A Deplorable Conservative Response to Charlottesville and Bannon

President Donald Trump’s responses to the violence in Charlottesville have garnered the typical reactions from all the usual suspects in the conservative sphere of influence.

Luminaries such as David French, Erick Erickson, and Ben Shapiro took the field against Trump, trying to prove the Leftist narrative that he sympathizes with white supremacists. One example of the kind of “logic” contained in these pieces should suffice.

In his National Review column, French called for the firing not of Terry McAuliffe, the rabid partisan governor of Virginia, nor of Michael Signer, the feckless Charlottesville mayor who failed to keep order while radicals clashed in the streets. Instead, French argued that Steve Bannon, President Trump’s chief strategist, should be sacrificed to the liberal gods of tolerance and diversity.

Well, French got his wish. Depending on who you believe, Bannon was either fired or resigned from his position in the White House. Elite conservatives, never missing a moment to make complete fools of themselves, have taken to Twitter to register their glee over the news.

John Podhoretz, the editor of Commentary, offered his usual principled and moderate take:

Podhoretz’s calumny is typical among this lot. They regularly talk a good game about principles and virtue, but their words and actions constantly devolve to the lowest common denominator. Why would Bannon, whom Podhoretz equates with Nazis, call white supremacists and their fellow travelers a “fringe element” of “clowns” and “losers” who society must “crush” if Podhoretz had even the smallest point? Podhoretz, no doubt, will still hear dog whistles to Richard Spencer in this clear condemnation. Perhaps the decibels were not amped up enough for him in that interview?

Some people are simply beyond help at this point. For the base of Trump supporters, Bannon is the avatar of the Trump agenda, which is based on securing the people’s interests rather than upholding the interests of the members of the Beltway Uniparty faction. That the conservative elites, whose foolishness knows no bounds, are applauding his exit speaks volumes.

‘Flight 93’ Revisited
But nothing surpasses the giddy breathlessness of conservatives sharing Caleb Howe’s sad and shameless “The Flight 103 Presidency” on Twitter like school girls reporting a celebrity sighting. In some cases, it appears, their phones are literally glued to their hands. Howe aspires to be clever by taking a page from Michael Anton’s famousFlight 93” essay, an essay Howe calls “disastrous” and “preposterous,” and instead comparing the Trump administration to Pan Am Flight 103, which exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988 due to a terrorist bomb.

For Howe, and many other conservatives who really can’t get seem to get Anton out their heads, “if the plane crashes, the entire airline is going down with it.” “If the bomb doesn’t go off,” Howe says, “the plane won’t crash, there won’t be a trial, and the company may survive.” Trump is both a “plane” and a “bomb” onboard the plane. In Anton’s original formulation, the plane was the United States. It is unclear in the piece, but the “airline” seems to be the Republican Party. For Howe, the good of the country recedes from view altogether. The good of a political party is everything, it seems.

Stumbling through a haze of pompous self-righteousness, Howe somewhere around the middle of the piece finally gets to his nuanced and carefully thought out thesis: Trump has thrown his lot in with white supremacists.

“Trump, in his outlandish plane crash of a presser on Tuesday,” Howe writes, “said that some among the Nazis and white supremacists who marched for racism and destruction in Charlottesville were ‘fine people.’” “So you simply cannot blithely claim ‘that’s not what he said.’ It is what he said.”

Well, I hate to break it to Howe, but  . . . that’s not what he said. A careful review of the transcript of Trump’s most recent press conference indicates that the “very fine people on both sides” are the peaceful citizens who are on either side of the question of what to do about the statue of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville. He made a clear distinction between these larger groups and the smaller “very bad” groups marching and fighting last Saturday—white supremacists and the Antifa. That Howe and others like him don’t hear it says more about their wishes than Trump’s thoughts.

On the question of what do about Confederate statues, Trump sides with the majority of the American people who do not want them removed. A recent Marist poll found that huge majorities of Republicans and Democrats other than those who are “very liberal” support keeping the statues up. Perhaps even more surprisingly, blacks support the statues staying up (44 percent) rather than taking them down (40 percent). Trump also warned of a slippery-slope, which recent events have proven altogether valid:

Well, are we going to take down [Jefferson’s] statue? Because he was a major slave owner. Now, are we going to take down his statue? So, you know what? It’s fine. You’re changing history. You’re changing culture and you had people, and I’m not talking about the neo-nazis and the white nationalists because they should be condemned, totally.

With calls since to abandon the Jefferson Memorial and tear down Mount Rushmore and the Washington Monument, Trump’s exact diagnosis has been proven to be 100 percent correct. The critics continually fall on their faces and confirm everything Trump has said about them. Yet they keep talking and telling us Trump is the stupid one.

The real question that has come to the fore is why conservatives feel the need to help the press in their quest to confirm the most lurid DNC talking points about Trump. That’s a question I think we all deserve to have answered. The answer to another relevant question is as clear as day, however: the death spiral of elite conservatism continues apace.

The Pro-Trump Crack-Up
But the reaction that was, perhaps, the most surprising was the condemnation of President Trump by an individual who once helped to advance the intellectual case for electing Trump to the presidency. Julius Krein, the editor of American Affairs and one of the formerly anonymous bloggers behind the old Journal of American Greatness, penned an op-ed in the New York Times headlined, “I Voted For Trump. And I Sorely Regret It.”

Krein has done much good work making a rich and deep intellectual argument against the neoliberal consensus that has captured both parties and dominated our political thinking more broadly for decades. I disagree with his analysis that prodded him now to reject Trump, however, and I think it’s far too early to arrive at such sweeping judgments. For instance, how is Trump, and not Congress, ultimately to blame for the lack of movement on infrastructure, tax reform, healthcare reform? Would Krein rather have Trump do it all himself?

But that would merely confirm the overheated thesis that Trump is an authoritarian who doesn’t care a whit for the separation of powers or for constitutional constraints on executive power. But this pro-forma recitation of Krein’s disappointments seems somewhat disingenuous.

The locus of Krein’s critique concerns his interpretation of Trump’s initial response to Charlottesville: “His refusal this weekend to specifically and immediately denounce the groups responsible for this intolerable violence was both morally disgusting and monumentally stupid.” In his earliest remarks, Trump condemned “in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry the violence and lawlessness” on “both sides.” If that is what Krein calls an “indefensible equivocation,” I would hate to see his description of calumny. Krein argues that Trump “betrayed the foundations of our common citizenship” and “inflame[d] the most vicious forces of division within our country.” Compare this to what Trump actually said:

Above all else, we must remember this truth, no matter our color, creed, religion or political party, we are all Americans first. We love our country. We love our God. We love our flag. We’re proud of our country. We’re proud of who we are. So, we want to get the situation straightened out in Charlottesville, and we want to study it. And we want to see what we’re doing wrong as a country where things like this can happen. My administration is restoring the sacred bonds of loyalty between this nation and its citizens, but our citizens must also restore the bonds of trust and loyalty between one another. We must love each other, respect each other and cherish our history and our future together. So important. We have to respect each other. Ideally we have to love each other.

As Scott Adams has noted, Americans are watching “two movies on the same screen.” But perhaps that isn’t quite right. Maybe instead, we are watching the same movie in two different theaters, where an individual can, for whatever reason, leave one theater and go to the other one. This would help explain Krein’s switch concerning Trump. But, like Hotel California, once you go into the that theater, you can never leave. Try it and you’ll be doxxed as a racist by the “respectable” people who have memorized their lines and know their place in American politics.

And that appears to be exactly what’s behind Krein’s sudden epiphany. The egregious part of Krein’s apologia is his using the organ that typifies mainstream media’s condescension of Americans and their interests. It allows NeverTrump mouthpieces such as The Weekly Standard to gloat how the “premier pro-Trump intellectual” has abandoned him. Krein has done serious damage to his base, some of whom would not have voted for Trump last year if not for his work. His departure is a shame and the way he went about it is disgraceful. But it is helpful in another respect because, at this time, all hands are needed on deck and there is no place for hands that quake in the face of the onslaught.

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76 responses to “A Deplorable Conservative Response to Charlottesville and Bannon”

  1. Krein has this doozy in his screed:
    “The administration inexplicably downgraded infrastructure and corporate tax reform — issues with potentially broad-based support — to pursue a warmed-over version of Paul Ryan’s Obamacare repeal, which ended, predictably, in a humiliating failure.”
    Somebody should remind him that ObamaCare had to go first, to get the money for the infrastructure bill… And blame Senators Collins, Murkowski, and McCain for THAT debacle. Sheesh.

    • Yes, it was hardly inexplicable. The decision to lead with Obamacare repeal/replace/capitulation can be easily explained. But failure does very likely mean that infrastructure and tax reform will have to wait until the next administration, whether led by Pence or a Democrat.

      • We will see in 7 more years who it will be. As long as we are facing in the correct direction Trump will continue to win.

      • May your loved ones die an agonizing death from cancer

      • what crap, why does the failure eof one bill mean automatic failure of others? Are you saying that republicans are going to go into the midterms having done nothing? Surely they arnt that stupid?

      • Ryan has deliberately painted the system into a corner. Without the $$$ from Obamacare repeal – really Medicaid reform – the silly CBO and reconciliation rules won’t ‘allow’ meaningful tax cuts or infrastructure spending.

        Also Ryan’s refusal to consider a Border Adjustment Tax doesn’t help with tax reform, since that would raise big $$$ to offset reductions of taxes on domestic business activity.

      • Ryan never had any intention of moving President Trump’s big legislative goals toward completion. He’s a two-faced, backstabbing swamp denizen. He knows what the voters who elected Trump want, but he thinks he knows best what they need, so he smiles and mouths support while sabotaging the president’s agenda.

      • Agree, Ryan is toxic to MAGA – too beholden to corporate crony interests.

        He won’t allow repeal of Obamacare without a big bailout to the insurance companies.

        He won’t go forward with the wall to keep the cheap labor available.

        And he’ll sabotage any tax reform that doesn’t protect the cheap imports of big business.

        I suspect Ryan wouldn’t be disappointed in losing the majority come 2018 if that means the Dems go forward with impeachment. He is that much of a snake.

    • Collins ought to be banished from the GOP. She apparently thinks she was elected to check off boxes on a senate voting ballot and then go home. To say that she wouldn’t vote for R&R because there was no plan in place shows she has no place in the senate. She was elected to roll up her sleeves, get in the mud and come up with a plan to replace ObamaCare, not defer to it.

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      • Like McCain voters, Collins voters are imbeciles. Why vote for a Democrat with an R after their name?

      • After i lost my previous job six months ago, i’ve had luck to find about this superb website that was a life saver… make $85 every hour and get paid at the end of each week …They offer online home-based work. My last month check after working with them for 3 months was $12000… Amazing thing about it was that only requirement for the job is basic typing and reliable internet…
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  2. Far too many people listen for the purpose of cross-examining and critiquing rather than for the purpose of hearing and understanding.

    • Like Podhoretz, they hear what they want to hear and sort every “newsworthy” event into overly familiar categories, and then dispense their Great Wisdom that totally contradicts reality. Just like George Will. The fact I keep hitting people with is Dr Carol Swain on the “New White nationalists” (versus the old racist violent ones), and that these young folks are fighting back in outrage agains the outrageous and facile indoctrination of the young today, using the latters familiar categories of “racial identiy” – the coin of the ruling class’s realm today – against them to support our great Western Values and liberty loving institutions. (Admittedly, they evoke ugly anti-semitic tropes in attacking the self-hating Jew, George Soros – a hurdle Trump-haters often painfully genuflect against…but what about Globalism’s leaders?)

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    • Exactly. To many Chiefs, not enough Indians. The Dialectic / Socratic dialogue is a lost art, it seems.

  3. The moonbat storm troopers came to Charlottesville to deny the Unite the Right (of whatever persuasion) protesters of an inalienable right. Which makes them the perps, but this is understandable it’s what they do. This surprised nobody least of all state and local authorities. While it would be silly to expect the moonbats to not be violent it should go without saying that duly elected and appointed officials should do their jobs and keep the peace. I suspect the police had a reasonably good plan to do just that and the plan to deliberately allow antifa etc. to attack the protesters came from elected officials. This makes those officials responsible for the violence first and foremost.

    • I agree 100%. The problem is, even if the DoJ and FBI and Congress investigate the events and come up with that exact same conclusion, the lying, delusional Left and the sycophantic toadies in the mainstream media will STILL refuse to accept that.

  4. Podhoretz is so in love with the smell of his own farts he doesn’t realize he’d be non-entity if not for nepotism. Ironically holds true for much of the “conservative” commentariat.

  5. John Podhoertz doesn’t surprise me in the least, nor does Shapiro. Remember they are both Jews and Jews have had a chip in their shoulder ever since Leo Frank was convicted of murdering Mary Phagan. Now they see Nazis under every tree. The only explanation I can think of for David French is that he spent too much time at Harvard, as did Krien, not to mention that he and his wife went bonkers over Trump’s pussy-grabbing comments.

      • TY. I did not know there is a med for this, keep thinking it is a RonPaulHangover, whenever I read otherwise rational commenters veer off, here, there, almost everywhere.

        It does trouble me that so many American Jewish voices have succumbed to Trump hysteria, ripping one more community out of my life. My theory is they can not stand Jared-Ivanka reversing the post-Woodstock trend of finally being able to marry the blonde shiksa.

  6. “The ‘premier pro-Trump intellectual” has abandoned him.” False. President Trump is assisted by numerous intellectuals and Bannon freely chose to work on a new plan. Excellent article.

  7. “The real question that has come to the fore is why conservatives feel the need to help the press in their quest to confirm the most lurid DNC talking points about Trump. That’s a question I think we all deserve to have answered. ” Perhaps – but even more point-worthy is making the Patriot traitors within the RepubliCRAT Party own it. We need a movement of Trump supporters FOR THE TARGETED VOTING AGAINST TRAITORS like Sen. Jeff Flake and the many other worthless flaking Senators. Primary them or vote for the Evil Party. I can stomach the enemies I know – but this treason against liberty within the GOP must be beat out of these vile Devils. Only We The People can make them pay for their follies.

  8. I guess the media realizes that whole “Russia Collusion” is a nothing-burger and this is the new talking point for the next 6 months. Then I guess some woman will come along and claim DT is a mysogonist which will replace this false talking point……

    • As for your theory that TrumpMisogynist! will be next? I think TrumpRacist! and Stupid! is easier, until something happens, in Korea or Venezuela, to get back to TrumpUnstableWarmonger!

      I just posted a much longer comment separately, that confirms your observation about RussiaCollusion!

  9. All this fake moral posturing becomes clear when you realize that Trump’s policies of upending the globalist system through renegotiation of Nafta, which started this week, will upset a LOT of gravy trains. The writers in those fake conservative journals are just the storm troops. The generals are the owners behind the scenes and these 5 or 6 families have their wealth threatened so they order the writers to get stuck into Pres Trump. Then there are all those lobbyists from insurance companies. Most of those people in the legislatures have big money supporting them. When you see most of these journalists as guns for hire, you get a more accurate picture. It’s all about the money folks. Sundance at theconservativetreehouse.com explains in very readable prose.

  10. I thought I’d soon see a rhetorical counter-attack here to recent NeverTrump and TrumpApostate advances. This effor tis disappointing; particularly in regard to Krein it has no real riposte to a thrust which, by any standard, has inflicted a grave wound on the body of the Trump movement. We’ll see in the next few weeks how bad the wound is and how much blood will be hemorrhaged. But I honestly expected something with a bit more dash and spirit than Sabo is apparently capable of showing.

    • This is a typical piece by Sabo in which he focuses on attacking “establishment elites”.

      • Yes, I’ve read one or two other pieces by him. He’s just not very good. He’s young, of course, but I can’t say I detect much promise as a polemicist.

    • I never heard of the man before this article. Some “grave wound”!

  11. I do not find the motives and behavior of the ever more frantic NeverTrump ‘conservatives’ impenetrable.

    They have always been concerned to whittle rather well-paid and prestigious careers out of a mild and moderate kind of intellectual protest – performing as gurus in think-tanks, journals, on TV and radio. They wanted to be in sagacious-seeming but essentially untroublesome contention with the political status quo; not to alter it.

    Absent their ever-so-feeble crusade, how would the likes of them earn big incomes and cut public figures as minor celebrities? Cleaning bathrooms? Waiting tables? Take, for instance, Dr Charles Krauthammer who is a trained psychologist. All last year he informed the world that, character being destiny, Donald Trump simply COULD NOT WIN the presidential election. If YOU had a neurotic complaint, would you feel abounding confidence in a specialist as spot-on with diagnosis and prognosis as that?

    (I suspect even Ben Shapiro, fine as much of his courage and argument is, of foremost wanting to have a liberal foe to battle with, rather than to see the USA and the western world wholly converted to genuine conservative thinking. Without that battle, where would the lifelong career, money and fun in it be for HIM?)

    Part and parcel of the deliberately ineffectual routines of the NeverTrump ‘conservatives’ was not to identify the war that mattered: the cultural war. Had they spent the past 50 years urging all conservatives to fund collectively alternative, conservative, media, they might really have made a big difference to their country and the world; but I very much
    doubt that so big a difference is what they have wanted to make. Had they started to make a real difference they would have been fiercely attacked by the ‘liberal’ forces: as President Trump has been.

    One day along comes an individual, not himself by any means a full-on conservative, who offers actually to do urgent ultra-important conservative things: preventing the historic American nation and its best traditions from being swamped by third-world mass immigration, pausing the free pass to Muslims in the USA, rescuing the middle and working classes from
    the horrible agenda of the powers-that-currently-be with their globalism, crony-corporatism, itch for foreign wars (wars for the
    sake of gain in the industrial-military complex, not to restrain N Korea) and one world-government.

    Donald J Trump’s initiative in campaigning for president on the themes he espoused has upstaged and disgraced them. He has picked up and run with the ball they always left near the sidelines.

    Personally I think they and the Establishment Republican Party are both finished. What we are seeing in their screams and subversive activities are the leg-scrabblings of chickens which have had their necks wrung.

    Whatever else happens – war with N Korea, collapse of the economy, arrival of Martians, triumph of Esperanto, anything – those two groups are completely revealed, found out and discredited.

    There simply will not be a big enough base to elect Establishment Republicans any longer (in significant numbers) to the Congress; and the quantity of subscribers in the public at large for the Conservatism Inc. contribution to think-tanks, journals and broadcasting punditry will be so reduced that most of it will be put out to grass by donors and news-anchors.

    Of course it takes a while for them to lie down and expire, when they have been shot through the midriff with a poisoned arrow. Yet fundamentally their humbug has been exposed and finished by Mr Trump’s courage last year.

    No wonder they yell irrationally in their blind rage.

    • I hope you are correct and there really are enough sane, rational, people (voters) left to leave these traitors expiring in the dust!

    • Good points, Peter63, but one correction: Dr. Krauthammer is much worse than a “trained psychologist.” He is a psychiatrist.

  12. It seems to me that Krein reacted in a knee jerk fashion due to his Jewish heritage. All he could see was swastikas, and did not care to sort through what was really being said.

    • The voice in his head kept repeating “it’s gonna be annuda Shoah!”

    • See also Krauthammer, who was even quicker to morally condemn, though twere to be expected of him

  13. Russia! hysteria got shutdown on August 9, 2017: “A New Report Raises Big Questions About Last Year’s DNC Hack Former NSA experts say it wasn’t a hack at all, but a leak—an inside job by someone with access to the DNC’s system. By Patrick Lawrence

    The Nation is a longtime respected voice of the left. This made heads explode, and generated attacks against Katrina van den Heuvel and her husband, Russia expert Steven F. Cohen. I did a quick search at the time, and both have been rational voices on Russia-USA relations, NOT succumbing to the media Russia! hysteria. Cohen’s companion commentary on August 9:
    “What kind of democratic representative body is this, Cohen asks, one that neither debates nor takes opposing initiatives? And, he also asks, what kind of Democratic Party has this one become, one whose Russiagate loathing for Trump and Putin far exceeds its concerns for American national security?”

    I doubt it was a coincidence that Charlottesville! turned into TrumpRacist! by August 13.

    The NPR/PBS/Marist poll was a new ‘pause’ button. The poll was conducted Aug. 14-15. Echo started on Aug. 17: “Trump Is More In Touch Than You Think” By Rod Dreher • August 17, 2017, 1:36 PM

    Aug. 19? Boston ‘clash’ did not turn out like Charlottesville. Whether the ‘puppetmaster’ realized Charlottesville did not poll well, the TrumpRacist! TrumpStupid! memes seem to be new the mass hysteria.

    On August 17, Trump tweeted “Study General John Pershing…”, and then a disputed account of what Pershing did in the Philipines 1909-1913, to deter muslim rebels with pigs. I did not copy the Tweet which stimulated this post: https://www.the-american-interest.com/2017/08/17/no-mr-president-we-should-not-execute-terrorists-with-pigs-blood-bullets/), which belongs to the TrumpStupid! meme.

    I wondered what Pershing had done during President TRoosevelt’s time, since the only reason Pershing was in the Philippines was because of our Spanish-American War, and I knew that protestors were demanding removal of TR’s monument in front of Manhattan’s Museum of Natural History. A previous TrumpTweet had focused on monument removal, where does it end? TJ, Washington. I had not expected next would be TR.

    After absorbing Pershing’s wiki-bio, I wondered if Pershing’s monuments would be at risk, since the Philippines were an American colony. The National Park Service post on Pershing Park was a real, and wonderful, history lesson on many monuments, which also leads to Robert E. Lee: https://www.nps.gov/articles/pershing-park.htm

    At the same time as POTUS’ Pershing Tweet, on August 17, 2017, VP Pence gave a fine 2,873 word speech, including some real history, updates on trade intiatives, and the situation in Venezuela, in Panama, at the Panama Canal:

    And, getting back to TR, and, pigs: “…And just as President Roosevelt exhorted his fellow Americans to “dare to be great,” President Donald Trump has dared our nation to make America great again, and we’ll do it with all of our friends in the world. …” more history, pivot to today, trade, jobs, “…And following my visit to Argentina this week, just moments ago, President Trump announced that after 25 years of barriers, American pork will once again be able to be exported to Argentina, and American farmers and
    ranchers will reap the reward. …”

    Some media picked up Pence’s comparison of Trump to TR, but, adding TR = Racist. Time.com’s 161-word news report: “…While Pence invoked some of the admirable presidential qualities Roosevelt was known for,
    Roosevelt also called whites “the forward race” and minorities “the backward race.”

    Pence on Venezuela do not (yet) reinstate the Monroe Doctrine/Roosevelt Corollary that was murdered by Obama and Kerry in 2013.

    Apologies if my timeline is not perfectly coherent, but it goes to your point; the premature condemnations; also how the media/Congress is more focused on delegitimizing POTUS Trump to the exclusion of real news, e.g. Pence’s Panama speech.

    I do not follow the timelines like this, until Charlottesville!, because, I knew Russia! was over, and do care about our monuments as symbols of something deeper than remembering the dead.

    I was following the cultureMedia War against FL Melania, and the obstruction of Ambassadorial confirmation hearings. Both may converge after Labor Day, because the announcement of Jon Huntsman as Ambassador to Russia was leaked on March 8, 2017 through this Instagram from Mrs. Huntsman, posted at Women’s Wear Daily and UK Daily Mail coverage of the International Women’s Day Luncheon on March 8.:


    Since March 8, WWD edited that out of their online report, but the UK Daily Mail did not.

    Huntsman’s nomination was formally submitted to the Senate on July 27, after the sanctions passed, and POTUS signing statement. Will Huntsman still agree to serve?

    Adding that it was Anton’s “Flight 93 election” essay, and Scott Adams that were key to my understanding candidate Trump. Observing this delegitimization campaign has made past seven months too disheartening. I appreciate that American Greatness is an island of sanity outside the mass hysteria bubble.

    • Don’t think so. Do you not know about the Jewish female lawyer who represented and ran errands for KSM (don’t recollect the name)? or Chomsky? or Marx? They detested fellows Jews/Israel, and there are many, many more like them.

  14. Without Trump or some other economic nationalist the GOP is as dead as the Dementiacrat Party but the punditry class can’t figure that out.

  15. What puzzles me is a gigantic crowd of 30,000 leftists and Antifa showed up in Boston to prevent people from participating in a free speech rally, and no one seems to know who they were or what they had to say at their rally. Trump and Ivanka cheered the anti-free speech effort, which was successful. Since when did mob-rule become so popular in America? Is it now best to not let people speak at all because they might say something offensive? It certainly seems that way to me.

    • I was at the rally. No one could explain why they were there.

      It was a clown convention

  16. Although many of us are shocked by these by the behavior of these traitors, we shouldn’t be. They abandoned us a long ago. All those serious words over the last 40 yrs. Just lies.

  17. This piece is a bunch of empty name-calling without substance to back up any argument, then saying that the direct quote from Donald Trump where he downplays how bad Nazis are “wasn’t what he was saying.” But plenty of people heard his plain meaning. He couldn’t cleanly denounce Nazis and white supremacists, and it spoke volumes and volumes….

    • Hey Democrat,

      Go look in the bushes, maybe you’ll find some neo-Nazi’s hiding there……..

      Signed, American Public.

      • That’s exactly where you beta boys like to hide when the going gets tough.

      • You mean like hiding behind balaclavas and black shirts like Democrats and their antifa movement of fascsits?

    • You mean he wasn’t foolish enough to broad brush all of the protesters on the right as Nazis while pretending the counter-protesters were an old ladies tea party?

      I can’t tell here if you are a useful idiot or simply a liar. The Jew haters in America don’t reside on the Right, but you knew that and are simply disingenuous. They will call someone else Nazi and then turn around in the next sentence and support “Palestinian Statehood” or the elimination of Israel. Sure, the Nazis in this country are on the right…..

    • FYI, He cleanly denounced Nazis on Sunday and again on Monday.

    • Sabo’s pieces are usually made up of name-calling folks who do not agree with his narrow worldview.

    • He downplayed nothing and your spin on this is exactly what the author was saying. You have selective hearing that is moved by your own bias.

  18. “The real question that has come to the fore is why conservatives feel the need to help the press in their quest to confirm the most lurid DNC talking points about Trump.” Exactly It’s fine to hold principles and aspire to an ideal, but attainment of that sort of utopia is as delusional as the Libtards’. These so-called conservatives need to accept what is possible and practicable, not hold out for what is impossible.

  19. The unfortunate thing about this is the fact that since these neo-cons have shown themselves willing to lie so easily, they can not be trusted on any other subject, either. I used to think that Krauthammer would occasionally have some insightful commentary. I wouldn’t trust him on the subject of the best wheel chair, now. Their loss, not ours.

  20. Has Howe been to the Hamptons this summer? It smells like a setup. Bush clan and Clinton clan agree over summer drinks…

  21. I keep wondering why I should vote for Republicans in 2018?

    What’s the point, really?

    Personally, I’d rather be ruled by Democrats than this traitorous bunch of Republicans:

    1) I know the Democrats are the enemy of my principles and can treat them as such. RINOs and the GOPe pretend to be your allies, but have repeatedly, for decades and over and over again, stabbed us in the back once in office. They ignore their voters over and over and over again. This isn’t just Trump, the exact same thing happened with the Tea Party movement. They were co-opted by a Republican power structure that is perfectly happy getting trounced in the culture wars, so long as they keep making money. I am not an African-American who will vote Democrat no matter how often and obvious it is they take my vote for granted. I will let them sink.

    2) At least I didn’t put them there. I retain some culpability for putting these horrid Republicans in office. At least I didn’t vote for the Democrats.

    3) Things are quieter when Dems are running the show. Their allies in the media complex and education establishment keep things quieter. I don’t think this is about Trump, or not just about him. I don’t think a conservative of any stripe will be permitted to rule. They have to try to do so under an unending storm of arrows fired by the media and near riot conditions in the streets.

    I suspect we are going to see a wipeout of Republicans in 2018. It will, of course, be blamed on Trump, but I think will have to do more with a feeling of disgust and the attendant apathy for the Republicans as a whole.

    • The Democrats didn’t profit from the Whigs demise.

    • If you get your wish and, God forbid, Dems run the show … yes, things will be quieter, but only because any and all resistance will be silenced by force, if necessary. You can say goodbye to the First and Second Amendments, separation of powers and any and all vestiges of our once-great, albeit noisy, Republic. If you value liberty, you better pray you don’t get what you wish for.

  22. Breitbart, who Bannon worked with and admired, was Jewish. Joel Pollack, a Breitbart editor hired by Bannon is Jewish. Trump’s admittedly favorite child, Ivanka, is Jewish. How does Podhoretz twist his thinking into labeling them as nazi?

  23. “…In this week’s “Talk of the Town,” New Yorker editor David Remnick casts President Trump as “The Divider” — a name that sounds nice compared to the rest of the stuff Remnick says. The magazine’s boss laments what he calls Trump’s “indulgent sympathy for neo-Nazis, Klan members, and unaffiliated white supremacists.”

    That was on display in the lobby of the Trump Tower, Remnick writes, when the president went off script last Tuesday and pandered to “the basest of his base,” adding that the US has elected a “dishonest, inept, unbalanced, and immoral human being as its president.” …”

    By Post Staff Report August 21, 2017 | 3:34am

    Remnick’s “The Divider” is at RCPolitics morning 08 22 2017.
    I boycott his clickbait, but acknowledge Remnick is the High Priest of the ObstructionResistance.

    Thanks to the NYPost, I can predict the new iterations of mass hysteria to come:

    >dishonest = Liar!
    >inept = Unfit!
    >unbalanced = Insane!
    >immoral human being = Evil!

    Since the Dems in Congress, media + Krauthammer have been trying all of these to drumbeat a path to Impeachment,
    Remnick might have to focus on Racist! and Liar!