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single fusion party of globalists

I don’t usually write about life hacks but here’s one: If you have a secret, don’t tell Bill Kristol. The Weekly Standard editor and #NeverTrump movementarian told CNN today that despite Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s half-hearted, but still public, endorsement of Donald Trump, he doesn’t really mean it. Kristol echoed President Obama, wondering aloud, “Why is (Ryan) even pretending to support Donald Trump? He doesn’t think Donald Trump should be president.”

Oops. You know how RINOs are Republicans In Name Only, maintaining membership in the Republican Party but always going along with the Leftist agenda—but only after some public fretting and handwringing about prudence, unity, and “our values?” Ryan has taken it a step further and is a Trump endorser in name only. He doesn’t really support Trump and would be just as happy—happier probably—with fellow globalist Hillary Clinton in the White House. That’s why Ryan never misses an opportunity to undercut the Republican nominee. But that’s the D.C. game: say one thing and do another.

Tell the rubes back in the district that you’re an immigration hawk at election time, and then back a massive amnesty bill that they hate when you’re in Washington. No worries; they’ll forget before the next election and in the meantime you can pass a zillion Obamacare repeal bills that you know will die in the Senate. That way you can claim you voted against Obamacare 842 times even though when it really mattered, you voted to fully fund it in a massive spending bill. Aw shucks, we’ll get ’em next time.  Just you wait.  

You can only run the same con campaign so many times before the marks voters get wise. Haven’t these guys seen The Sting?

Nothing changes in Washington because nobody in Washington, be they Democrat or Republican, wants it to change. And why would they? If you’re in government, business is good. The Uniparty likes its perks and mostly agrees on the big things regardless of what they tell the folks back home. Nobody in Washington really wants to enforce our existing immigration laws, with a few notable exceptions like Jeff Sessions and Dave Brat. Why should they? They and their donors benefit from the cheap labor they get by exploiting the helot class of illegal aliens they allow into the country even as their constituents back home pay the price. And the rush of moral superiority from giving a high-minded speech about how immigration is what makes America great and ignoring our laws is “an act of love” (Hi Jeb!) must be amazing.

This is why the leadership in both parties believes Donald Trump must be destroyed.  It’s less for who he is or what he would do as president, than what he represents. In most respects Trump is a moderate Republican, except on the few issues that are  non-negotiable for the Uniparty: immigration, trade, and American greatness.  These are the cornerstones of the globalist worldview which asserts (in its pure form) that labor (this is what economists call people, by the way), capital (also known as money), goods, and services must all move freely around the world. Adam Smith said so in the Wealth of Nations! OK, actually he didn’t, but they think he did and that’s a really big book so who needs to read the whole thing?

What it really means is crony capitalism here and abroad. The well-connected get ahead, the poor get government subsidies, and the middle class gets called nativist rubes by Republicans and “bitter clingers” by Democrats for thinking the American government should put their interests first. It’s tough to fool people faced with the real life consequences of bad policy that idealistic rhetoric from D.C. pols is better than safe streets, good jobs, and a strong, self-confident America.

The problem for the Uniparty is that a significant portion of the American people – even some on the Left – have had it. Republicans gave George W. Bush a lot of leeway, largely because of 9/11, and he squandered it. He gave us a massive Medicare expansion and No Child Left Behind on the domestic front and empowered a generation of neocons who treat American foreign policy like an episode of “Flip This House”: Acquire hostile foreign country, expend American blood and treasure turning it into a Western liberal democracy, put it back on the market. Only it’s not that simple. While they had no problem spending the country’s blood and treasure, the liberal democracies never sprung up. Iraq is still a war zone, the Taliban is resurgent in Afghanistan, and ISIS controls Syria.

McCain and Romney were just more of the same and both were unwilling and unable to give an account of themselves on the campaign trail, unwilling to actually engage in retail politics. And they both got the shellacking they deserved at the hands of an energetic and visionary—if dangerous and wrong—Barack Obama.

It is against this recent history that Trump emerged to challenge the Uniparty. Whether he really thought he would capture the nomination – or even wanted to – when he announced his candidacy is anyone’s guess. But it quickly became evident that more than anything else, Trump gives voice to a large group of Americans who found out that they’re not the only ones who see through the Uniparty con. They’re not the only ones who love this country for what it is and want their government to take their side for once.

In response, the globalist Uniparty has closed ranks seeking to discredit the ideas and the legitimate grievances of Trump voters by smearing Trump, the man. They do not and will not engage the ideas. It’s the classic Clinton politics of personal destruction and Republican elites are following in lockstep attacking Trump and their own base with a ferocity never used against Clinton or Obama.

The Washington Generals legacy conservative media, if anything, has attacked Trump more savagely. Here is a picture of the lead stories on National Review as I write:

conservative media joins liberals bashing trump

Why? Because while they may have quibbles with Hillary, she’s one of their own. She represents business as usual. With Hillary the ruling class know where they belong and they all know they get to eat – maybe not as well as they’d like, but they’ll still get fed. And that’s enough to support either explicitly or implicitly a woman whose entire career has been marked by deceit and corruption. Scandal has surrounded Clinton from the time she was a 27 year old lawyer impressing the Democrats’ chief counsel at the Watergate hearings with her shocking dishonesty, to her uncanny ability to multiply her money trading cattle futures with her friends at Tyson Foods, to the Whitewater land fraud that send virtually everyone involved to prison, to the shady dealings at the Rose Law Firm, to the scandals at the White House travel office in the 1990s.

And it continued while she was a U.S. senator and Secretary of State. She appears to have used the Clinton Foundation—now the subject of an IRS investigation—as a means of selling favors (just as she and Bill did with the Lincoln bedroom in the ’90s but on a much larger scale). As Secretary of State, she illegally deleted more than 30,000 government emails she maintained on her illegal private email servers. The existence of the private email servers exposed classified material to foreign hackers in violation of the law and in so doing endangered the national security, but the FBI declined to recommend prosecution because, well, Hillary is too big to jail. Laws are for other people.  

Because of their involvement with Hillary, virtually the entire senior staff at the DNC has resigned in disgrace after hackers exposed emails proving that the Democrat Party is really an arm of Clinton, Inc. and that the whole primary process with Bernie Sanders was a sham.  As Secretary of State, Clinton lost Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan while ISIS (“the JV team,” remember?) became ascendant in the Middle East. Today, Islamist terror attacks are a near daily occurrence in Europe, and Iran is being paid $150 billion by the U.S. taxpayer and will soon be a nuclear power.

And all of that doesn’t even take into account the judges she’s promised to appoint (think Elena Kagan but more strident) or her oft-stated hostility to the First and Second Amendments. She’s not a huge fan of the Tenth either, but then neither are most Republicans, so why mention it?

But hey, she’s way better than Trump, who keeps going around “saying the unsayable.” And that’s just rude. Hillary doesn’t say such mean things ( her serial lies apparently not being considered “mean.”) Back in America, voters are treated to bread and circuses and then forgotten. The form of free government exists, but the substance is undermined by the shared tastes, interests, and beliefs of our  bipartisan ruling class. And yet again, the Left leads while the housebroken Right, as our own Violet Wister says, stands athwart history whispering, “Wait for me.”

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