Articles by Mike Sabo

Let ‘Reaganism’ RIP

One of the biggest takeaways from the 2016 election was the unmistakable political and intellectual malaise that had gripped movement conservatism. Reagan-era policies, which had been enacted to counter the Soviets abroad and confront 70 percent income tax rates at home, no longer appealed to voters. Paeans to the “free market” and “limited government” rang […]

Getting Right with Alexander Hamilton

Why should anyone study the life of Alexander Hamilton? According to the Left, studying “dead white males” perpetuates racist, patriarchal, and heterosexual power structures that have subjugated minorities of all kinds since Columbus and his bloodthirsty crew dropped anchor in the New World. And for some on the Right, Hamilton was a precursor to the […]

Mitt Romney’s Two Paths

Something happened in U.S. politics last week that shocked no one. No, I’m not talking about liberals blaming Americans en masse for the horrific mass shooting at a Florida high school. Nor am I referring to the press’s shameful effort to keep the Trump-Russia collusion narrative alive, even though Robert Mueller and his team have […]

Nefarious or ‘Nothing Burger’? Our Oligarchy on the Nunes Memo

If you aren’t yet persuaded of the existence of a ruling class oligarchy in the United States today, the reactions to the release of the Nunes memo should prompt second thoughts. The four-page memo made public last week by the House Intelligence Committee details abuses by the FBI and the Justice Department in obtaining a […]

Meet the ‘Oligogues’

The favorite pastime of our oligarchy is to harp on endlessly about the supposed faults of the people who elected Donald Trump president. According to the anointed, the American people—in their untutored stupidity—chose a strong man who is shredding the Constitution, along with every last vestige of character and decency. NeverTrumper Matt K. Lewis summed […]

Abandoning the NeverTrump Ship

With 2017 safely behind us and a new year beginning, the NeverTrump faction continues to offer opinions on President Trump that range from thoughtful and surprisingly honest to ill-considered and seething with resentment. Among the more thoughtful examples was an end-of-the-year column by Tim Carney, the more-or-less NeverTrump commentary editor at The Washington Examiner. Every […]

Be Better Than Evan McMullin

Making failed presidential candidate and radical NeverTrumper Evan McMullin look like the smart guy in the room is quite a trick. But commentators on one of McMullin’s recent tweets have done just that. Defending his pal Jennifer Rubin, McMullin offered his definition of conservatism: For me, “conservatism” has always meant the defense of our founding […]

Max Boot and Eliot Cohen: Intellectually and Morally Bankrupt

The unbounded corruption of our foreign policy establishment was on full display this week in an interview two dedicated NeverTrumpers, Max Boot and Eliot A. Cohen, gave to Politico Magazine. In a rambling, embarrassing, and hysterical display, they demonstrate exactly why the American people rejected their so-called expertise in favor of Donald Trump. The dismissal […]

Breaking the Republican Stockholm Syndrome

The Democrats are rolling out their 2018 campaign strategy: Resurrect the “war on women” rhetoric that served them well in 2012 against Mitt Romney and his hapless presidential campaign. Senator Al Franken’s (D-Minn.) atrocious and ugly “resignation” speech on the Senate floor last week can only be understood in light of this larger strategy. His […]

Smashing the Oligarchy

Need more proof that a corrupt oligarchy rules America? Look no further than the forced retirement of John Conyers, who sat in Congress for more than half a century. Due to the increasing volume of sexual assault allegations against him—the newest one involves Conyers’ fondling of a woman during a church service 10 years ago—he […]

Founding Principles Rhetoric Falls Flat

A common solution politicians and intellectuals on the Right offer to fix what ails our politics is to return to the principles of the American Founding. But the rhetoric the Right usually employs falls far short of this lofty goal. Small-government rhetoric that has taken over the Right in recent decades, as I have written […]

Make America Grateful Again

As we celebrate Thanksgiving with our families and friends, we should set aside time to recognize the higher purpose for which we gather together around the dinner table. More than food, family, or football, Thanksgiving is about acknowledging the duty we have as citizens to honor God for the blessings He has mercifully bestowed upon […]

We Need a New Elite

President Trump is taking a sledgehammer to the establishment consensus, and that consensus deserves it. New affronts to the people’s common sense emerge daily to vindicate his project. Just take the recent example of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.). Upon the publication of the Washington Post’s exposé alleging Roy Moore’s sexual impropriety with minors, Graham—without hesitation […]

“Nothing to See Here!”: The Crackup of the Democratic Party

Last night’s Democratic victories in Virginia and New Jersey have caused pollsters and pundits to focus all of their attention on the potential looming troubles for the Republican Party. The ruling class, of course, is only too happy to keep us fixated on the shellacking Republicans took yesterday. But overly focusing on Republican woes masks […]

The Perpetual Outrage Machine

The media’s 10-month panic attack triggered by Donald Trump’s inauguration shows no signs of abating. Every news cycle is filled with breathless reports of yet another “scandal” that could lead to Trump’s removal from office. News of a federal grand jury’s indictments of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and his associate, Richard W. Gates, […]

This Isn’t News, It’s CNN

Those who sit atop the commanding heights of American culture and politics continue to treat Donald Trump and his voters with disdain and contempt. To this day, we are told that Trump’s base is powered by “white rage,” Trump voters are moved only by “racism and sexism” as Hillary Clinton told an adoring audience on […]

Kelly Exposes Ugliness on the Left, Limpness on the Right

Once again, the Left—in its frenzy to deploy any weapon at hand to damage President Trump—made the critical mistake of allowing us to peer behind the curtain and see what they’re really up to.   Democrats and their accomplices in the media attempted to gin up controversy following the deaths of four service members killed […]

John Locke, Closet NeverTrumper?

The fissures that led to the crackup of modern conservatism run deep. The most visible sign of this reality was the election of Donald Trump, which pitted certain elite conservatives against the majority of conservatives who make up the Republican base. Elite NeverTrump conservatives, who argue to this day about the president’s supposed unfitness for […]

Bob Corker, Scion of the Ruling Class

Donald Trump has an uncanny ability to find and root out even the most entrenched members of the ruling class. Retiring Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) is now exposed as the next in a long line of undistinguished establishment Republicans captured by the very interests they were elected to rebuff. In what has become a worn […]

Trump’s Katrina? Try the Media’s Waterloo

President Trump took on the Left’s politicization of the NFL last week. This week, he is taking on their appropriation of natural disasters and human caused horrors for political gain. The Left and its accomplices in the press couldn’t pin the blame on Trump for the administration’s responses to the hurricanes that struck the Gulf […]