes, I do have the effect of making your type sputter.

      • I never sputter, stutter, or dwell in the gutter, Pussyhat.

      • Sweetie, you’re sputtering so much I would think you were trying to motorboat me long distance.

        Just 2 things — you’re not my type. And you’re doing it wrong.

      • It’s clear you are one of those small minded people who allow others to define how to behave. Now sit down and be quiet. Like Jorge you were not called upon. Just watch! By the way many a deal is done on a golf course do you know who he is playing with, I thought not.

        Come over to the winning side it’s so much fun to watch the liberal machines and rules being destroyed. Little by little every day progress is being made. EPA many resigning, State Dept, thinned out. Military being rebuilt. Regulations being cut ANWAR. And 7 million acres open to natural resource exploitation, these are good for America. Energy independence and export of coal. EXCELLENTO Record low unemployment. Consumer and business confidence higher than any year of Obummers.

      • Ken, let the Clintonista rat soak and marinate in the brown substance which defines him.

        We need Epstein’s MotherF. in order to remind us of the depths of lying and depravation people possessed by demons can descend to.

      • No, Sweetie, not many a deal is done on a golf course when you are president. Unless you’re suggesting Trump has been golfing 1 out of every 4 days with leaders from other countries. I think we would have noticed that.

        Also, you seem to be forgetting that Trump criticized Obama for golfing too much. So, is this just another case of you desperately looking around for a way to justify and distract from the trainwreck you voted for, or did you just not remember that?

        By “winning side,” you mean the side that lost a senate seat in the reddest state in the Union to a Democrat? You mean the side that had 5 special elections in solidly Republican districts that all turned into nailbiters? You mean the side that made a solidly Republican district in Virginia go, “Hmmm, you know that transgender Democrat? He/She is looking pretty good these days!”

        After a full year, no wall, no renegotiation of NAFTA, North Korea thumbing its nose at the US daily, China laughing as it takes over world leadership, and Germany now the “Leader of the Free World,” illegal immigration increasing for the first time in 10 years, there’s only one question for you: Are you tired of winning yet?

      • So tell me, did the last president who was as unpopular as Trump is in this point of his presidency get reelected?

        Yes, I know! Trick question, right? No other president has been this unpopular!

        So given that Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million and won the electoral college by 78,000 votes spread across 3 states, and given that only 80% of Trump voters say they would still vote for Trump … oh, wait, you’re not good at math, are you?

        Never mind.

      • WOW you still believe polls, that’s great news because you are in for another big shock come November ’18. If you believe the media you are in fantasy land momser!

        Like the Beatles said ” what ever gets you thru the night”

      • Yep, those polls in Alabama and Virginia sure showed me!

        Have you gotten over Alabama yet? Impressive! I mean, mathematically speaking, there should be no way in God’s little green acre that the Democrats should be able to take the Senate in 2018 — just not mathematically possible! Certainly wouldn’t have happened if Clinton were president, that’s for sure.

        And now it’s actually on the table!

        I do believe I will be shocked by November ’18. But not in a way you’ll find particularly pleasant.

      • Alabama is your comeback? Pretty lame! Keep believing, poor delusional soul!

      • You think it’s going to get better for you in 2018?

        Tell me, when was the last time that a president with Trump’s approval numbers picked up seats in the midterms?

        Oh, I know! Trick question! There’s never been a president whose popularity was this low this early before!

      • Yup, the democrats can beat a a pedofile and win a a blue state (with the help of felons) Congrats.

      • How’s Sen. Akins doing? And Sen. Mourdock? Huh, too bad those didn’t go GOP — that would have given you a cushion, wouldn’t it?

        Of course, whenever you lose, it’s always the felons! Or the illegals! Never the fact that you were given a choice in the primary and you went with the pedo.

      • McCaskill is dead meat against Josh Hawley. The Missouri GOP won’t be making the same mistake and let her pick the Republican candidate. That is, if she lives that long since she has breast cancer.

        I think Joe Donnelly will squeak by in Indiana.

      • Ron Estes. Greg Gianforte. Karen Handel. Ralph Norman. John Curis.

        Felons? Yeah, actually even lefty snopes says MOSTLY TRUE 200K felon voting rights restored in VA.

        On 22 April 2016, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe signed an order restoring voting rights to approximately 200,000 residents with felony convictions.

        Margin of victory – 231 K votes. In a blue state. Full of career bureaucrats and people whose livelihoods depend on everything President Trump stands against. So yeah without those felons which you capriciously dismiss, in a blue state you got a 31 K plurality. And that doesn’t go into the question of illegal immigrants voting which yes is a legit concern in all 50 states.

        In Alabama it was GOP voters who broke against Roy Moore. They will not do that again. I know those Alabama folks. They were real torn, I bet, but in the end just couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Moore. That’s how well your party is regarded there – they agonized between democrats and a so called “pedophile.” News for you, your party doesn’t fare much better anywhere else in the heartland.

        Thats how much common folk HATE your party of thieving fascist hypocrites who have for decades worked to divide Americans. Your party exists as a ” moral manipulation that exaggerates inequity and unfairness in American life in order to justify overreaching public policies and programs,”

        AS far as voting in the “primary” i wasnt there but I certainly don’t recall these stories dropping before the early Alabama primary election. No, AFAIK these allegations were dropped, quite conveniently for you lefties, in a true October surprise.

        So there you have it. Yes felons. Yes beating a “pedophile.”

      • Oh, so because the governor restored voting rights for some people, you, without any evidence at all, conclude those “felons” (actually, “ex-felons”) all voted Democrat and all voted.

        “Evidence” and “logical thinking” are new concepts for you, aren’t they? Did you skip that stuff when studying for your GED?

        Sorry, Pumpkin, but I got a feeling the “surprise” for you is going to be in November not October.

      • How many of them voted? How many were in each district?

        And since we’re talking the party of criminals, Mueller already has 2 guilty pleas, 2 more arrests — and counting.

        But at least none were pedophiles. Or ripped off students, stiffed contractors, and overcharged children’s hospitals.

      • So u went from saying its ridiculous to say felons voted to saying felons are not democrats to saying oh well you can’t say how many actually in fact voted. You keep losing ground there “pumpkin”. And Muller? Really thats the best you got? There your party has lost ground. From “collusion” to “obstruction” to some ridiculous implementation of the Logan act. Fail fail fail. All while President Trump racks up the wins

      • Because they’re not “felons”. They’re ex-felons. Most states allow you to vote after you’ve served your time. It’s only you who somehow got the concept confused and then seem to think that it made a sudden big difference when you’ve got no evidence.

      • Oh so now it’s “former felons” wow can you get any more pedantic? Criminals vote for democrats. Illegals vote for Democrats. Democrat governors and statesmen on the whole favor expanded voting rights for felons oh excuse me “former felons” and illegals. If you think they are doing that out of the goodness of their hearts and nor for the benefit of their campaign tallies.. Well hey i got some oceanfront property in Kansas for sale.

      • So you’re saying Flynn and Manafort will now be voting Democrat? And if Roy Moore had ever gotten busted for the pedo stuff, you’re saying he’d be a Democrat today as well?

        Wow, amazing how that works.

      • I don’t know. I couldn’t tell u if being a democrat makes you a criminal or being a criminal turns you into a democrat. Whatever I’m glad I’m not one.

      • Is “rhetorically dancing” your phrase for “pulling things out of your asss”?

        You’ve made lots of claims, but not one has actually been supported by any evidence. Lots of excuses for why your views are increasingly unpopular — that it’s all because of “felons voting” is a good one. Given how many felons the Republicans put up to run, you’d think that would be appealing to these “felon voters”. I mean, if you can’t get felons to support a pedophile, who will support you?

        Oh, right … evangelicals.

      • Incidentally, which “wins” are you talking about? The wall? Obamacare repealed? Dodd Frank repealed? Did North Korea stop launching missiles? Out of NAFTA? You’re not imagining we actually less the Paris Accord, are you? You know we can’t legally “leave” until November 2020, and US corporations have to adhere to it at any rate, right?

      • I agree the wall needs to go up. Apart from that I could give you a list. The man is a rock star.

        My fav though has to be the tax bill. My family and millions like it will see a good two hundred a month in extra income, my 401k benefits enormously from the corporate tax cut, not to mention my boss is already looking to hire someone new easing my workload as a direct result of the cuts…but the part that I love is that it hikes taxes on all you blue blooded jerkoffs in blue states and all your pet, sjw infested ivy league colleges.

        And even better. After all you dems dusted off your “tax cuts for the wealthy” playbook and literally called the bill “apocalyptic” swearing up and down no benefits for the middle class whatsoever (in 2025 lawl) you trapped yourselves.
        Once reduced withholding kicks in, the middle class, people like me will see for themselves how full of **** the dems were. “They said the tax cuts were for the rich but we got a tax cut, so were they lying or do they think we are rich?” Add another nail in the propaganda msm machine.

        And then when campaign season rolls around, oh boy do I look forward to those ads saying “yeah you know the extra 2000 of your own money you got to keep this year, you know those skyrocketing business returns and stock prices through the roof? Yeah sorry but congressman blueblood d-fairytaleland didn’t think you should keep your own money. He voted against your family’s financial wellbeing. He voted to make your family’s life harder.

        Yeah well see how far playing the race card gets your campaigns in the face of rising wages and bigger paychecks this time around.

      • My tax decrease is significantly more than yours. And your 401K has already benefited — as numerous corporate execs have already noted, the tax reform will make no difference to most of them.

        But I get it how you resent higher education. It’s a globalized world that is leaving you behind, and it must suck to see those with skills getting the lion’s share of this new world order. But, hey, that’s life.

        “So, yeah, hey, you know that extra $200 you got out of this tax reform — which, incidentally, you haven’t gotten, since you won’t be filing your tax returns until next year. Yeah, I just got $6000! And the best part is, unlike your tax cut, mine is permanent!”

        Yeah, that’s going to go over well this coming November.

      • Check ur sources withholding updates go into effect February. And no, most Americans are not busy counting other peoples money. Your argument is inane. BTW no one is impressed by your claim that your rich. Odds are your a pimple face brat living I’m your mommas basement. On the off chance you are not, well that might be worse cuz u come across as needing your money to feel superior. That’s sad. Anyway no wonder ur a lefty

      • I’ve got a feeling this November is going to be a bad surprise for you. Well, probably not a surprise at this point.

        And, yes, people do count other people’s money. That’s why you dislike the “blue bloods” and “elites” and all of their “fancy colleges”. Face it, Trump voters are all about “counting other people’s money”. They’re nothing but resentment about how other people are doing — the elites, illegal immigrants, globalization. One big ole pot of resentment at how others are doing. If you think they aren’t going to notice that they get a pittance — a pittance that expires — while the “elites” get thousands, well, the math wasn’t good for you in 2020 as it was.

      • Yes, why indeed are you bringing up all those unsupported claims?

      • I know I said I’m done wit u but WTF planet are you on you said like 4 or 5 things not sourced whatsoever. I did not see any proof from you about international opinion, felons not being democrats, business owners not caring about the tax cut. Whereas every fact I literally posted links to. You lefties are in your own world. This is why we cannot live with you people. You are impervious to reason and fact. Your mental defects are a plague our nation.

      • Seriously? What, you just read “news” produced by some guy in his mom’s basement?

        International opinion? So, you didn’t hear about the UN vote last week?




        Oh, but you’re right — we are waaaay up in the opinion of Russians.

        And, sorry, you’re the one making the claim that felons are Democrats. Since you made the claim, you’re the one who has to back it up. You’re also the one who has to back up the claim that they actually voted in the recent VA elections. Otherwise, that’s what logiticians call “burden of proof shifting”.

        Funny how you claim “lefties” are “impervious to reason” when you’re (1) sloppy with your definitions, and (2) make completely unsubstantiated claims. No, you didn’t post links backing up your claims. All you did was post a link saying that VA recently joined most other states in letting ex-felons vote, and then making the magical leap from there to the idea that (1) they all voted in the recent election and (2) they all voted Democrat.

        See, that there? Yeah, that’s called “being impervious to reason and fact.” You are incapable of even recognizing what a fact is or what reason is.

      • Here you go pinko, enjoy:

        YOU, AND YOU ADMITTED YOU WERE WRONG – “Yeah, so you think politics is like football, where you get to make “rookie mistakes”? What, you think Trump gets a “do-over”? ”

        THIS IS WRONG (Its about half that in days, your number is “Outing” ie if he went out, took lunch, then went back out to the course. – “More than 80 days of the past year playing golf.” (http://trumpgolfcount.com/displayoutings)

        THIS IS WRONG (Witholding changes start in February) – “I get a big old tax cut that is hugely unpopular with the vast majority of Americans, most of whom will not have even seen the pittance they get by next November.” (https://www.forbes.com/sites/kellyphillipserb/2017/12/27/early-2018-paychecks-wont-look-much-different-until-irs-finalizes-withholding-guidance/#1106eec03dd2)

        THIS IS WRONG (I dont know where the hell you got this information) – “Why is it that illegal immigration is actually up under Trump?” (http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-na-pol-immigration-enforcement-20171205-story.html, http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2017/apr/25/donald-trump/illegal-immigration-lowest-17-years-trump-said/)

        MINE, BACKED UP WITH FACT: Yeah, actually even lefty snopes says MOSTLY TRUE 200K felon voting rights restored in VA. (Ie, snopes)

        MINE ALSO BACKED UP WITH FACT: So sorry yeah 200,000 felons equal 140,000 additional votes. You really want to split hairs here?

        FYI This is stupid because it’s a Statewide election – “How many were in each district?”

        THIS IS WRONG (you are clearly confused, 2020 is when the accord would have started)- You know we can’t legally “leave” [the paris accord] until November 2020 – “The pledges that countries made under the accord are voluntary” (http://fortune.com/2017/06/01/trump-paris-accord-environment/) But getting back into the agreement after withdrawing would involve a time-consuming, bureaucratic process. (http://www.newsweek.com/trump-paris-agreement-does-it-matter-618404)

        THIS IS WRONG, (Yes it is currently being built. Though not as fast as we want) – “The wall?” (https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/9/29/16298346/trump-administration-started-building-wall)

        THIS IS WRONG, (NAFTA is currently under intense rounds of negotiaion. Do you imagine that something like that could happen overnight? Oh and BTW how bout that TPP deal, huh? thank God for that abortion.) – “Out of NAFTA?” – (http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/promises/trumpometer/promise/1410/renegotiate-nafta/

        THIS IS WRONG – “US corporations have to adhere to [Paris Accords] at any rate” – (Talk about pulling from your ass “Lisa Jackson, vice president of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives at Apple noted to the Washington Post that the company had its facilities operating on 100 percent renewable energy in 24 countries and is working on transitioning its supply chain to using renewable sources — investments that could be undermined by competitors who choose to play by looser environmental standards.” (https://www.nbcnews.com/business/business-news/big-business-urges-trump-stick-paris-climate-accord-n766641)

        THIS IS WRONG – “Except the missile defense wasn’t canceled.” (“True to his word, President Obama took measures to cut many missile defense programs early in his presidency. In April of 2009, Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced a $1.4 billion reduction of the Missile Defense Agency’s budget. This included the cancellation of additional Ground-based Interceptors (GBI) in Alaska, a second Airborne Laser, and the Multiple Kill Vehicle program. In September, the Administration indicated that it no longer intended to move forward with plans proposed by President George W. Bush to deploy a radar in the Czech Republic and 10 GBIs in Poland” (https://www.realcleardefense.com/articles/2017/01/27/the_presidents_missile_defense_embrace_110702.html)

        BTW it was only after 4 years that obama admitted he was WRONG and reversed SOME of his policies. After wasting 4 years otherwise, which is point of this article: (http://www.heritage.org/defense/report/president-obamas-missile-defense-policy-misguided-legacy)

        AND HE DID CANCEL IT IN POLAND ON THE ANNIVERSARY OF THE RUSSIAN INVASION – As far as coming back with a smaller, short range interceptor bravo, even a broken clock is right twice a day. http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/279349

        SOURCE FROM YOU? MISSING. – “The Poles wanted it because it would mean a permanent and large placement of US troops in Poland.” (No, they wanted it because they felt threatned by Russia). https://www.theguardian.com/world/2010/dec/06/wikileaks-cables-poland-russia-shield

        WRONG, (Troops deployed Jan 2017.) – “And there is now a permanent and large placement of US troops in Poland and have been since 2016.” – http://www.cnn.com/2017/01/14/europe/poland-us-troops-nato-welcome/index.html

        SOURCE? NONE. “Or that SDI wasn’t harmed by not deploying radar in Poland,”

        SOURCE? NONE, (in fact wrong, short range launchers deployed in Poland after initial cancellation were a deterrent against Russia) – “was designed to protect Europe against Iran – See above links.”

        SOURCE? NONE. – “He also only got into Penn his junior year and only after his brother gave the admissions counselor lots of cash.” – (His brother went to school with someone in admissions at Wharton that’s not exactly the same thing as a bribe. You need to source a claim like that. And if your assertion is that he donated money to the school thats still a far stretch from implying he bribed his way in.)

        SOURCE? NONE. – “And Obama’s relations with all those countries remained better than Trump’s.”

        THIS IS JUST STUPID b/c I write code for a living, dick. – “and it must suck to see those with skills getting the lion’s share of this new world order.”

        YOU ARE DONE – Yes, why indeed are you bringing up all those unsupported claims? – Boom. See above.

      • Pumpkin, no, citing to a broken link by some Trump supporter in his basement isn’t “reputable”. Real news services look these things up.


        On the taxes, for the vast majority of people, the tax breaks for income will be minor — so, yes, if you think a lot of people will think an extra $10 per month will be impressive (because that’s what it will be for withholding), then, yes, I suspect this November will be a big surprise for you.

        Illegal immigration? Have you not even been reading your own propaganda sheets?


        No, sorry, when it comes to the Paris Accord, the vast majority of large American companies will already be complying. They have to — and have said as much — since they get 45% of their income from abroad. So, yes, getting back in will be exceedingly easy — especially since they are “voluntary” and the US won’t be getting out until November 2020. (And guess who won’t be president much beyond that?) And which “competitors” of Apple won’t be complying?

        How much has Congress allocated to building the wall? No, sorry, building a few wall sections as a “test” is not “building a wall”. Especially when those sections aren’t even connected.

        You’ll notice that your link to the US troops in Poland comes from before Trump was inaugurated. And, yes, I can tell you, the advance troops were in Poland in 2016. That’s how these things work. I’ve done this kind of advance work myself. There was a “temporary deployment” through 2014-15, that was made “less temporary,” as the Russians themselves noted.


        You think SDI was harmed by not having radar in Poland? How so? The radar didn’t protect the United States and didn’t protect against anyone aside from Iran. And Iran doesn’t have nukes anymore, so there is no need to defend against the missiles. No, SDI wasn’t designed to counter Russian missiles. Patriots are better for short-range missiles, not a radar installation aimed at Iran.

        Think it through. This isn’t hard. You really need a cite to that? The logic just isn’t enough for your little head?


        And, really, I need a source for public knowledge about Trump’s education? What, you really haven’t bothered to look that up? So your claim is that because his brother used connections other than the cash given to Penn, that that somehow negates the fact that Trump was a transfer student that got in via connections and money?



        You write code for a living? And that means that … you think you’re educated and skilled? Because you can do what an outsource from India does?

      • Also, just FYI — when you link to something from the “Washington Examiner” that calls a study “authoritative,” you probably should read that study yourself.

      • Even with all the MSM and his own party (I’m talking about you, Jeff Flake), lined up against him, Roy Moore still came within 20,000 votes (out of 1.3 million cast) of winning. But the MSM played it like it was a landslide.

        Funny how that only works in one direction. When Greg Gianforte won the Montana House seat vacated by Interior Secy. Ryan Zinke earlier this year with 53% (and he was a flawed candidate too), the headline in our local upstate NY fishwrapper was “Gianforte barely wins: Dems buoyed”

        The whole business of a 2018 “blue wave” is nothing but psyops on the part of the MSM to demoralize the GOP base–just as they did in 2016 by projecting a Hillary landslide. That worked out real well for them, didn’t it? And yet, they never showed even the slightest embarrassment about being wrong. You probably won’t either.

      • Actually, since Sessions won by more than 30 percent, losing at all is a massive repudiation.

        That’s not psyops. That’s just reality.

        And if you recall, the polls said Clinton was up in the popular vote by 2%. And guess what…

      • No, but I’m GREAT with reality! Just not your strong suit….

      • Haven’t thought this through, have you? You know, they actually have betting markets on these things, if you’re that sure of yourself.

        I’m betting that, once the Dems take the House and threaten to release Trump’s tax records, he’ll find he want to “spend more time with his family” and quit.

      • What’s the matter — you normally just leave money lying on the table like that?

      • Nothing, I just want your money….I think I can set up a blockchain of some sort if you want.

      • Not yet tired but enjoying your pain! It’s great to hear you losers whine it makes our days much brighter. Enjoy your YUGE tax cut! No need to formally thank us!

        We are the deplorable S that kicked Hillary to the sewer she belongs in with the other sewer rats!

      • Oh, you think this is whining? Why would I whine??? Unlike you, I will actually get to enjoy this tax break!

        Oh, yeah, you didn’t know about that part? How 90% of the country gets a pittance while 10% get a whole lot? I’m guessing you didn’t know that part.

        So what’s not to like? I get a big old tax cut that is hugely unpopular with the vast majority of Americans, most of whom will not have even seen the pittance they get by next November when they vote and who will be constantly reminded of how little they are getting and how temporary it is compared to people like me. You think Virginia was shocking? Only Trump would manage to take a conservative Republican Virginia district and get them to think, “Hey, you know that transgender Democrat running against the incumbent? He/she is looking pretty good these days!”

        Got that wall up? Why is it that illegal immigration is actually up under Trump? Are we out of NAFTA? Has China been declared a currency manipulator? Has North Korea stopped launching missiles yet?

        You’ve got 3 more years to enjoy your “winning”. Are you tired of it yet?

      • NO “rookie mistakes” Ever hear of Tim Geitner? Chas Freeman? Van Jones? Tom Daschle? Bill Richardson? The “Overcharge” button? The DVD to PM Brown, that didn’t even work in British DVD players? How about cancelling the Polish missile defense without checking that it was on the day of the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Poland?

        That’s why we had a tradition of a honeymoon period: to let the new President adjust to the office and settle into what may possibly be the biggest, most life altering event ever devised in the history of the human race, or at least since the fall of Rome.

        What I can only imagine being the biggest c**ktease in history when the left hillargasm was Trumped – lol – left the dems roiling in an unrelieved poli-sexual frustration, basically making them all bat s**t insane. Sadly, the first victim of this pent up frustration was the honeymoon period.

      • Except the missile defense wasn’t canceled. And Obama’s relations with all those countries remained better than Trump’s.

        How did that happen?

      • So? That missile defense system was never designed to protect Poland. It was designed to protect Berlin. The Poles wanted it because it would mean a permanent and large placement of US troops in Poland.

        And there is now a permanent and large placement of US troops in Poland and have been since 2016.

      • Which point is that again? That Poland feels “betrayed”, even though they got what they really wanted? Or that SDI wasn’t harmed by not deploying radar in Poland, since it was designed to protect Europe against Iran and that threat was neutralized with the nuclear deal?

        Sounds to me like the problem is your sloppy thinking.

        You link to Stratfor. Yet you seem unaware of their analyses of the change in the Iranian threat.

      • And yet our relations with all of our allies were much stronger than they are now.

        Huh. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

      • “And yet”…is that as close as you will come to admitting Obama made rookie mistakes? Good for you that’s progress. Now come on you can do better. I know you can. Its easy just type “yes Obama made rookie mistakes I guess presidents can make rookie mistakes”

      • No, it was sarcastism.

        None of the “rookie mistakes” Obama made were catastrophic. Trump’s have been.

        And he has had quite a few. Unlike Obama, he doesn’t learn from them.

      • You’re an hysterical little bich and it’s really funny . Thanks

      • I do have the effect of making your type sputtering mad. Funny how that works.

      • What are you? An idiot millennial that thinks things have to be accomplished within the span of a tv show? Give the guy a break. He’s making great strides in spite of the left and people like yourself who have no patience whatsoever.

      • “Great strides” in spite of the left? Is this the “left” that controls the House? Or the Senate? Or the courts?

        Sorry, but Trump said “I alone” could fix these problems. And you think the presidency gets easier after the first year? That you get a chance to “work it out”? Because, you know, it gets much easier after you have 5 special elections in rock-solid Republican states or districts — elections the GOP selected itself because of cabinet picks — and not only were all those rock-solid Republican elections real nailbiters, but the GOP lost the Alabama senate seat! Seriously, that’s the like the United States declaring war on Luxembourg, and then losing.

        At this rate, not only is Trump going to lose the House, but he might even lose the Senate. But worse for him, no Republican in the House or Senate currently fears him. On the contrary, most want him to stay away. Any of them in competitive districts have to distance themselves from Trump during the next year or they will lose. Which means there is no “patience” for you.

        This isn’t a game where “patience” works to your advantage. You picked a loser, he’s losing, and he will just continue to lose. That’s how politics works.

      • Cankles, get a grip, remember your blood pressure;-)

      • The poor sucker had too much of Hellary’s Chardonnay.

      • You really can’t let go of Hillary, huh? It’s like you’ve got a fascination with her. Almost a fetish.

        You really should have that checked out. I think it might even be covered by Obamacare.

      • It’s a justice thang, babeh. We’re going to enjoy knowing your crooked heroes are diminished exponentially and will be remembered with less respect than a pair of Hillary’s soiled Depends.

      • Really. This at a time when George W. Bush is looking around as happy as a clam, knowing that history has already judged him as not the worst president.

        You can keep harping on your Hillary fetish all you want. But you voted for a reality TV character. You can’t escape that. And now, after a full year and more than 80 days playing golf, a single legislative accomplishment, and losing a senate seat to a Democrat in the most extremely Republican state in the Union — well, I suspect it’s starting to dawn on you that this might have been a mistake for you.

      • I voted for the guy who ground Hillary Clinton into the dirt and is now draining the swamp just like he said he’d do.

      • By “draining the swamp,” you mean letting his guys spend $40k per hour to fly off to a honeymoon, right?

        Are you tired of winning yet? Got that wall up? Illegal immigration hasn’t actually increased, has it? What’s that about?

      • I’m laughing more every day, and especially after Trump’s latest Executive Order. For big grins I watch youtube videos of CNN and MSNBC on election night.
        Yeah, I get it and have since the Clinton Administration. Leftists like you tie themselves into knots looking for hypocrisy in opponents but ignore the mountains of it in themselves.

      • Which executive order? The one the military ignores? Or the ones everyone else ignores?

      • You should keep up better on current events, Junior. The EO President Trump signed effective midnight, 12/21/17… the one calling for the freezing of assets controlled by dirtbags involved in human trafficking and government corruption. It reads like description of personalized description of Hillary, Bubba, Soros, and the Rothschilds.

      • Don’t think so? Too bad you won’t be here shooting off your stupid mouth when TSHTF for several of your heroes.

      • Sorry, but Flynn will be in prison long before Clinton will be.

        But you know that already.

      • You mean the guy who lost Alabama to a Democrat? And turned 4 other special elections in solid-Republican districts into real nailbiters?

        And you think he’s going to get reelected? Honey, he’s not even going to last past 2019. He’s going to find a Democratic congress just isn’t fun.

      • All Wishful thinking on YOUR part. Trump is HERE TO STAY baby! Not a THANG YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT hahahaha … Go CRY IN YOUR SAFE SPACE

      • Speaking of crying in your safe space, have you gotten over Roy Moore yet? That was truly impressive! Losing to a Dem in Alabama is like the US losing a war to Leichtenstein.

        Those must have been some bitter tears for you!

      • You control everything! And yet Trump didn’t get a single piece of his legislative agenda passed aside from a tax cut — the easiest of all Republican things to accomplish!

        Impressive! How’s that wall going? NAFTA renegotiated? Why has illegal immigration increased? The trade deficit with China down?

        You must be so tired of winning!

      • Ha ha ha… “aside from a TAX CUT?”
        And Stopping ISIS–
        And Filling the SUPREME COURT–
        And the TRAVEL BAN–
        And REPEALING TITLE 9–
        And KILLING TPP–

        So Yeah im tired of winning! But gonna keep goin! hahhahahaha

      • The tax cut benefits me, not you.

        The Russians stopped ISIS. You can pretend otherwise, but my guess is you’ve got no military experience. Certainly not in the officer corp.

        The travel ban has yet to go into effect. Did you forget that part?

        No, 3% growth has only been twice so far, and Obama beat 4%. Total growth this year will be 2.1-2.5% and was what was projected a full year ago.

        Illegal immigration is actually up from when Obama was in office. What, you missed that part?

        The Obamacare mandate only covers 6% of all Americans, half of whom are subsidized. You think the remaining 3% of working class voters are going to doom Obamacare?

        Merry Christmas!

      • My My my what a hater you are…
        the tax cuts benefit me…you dont know me
        Isis is stopped..period…Trump gets credit
        Travel ban is in effect NOW
        We will hit 3percent growth three times since Trump…FACT
        Illegal immigration is down..you are a liar
        Obamacare mandate is dead…. its over

        You are tired of losing …but its not gonna stop anytime soon….Merry christmas

      • Sputter sputter!!!! I know, I make you sooooo angry!!!!!

      • It is apparent that you still have not gotten over Hillary’s stunning loss. Alabama doesn’t mean squat, but keep telling yourself that it does. It is fun watching the Redistributionist contort themselves whenever Trump has another win! LMAO!!

      • My my, you have such a fetish for Hillary Clinton! You really should have that looked into. You know, I think it’s covered by Obamacare.

      • The most amusing thing about that is the odds are my tax cut will be significantly bigger than yours. And, unlike yours, permanent.

      • Oh, you must be soooo tired of winning! How’s that wall? How is it that illegal immigration is actually up after 8 years of being down under Obama?

        Oh, I know! Mexico loves Trump!

      • It’s called a learning curve, you know, like the one oblammers fell off of the first day, then his ears were too big and heavy for him to get back on;-) You really do believe everything the LYING LAMESTREAM MEDIA tells you don’t cha? Congrats for being one of the useful doe turds, you must be proud!!

      • Hilarious that the writer of this post is offering “pro tips”…

      • Truth hurts, huh?

        Tired of winning yet? How’s Senator Moore going to do you think?

      • As P.J. O’Roarke noted, she would indeed have been the second worst possible thing that could have happened to this country.

      •  Unfortunately for you Trump is President and you are NOT. And he lives in the WH and Mar-a-Lago and NYC Trump Tower and you do NOT. And he flies on Air Force One and you fly “steerage”. But I see that you need some HAPPINESS in your life, so please carry on with your posts. We are all given ……life, liberty and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. I guarantee that you will get some HAPPINESS with your posts. Please carry on. Blabbering online will bring you lots of HAPPINESS. I GUARANTEE IT.

      • What a sore, pathetic, dishonest loser you are. You are even more impotent than your yellow, cowardly daddy and that is saying something! It’s incredibly amusing to see manure like you twist and contort in pain. Keep the good work up!

      • Oh, dear, did I strike a nerve? It looks like I struck a nerve.

        See, when you sputter like that, it means I struck a nerve.

      • He’s actually a regular commenter over at Megan Mcardle’s Bloomberg column. I’ve seen his comments for years, and pre Trump, he was frequently if not always capable of real insight and of making good faith arguments. So Trump really does make some people go crazy. Probably the most effective response to his type is ignoring them. But that is difficult to do.

      • Yes, Trump saved this nation from the likes of you. With the forces arrayed against him, Trump has been like a rock in his strength and has accomplished a whole laundry list of things needed to be done to MAGA. The Trump Presidency is NOT the Left’s worse nightmare. A successful Trump Presidency is and he is well on his way to that.

      • Yes, we all have our little fantasies. But I have to tell you, most people would go for Margot Robbie in a bubble bath. It has the virtue of being more realistic.

      • “It has the virtue of being more realistic.”

        Unlike the delusional Progs such a yourself….

      • That’s your come-back?

        Did you have to think a long time to come up with that, or did it just pop out like Athena bursting from Zeus’ brow?

      • Hey, I’m not the one still imagining that Roy Moore will win the Alabama senate race.

        That must have been a painful week for you. You might want to prepare yourself for November.

      • Painful? Nah, I do better under Prog crony capitalism than Trump’s populism. The 90% get’s the Prog shaft, but for me, Prog rule is better…..

        But I would say that it was interesting….

      • A “winning coalition” that won by 78,000 votes spread over 3 states against the 2nd most unpopular candidate in a long time, with particularly low Democratic turnout.

        Incidentally, only 80% of Trump voters say they would still vote for him. So that’s not much of a “winning coalition” you got there.

        Here’s a hint for the future: the Dems lost big 2 years into Obama, and he was actually popular. How do you think a record unpopular President is going to fare?

      • President Trump was preceeded by the weakest, most short-sighted, lazy and shiftless no-account slug in DC history. (with the possible exception of Marion Barry)

        President Trump with less than a year in office has erased Barry’s ‘legacy,’ jump started the economy, addressed our illegal invasion problem, stopped ISIS in it’s tracks, and drained a good portion of the DC swamp. Stay tuned to witness your would-be communist oligarch heroes diminished exponentially.

      • The economy has been growing for 8 years now. Illegal immigration has been going down since 2008, and only since Trump has been in office has it started to go back up. ISIS was stopped by the Russians. And, no, there was no “draining” of the DC swamp, just rampant corruption as Trump’s henchmen spend $40,000/hour on flights to their honeymoon.

        You can dream of an alternate reality all you want, but the question is, why do you dream so small? Why not at least dream you have a flying unicorn pony? Go big or go home.

      • So tell me. What exactly was it Obama did that stimulated the economy? Was it his huge federal land grabs? His endless regulations stifling business? His takedown of the health industry. Cash for Clunkers? Giving pallets of cash to Iran? Supplying gun to Mexican drug cartels? Shutting down the coal industry? Stopping oil production? Flying to Hawaii for ice cream cones?

      • Well, it certainly wasn’t spending $240 million playing golf like Trump. Nonetheless, the economy increased dramatically under Obama. And the Dow was up 13,000.

      • Yeah. I get it that you can’t come up with a single positive thing Obama did for the American economy. I can’t, and if Barry had an honest bone in his spindly frame he’d admit he couldn’t either because his sole intent was to knock America down.

      • Dow up 13,000 and unemployment down from 9%?

        Yeah, that’s pretty good, I’d say

      • Who are you crediting with a recovery? Obama? Barry managed to do two things; double the national debt then waste the money, and, with the help of arguably the crookedest, most greedy and irresponsible female sociopath in American history as Sec State, set the Middle East on fire and create a third world migration crisis in Europe that will change Western Civilization’s demographics for the worst and Balkanize it as well.

      • Funny how you’re worried about the national debt and then have Trump actually add $1.5 trillion to it

      • What’s funny is how you can’t name a single thing Obama did for the economy in eight years while pretending he’s creditable for the current boom.

      • Jobs and the economy

        Passage of the tax reform bill providing $5.5 billion in cuts and repealing the Obamacare mandate.

        Increase of the GDP above 3 percent.

        Creation of 1.7 million new jobs, cutting unemployment to 4.1 percent.

        Saw the Dow Jones reach record highs.

        A rebound in economic confidence to a 17-year high.

        A new executive order to boost apprenticeships.

        A move to boost computer sciences in Education Department programs.

        Prioritizing women-owned businesses for some $500 million in SBA loans.

        Killing job-stifling regulations

        Signed an Executive Order demanding that two regulations be killed for every new one creates. He beat that big and cut 16 rules and regulations for every one created, saving $8.1 billion.

        Signed 15 congressional regulatory cuts.

        Withdrew from the Obama-era Paris Climate Agreement, ending the threat of environmental regulations.

        Signed an Executive Order cutting the time for infrastructure permit approvals.

        Eliminated an Obama rule on streams that Trump felt unfairly targeted the coal industry.

        Fair trade

        Made good on his campaign promise to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

        Opened up the North American Free Trade Agreement for talks to better the deal for the U.S.

        Worked to bring companies back to the U.S., and companies like Toyota, Mazda, Broadcom Limited, and Foxconn announced plans to open U.S. plants.

        Worked to promote the sale of U.S products abroad.

        Made enforcement of U.S. trade laws, especially those that involve national security, a priority.

        Ended Obama’s deal with Cuba.

        Boosting U.S. energy dominance

        The Department of Interior, which has led the way in cutting regulations, opened plans to lease 77 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas drilling.

        Trump traveled the world to promote the sale and use of U.S. energy.

        Expanded energy infrastructure projects like the Keystone XL Pipeline snubbed by Obama.

        Ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to kill Obama’s Clean Power Plan.

        EPA is reconsidering Obama rules on methane emissions.

        Protecting the U.S. homeland

        Laid out new principles for reforming immigration and announced plan to end “chain migration,” which lets one legal immigrant to bring in dozens of family members.

        Made progress to build the border wall with Mexico.

        Ended the Obama-era “catch and release” of illegal immigrants.

        Boosted the arrests of illegals inside the U.S.

        Doubled the number of counties participating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement charged with deporting illegals.

        Removed 36 percent more criminal gang members than in fiscal 2016.

        Started the end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival program.

        Ditto for other amnesty programs like Deferred Action for Parents of Americans.

        Cracking down on some 300 sanctuary cities that defy ICE but still get federal dollars.

        Added some 100 new immigration judges.

        Protecting communities

        Justice announced grants of $98 million to fund 802 new cops.

        Justice worked with Central American nations to arrest and charge 4,000 MS-13 members.

        Homeland rounded up nearly 800 MS-13 members, an 83 percent one-year increase.

        Signed three executive orders aimed at cracking down on international criminal organizations.

        Attorney General Jeff Sessions created new National Public Safety Partnership, a cooperative initiative with cities to reduce violent crimes.


        Trump has nominated 73 federal judges and won his nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

        Ordered ethical standards including a lobbying ban.

        Called for a comprehensive plan to reorganize the executive branch.

        Ordered an overhaul to modernize the digital government.

        Called for a full audit of the Pentagon and its spending.

        Combatting opioids

        First, the president declared a Nationwide Public Health Emergency on opioids.

        His Council of Economic Advisors played a role in determining that overdoses are underreported by as much as 24 percent.

        The Department of Health and Human Services laid out a new five-point strategy to fight the crisis.

        Justice announced it was scheduling fentanyl substances as a drug class under the Controlled Substances Act.

        Justice started a fraud crackdown, arresting more than 400.

        The administration added $500 million to fight the crisis.

        On National Drug Take Back Day, the Drug Enforcement Agency collected 456 tons.

        Protecting life

        In his first week, Trump reinstated and expanded the Mexico City Policy that blocks some $9 billion in foreign aid being used for abortions.

        Worked with Congress on a bill overturning an Obama regulation that blocked states from defunding abortion providers.

        Published guidance to block Obamacare money from supporting abortion.

        Helping veterans

        Signed the Veterans Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act to allow senior officials in the Department of Veterans Affairs to fire failing employees and establish safeguards to protect whistleblowers.

        Signed the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act.

        Signed the Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act, to provide support.

        Signed the VA Choice and Quality Employment Act of 2017 to authorize $2.1 billion in additional funds for the Veterans Choice Program.

        Created a VA hotline.

        Had the VA launch an online “Access and Quality Tool,” providing veterans with a way to access wait time and quality of care data.

        With VA Secretary Dr. David Shulkin, announced three initiatives to expand access to healthcare for veterans using telehealth technology.

        Promoting peace through strength

        Directed the rebuilding of the military and ordered a new national strategy and nuclear posture review.

        Worked to increase defense spending.

        Empowered military leaders to “seize the initiative and win,” reducing the need for a White House sign off on every mission.

        Directed the revival of the National Space Council to develop space war strategies.

        Elevated U.S. Cyber Command into a major warfighting command.

        Withdrew from the U.N. Global Compact on Migration, which Trump saw as a threat to borders.

        Imposed a travel ban on nations that lack border and anti-terrorism security.

        Saw ISIS lose virtually all of its territory.

        Pushed for strong action against global outlaw North Korea and its development of nuclear weapons.

        Announced a new Afghanistan strategy that strengthens support for U.S. forces at war with terrorism.

        NATO increased support for the war in Afghanistan.

        Approved a new Iran strategy plan focused on neutralizing the country’s influence in the region.

        Ordered missile strikes against a Syrian airbase used in a chemical weapons attack.

        Prevented subsequent chemical attacks by announcing a plan to detect them better and warned of future strikes if they were used.

        Ordered new sanctions on the dictatorship in Venezuela.

        Restoring confidence in and respect for America

        Trump won the release of Americans held abroad, often using his personal relationships with world leaders.

        Made good on a campaign promise to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

        Conducted a historic 12-day trip through Asia, winning new cooperative deals. On the trip, he attended three regional summits to promote American interests.

        He traveled to the Middle East and Europe to build new relationships with leaders.

        Traveled to Poland and on to German for the G-20 meeting where he pushed again for funding of women entrepreneurs.

      • Gorsuch, TPP, Paris Accord, Reverse land grab, reduce federal regulations, remove Obamacare mandate, reduce illegal immigration by 80%, move embassy to Jerusalem, defeat ISIS in Iraq.
        Or Hillary.
        The choice was obvious without knowing what the accomplishments would be.

      • Gorsuch was just Trump following orders and any Republican would have done that. TPP was already dead and, at any rate, was a military alliance disguised as a trade treaty and which is why Trump has no support against North Korea. So, yeah, MAGA on that. No, we haven’t left the Paris Accord and, oh, btw, we never will — under the treaty, the earliest leave date is November 2020 and guess who won’t be president after that? (Not that it matters, since all major American companies are following it, since they sell abroad.). There is no “reverse land grab” or reduction of regulations — the land will be back in the park system in 4 years and it will take 4 years for the court cases to clear, and none of the regulations that Trump “overturned” had actually been in effect yet.

        Also, no, I’m betting the US embassy will never move to Jerusalem. You have to build it first and Congress won’t fund it. It’s like Trump’s wall — hows that going?

        ISIS was defeated by the Russians.

        You really should pull out the talking points marked “For Educated Audiences”. No, those are not the ones Sean Hannity hands out.

      • YOU educated? You have the brains of a syphilitic amoeba and the corresponding education. Go eat some more crow, loser.

      • Wow, I like how you countered each of my points with a compelling argument!

        Oh, wait, what’s the opposite of that? Yeah, that!

        Did I make you sputter again? I must be so frustrating to you!

        Merry Christmas!

      • Well it took some time to kill all those Obama Executive Orders, roll back regulations, etc – you know, making it so Obama never existed, for all intents and purposes? How is that phone and pen looking now? Oh, and the shoe never drops in the first act by the way. You have to prepare the field and Nikki Haley et al have been doing so re foreign policy, no more “leading from behind”. As to the economy, the “unachievable” 3%+ growth is here, Stock Market up 5,000 points in a year and going higher – and 4% or greater growth on the horizon. Yeah, that “new normal” stuff went out the window pretty quick. As to Obamacare, the mandate applied to everyone – not just 6% who needed insurance or funding – that was the point, the mandate was to force everyone to have insurance to pay for the 6% who didn’t. So, in effect. with the mandate gone there is nothing to force people to buy policies that will fund Obamacare…so it is dead. Had to do it that way because Congress is still Congress. Once it is seen as effectively dead, then they will be able to repeal the legislation.

      • The stock market was up 13,000 under Obama. Trump hasn’t removed hardly any regulation that had already gone into effect when Obama had left. (I know you are told otherwise, but just try to name one of those numerous regulations. Really hard, isn’t it? Because they don’t exist.) And every president does that to the previous president’s executive orders. That’s why they’re called “executive orders.”

        In the meantime, as Nikki Haley just demonstrated, the US can jump up and down, but, thanks to Trump, nobody listens to us anymore. And you really think that’s “making America great again”? A situation where the rest of the world just ignores America?

        “Oh, we’re taking names!!!” For what? Cutting them off from foreign aid? You seem to think that aid aren’t bribes. And you know who’s sitting in the corner more the willing to pick up the slack? That’s right — the same country not helping Trump out on North Korea. China.

        Speaking of which, when is Trump going to stop North Korea from testing nukes and launching missiles? Talk about all hat and no cattle!

        Oh, and if you think there will be 4% annual growth, you need to lay off the crystal meth. No economist thinks that. Trump hasn’t even reached quarterly growth rates that Obama got. (No, he hasn’t. You can look it up. Q2 of 2014 was higher.)

        One other thing — no, Obamacare isn’t dead. All they’ve done is remove a requirement that affects 6% of Americans, half of whom won’t be affected because they are subsidized. So, yes, some PA and WV voters will end up without insurance — no, that doesn’t get rid of Obamacare.

        Pro-tip for you, since you haven’t figured it out yet — when you see Trump’s mouth moving, he’s lying.

      • HAHAHAHA! First, 5,000 in ONE year and Second, the stock market was recovering from the 2008 Black Swan. The fundamentals for everyone but derivatives was still there and the “gain” by Obama was just getting back to where the market was pre 2008, not growth. Hard, isn’t it? Here are just a few regulations rolled back:
        Signed an Executive Order demanding that two regulations be killed for every new one creates. He beat that big and cut 16 rules and regulations for every one created, saving $8.1 billion.

        Signed 15 congressional regulatory cuts.

        Withdrew from the Obama-era Paris Climate Agreement, ending the threat of environmental regulations.

        Signed an Executive Order cutting the time for infrastructure permit approvals.

        Eliminated an Obama rule on streams that Trump felt unfairly targeted the coal industry.

        We could go on with all the Executive Orders rescinded, etc. – but OBAMA was a waste. He GOVERNED by Executive Order – orders of magnitude more than any other President in history. By doing so, his initiatives were ephemeral at best. It is as if he didn’t exist…I know it is hard for you, but Obama was ineffectual.

        Really? People, and countries, can do what they like. But, unlike in the past, consequences will follow. THAT is the difference, my benighted little snowflake. Scream at the sky as you like, but that is the change – no more leading from behind. The world knew Obama was a poodle and would just go along with whatever they wanted.

        As to NK, he isn’t going to let it go any longer. Careful what you wish for, snowflake. He will end it one way or another.

        No economist (that you would quote, like Krugman) thought 3% was possible. But VOILA! WITHOUT a tax cut. Now with the tax cut, we will go well above 3% and 4+ is certainly possible. If you would care to check, all the quarters in 2017 have been at or above 3% and the fourth quarter may well be 4%. “The New York Federal Reserve on Friday raised its estimate of U.S. gross domestic product growth for the fourth quarter of 2017 closer to 4 percent, based on revisions of prior data that suggested stronger economic activities.” https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-economy-nyfed/n-y-fed-raises-u-s-fourth-quarter-gdp-growth-view-to-near-4-percent-idUSKBN1E9292?il=0

        Want to talk about some more things you are totally wrong about? Besides the 2016 election?

        And yeah, Skippy, Obamacare is DEAD. The requirement for insurance, aka the mandate, is for EVERYONE. If you do not buy insurance, then you pay a penalty to supplement the Obamacare plan. Without that penalty, many young people will not buy insurance and there will be no money from penalties to support the exchanges. DEAD. You should really understand more about what you are talking about if you are going to act like an expert.

        Pro tip for you, Democrat talking points aren’t fact and don’t change reality.

      • Sorry you are hurting so much it’s nice that you are keeping track of his moves like moving our embassy to Jerusalem, cutting regulations by billions, exiting Climate hoax, appointing Gotsuch to the Supremes, appointing a great cabinet, creating 1.7 million new full time jobs, lifting the economy to above 3% each quarter, lifting the stock market to new highs, appointing more appeals cour judges in a year than any other President. Cancelling the tax to but mandated insurance. Curbing the Cuba recognition. Increasing sanctions on N Korea. I could go on but just wanted to help you get some context in your partisan deluded brain.

        We are happy but as you say will be happier when the wall is built and chain migration and visa lottery and anchor babies are zeroed out.

        The fact is we are winning and you are the BIG TIME LOSER. Have a Merry Christmas think of us!

      • The embassy will never move, since it has to be built and Congress won’t fund it. Few regulations that were in effect have actually been cut. No, really, look it up. Another Trump bait and switch you feel for. No, we haven’t exited the Paris Climate Accord — and we won’t, since the exit date is November 2020, and guess who won’t be president much after that? (Not that it matters, since most American companies will have to abide by it anyway since they sell products abroad.)

        No, the economy hasn’t been above 3% each quarter. Total growth for this year will only be 2.5%, which is only slightly higher than last year. Job creation has been steadily increasing for the past 8 years. There has been no “curbing” of recognizing Cuba — you either recognize them or you don’t, and there hasn’t been a change. So, has N. Korea stopped it’s missile tests yet? Has China done anything serious about N. Korea?

        Or are you just repeating the talking points you’ve been handed.

        You must be sooooo tired of winning. A full year, and all you’ve got to show for it is a tax cut that will benefit me, but probably not you.

      • Unlike Obama, who was a great influence in starting the Ukraine, Syria, and Libya wars, there have been no wars started with American complicity by Trump. He has has great success reducing regulations, which is why the market has taken off since it realized that Trump rather than Hillary would be President. And he has had great success in appointing judges.

        “Here’s a pro-tip for you”? I am skeptical of pro-tips from delusionals.

      • Yes, whatever you say, Comrade…

        Anyone citing to Ukraine is inevitably either on Moscow’s payroll or what the Russians call a “useful idiot”.

    • You hit the nail on the head. I thank God for President Donald J. Trump every day.

      • I hear this from so many people and echo the sentiment. I said to several friends, ‘If you want proof that God still believes in this country, the election of Donald Trump is all you need.”

        BO and HC were bent on destroying us and God stepped in with the most unlikely hero. Looking back over time, that is often the way He does things.

        The real reason the Left is in full meltdown mode is they got so very close to destroying us and now that Trump is undoing all their subversions and corruptions, they are not happy about it.

        I encourage you all to take a moment and send President Trump an email to the White House, thanking him for the sacrifices he and his family have made to ‘right our ship’.


        Thank you God for Donald Trump.

    • I think you’re right – the personal qualities of DJT that so enrage and repulse the NeverTrumpers (his oversize ego and vanity, his occasional looseness with the truth, his perceived boorishness and vulgarity etc etc) were actually completely necessary in order to take on the rusted on, vested interests of the DC swamp dwellers.

      That is because the priorities of the swamp (ie corruptly lining one’s pockets doing the bidding of donors, selling influence, favoring globalism over localism etc) is the only business model the NeverTrumpers understand and can operate within and which DJT threatens to take away (and IS in fact starting to dismantle).

      Only somebody with DJT’s personal qualities would have hide thick enough and pockets deep enough to weather and overcome the tsunami of crooked opposition mounted by those who do not want to be forcibly removed from the gravy train.

      DJT’s brief was never going to be easy to achieve but his tax reform success and effective diplomacy in a number of areas has set things up for a solid 2018 and I predict the further withering away of fake news MSM and vitriol filled NeverTrumpers. In the end, as with Socialism, they eventually run out of other people’s money to spend paying themselves huge salaries to write opinions no one will ever pay to read.

    • Setting aside the economic, judicial and regulatory reform, President Trump has saved America by exposing the corruption and politicization of FBI, NSA, State, CIA, DOJ under Obama. The depth and hubris of the corruption is truly scary.

  4. Very well said, except – why toss a rope to people who have proved, in excelsis, that the death of the Republic, the turning of America into a third-world hell-hole, mattered a lot less to them than their vanity, which sought to ride over the challenge presented by the Trump candidacy with its genuinely conservative policy-features exposing their long track record of fatuity?

    In ordinary life if you find out a group of people as dishonest, self-serving in a manner ruinous for others, you drop them like radioactive hot bricks rather than permit them to crawl back into the debate with all their proven capacity for darkening counsel.

    Louiseparke is right. If anyone tosses them a rope it behoves the rest of us, as duty-bound, to cut it. Any airtime the NeverTrump crew are given, or any other member of the ‘Conservatism Inc.’, is airtime not accorded to far better thinkers and speakers such as Ann Coulter or Mark Steyn. Let us hear only from the truly insightful and forthright conservative voices, not the prevaricating weasels.

    • I’d rather toss a hand grenade into that hole. I hope they collectively lose their jobs and homes and wind up at the Port Authority slumming for cash.

      • That will have to wait for the Kochs to buy the Post for a penny per share.

      • As WaPo attacks the tax plan, Bezos just keep smiling over the tax dollars he’ll be saving.

  5. If Trump were ever elected, he would be an awful president. New information to the contrary will not be entertained.

    • Exactly right. Never Trump is such a simple concept. It means salt the land with plutonium if that seems necessary, but don’t accept Trump. Period.

    • Remember Krugman claimed that the stock market would collapse if Trump got elected.

      Then again, Justice Ruth Ginsburg said that she would move to New Zealand if Trump was elected. Lying and being a Supreme Court justice don’t seem to go together unless you are a leftist.

  6. It has been delicious to see the jackals turn on each other in their misery, hasn’t it?

    • I’m waiting for the inevitable avalanche of unproveable sexual harassment accusations. That seems to be the end game when sheer frustrated hate and envy finds nowhere else to turn.

    • The ‘so called conservatives’. It’s always better to know who the enemy is, an enemy pretending to be a friend is a traitor.

  7. Completely Off-Topic: To whoever is responsible for the web design of American Greatness, please modify the way you position page elements below your sideways-scrolling list of “Related Posts”, above. When the titles change from two lines to three lines of text and back, it jumps the comments up and down in a very annoying manner (especially if you are trying to type a comment). AG is the only site where I see this, so it shouldn’t be difficult to fix.

    For what it’s worth, I waited many weeks to comment on this to see if you would fix it. I apologize, since this shouldn’t be in the comments under an article, but I didn’t find an anonymous contact form elsewhere.

  8. I’ll only give them a rope if they promise to quietly hang themselves.

  9. The neverTrumpers – a group which unfortunately includes most of the Republican party leadership in DC – are not only not conservative, they hate conservatism at least as much the progressives do. See e.g their recent desperate efforts to hand the Democrats the Alabama Senate seat rather than permit a conservative to win it.

    Julie Kelly goes far astray in claiming the Rubin was once a conservative who lost her way due to her visceral dislike of Donald Trump. Rubin does not dislike Trump the man, she dislikes American conservatism and is angry with Trump for giving voice to it.

      • Being Canadian amplifies his idiocy.
        See Turdeau, Justin.

  10. Nevertrumpers. Once occasionally-competent conservative intellects, now best known for playing checkers in a chess match, willing to concede two or three Supreme Court picks and a generation of federal judges to the ideological opposition because of petty personality conflicts. Playing to lose.

  11. The NeverTrumpers like to think of themselves as the high priests of Conservatism, as “opinion leaders.”
    But 2016 exposed their scam.
    They’re “opinion leaders” without any followers.
    Their favored candidates (Jeb! and Marco) got wiped out.
    And most self-styled “conservatives” opted for Donald Trump, the candidate who ignored these high priests.

    • You are right to put self styled “conservatives” in quotes because if they voted for Trump then they are not conservatives at all. But maybe that was your point.

      • At your behest, my “self-styled” conservatism is kicking your brand of conservatism’s arse.

  12. No rope toss from me nor from almost all of the voters who elected Trump. Nichol, Kristol, Rubin and the rest of the lot have revealed themselves for who they truly are. Conservatives they are NOT. They enjoy the status quo which almost lead us to a nation run by Clinton. There is plenty of room for them over at MSNBC, CNN the NYT, The Post etc. But we won’t forgive or forget. Their Never Trump agenda is a dead end road. In fact they don’t need a rope toss at all, they have already hung themselves.

  13. The die-hard never-Trumpers have lost their membership in the triple-digit IQ club.

    • But they have also quit the ever shrinking Trump echo chamber and joined the ever growing majority of Americans who were never ‘never Trumpers’ in the first place.

      • Trump echo chamber? From a jerk who believes in conspiracy sans ANY proof whatsoever, other than regurgitated speculation and long walked back yellow journalism. We don’t need no stinking “echo chamber.” That’s the specialty of the left!

      • Of course you guys don’t NEED “no stinking echo chamber”. But you have one and it IS shrinking every day.

    • What are they going to do, now that nobody will be taking their ‘opinion pieces’ seriously anymore?

      When you are a self proclaimed opinion weaver, what the heck do you do when you are shoved off of your punditry pedestal?

      I would think early retirement…if they have saved up enough $$$$$…if not, do they become like ex football players who blew all their dough?

      Pretty hard to make a living as a delivery truck driver….I can just see Bill Krystal, delivering refrigerators for SEARS…..

  14. “A great week for the president” ?. Maybe in comparison the the other 50 very ‘odd’ weeks in his first year. When a great week includes signing a tax bill that is supported by about 30% of Americans and is the most disapproved legislation passed in the last 30 yrs by Congress & signed by a president, and that bill not only explodes the deficit, hardly a ‘conservative’ policy, but also eliminates the ACA mandate that will cause healthcare premiums to rise for most Americans next October, just before the 2018 mid term elections. Add to the fact that mny of those inside the WH are warning of a GOP bloodbath facing Trump and the GOP in those elections. If this is considered a “great week”, it just just lets us all know how bad all the other weeks have been. Wishful thinking on the rampage for all to see.

    • You talk of a “GOP bloodbath” facing the GOP in 2018.
      In 2016 the NeverTrumpers also warned of a “bloodbath” for the GOP.
      Don’t you guys ever get anything right?
      Isn’t it time for you to change your failed script?

      • You need to pay better attention. I never talked of a ‘bloodbath’. I was simply referring to reporting, not denied by the WH, that that ‘bloodbath’ was discussed in a meeting between Trump senior political operatives. Now that we all you know YOU got it all wrong, I forgive you.

    • Obamacare Americans were already going to vote Democrat. Nothing of value was lost with repealing the individual mandate.

      Historically the incumbent party gets hosed in the midterms. But historically, a non-politician non-General has never been President. With the DNC’s horrible fundraising and naked anti-worker bias, this might be a landslide the other way.

      And then you guys can limp into 2020 running Pocahontas or Frankenstein.

      • Fact: Befor the 2016 election, Emily’s list had 1000 women seeking info about how to run for political office. in 2017, Emily’s list already has 22,000 women seeking the same info. Most people would hardly call this ‘LIMPING’, unless your wishful thinking ‘trumps’ reality!

      • You lost me at “women thinking”. LOL

        If you knew anything about economics, you’d know that all opinions (including value judgments and statements of action) are worthless until something material happens.

        There is nothing more useless than 22,000 people looking for information on how to run for office. 200 people running for office is orders of magnitude more powerful.

        Btw, a lot of women are pro-life now, and it is unlikely that pro-murder-by-abortion cat ladies are going to take over America, Angela Merkel and Theresa May notwithstanding.

  15. I have despised Kristol and the other losers for quite some time. I wonder how they make money. I mean, if I want to read Trump hate pieces, it makes more sense to just go the Washington Post for a solid 5-8 Trump hate pieces each day. Why ever look at The Weekly Standard?

  16. Why did anyone ever think Neo Cons were actually conservatives?

    • I dunno, maybe because the believe in conservative principles, unlike you Trumpkins.

      • They believe in open borders and Global warming. they were the biggest funders for Obama and Hillary Clinton. They are not conservatives in that sense.

  17. So we’re supposed to ignore all the racism, bigotry, misogyny, homophobia, incompetence, corruption,dysfunction, borderline sociopathic behaviour, and utter destruction of America’s international reputation because of one single piece of legislation that puts a few more shillings in everyone’s pocket? This writer is a clear illustration of why the Republican Party and its standard bearer in the White House both deserve to be consigned to the dust bin of history.

      • Can you specifically show just one example of those ‘lies’? I don’t think you can because if you could you would have already, right?

      • As I wrote, you couldn’t & didn’t. As easy as shooting fish in a barrel and there isn’t even any water in that barrel.

    • All of the name calling is becoming less and less effective

      • It’s not name calling it’s an objective look at an administration. The facts are all there for the world to see. The only people on the planet blind to them is the ever diminishing group of cultists who have supported this lunatic from day one primarily because he gave voice to thier inner grievance against a changing America and world that is leaving them behind.

      • … and he’ll be re-elected in 2020 by those same deplorable people.

        So, who is it that can’t accept change?

      • This is fine so long as Hillary is jailed for corruption and BO is indicted for crimes against the state (spying on opponents, lying about Ocare, trading terrorists for a deserter, and on and on).

    • Just as we Trumpsters endured 8 PAINFUL years of half-black, GD America, LGBTQ obsession, not to mention the arrogant stupidity that was BO, you and yours, Dudi, now must simply shut up, sit back, and enjoy the prosperity!

      • Trump is not the anti-Obama. If you run over someone in your car, backing up and running over them going the other way doesn’t make up for it.

      • You are stuck like glue with ‘Charlottesville’ and cannot excuse it, no matter how much you criticize & deflect to Obama. Embrace it and live with it. There is no other choice or explanation and his words & actions will live long after he is gone.

      • “Charlottesville” is of no importance to rational people. No doubt you also believe in “Hands up don’t shoot.”

      • We only have to hear the words & tweets that come out of Trump’s mouth & mind directly. Of course ‘rational people’ should pay no attention to What Trump says. We agree also.

      • Hmmmmm…I think the Charlottsville thing looked like a deliberately engineered fiasco by the Leftist Governor and mayor….both hard core Leftist democrats.

        So, IOW, they deliberately engineered a confrontation between some imbecile Nazi types [which has zero correlation to the NEW BIG TENT PARTY being constructed by the Deplorables] and the fascist Antifa Leftist true believers…..and somebody died just so that the Leftist Democrats could engineer a propaganda attempt. ….good going twerps.

        You, OTOH, DO bear a resemblance to the Antifa types, don’t you pajama boy?

      • You’re riding the wave of the last gasp of the old White America. The demographics are not in your favour, the youth, African Americans, Hispanics, and most importantly the vast majority women are motivated like never before to ensure that the Trump phenomenon is a 4 year aberration that is never repeated. Turn out has always been the Democrats biggest problem , no longer. The question is how long it will take the Republican brand to recover from its descent into Trumpian , Bannon, and Roy Moore madness. My guess is a very very long time.

      • Ditto, Ditto, Ditto! I wish I’d said that the way you said it. Congrats!

      • Keep in mind, in the 70’s they demographic experts also told us the black population of this country would be close to 25% of the population by now…

      • BTW, I work with some Hispanic guys, I do blue collarly things…….they are Trump supporters.

      • You’re riding the wave of the last gasp of the old White America.

        This, from the creepy little bigot who elsewhere complains about bigotry and racism. Your degree of racism would not be out of place in the Nazi Party.

      • Thanks for your guess, Dud. Perhaps Lizzy Warren and BS himself can save your socialist hallucinations. Trump is in for 8 years and probably Pence for at least 4 thereafter.

    • The only racism and bigotry I see in America comes from anti-conservatives such as yourself. That comment right there drips with the stuff.

  18. What a great article! I remember back in 2008 facing angry relative living in Australia who failed to convince me to vote for Obama. Calling me a racist I we have never spoken to each other since.
    The following eight years I call the “dark ages” of putting up defensive arguments against a belligerent left wing often taunting the Conservatives especially after Obama won the 2nd term.
    Then came Donald Trump and after a year of campaigns I was convinced he would lead America out of those dark days and into a new age of optimism. I was right. What a great Christmas 2017 is.

  19. I am among those whom I’ll describe as a “Not Yet Trumper” in 2016. 2017 has been the year I’ve become a “Trump’s OKer”. Yes, rolling back so many regulations, including the Waters Of The United States regulations, was a long-held fond desire of mine. Yes, exiting the Paris Accord was a desire of mine. We, all the diverse bunch of us Americans, super-achieved the never agreed Kyoto Protocol goals, and I confidently assert that all we diverse never satisfied Americans will super-achieve the rejected goals of the Parris Accord. Yes, greatly reducing the corporate tax has been a long held fond desire of mine, and I don’t even own a corporation. Yes, the reduction in tax burdens on pass-through businesses is a long held fond desire of mine. I still don’t follow Trump on twitter. I still wish Republicans would join Democrats to impeach Trump so that Mike Pence can be President, but I don’t think Pence could do a much better job of achieving my long held fond desires in government.

    • Congratulations on becoming a “Trump’s OKer.” What I don’t understand is why you still want to have him removed from office. Do you really think a President Pence would be able to do better?

      • It’s not that I still ‘want’ him removed. It’s that I’m ok with him until he’s removed. A President Pence would be Democrats’ worst nightmare.

    • Something, something about not opening your mouth and proving yourself to be one……

  20. Us Deplorables are still waiting for the never-Trumpers and Hillary supporters to tell us how she would have been better for America. What was her plan for economic growth, what help for the ever increasing health care premiums, how to remove the threat of Muslim criminal activity, and what to do with millions of residents who don’t speak English and have no incentive to do so.

  21. So long as there is an alternative, crow is not easy to eat. When these “conservative purists” are starving, they will make the decision to eat their meal of crow. They will not like it but they will eat it anyway in an attempt to become politically relevant again.

    • They will never becime relevant again. A despicable bunch who deserve nothing but scorn for their bigoted opinions.

  22. What remains of the hard core never-Trumpers are thin skinned, arrogant jerks who insist they must be right no matter how objectively wrong they are. This was obvious in Kristol years ago — it has become equally obvious in Frum, Rubin and others.

  23. This is still a very unpopular tax bill. When Trump campaigned, he promised an “incredible” middle class tax cut. That’s not what this is. The tax breaks for individuals phase out in 2025.

    Do corporations like Apple, Amazon, Faebook, and Google really need a tax break? I think most people know the answer to that and so this bill will never be very popular.

    • Looking around my home, I see nothing that was manufactured and sold by the government. Corporations are our employers. Also, they provide us with the stuff that composes our standard of living. To view corporations as enemies who should be fined, punished, severely taxed or better yet, nationalized, is the thinking of Marx. And, given that collectivism in all its forms has failed wherever, whenever, and however, it has ever been tried, I want no part of it. As for the claim that the tax cuts will expire in 2025, that was a concession to Democrats, and it is Democrats who in 2025 will fight to the death, as they always do, against extending the tax cuts. Based on the history of previous tax cuts, I believe that tax revenue will increase, and that GDP will also grow at a faster rate than would have been possible without the new tax legislation.

    • This is the type of comment rendered by one utterly clueless as to how an economy of scale operates, doubtless preferring the command economy one found in the old Soviet Union. I’ll make it easy for you there Steve. Money goes where it’s wanted and leaves where it’s not wanted. That’s why places like Singapore and- of late- Ireland are thriving. The corporate tax rate proved the highest- by far- of any in the first world and the corporate exodus proved it. Furthermore the US proved the only one to “double tax.” I have no problem taxing the rich and they’re not getting a tax break this time. In fact they’re facing a tax hike due to those provisions eliminating the state tax deductions. Corporations don’t pay taxes to begin with by passing on the cost to the consumer. Not tough to understand Steve. This tax bill should eliminate offshoring to a degree that such will no longer be a concern of yours either.

    • The only thing that matters about this tax cut is the corporate tax rate going from highest in the developed world to about average (39% –> 21%) and a territorial tax system so US corporations with overseas operations are not taxed on worldwide profits, but on US made profits going forward, while previously made overseas profits can be repatriated to the US with a lower profit rate of 14%. That is all. What it means is:
      1. Stimulus of gobs of money from lots of large F500 firms reinvesting overseas profits back into the US economy. This creates jobs.
      2. Stimulus of ongoing US operations being now more profitable and allowing reinvestment of those extra profits back into the US economy. The tax rate going from 39% to 21% means the profits retained increase by 1/3.
      Both of these stimuli as you put it are unprecedented and will shove the US GDP growth rate up from 2.5% (average under Obama) to >4%. This is a minimum increased growth rate of 1.5%. This will in fact grow net tax revenues brought back into the Treasury over the next 7 years. While year 1 may be a net negative, subsequent years will actually be neutral, while it is entirely possible the last few years will actually shrink the operating deficit and shrink the accumulated debt as a percentage of the total GDP. Also, this growth in the economy will create more jobs, increasing labor force participation while also increasing factory/blue collar wages, for the first time in 20+ years.

      Independent of this operating deficit, given the demographics, entitlements must become income tested so they don’t go upside down in the next few years. But that is the next topic, and will require bi-partisan action to avoid finger pointing.

      Given that Shrillary had no plan whatsoever to shrink the operating deficit, grow the economy, grow wages, or grow labor force participation (doing more of whatever economics Obama was doing), I am perfectly happy with Trump and the Pubs doing something different.

  24. Julie Kelly is a lot more gracious about allowing back on board that cast of #Never Trumpers residing in the Rubin camp. I’d throw em a rope alright, already knotted with a noose.

      • What are you talking about dave? Are you some sort of conservative icon? Back on board is when Trump renders his last salute as he flies into retirement (sometime in January 2024). They’ll be looking to climb back on board then expecting to ve accepted without question. Should Pence do so he’ll be one and done. Now run along Dave and don’t be late for supper.

    • Yep, once you’ve proven yourself to be a traitor, why would the Revolutionary Army welcome you back in, particularly as a ‘thought leader’ ?

      We are in the 2nd American Revolution…no room for traitors or even weak kneed Patriots.

      If we couldn’t count on you in 2016, we can’t count on you in 2018.
      We are in the 2nd American Revolution…….

      One Picture Equals 1000 Words……

      [to send this to a friend, click the curved arrow in the lower right}

      [to enlarge, click the double arrows ><]

      [read the attached essay below the picture, if you have the time]

  25. The Never Trumpers would have rather had Hillary as President. That makes them pretend conservatives.
    Ever since Reagan we’ve had Republican politicians talking like they were conservatives, but they consistently sold out to whatever the Democrats wanted. Trump has accomplished so much of the conservative agenda that alleged conservatives never had the balls to do.

  26. Great column. PDT has exposed them for the charlatans they are. And have you noticed that the Never Trumpers seem to share a trait. As in light in the loafers, beta males.

  27. NeverTrumpers are lefties that are now out of the closet. Complete scum.

  28. Marvelous spot on column Ms. Kelly. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • And you expect a rational, direct response? Don’t hold your breath!

      • You know, if I went to a liberal comments section and tossed out a conservative talking point, I would probably get some good discussion. Why is that not the case on conservative websites?

      • Simple. Most of those on these sites either know they have been massively conned and just can’t admit, or they have no idea they are being made fools of by hose they admire. Wishful thinking (ie: ‘fake news”) always ‘trumps reality’ and all they are left with are childish insults and silly name calling. There are no intelligent debates from them because most of them have no rational points to make. But when you find the few that can rationally debate with us, hold them close and treat them with respect. Now sit back and watch the vitriol and nonsense that comes at me/you. Fun!

      • Could you two go give each other a internet blow job on your leftist sites, thanks!

      • There’s one! More to come. These silly fellows always take the bait.

      • You know, if I went to a liberal comments section and tossed out a conservative talking point, I would probably get some good discussion.

        You know, you would not.

        Unless because called names is your idea of a “good discussion”.

    • If the GDP hits 4% as expected for that 1.5T$ tax cut (imagine that if you will 1.5T$ given back to the taxpayers) the bill pays for itself and the debt will be paid down.

      • Have we ever spent our way out of debt? Your man Obama put us 9T$ in and all that spending all of those cronies in the green movement getting theirs American workers getting the shaft and at the end of the day we are 20T$ in debt. I’m willing to put my chips on growing out of our debt then spending out way out of debt and my credit card providers agree with me. If I get more $$ and pay down my debt they’ll be much happier then if I run up the card and add more debt, oh and my FICO score would agree with that arrangement as well. (I thought I’d bring it down to a more discernible example for you to understand)

      • “I’m willing to put my chips on growing out of our debt then spending out way out of debt and my credit card providers agree with me. ”

        So let me guess this straight: you handle your finances with the expectation you will “grow” your way out of credit card debt instead of paying it off?

      • Well absolutely each and every raise, each and every bonus pays down my debt, whether it be my car, my house or my credit cards. So let me guess as a liberal you keep on spending and spending and spending and then file bankruptcy every 7 years. No need to answer yes or no you’re a liberal the answer is clear from your question.

      • Like most people, I balance my checkbook. I don’t bank on a future raise or bonus to set things right. And, of course, that was not the Tea Party’s rallying cry: spend more, we’ll grow our way out of it! I believe they were concerned about too much govt. spending.

        How old are you? Did you live through the Reagan and Bush tax cuts? We were going to grow so much, we would have a budget surplus! Didn’t happen.

      • I lived through both but their envisioned growth didn’t occur but well when you are dealing with Democrats on how to grow you lose and they lost. Come back in a year, I’ll do a happy dance.

      • No, growth did occur. You dump a trillion into the economy, you’re going to get GDP growth. What happened was the revenue from the growth didn’t come anywhere near to off-setting the cost of the cuts, and the debt grew and grew.

        Which is why you don’t actually run-up your credit card bill with the hope that a $500 bonus or 2% raise down-the-line will make up for everything. People who do that get into all sorts of trouble, as I’m sure you know.

      • We need to shrink the government, year by year, relentlessly…like the ‘Penny Plan’, only more drastic.

        Whole agencies need to be mothballed, like the Dept. of Education…..let each state cover that.

        Defense and other crucial governmental needs can be protected from relentless cuts, but the whole welfare menagerie needs to be relentlessly cut back, mothballed.

        The whole government needs to be purged of Leftist ideologues.
        Find them, root them out.

      • No matter what, the big GOP donors and big Corporations have been rewarded already. The rest of us will have wait to pick up a few crumbs, if there are ANY someday.

      • You don’t HAVE to take the tax cut. You don’t even have to say THANKS. You’re going to take the money though, aren’t ya?

      • Instead of waiting for crumbs you could simply work harder!

      • Really? The big GOP donors and corporate fat cats didn’t have to work any harder for their huge slices of the tax reduction pie, did they? All they needed was a few bucks in the right pockets and now that famous swamp you guys always complain about is being amply restocked by the guy who promised to drain it, correct?

      • Big tent? With all of the hate that you personally spew here, you are going to end up with a very small tent.

        But, Merry Christmas.

    • They still matter but hopefully matter less as the deficits get smaller. And the biggest problem is still ‘entitlement’ spending. It’s just a problem no one wants to touch because it buys a LOT of votes.

      • But the deficit for 2017 was bigger than 2016’s, and November’s deficit was enormous. We’re back on track for trillion+ deficits, at this rate.

        Where are the protests? Where is the talk of tackling entitlements?

    • Mr. Lefty cult true believer…..if you haven’t learned this by now, you are not edumacatable.

      Go back to reading your updated versions of Marx.

  29. Those mentioned are not conservatives they never have been. Trump put a spotlight on what were just liars all along. They took us rubes for a ride, they sold their books but they never meant a word of what they preached. The bonus of the whole election cycle is that they will never again have any cache to thinking people in the whole USA. They are nothing, they are worse then nothing they are progressives.

  30. JK: “……those who wish to remain on the honest right….”

    There will be more NTers moving to “the honest right” after a bunch of New Year’s Resolutions are made…….

    So, so many 2017 Inconvenient Facts, most assuredly POSITIVE facts for all of the Right….exactly like what Trump promised (but no, we won’t get tired of WINNING!), and if there are still prominent NTers in the New Year, we will be witness to Golly, living Dinosaurs with brain sizes of birds!

  31. I would not give them any rope unless; 1) They ask for it; 2) They admit, factually, what Trump has accomplished, using the written word. The rope should be a little tattered.

  32. The NeverTrumpers are fundamentally, bad people. This is about power; they lost control and want it back. They don’t care an iota about America, they only care about themselves and should be closed out, forever. They are rat traitors and will try to worm their way back in (Ben Shapiro, etc.) in order to subvert and destroy. No quarter for this trash.

  33. stop giving this Evan McIdiot a platform. He has like 10 followers and yet all these “prominent” media types keep asking what Evan McMoron thinks….who even is this guy? Wasn’t he Bill Kristol’s boy friend who was supposed to take down Trump in the state of idiocy (eg Utah)?

  34. I awake on the Saturday before Christmas and feel my country has turned a corner for the betterment of its citizenry. Blowing up the Never Trumpers’ narrative has been such an easy proposition. One needs only to look at RESULTS

    • We have a long ways to go before we can be assured that we have defeated a vicious enemy from within……beating Germany and Japan in WWII was straight forward. Defeating an enemy thoroughly entrenched across the length and breadth of your nation, and camouflaging themselves as Patriots and friends of the ‘little guy’, is going to be much harder to accomplish.

  35. The never trumpers are vile, loathsome and truly dishonest dirtbags.

  36. Ever notice how hateful,bile ridden and unhinged the never trumpers are?

  37. FYI. The phrase “boob-bait for the bubbas” was a phrase coined by the late great Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan to characterize the anti-welfare rhetoric of Ronald Reagan.

  38. A quarter century from now, Donald Trump will be rightfully acknowledged as one of the two or three most important individuals in world history. Bigger than Reagan, Truman, Eisenhower or anyone else. Of course, the history books in the elementary schools will attempt to downplay his accomplishments, as they’re doing with Reagan now, but for anyone who lived through the disastrous Obama and Bush years, Trump is on a Mount Rushmore pace.

  39. President Trump for such a time as this. He saved America from the Elitists, the New World Order that was ON Track and would have occurred very soon, the RINO’s, the Pretend Conservatives, the DEMS, Communists, Marxists, and Socialists, the ignorant Never Trumpers and so much more. It is delightful to see the Deep State and Shadow Government being exposed on a daily basis. As a True Patriot, I and my Family will be eternally grateful for God answering our prayers. President Trump isn’t perfect, BUT he is a True Patriot and loves America and It’s citizens. Can’t say the same for the others listed above.

  40. I was a Cruz supporter and a Never Trumper early on. I just thought he was all talk, and no action, that he would revert to what he had been his entire life: A New Yawk Liberal. But I converted early after he won the primary, and currently, I think he is the best president in my life time. Oh, Reagan talked an elegant game. But face it, he mostly did not get things done. And that fool wife of his actually seemed to have some sway over his policies. Trump talks the talk and walks the walk.

    • I was pondering who to support in Jan 2016. I was thinking of supporting Cruz.

      Then I watched a rally of then candidate Trump, and realized that he was simply ‘the natural’, as in Redford’s movie about a ball player. I never looked back.

      I doubt that ANY of the other republican candidates could have done what president Trump has done. I’m not even sure if any of them could have even won the presidency. For example, could Walker have even won Wisconsin? The Leftists up there would have burnt down Wisconsin rather than see him become president.

      Or, let’s say a Romney could have won the presidency against Hillary…..what would Romney be doing as president to actually fight against the GOPe Swamp creatures, and particularly the Giant, Enormous, Humongous Leftist Cult Movement which has taken over literally, every institution of this nation?



    • Same….Cruz and then Trump….but suspicious of DT being a RINO but definite choice over Clinton, hands down.

      I think the Media’s dishonesty turned Trump from RINO-ish into a Conservative….they challenged his intellect and style and that really set him off on becoming the Transformative President (that Reagan was).

      As for Reagan, he couldn’t be more wrong….and I attribute that to your young age. If you may recall, even Obama aimed to be a Transformative President, “like Reagan”.

      Reagan’s presidency began this way: Iran released our 52 hostages immediately after he took the Oath of Office.

      Today’s news is all about the biggest tax reform “since Reagan’s in 1986″, and Reagan did it without total GOP control of Congress. Reagan won the Cold War and G.H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, along with the whole world, enjoyed the longest period of prosperity in my 6-decades+ lifetime. Bill Clinton arguably benefitted the most by being able to slash defense spending and going along with GOP’s Welfare Reform to produce the most rare of things” Budget Surplus.

      Read up on Reagan…….Trump still has a long, long ways to go, particularly on the foreign policy fronts!

      • I was disappointed in Reagan for NOT using his GIANT popularity to set the nation straight on the Humongous DEBT Bubble….if he had tackled it back then, we could have been in a stable position by now.

        HUGE error. A nation killing error.

      • His main mission was dealing with stagflation handed to him by Carter and the foreign debacles (hostage crises that, IMO, was main reason Carter lost) and shrunken Defense. Reagan was dealing with a Dem Congress….in that context, the deficits were inevitable: first the severe recession of 1981-82 (I know, I was laid off!) necessary to kill the double-digit inflation and then the buildup of our demoralized and shrunken post-Vietnam military.

        Some debt is good….like borrowing to buy a house and (usually) build equity over a long period. That’s what Reagan’s deficits financed: Peace in most of my adulthood & of course, freeing Eastern Europe!

      • Reagan did it without total GOP control of Congress

        Today’s GOP Congress is a long way to the left of the Democratic Congress of Reagan’s day. Trump faces a Congress much more hostile to him and to conservatism than any which Reagan dealt with.

      • Would it be OK if I converted this comment into a stand-alone article for Writer Beat? There is no fee; I’m simply trying to add more content diversity for our community and liked what you wrote. I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. You can learn more about Writer Beat by checking out my profile or just safy “sure” and I’ll handle the rest.

      • I believe Disqus blocked my attempt to send you a link to your article. If you wish to see it or engage your commenters, please do a Google search on the following: Trump has a long way to go to be as strong as Reagan by Happy

      • Thanks! I found it….loved the Forest Gump imagery…..and took a glance at this WriterBeat.com……good luck with this, seems it’s your `baby’!

      • The gratitude is mine. I almost forgot, if you wish to engage your commenters, use the following login credentials:

        email – happy (at) writerbeat (dot) com
        password – writerbeat

  41. I don’t want to “save” the #NeverTrump JERKS, I want them OUT OF BUSINESS, #NeverHeardFromAgain.
    SCREW them. They did their LEVEL BEST to put Hillary and Bubba back in The White House…#NeverForget.
    Be GONE, you traitorous turncoats (and, Bill Kristol, we know you pick your nose).

  42. All this “never Trump” stuff is just irrelevant blather produced by “hot house tomatoes” as my grandmother used to put it. Watch the GDP/market and SCOTUS appointments. The rest of this domestic pettiness is white noise.

  43. Bingo. The thing is, walking back will be so difficult that they’ve evidently made a collective decision to continue lighting their hair on fire and hoping, I don’t know, maybe an asteroid will hit.

  44. Bravo! holding up my cigarette lighter. Can’t wait for the encore. Bravo!!!

  45. Toting up another week of gains (~0.5%), and even more assured of above-Obama GDP growth next year, I decided to Spread MY Wealth (not your wealth or somebody else’s via Government dictate) a bit and made my first donation to President Trump since he won last year. Trump has delivered more than I had expected….and I expected a lot!!!

    From: donaldjtrump.com
    To: HAPPY@abcdefg.com>
    Sent: Sat, Dec 23, 2017 x:yy zm
    Subject: Thank you for your contribution


    Thank you for your generous contribution to continue the fight to Make America Great Again!

    Donald Trump never could’ve won without your support, Sean. And he cannot fix our country without your help.

    far too long, we’ve heard Washington politicians give the excuse that
    “it can’t be done.” They say we can’t balance the budget, we can’t stop
    corruption, we can’t control the border, we can’t bring jobs back to our

    This is America. We can and we WILL get it done.

    Now is the time to work together, unite our country, and bind the wounds of our divided nation.

    Thank you and God bless you,

    Donald J. Trump

    Contributions to the Trump Make America Great Again Committee are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.

    Paid for by Trump Make America Great Again Committee, a joint
    fundraising committee authorized by and composed of Donald J. Trump for
    President, Inc. and the Republican National Committee.


  46. Hmmm….I like this website’s articles….but, the comment boards, in spite of the good comments, seem to get little activity.

    Maybe this will change as the websites grows in influence.

    • Most of these articles on real clear politics seem to get little activity even though they’re very good. I used to often comment on Yahoo News articles which were usually just leftist garbage and sometimes get hundreds of up votes. Here you seldom get much. I stopped going to Yahoo after they changed ( and ruined ) the comment section a couple of years ago. Every little bit helps though and I feel it is important to fight leftist fanatics. They are simply awful. I can’t understand them at all. I know many people from foreign countries and I feel I have vastly more in common with them than with white leftists born and raised here as I was. Certainly a very strange situation.

  47. The truth is the NeverTrumpers were never really conservatives. They’ve always Bennett controlled opposition, whether they realize it or not.
    True conservatives realized this some time ago, which is why we elected Trump, and ignored them.

    • They DO realize that. They are paid for that. Some make a nice living out of the scam. Some, like Epstein’s Motherf…..r, have to work hard, a dime per post, and they’re still overpaid.

  48. Once again the utter thoughtless unspoken but universally accepted “Fallacy of Curious Criteria” is on display in the words of the virulent antis. Here’s an example FTA via David Frum:

    “Conservatism is what conservatives think, say, and do.” Oh, is that right? Dave, I want to see your badge, maybe a uniform designating you as Master of Criteria. Short of that, short of you being able to display a symbol of authority, you are in peril of having your silly contention disassembled like a cheap toy on Christmas morning. If conservatism is what conservatives say it is, then how do we know they are real conservatives? They claim the right to make it up as they go, apparently. I think Dave’s going to find that a hard sell.

    Here is an alternate set of conservative thought. Shrink the government. Reduce regulation. Seal the border. Return the illegals, unleash the private sector, rebuild the military. This is what is real conservative thought is, as underscored by the 60+ million voters who believe that those ARE the bedrock conservative issues and the arcana spouted by Kristol et al, are like arguing about where to hang the pictures while the house is on fire. If you will notice, their voices are getting weaker as the wifi fades in their cabins on The Midnight Express to Political Oblivion slinks into the darkness.

    • Conservatives think those things should be done competently and intelligently, while working with allies on common goals. And while not bankrupting the country. That’s the disconnect between Trumpism and conservatism.

      • Bankrupting the country? That after eight years of Obama, when the national debt DOUBLED? And “allies” means people one can count on, not obligation dodgers like the NATO “allies” (who by the way, now upbraided, are paying up). Your jejune thoughts on the USA and President Trump are an embarrassment to your parents, teachers, and yourself.

      • So you don’t know that trillion dollar deficits are estimated as far as the eyes can see? And that’s with 4.1% unemployment, not the 10% Obama did. I took economics. Doesn’t seem like any Republicans have.

      • The difference between Trumpism and conservatism is like the difference between doing and talking.

  49. Obviously, all of these #NEVERTRUMP @ssclowns have never done a hard day’s work.

    Goldberg, and Crystal, would be Walmart Greeters, if not for their parents, whom actually DID do yeoman’s work to get where they got.

    I’m just pointin out.

  50. What’s truly frightening is that these so-called intellectuals couldn’t see the sheer disgust with the status quo. The Trump tsunami was easy to see if you actually looked and listened. The glass house of the Intellectual Right must be soundproof with limo tint. Sad. I used to actually look up to them.

  51. His ‘taking names’ at the U.N. were names of most of the world who rebuked Trump in no uncertain terms. Yet his National Security Statement plans on cooperation with the same countries where Trump is viewed with distinct. And the NSS contradicts many of Trumps policies or actions. It’s more incoherent than great.

  52. Middle class is super excited about their extra $14 a week.

    • At least Obama saved you $2500 per year on your health insurance premiums, eh Ken?

      • I pay about $45 a month for health insurance. Obama gave bigger tax cuts to the middle class, but nobody even noticed. Can’t see anybody noticing an extra $14 a week.

      • Single? Coverage? Subsidy? Or just plain bovine excrement?

      • You aren’t paying for your “insurance”.
        Your neighbors are paying for it.
        You leech.

      • My employer is. Stop assuming everybody is a freeloader, you dick.

    • Money not sent to the Government is good. Be it a dollar or a million.

      • It’s weird how conservatives are the new anarchists. You people really do need your own private islands to live on.

      • It would be nice to live on a well developed, secure island with a booming economy, low crime (due to actually supporting law enforcement & police officers,) and folks who support each other. You need only to look at the city “islands” of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles & D.C. to see the crime, poverty, and dysfunction you get when Progressive, Liberal Dems run the islands.

  53. NeverTrumpers are the Mensheviks to the Democrat Bolsheviks – just a milder version of the same ideology/brand. They really, really long to be liked by the Bolsheviks and are deeply ashamed of anything too God-ish or fly-over “America”

  54. An article about Trump’s great week and no mention of the Executive Order he signed on December 21, 2017? Tax cuts are rare and wonderful, but an Executive Order targeting the likes of Hillary, Bubba, Soros, Rothschilde, Alefantis, the Podestas, etc. is magic.

  55. The only rope I want to toss them has a noose on the end of it.

  56. Forgot to mention most of the writers over at red state are adamant anti-Trumpers too.

  57. The nevertrumpers will NEVER be forgiven by the republican electorate. The followers they have are democrats. F’em

  58. Great article. The NeverTrumoers are the elitist in the swamp that have failed our country with their arrogance. Good riddance to them all.

  59. Good article, Julie, you kicked them where it ought to hurt, but I suspect only Jennifer has the wherewithal to feel the blow. More importantly, who gives a schiese? Frum, Rubin, Kristol – the whole lot of them, have shown themselves to be unprincipled harlots. Are we now to believe in a “living Constitution” a la Frum’s stupid conceit of ever-changing “conservatism”? Ignore them wherever they write or appear, and if they are key players in something like a magazine, ignore it too. They should be happy to starve to death, secure in their “conservative” purity.

    • Kristol gave us Palin, and Frum now admits that he vetted her on you tube at the time, but wouldn’t confront Kristol and the rest of the Alaska cruise crowd who went up there to meet her.

  60. No, it is about time these imbeciles with Trump derangement syndrome are DISAVOWED. See ya bye….

  61. Don’t throw George Will or Bill Kristol a rope. Those troglodytes don’t deserve it.

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  63. I can’t help but wonder . . .

    How many people on this thread who have taken shots at the NeverTrumpers were rooting for Roy Moore a few weeks ago?

    At this point few – if any – of them will admit they were pulling for Moore, but they’re here on this very thread, feigning superiority, having recently tried to get a Constitutionally illiterate dirtbag into the US Senate.

    • Well Sam, it seems more likely that you “may well be a child moIe*ster” than Roy Moore.

      The NeverTrumpers can choke on their “victory” in Alabama. I’m glad that happened. It will wake up Trump’s outstanding team from its complacency, right on time.

      • Bannon cost the GOP a Senate seat in the reddest state in the land.

        “Outstanding,” you say? Very funny.

        Merry Christmas!

      • So McConnell, a guy who opposed the pedophiIe’s nomination, is responsible for the pedophiIe losing?

        And it’s not the fault of the people who wanted this America-hating, Constitutional illiterate nominated?

        That’s pretty funny.

  64. Sadly, many conservatives are falling into the liberal practice of being unable to separate the man from the work. Trump’s personal behavior makes me cringe at least daily, but I’ll praise to the rafters the good he’s done for the morale, rule of law, and economy of this country in a very short time. And expect nothing less than for the attacks to become even more vicious as he continues to succeed in pushing forward the conservative agenda.

  65. BRAVO! Well stated the never Trumpers can keep digging it’s their graves! No rope from me even with the apologies! TRUMP IS A GREAT PRESIDENT.

  66. Rubin is dead meat just rotting away into nothingness. Joining Bill Kristol by the way!

  67. I will throw them a rope but it’ll be one with a nose.

    They are Establishment and totally exposed. They’ve been playing us with good cop bad cop for a very long time.

    President Trump is Neo, he is the One! We are being fed the “red” pill,

    Free USA Prosperity First,
    Making America Greatest Ever!

    “Where is he”, Neo, “He’s doing his Superman thing again”

  68. good to read some thing positive for a change a good year for president trump.

  69. yeah i’d throw them a rope & when they grab on i’d let go of the other end. then i would probably throw the shovel in so they could dig their way out

  70. All these writers you mention…. heh… they’ve all been dead to me for about .. uh.. hmmm… let’s see,… oh, yeah… since about February of 2016. Good times. So many masks fallen… good riddance.

  71. Wait until the deceitful Dems run against him in the mid-terms with their “impeach Trump” agenda and nothing else. Their vapid policies will be laid bare and they will be trounced. Working Americans wont be able to look away from the strong economy and increased take home pay. He’s raw, crude, confrontational, petulant and an inveterate exaggerator but he’s just what we need right now after having a conniving international affairs professor running the country into the ground. Obama was a con man who was coddled and sainted his whole life. And by the way, “Leading from behind” is called following.

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  72. Another trumper… with all kinds of hate and insults trying to explain ‘why’ trump is the alternative to REAL Republicanism.

    Funny… trumpers hate REAL Republicans… yet had to work within the successful REAL Republican Party to get trump elected. Seems like trump could not do it by himself… and yet, REAL Republicans are ‘bad’.

    Hopefully, Solid Republicans, with a history of involvement in the Party… that still value Ethics, Integrity, and Conservative Principle will withhold their support in 2018… and commence to take their Party back.

    Supporting Moderate candidates with Conservative values and Ethics and Intgegrity… shoudl be supported.

  73. Whatever happened to the fiscal responsibility the conservatives used to preach? Why are we borrowing money to finance a tax break?

  74. I will not throw the Never Trumpers a rope when that time comes. I will gladly pour gasoline into that hole and then toss a match.

  75. Nice. I noticed another salvo this morning by David French at NR. He, with no apparent irony intended, declares his ongoing concern with Trump, “Character is destiny.”

    Wonder if that idea was in mind as he pulled the lever for Clinton?

    • French et al. are under the delusion that their NeverTrump tirades are based on “principle,” rather than Trump showing the world the NeverTrumper’s impotence.

  76. You can mark a conservative’s success by the enemies he/she makes.
    The left hates Trump.
    The left loved it when the NeverTrumpers did their best to elect the Hildebeast.

  77. If this was the best, what was the worst? Flynn wearing a wire?