Trump’s Doctrine: ‘Principled Realism’ Comes to the Fore

Congress requires every administration to submit an outline of its national security strategy. This is usually a behind-the-scenes exercise, carried out by the national security team. But with his speech at the Reagan Building today, Donald Trump put his administration’s ideas about foreign policy and national security under klieg lights at center stage. The lodestar: “principled realism.” More fully: Putting America First is the best strategy not only for the United States but also for the civilized world.

President Trump’s speech, and the nearly 60-page document that lays out his administration’s strategy in detail, is a model of moral clarity and forthright Realpolitik. It is appropriate that the speech was delivered in the Reagan building. Just as Reagan had the courage to describe the Soviet Union accurately, as an “evil empire,” so President Trump’s America First strategy distinguishes sharply between “those who value human dignity and freedom and those who oppress individuals and enforce uniformity.” He explicitly places China, Russia, and North Korea, along with jihadi terrorists and “transnational criminal organizations” in the latter category.

Leading, Period
Pragmatism is a signature element of President Trump’s approach to solving problems, foreign and domestic. As his chief of staff John Kelly noted in an October press conference, Trump’s agenda is simply “what’s good for America.” His approach is governed not by ideology but by “outcomes,” by what works to advance America’s interests.

Barack Obama famously sought to “lead from behind.” Donald Trump seeks to lead, period. Undergirding that ambition is the clear-sighted recognition that American principles are based on a respect for individual rights, economic dynamism, and limited, accountable government.

Again, where Obama sought to let a little air out of the idea of “American exceptionalism,” Trump offers a full-throated endorsement of the idea. “Our founding principles,” he said, “have made the United States among the greatest forces for good in the world.”

As in his speech before the U.N. General Assembly this fall, President Trump’s national security strategy begins from the principle that peace and international prosperity are more surely guaranteed by strong, sovereign nations honestly pursuing their own national self-interest. The ambition to dissolve national sovereignty in a hazy bath of world citizenship is both naÏve and counter-productive. Trump’s foreign policy motto thus echoes Ronald Reagan’s: “Peace through strength.”

On this view, complacency is the enemy of security. In the aftermath of America’s bloodless triumph in the Cold War, the United States emerged as the world’s sole superpower. But that status was not inevitable nor automatically sustainable. It depended on America’s determined prosecution of its own interests. In recent years, America has more and more abandoned that pursuit as other countries sought to capitalize on our bureaucratic paralysis and regulatory suffocation.

Four Key Ambitions
In an increasingly competitive world, America must exploit its unmatched natural resources and human ingenuity. But competition does not necessarily entail hostility. On the contrary, history has shown time and again that weakness is provocative and tends to spark conflict.

Trump’s “America First National Security Strategy” is organized around four key ambitions:

  • To protect the American people, homeland, and the American way of life by securing our borders, protecting our critical infrastructure—cyber as well as material—and developing and deploying a “layered missile defense system.”
  • To promote American prosperity by insisting on fair and reciprocal economic relationships with our trading partners, by advancing and protecting from theft our technological innovation and intellectual property, and by exploiting our enormous energy resources.
  • To promote security by rebuilding and upgrading our military, including our space and cyberspace capabilities and by encouraging our allies to shoulder their fair portion of the costs of their defense.
  • To promote American influence abroad by supporting the rule of law and private-sector-led economic growth among our allies and trading partners, acting generously while also avoiding policies that encourage dependency.

In recent years, many political actors in America have understood their primary task as managing America’s supposedly “inevitable” decline. Trump’s “America First National Security Strategy” understands the challenges that face the United States as so many opportunities for advancement, not energy- and prestige-sapping liabilities. It assumes the possibility of America’s continued preeminence even as it coolly and realistically assesses the competitive challenges we face.

The president’s speech outlined a national security vision that eschews the limp pieties of transnational progressivism. Absent were the reflexive genuflections to political correctness that have been such a conspicuous feature of recent American foreign policy statements. Trump’s national security strategy is manly, red-blooded, and realistic. It affirms the distinctive roots of America’s strength in the American Founders’ deep understanding of the link between individual liberty and limited, accountable government and the separation of powers.

No short speech on strategy can lay out a comprehensive and particularized roadmap for its implementation. Accordingly, the president’s speech articulated a number of general principles and ambitions without detailing exactly how they are to be realized. It established a tone, issued a warning, proclaimed an overall approach.

Most Ambitious Since Reagan
The details of his plan are contained in the long national security document, also released Monday. Here interested parties can find an extensive list of priority actions that the administration will take on issues from border security and immigration to missile defense, addressing the threat of terrorism, cyber warfare, and weapons of mass destruction.

On the economic front, the document outlines the Trump Administration’s plans to reduce counterproductive regulatory interference, reform the tax code, exploit our energy resources, support education, and promote trade relations that are reciprocal as well as fair. The document also details how America can best deal with different regions by tailoring its diplomatic and economic advances to the needs of particular locales.

One would have to go back more than 30 years, to the administration of Ronald Reagan, to find an articulation of American foreign policy and national security strategy that was as self-confident and unashamedly pro-American as this magnificent speech and supporting document. It’s as if a window were opened, letting in sunshine and brisk, salubrious breezes.

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142 responses to “Trump’s Doctrine: ‘Principled Realism’ Comes to the Fore”

  1. God bless President Trump! We’ll continue to pray for his success and the demise of those fighting against him.

    • Nothing Christian about this President or his followers- only anger and venom.

  2. An unashamedly pro-America American President.


    • It is, to liberals and others who believe the 0bama era was the new normal.

    • LOL !

      trump trusts YOU so much… he won’t even tell you what his finances are.

      • Why should he? Why don’t you tell the world your personal finances? Put up or shut up.

      • Because trumpy works for me… and is entrusted with the full Power of the American Government to enrich himself at my, and the American People’s, expense…. and hide that crime… unless he divulges his finances to be tracked and monitored.

        Now let me guess… you as a trumpy fool… completely trust & believe trumpy – eh?

      • No we believe in the presumption of innocence. You may have missed it in the Constitution but the government has the burden of proof, not Trump. And what you suggest has been proven false by your own candidate. A president and first lady who came to Washington broke by their own description are now fabulously wealthy with nothing but government jobs and their finances were open. But you won’t see book deals and speaking fees for what they are, corruption.

      • Presumption of innocence refers to criminal trials.
        As to your references to the Clintons, even if 100% true (which they may be) justifying a wrong by citing wrongs by other parties is sloppy thinking.

      • No. I’m simply stating a fact. Trump doesn’t have to prove he’s innocent. Yes that’s the criminal standard, but it is also our society’s ideal. You may have your own personal opinion, as do I about the Clintons, but that’s all it is. Weinstein, Hillary, Trump, Moore, franken, from me they get the presumption of innocence colored by my opinion until a court says otherwise. It’s what I would want people to do in respect to me if I were in that situation. Besides Trump doesn’t have a motive. He’s already wealthy and any corruption would likely be exposed by a subsequent opposition administration and risk his losing everything. What you’re proposing doesn’t make any sense. The disclosure regime is mostly designed to discourage successful people from entering politics which is mostly populated by losers who’ve never accomplished anything in the real world.

      • Hehehe, what bunk.

        But that is what trumper supporters do. trumpy will get richer… and you will cheer him on. The rest of America will get more poor… and you will cheer them down. Have you noted the last minute change in the so-called ‘tax reform’ bill? tax breaks for ‘real estate’ companies… like trumpy’s?

        In your world…. trump’s world… the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.

      • I don’t know how to put this politely. You’re an idiot. First I don’t care how rich the top 0.1% or 1% gets anymore than I care that 2% of our population grows all the food. The rich grow money. Analysis shows this tax bill will result in the average family making $4000 more a year, about a 7% increase. On top of that they get a doubling of their deduction. My tax bill unfortunately will go up. I lose a lot of deductions. But trust me, I’m doing ok. The most important is the decrease of corporate tax rate from the second highest in the industrialized world and an incentive to bring home the $3 trillion US companies have been holding overseas so as to avoid paying a 35% tax on it. This money will be paid in dividends or stock buy backs raising share prices helping everyone’s pension or annuities. Some will be reinvested creating more jobs and a higher demand for labor and therefore higher wages. Already the stock market has added $5 trillion in value boosting future tax revenues by $1 trillion. Bringing the overseas money home will give an instant boost of half a trillion. But unfortunately many poor literally choose to be poor. I’ve tried to help some. Literally told them exactly what to do to be making 6 figures in 5 years with no student loan debt. But they don’t do it. Too much work. I’m sorry you’re poor. Make better decisions.

      • Tax returns are private. I don’t care about his tax returns.

        And I’m sure you’ve conveniently forgotten, but Romney released his. Not a thing wrong with them, but Reid et al. smeared him for being rich. Sorry, we learned our lesson.

        Name-calling and Capitalizing Random Words. Very Convincing.

    • Pro rape.

      Metaphysical and literal.

      Our pro rape presidency. Grabbing the world by the p**sy.

  3. I supported Cruz and others in the primary, and voted for Trump – reluctantly – in the general election because I did no believe that he meant what he said. I believed he was a “New York Liberal”, and that he was just saying what “the people” wanted to hear so he would be elected – the same way so many others have done.
    But I was wrong.
    He really *is* *exactly* who he says. And he *really* is exactly what we needed, *exactly* when we needed. And I’m all-in.
    And the rest of the Republican Party had better get on board. Quickly. Or GTF out of the way. (I’m looking at *YOU* Mitch McConnell!)

    • I always knew he was what this country needed and he would be just as he is.

      • Yes. A rapist.

        Trump exists to prove American exceptionalism along with white supremacy as the the pathetic ideology that it is.

        Now that America has our own Kim Jung Un, we can’t argue that our politics are better, let alone more moral, than anyone. And I include our enemies like Putin and North Korea there.

      • the rapist was Bill Clinton but I don’t hear you complaining about him, or his enabler wife. or better yet the N.Korean agreement that would keep N. Korea from having nukes.

      • Bill Clinton was not publicly accused of rape until after he was president.

        Hillary clinton was never accused of rape.

        Trump was credibly accused of rape and sexual assault before he was elected.

        I’ve never voted for anyone publicly accused of raping anyone. That includes bill Clinton’s re-election. I didn’t vote.

        None of you can say the same. Trump gained support after he was accused of sexually assaulting women.

        You guys used bill clinton as your excuse. You wanted to create revenge on his wife so you elected your own accused rapist.

        We can tell now that you impeached clinton without caring about sexual assault.

      • Clinton was impeached on 4 issues
        Obstruction of justice
        Witness tampering
        Witness intimidation

        Try not to rewrite history

      • Truth:

        He was not convicted of any charge but perjury for lying to congress about a consensual blow job.

        And he was not accused of rape until after he was president.

        Maybe the party of Nixon and Trump should be careful of how often it mouths the word impeachment.

        Winter is coming.

      • lena – your problem, which apparently you fail to see, is you defend Bill Clinton, one of the most notorious sexual predators that has stained politics in the last 50 years. it makes everything else you say hyper partisan BS.

      • Laughing.

        Trump is worse on every measure than bill clinton.

        Because of partisan politics YOU don’t care.

      • On the bright side you get to be an unhinged harridan for the next 8 years… have fun!

      • Four indictments so far. And the mueller investigation is expected to last another year at least.

        Trump has the lowest approval ratings of any American president, and most Americans name his administration as the most corrupt in recent memory.

        But I appreciate your optimism.

        Fed a steady stream of palatable right wing news you won’t even hear about it when he’s arrested. And pence is arrested. Etc. etc. etc.

        You might notice the middle class tax heist.

        But then again, you’re an alternative fact person. Why should you care if trump charges you more in taxes to make America greeeeeaaaaat again?

      • lena, you pathetic and total jackass: “indictments” mean nothing until there is a conviction

        get informed, you pathetic ignoramus

        anytime, we are here to help you out of your dilemma

        glad you asked, anytime, just anytime

      • Pleading guilty to those indictments means there is a plea deal not a conviction.

        We have more than one person working with the prosecutor and more sealed indictments.

        The process will last another year or so. Just to try to protect our democracy from your Russian puppet.

      • because of your ignorant, vicious, stupid, partisan politics YOU, lena, you @ $ $, don’t care

        happy to help, just anytime

      • lena, you defensive, stupid, ignorant shill: Trump being “credibly accused” is one thing, but Bill “Blow Job” Clinton was proven, that is PROVEN to have been a rapist
        And that is a big, big, big, BIG, BIG, BIG!!! difference.
        We are happy to help you with your dilemma of trying to defend the indefensible.

      • Clinton was not proven to be a rapist. He’s never been convicted of rape. He was accused.

        Trump was also accused of rape before he became president.

        What do you think “proven” means?

        Trump has been equally proven guilty of rape. And more accused of sexual assault.

      • I’m sorry that you don’t understand what “proven” means.

      • don’t be sorry, you child, because the testimony of so many women who have been abused, raped, whatever by BJ Clinton are not matched, NOT MATCHED, by any testimonies of any women accusing Trump

      • No. They are not matched.

        They are exceeded.

        Trump has more accusers than clinton does. And trump is accused of underage forcible rape.

        Bill clinton was not.

      • But if you recall Clinton was Impeached for what is conceivably the MOST egregious offense to The Rule of Law WHILE Pre-eminent Officer OF The Law.

        Formally recorded by the Congress as Obstruction of Justice”.

        And even after that indictment refused to apply “the full measure OF The Law”

        Allowing him to remain The Pre – Eminent Officer OF The Law.

        Display of that Congress’ “respect” FOR THE Fundamental of the nation. Reputed “The RULE OF Law”.

      • The most egregious offense?

        Nixon’s impeachment was for worse crimes.

        Conspiracy with a foreign power to win an American election in exchange for sanctions relief is a worse crime.

        Lying about a blow job seems pretty tame by comparison.

      • but BJ Clinton is a filthy lib/lefty/Democrat jackass
        no one has proven anything resembling “Conspiracy with a foreign power”

      • If you’re angry at obstruction you must have been sickened when trump admitted he fired Comey to ease presssure from the Russia investigation.

      • no such admission took place

        Comey was fired because he was a cheap, two-dollar w h 0 r e

        glad you asked, anytime, just anytime

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    • Cruz is a spineless lump. Trump called him a liar, his wife ugly, and spread fake news about his father being involved in JFK’s murder.Cruz was very vocal against raising the debt ceiling, even preferring a shutdown over raising it..Remember the sequester? Cruz used to demand bills be revenue neutral. He used to demand spending cuts to offset spending bills… Now he sits in silence, groveling, while Trump raised the debt ceiling and signs bills far from revenue neutral. He is afraid to speak up for fear Trump’s faithful flock will label him a RINO and push him out of his job.

      • Cruz’s position is United States Senator.
        Apparently he views his job as self promotion.

    • On board with you Fretless and can only add that Trump has singularly rewritten a heretofore political fundamental – – that a politician has to be likable. I have no more emotional affinity for the braggadocious belligerent New Yorker than when I supported any number of his campaign competitors and, like many, voted
      more against Hillary than for Trump. As a conservative I take great delight in his policies, if not his approach, and happily admit that at this point in history none of those candidates could have withstood the shit storm of negativity and concerted mission to destroy his Presidency as has Trump – – so far. Bonus feature; the great left unhinging meltdown has provided some the most entertaining political theater in my lifetime.

      • Agreed. During the campaign I learned to ignore aspects of Trump’s personality, his bloviating and his oftentimes undisciplined, scattershot remarks and tweets. The true measure of the man as President and what all observers need to focus on is the impact of his administration on the country. In this regard he is right up there with Reagan in the course he has set and the accomplishments he is starting to rack up. He is a man of action with the courage of his convictions, an historical personage and great gift to those of us who have been watching leftism unremittingly march across this country since the 1960s. There is nobody else present in the Republican party who can hold a candle to him.

      • A Fundamental of President Trump is that he is NOT a Professional politician.

        Whose living and social status DEPENDS on conning The People by selling them a pig in a poke.

        The People, their customers, consumers, they openly without qualm despise.

        THE question is WHY any of the People, and they are in the millions, have so little self respect that they hire these people as agents, representatives, in their name, trust and interests.

        NOT once but again again and again.

      • Google is paying 97$ per hour,with weekly payouts.You can also avail this.
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  4. Exactly what I thought. Haven’t heard anything like it since Ronald the Great left us wishing for more. His successors are globalist (international socialism) lackeys. That included Clinton, both Bushes, and the treacherous Obama. All of them working for the elite’s of the world while we peasants had no voice, no representation, as we watched this country being slowly dismantled and recreated into a part of a world collective.

    • lol…Trump is the picture of globalism. His whole family has businesses around the world. They bank overseas. They manufacture their products overseas. They hire primarily hb2 foreign workers for their properties here. Trump hired seven global bankers from Goldman Sachs to run the country…

      • If you’re trying to label him a hypocrite you’re doing a terrible job. Globalists and global trade are not synonymous.

      • Nobody knows what “globalism” is except that it is supposed to be bad.

      • So what. Explain how he wants open borders. A weakened American economy. America to be INTERDEPENDENT, not independent. Explain how he wants lots and lots of third world peasants and a dilution of the American culture to prepare us for a nationless world. Explain how he is planning on using climate change to extract more from the American worker and hand it to third world nations. I could go on but if you had half a brain I suspect you’re beginning to realize you don’t have a clue about “globalism” which is just another world for international socialism aka communism. Educate yourself. Your ignorance is showing.

    • Another “anti-globalist” lying liar who claims that Reagan was one of them. The Bushes continued Reagan’s policies, they did not reverse them.

  5. Since voting for the man I’ve gone from wary acceptance to full throated approval.

    What an enormous surprise he has been. Not at all what I had thought.

    • Yes. Trump is a pro rape president who has brought the world closer to nuclear war and will raise taxes on sixty percent of Americans while adding 1.5 trillion to the deficit.

      What a pleasant surprise he has been!

      You guys have Stockholm syndrome indeed.

  6. He a guy, like one of us but smart and really really tough.

  7. The ultimate answer is to defund “morals are relative heh heh” Prog (1984) Ed in K-12, university and grad schools; replacing the anti-brain, anti-republic and Bizarro pedagogy with Western (1776) Enlightenment and its love of Natural Law, Common Sense Philosophy, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Property and Happiness.

    For example, the Federal (Prog 1984) Reserve is dedicated to destroying American’s dollars… 95% since 1913. It craves to destroy the property in dollars of Americans by 50% every 36 years, at the bare minimum. This is outrageous. Disband the Fed, stop them purposely destroying the currency earned by Americans. The cause of all this is Prog (1984) Ed, which says “morals are relative heh heh.” Defund Prog (1984) Ed now. Why? Because it results in 1984 all the time, every time.

  8. For some reason after reading this article I hear the voice of Ronald Reagan: “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

  9. This is utter Bunk.

    ‘principled realism’… is NOT what trumpy does. trumpy lies… and that is completely incompatible with the term, ‘principled’.

    As for what trumpy is doing, it is nothing more than withdrawing from World Leadership… and collapsing internally into a 2nd world country… of megalomaniac presidents… constant never ending diversionary ‘gawking’… and sleazy puffery.

    Kimball should be ashamed for this kind of tripe.

    • Your narrative appears to be well past it’s sell-by date.

      Haven’t you heard the good news? The Christmas miracle?

      “Trumpy’s” getting everything he wants for Christmas, and you’re getting stuffed (with a lump of coal).

      Ho, ho, ho!

      • Ho, ho, ho, you will have no dough.

        trumpy will, tho… and you will get stuck with the trump national debt increase. But hey! Eat, drink and be merry! For it is not until tomorrow… that we have to pay the bills.

        Ho, ho, ho!

      • Well, it is worth a try. After “hope” and “change” turned into “you can hope you’ll have spare change left over by the time I’ve finished wrecking the economy, but I wouldn’t count on it,” why not?

      • What? What? A progressive who cares about debt and deficits? Must of missed that Obama entitlement reform after the ObamaPhone program was implemented…

      • What about Russia? Or has that narrative been sh-t-canned now?

        Dems concerned about the debt – next thing you know dogs and cats will be walking around on two legs. Tell us, where were you from 2008 to 2016 when the debt doubled?

  10. “Bloodless triumph”? Sloppy writing from yet another chickenhawk.

    True principled realism will involve cutting off the welfare to the Israeli parasites and Egyptian dictators, and re-direction the money to infrastructure projects in the US such as the Flint water system.

  11. Deranged article. There’s nothing principled about Trump except the principal of his own self enrichment.

    • I bet you actually believe your statement is true. But it is not just like a whole mess of things you also think are true. It is the mental disease of Liberalism/Progressivism that substitute their wished for view of the world for reality.

      • Talk about being mentally ill – all conservatives can do is lie, cheat, and shirk responsibility. I’m not talking about your terrible representatives either – you fake Christians are sick and twisted and just like failing to admit that you lied to get the country to declare war on Iraq (no WMDs) you’re trying now to convince us you POTUS isn’t a Nazi supporting pro-Kremlin shill lining his own pockets. How you going to blame this one on the left? (I’m sure you sick dumb people will find a way)

      • So you are in complete agreement with Trump about Iraq? What does that tell you? It tells me that you are an idiot.

      • Dang you people are twisted. Republicans lied to get the country to go to war. Just because I remembered Republicans are liars that shirk responsibility does not mean I agree with President Pussyburgalar – thanks for playing Comrade.

  12. Look at Trump, sounding all presidential. So refreshing after the long years of listening to the grievance-monger Obama deliberately trying to handicap his own country. This is clear-headed, optimistic, and achievable, and it will serve both the American citizen and the world. But it won’t serve the leftists who still think America needs to be taken down a peg, so I guess they will keep their pu$$y hats ready for another tantrum.

  13. Principled Realism? What if there is no personal integrity?

  14. When is someone going to tell Trump no, he did not get us out of the TPP? He keeps claiming he did as if he does not know we were never in it because there was not enough support on either side and was ashcanned before it was ever voted on.

    • Let’s pick at the details eh? The Dems, Obama and Hillary were all in on TPP as it were a done deal. “Getting us out of it” means killing the idea that had us previously committed to pursuing.

      • Nope… Dems were against it…You need to go back and revisit…At first, republicans pushed it… Then as a few dems got on board, and the details came out, the majority on both sides were against it, , and it never brought up for vote, and ashcanned.

  15. Netanyahu: Trump added $75 million in defense aid to Israel

    Netanyahu says at Yom Yerushayim event that Washington has increased
    funding for Israel’s missile defense program after Trump visit.

    Contact Editor

    AFP, 24/05/17 21:16


    President Donald Trump and Binyamin Netanyahu


    Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Washington has added tens of millions
    of dollars in extra defense aid for Israel, a day after US President
    Donald Trump wound up a visit.

    He did not say over what timeframe the money would be disbursed. The
    addition comes on the heels of a weekend announcement of a massive
    US-Saudi arms deal.

    Under a 2016 agreement, Washington already bankrolls its Israeli
    ally’s military spending to the tune of $3.8 billion dollars annually
    over 10 years, making the Jewish state on of the top recipient of US

    “Three days ago, the US added another $75 million to the aid package
    for the missile defense program,” Netanyahu said at a memorial ceremony
    for Israel’s dead in the 1967 Six-Day War.

    He did not elaborate.

    Israel’s total defense budget amounts to some $16 billion, excluding the US aid.

  16. Putin thinks of Trump as an asset. The rest of the world thinks less of him. More of an a**.

    • But far, far superior to the arrogant, apologetic non-muslim prick thought of as B. Hussein O., no?

      • I appreciate original thought. I have never heard of anyone described as arrogant AND apologetic. Usually it’s one or the other. And “non-Muslim” is also puzzling, but you are inventive and so you get points from me.

    • Since the so-called “rest of the world” are all socialists striving for a one-world government in which they dominate, it isa completely understandable that they do not appreciate President Trump who is an unabashed Nationalist just as Putin is.

      • Putin and Trump both place Russia first.

        When it comes to Putin, Trump is a definite bottom.

      • I hate to be the one to break it to you, but Trump is not a nationalist. He is for Trump. Nationalism gets him applause, which is like oxygen to him.

  17. As TIME has passed, the Domestic AND Foreign Doctrines of the hierarchs of the “Democratic” PARTY and their troupes of the past half century, and a bit more, have matured.

    So that the “intent” of those doctrines is now clear even to the three wise monkeys. And that THE GOAL openly asserted by their “Leader” in 2008 HAS Been achieved..

    A man of UNCERTAIN personal and political provenance. Selected, so the report, “Because it was TIME for an Afro – American”. Which IS?

    In this nation in which ONLY Persons Known to be UNQUALIFIED American citizens were, in compliance with the FUNDAMENTAL of the nation, reputed “the RULE Of Law”, legally, contractually, eligible for “The Office of President”.

    Citizens officially identified AS American. With NO racial and or national origin qualifier.

    As Afro – American identifies them as OTHER than American. Because of their race.

    As if, more than 150 years after acknowledged AS Family, STILL NOT accepted by the “caring compassionate democratic liberals” as “One of Us”.

    And Sadly MOST of those American progeny of black skinned sub Saharan Africa slaves ACCEPTED this insult to as Second Class Citizen.

  18. You have to know where this is all going: several more indictments, revelations of three distinct crime sets by the trump organization: money laundering, a quid pro quo collusion between trump and Russian entities (most likely criminal) and finally, obstruction of justice.
    You have to know what’s coming down the line.

    • Good luck with all that as one by one your disappointment will mount. Start now with your suicide hot line counseling.

  19. Principled….


    That’s the word that seems out of place when it comes to trump’s dystopian world vision.

  20. The Smart Set wrote off Dutch as a dimwitted B movie actor who conned the voters, forever sneering their contempt as he ate their collective lunches. Now Trump is just a real estate developer and reality show MC, an uncouth poseur, and while they hurl insults he proceeds with America’s restoration. It took Reagan a couple years to really gain his balance and get his policies working; Trump has shown himself to be a quicker learner and is getting quicker results. In fairness though, Reagan also had to recover from a near-fatal gunshot wound in his first year as President. But both dispatched the defeatism of the Progressives they had ousted, and unleashed economic booms with the spirit of optimism they created in the country.

    • Reagan also had a Democrat House and Senate to contend with whereas Trump only has a never-Trumpers and RINOs in the House and Senate to contend with. Hard to tell which is worse.

  21. Democracy promotion at all costs and unnecessary enmity to Russia as if it were a more important adversary than China are the two key obsessions of the foreign policy establishment, now lying shattered on the ground.

    • Well, Russia IS our no. 1 geopolitical foe. Mitt Romney was right.

      • That’s the paradigm that Trump just wrecked. And it is false.

  22. Please do not use the words “Trump” and “principled” in close proximity to one another.
    It is inherently misleading.

    • Only in your mind,not in others. We see the growing confidence of the consumer and the momentum building toward a growing economy that puts prosperity back on the table after a hiatus of at least 8-10 years. Only those with hate in their heart can complain.

      • Only those with a memory of the almost fatal economic crash of 2007 wonder why a madman is recreating the economic conditions for another crash.

      • I recall vividly the downturn and I am also well schooled on the reasons for said financial implosion. Plenty of blame to go around however; the largest percentage of blame rests on Clinton and Democrats in Congress who created the environment for the fall. The anti-American madman many of us know as the failed former affirmative action president, Obama, is no longer at the helm and consumer confidence is at a 20 year high due to fewer regulations and better economic policies..

        Your comment is meaningless tripe, dull witted and banal.

      • That’s a totally made up chart.


        I guess you will school yourself again with the trump crash.

        No doubt trump will blame obama.

      • Then why didn’t you attempt to dispel what you assert is myth with some facts? I have yet to find a progressive who knows enough about economics to school me little girl and it won’t start with you, lena.

        Obama is still blaming Bush for his failed administration while the American people opined that Obama the worst president since WWII.

        “President Obama has topped predecessor George W. Bush in another poll, but not one he would like. In a new Quinnipiac University Poll, 33% named Obama the worst president since World War II, and 28% put Bush at the bottom of post-war presidents.”…
        Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

      • Obama is more popular in Alabama if all places than trump is.

        Your polls are funny. Your link doesn’t go through.

        Trump has epic low approval ratings. And they will only sink lower.

        Real links that work:

      • This president is working to hurt most Americans.

        To help his Russian and American oligarch friends.

        That’s probably not you either.

        Nixon had his fans too. History will treat trump with the contempt he deserves.


      • Is that why he just gave the middle class a giant tax cut and the economic policies that will grow our economy and jobs because he wanted to hurt working Americans. That’s absurd in so many ways.

        After three straight quarters of 3% growth and consumer confidence at a 20 year high the american people have a leader once again. It’s too bad you fantasy ideology prevents you from experiencing the positive leadership of a Patriotic President.

        Thank you President Trump and Merry Christmas, lena.

      • Not when there are other choices. Isn’t freedom and liberty about the freedom to choose?

        Merry Christmas, lena.

      • If trump is our affirmative action president. Trump is our legacy president.

        The guy who won because his dad was a member of the klan and he hates black people so much he was able to inspire all the racists to believe in capitalism again.

        Affirmative action candidates work harder and are more loved than legacy rich racist frat date rape dudes like trump.

      • Got your outrage machine turned up to full blast, Lena? You are proving once again that Democrats are the party of bankrupt principals, discredited policies and two-faced political arguments like yours. Why so much contempt for the truth and the American people?

      • Real facts? Why did you send me a link to the cartoon section?

  23. from the time he announced I was for Trump because I called him the unique man at the unique time.

    Why, because he stood up to the media, didn’t back off, and didn’t care whether he was liked by the media or not.

    And the alternative at this time is no scandals revealed, Hllary enriching her own coffers and the country sinking

    Anyone remember the new norm, that B.O. told us. you know. 1% GDP. funny how getting rid of his regulations and freeing the people make them productive beyond what he and the media parroted.

    Where is the apology. And now you hear BO supporters saying Trump inherited the economy. What a crock

  24. One of the reasons the Democrats were so unhinged when Trump became president is that he stood for the diametric opposite of everything Obama did. “If” he enacted half of his plan it would render Obama’s legacy a vacuity. Now – as he implements exactly what he said he’d do, (and he’s doing it with surprising speed and confidence) they are utterly apoplectic… it will be a great 8 years!

    • The vacuity is a man with no ideas of his own except eradicating the popular accomplishments of his predecessor because the man is black.

      Obama’s approval rating will always be higher than trump’s for this reason.

      Trump’s dad was a certified member of the klan. Apple doesn’t fall far from the…rotting tree.

      • Ahhh – lena, really? Racism? I’m afraid you better check your party talking points…. that ol racissss card has been overplayed…weak sauce.


      • You’re right. I’m sorry.

        You guys have moved from mere racism to nazism.

        Heil Trump.

      • Nazi? I thought he was a Zionist for making Jerusalem the capital of Israel!


      • These days you can be both!

        Extreme right wingers want a war that exterminates Israel. It’s supposed to mean Jesus comes back quicker.



      • Sweeetie, Didn’t you get the talking points? The Racist thing didn’t work. We are trying the sexist thing again.

  25. I suppose it’s a measure of AG’s success that the hysterical Leftist bed wetters have started trolling the comments section. Was nice while it lasted.

  26. Mr Kimball, this is a great analysis of the beauty, the practicality, the common sense, of Trump’s approach to leading this still-greatest nation in the history of man, despite Barack Hussein “Bend over, Kingey of Saudi Arabia so I can kiss your rear end closest to your digestive tract” Obama’s best efforts to drag this still-greatest nation down to the level of France, the UK, Sweden, Germany, etc God is good.

  27. Mr Kimball, thanks for providing great analysis on Trump and his style. We voted for him without hesitation, SIMPLY BECAUSE OF HIS SPEAKING CLEARLY AND AVOIDING THE LANGUAGE AND STYLE THAT POLITICIANS USE.

    • Bingo!!!! We voted for our POTUS BECAUSE he is a man of action, and b/c we know the USA is his heart. MAGA

  28. Sounds like more of the Wolfowitz Doctrine, which means his pitch for the Presidential election was just b*llshit…well not everybody is an admirer of the American Empire…F**k it and may it’s days be numbered.

  29. What a load. He is FAR from keeping his campaign promises:
    – “Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton”
    – “Eliminate the carried interest loophole”
    – “Balance the federal budget ‘fairly quickly'”
    – “Eliminate the federal debt in 8 years”
    – “Declare China a currency manipulator”
    – “Accepting no salary”
    – “Insurance for everybody”
    – “No one will lose coverage”
    – “Everybody’s going to be taken care of”
    – “Increase veterans health care”
    – “No cuts to SS/Medicaid”
    – “Will release tax returns after election”
    – “Invest in infrastructure (using US Steel) and create an infrastructure fund”
    – “Ban foreign lobbyists from raising money for American elections”
    – “Guarantee paid Maternity leave”
    – “Allow deducting healthcare premiums from taxes”
    – “Renegotiate NAFTA”
    – “Build a wall, make Mexico pay for it” (never going to happen)
    – “Grow the economy by, 4, 5, 6% per year”
    – “Enact term limits on Congress”
    – “Sue sexual misconduct accusers”
    – “Not taking vacations”
    – “Won’t be using Twitter as much, or just once in a while…”
    – “Won’t have time to play much golf”
    – “Bring back manufacturing jobs from overseas”

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  31. “..In the aftermath of America’s bloodless triumph in the Cold War, the United States emerged as the world’s sole superpower.”

    The Cold War did not end with a complete success nor was it “bloodless”. It was in fact brutal. During the “cold war” era many “hot wars” sprang from it. They include the Korean war, the Vietnam war and due to that war the rise of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, to the wars in sub continent, the Iranian revolution, to a long list.

    Communism was one of the major Victors of World War 2 and due to that spread to China. In China Communism caused the death of over 100 million due to the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution. Under Mao Tibet was annexed and Buddhism was snuffed out of China and Tibet. The annexation of Tibet resulted in the destruction of 6,000 monasteries which held the sum total of Tibet’s faith, literature, and the arts, Her monasteries also acted as the seat of government and religious power.

    Communism expands using a few methods. Revolution is the chosen method. If not then invasion. Finally subterfuge is used in the presence or absence of revolutions or wars. This is where we failed and Communism succeeded. While America saw the collapse of the Soviet Empire we were already under heavy assault from within.

    The Frankfurt school of Cultural Marxism is Communism method of subterfuge. Its aim is to infiltrate a society and undermine her institutions. Cultural Marxism has been exemplary success in destroying American and Christian traditions including the American family, Christian traditions, and introducing massive social upheavals seen during the 60s such as the “counter culture” movement, the pro drug culture, Feminism, to alternative lifestyles including the deliberate death of Christianity. We lost that aspect of the Cold War. Russia won.

    The 4 points to put America first:

    -To protect the American people, homeland, and the American way of life by securing our borders, protecting our critical infrastructure..
    – To promote American prosperity by insisting on fair and reciprocal economic relationships with our trading partners..
    -To promote security by rebuilding and upgrading our military, including our space and cyberspace capabilities..
    -To promote American influence abroad by supporting the rule of law and private-sector-led economic growth among our allies and trading partners,..
    Does not include repairing the damage done on our society by Cultural Marxism. It should include this for unless our society is healed from that wound our capacity as a great nation is severely compromised. Weakening our society to this level and keeping it that way was the main objective of Communism if it failed to take us over by force.