Republicans and the Lost Art of Deterrence

In a perfect and disinterested world, when Washington, D.C. is deluged in scandal, a nonpartisan investigator or prosecutor should survey the contemporary rotten landscape. He would then distinguish the likely guilty from the probably falsely accused—regardless of the political consequences at stake.

In the real cosmos of Washington, however, the majority party—the group that controls the House, Senate, presidency, and U.S. Supreme Court—if it were necessary, would de facto appoint the government’s own special investigatory team, and then allow it to follow where leads dictate. Its majority status would assure that there were no political opponents in control of the investigations, keen on turning an inquiry into a political circus. That cynical reality is known as normal D.C. politics.

But in contemporary Republican La-La Land, the party in power with control over all three branches of government allows its minority-status opponents to dictate the rules of special investigations and inquiry—a Jeff Sessions recused, a Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) excused from his investigations of unmasking and leaking, a Robert Mueller appointed as special counsel, friend of to-be-investigated James Comey, and employer of partisan attorneys.

Is naiveté the cause of such laxity? Do Republicans unilaterally follow Munich rules because they hope such protocols will create a new “civility” and “bipartisan cooperation” in Washington?

Demonizing Resistance 
Or is the culprit civil dissension among the ranks, as the congressional leadership secretly has no real incentive to help the despised outsider Trump? When Republicans get re-elected on repealing and replacing Obamacare during the assured Obama veto-presidency, and then flip in the age of surety that Trump would reify their campaign boasts, should we laugh or cry? Is the Republican establishment’s aim to see Trump’s agenda rendered null and void—or does intent even matter when the result is the same anyway?

Or is the empowerment of progressive conspiracy-mongering due to fear of the mainstream media, which demonizes principled resistance to progressivism and lauds unprincipled surrender to it?

Or, lastly, is the cause a bewildering misreading of human nature? I say “bewildering” because conservatives supposedly brag that they are the more astute students of unchanging human nature, while progressives are purportedly naïve believers in therapeutic remedies to perceived human frailties?

If any of the above, the Republicans had better soon wise up. For eight months, progressives have swarmed the media and our politics with false charges of Russian collusion, aimed at delegitimizing both a president and his conservative agenda.

In a logical world in which Republicans enjoy monopolies on political power, they would have dispensed with the progressive strategy of emasculating the Trump administration through endlessly hyped fake news accounts of quid pro quo Russia-Trump subversion. And they would have done so by themselves taking the offensive.

Endlessly refuting each week’s new progressive charges—no, Donald Trump did not watch sick sex acts with prostitutes in Moscow; no, Donald Trump did not send his lawyer to Eastern Europe to rig the election; no, three swing states did not have their voting machines rigged; no, the electors will not betray their constitutional responsibilities; no, Trump is not going to be removed through impeachment, the 25th Amendment, or the Emoluments Clause—achieves nothing but to undermine public confidence in the conservative effort to undo the Obama agenda. They are no more serious stories than the scandal sheet allegations that Trump shorts his guests a scoop of Häagen-Dazs, that his wife is an illegal alien, or that his son is autistic. Apparently, Republicans don’t get it that when a president is smeared as watching urine-porn in Moscow or getting Russian hush money for undermining Hillary’s campaign, then the abyss between such charges and assassination chic in the popular media, is considerably narrowed.

Go Full-Bore on Real Scandals
The salvation of both the Trump Administration and the Republican congressional fate in the 2018 elections is to reestablish political deterrence—accomplished by going on a full-fledged offensive against real, not merely perceived or alleged, political scandals. Only that way will the accusers feel the predicament of the accused, especially as there is real merit to Democratic liability in a way that charges of Trump collusion have largely proved a political fraud. Only when deterrence is achieved, will the Democrats be forced to concentrate on agendas, issues, laws, and messages, not on ambushing the president.

The Republicans should announce far more forcefully to the media that Vladimir Putin may have been funneling via shady third-parties millions of dollars to anti-fracking groups. Such collusion, if proven through investigation, really is treasonous—given that the crashing price of oil, brought about solely due to North American frackers, is about the only check on Putin’s ambitions that the West enjoys. So, to take one example, did the San Francisco-based, family-controlled, and hedge-funded Sea Change Foundation receive laundered Russian money to help enhance its anti-fracking messaging? If so, when, how, and who?

Secondly, Republicans should go full bore on the most explosive scandal of the age, the House Intelligence Committee’s investigations into the surveilling, unmasking, and leaking of American citizens by key members of the Obama Administration, likely done for perceived political advantages.

Rather than envisioning the ethical Devin Nunes as a liability to be controlled, the House leadership should see him as an asset to be encouraged to uncover inconvenient truths—especially given that progressives see the unprincipled Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) as a resource in hiding a scandal. After all, what in the world was the self-righteous and self-described civil libertarian and humanitarian Samantha Power doing, as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, in allegedly reading, unmasking, and leaking intelligence reports on conservative private citizens during a national campaign?

Thirdly, we forget that Hillary Clinton’s scandals were terminated not by exonerating investigations, but by the fact that she lost a presidential campaign, and thus they were no longer deemed disruptive of an election.

No one has ever really understood exactly why Russian interests paid such lucrative honoraria to Bill Clinton or gave so lavishly to the Clinton Foundation, or why they cut an advantageous deal to acquire substantial interests in North American uranium holdings, but apparently did not prove so generous both before and after Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state and her announced presidential candidacy. When Clinton not only destroyed requested emails, but also lied that they were all neither classified nor connected to government business, and faced no consequences at a time when regular citizens went to jail for such transgressions, then there is no equality under the law left to speak of.

Fourthly, what an Orwellian world it is when progressives allege “obstruction of justice” (which  Mueller’s burgeoning team of lawyers is apparently investigating) in the case of Donald Trump’s sloppy, off-handed, and out-loud wishes to FBI Director James Comey that he hoped “good guy” Michael Flynn did not get ruined by a loose investigation.

Yet obstruction is not much pursued even when no one seems to deny that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch met stealthily for private discussions with the spouse of a suspect of a current Justice investigation (subsequently dropped), and when she unapologetically seems to have directed the self-described moralist, Director Comey again, to alter the nomenclature of his ongoing investigation of fellow Democrat and presidential candidate Clinton (and Comey shamelessly acceded to Lynch’s detailed requests).

Fifthly, there is the surreal case of Imran Awan and his tribal clan, the frauds, cheats, and possible blackmailers, who worked as techies for Democratic congressional representatives and in particular for former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Schultz apparently maintained some unfathomable relationship with the disreputable Awan that would force her into utterly untenable positions to protect his skullduggery. And unlike other allegations of collusion, the Florida congresswoman appears on video unapologetically threatening the chief of the U.S. Capitol Police with “consequences” unless he returns computer data concerning possible crimes to Awan.

Reestablish Deterrence or Lose
Finally, no one has ever fully gotten to the bottom of
the Fusion GPS/Steele dossier, the fountainhead (thanks to Buzzfeed and CNN) of the entire Russia-Trump collusion mythos.

The much passed-around file was one of the most repugnant episodes in our recent checkered history, with evidence of ethical and perhaps legal wrongdoing on the part of Republican primary candidates, the Clinton campaign, the office of Senator John McCain, the FBI, and the Obama administration, who all at various times trafficked in preposterous and pornographic untruth, in some cases leaked the smears to the toady press, and apparently believed that it was the silver bullet that would put down the Trump werewolf.

Reestablishing deterrence—or what a mellifluous constitutional scholar and recent Nobel Peace Laureate once variously called “taking a gun to a knife fight,” “getting in their faces,” and “punishing our enemies”—is not quite Old Testament eye-for-an-eye, but rather, given human nature, the only way to stop a progressive and media lynch mob.

In the old West, a sheriff did not save those falsely accused in his jail by walking outside to the street to calm an armed and frenzied hanging mob through reason and appeals to sobriety.

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About Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson is a distinguished fellow of the Center for American Greatness and the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. He is an American military historian, columnist, a former classics professor, and scholar of ancient warfare. He has been a visiting professor at Hillsdale College since 2004. Hanson was awarded the National Humanities Medal in 2007 by President George W. Bush. Hanson is also a farmer (growing raisin grapes on a family farm in Selma, California) and a critic of social trends related to farming and agrarianism. He is the author most recently of The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won, The Case for Trump and the newly released The Dying Citizen.

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383 responses to “Republicans and the Lost Art of Deterrence”

  1. Sessions only recused himself of the Russia investigation. He needs to pry back control from Mueller of anything not obviously related to the Russian collusion hoax.

      • He should have never met with Russians and none of this would have happened. Recusal solved

    • I agree, but I seriously doubt Sessions would do that. Sessions should never have recused himself, and by doing so he revealed himself as either hopelessly naive or stupid, possibly both.

      Speaking further of Sessions, I wish someone would hire a media coach who would teach him to lose that dumb grin he constantly affects during his public appearances. When the media are grilling you about something of grave importance, you should attempt to look serious.

  2. Sessions seems to be a gentleman and a pushover. I real disappointment.
    Attorney General wasn’t a reward. It was an opportunity to drain the swamp.

  3. Amen. Ever since 1932 Republicans have conceded the main point on the role and scope of government. Since they have almost entirely been out of power for significant portions of the intervening period, they learned to posture. The post-Reagan Bush family Rockefeller Republican, RINO takeover of the party cemented this posture despite the potential for a counterrevolution. We need to drive these gutless phonies from the party and the movement.
    Trump is flawed at many levels, but it’s clear that his election spoke to a general revulsion with political correctness, self-defeat, self-abasement, corruption, crony capitalism and massive government. A more skilled figure would have won in a landslide. We either work with him and recognize that his defeat will be ours, or we hand the Republic over, permanently to its mortal enemies on the left. Decades of talk-show and think tank Republicanism did nothing but provide employment for a narrow group of pundits who never had any interest or aptitude for governing. It seems they would rather be the pathetic, tamed court-approved opposition rather than actually make a change. And, their approach to date, after all, has worked “so well.”

    • “We need to drive these gutless phonies from the party and the movement and start over”

      You already have, in everything but name. The Nationalists control the presidency. The Republicans control Congress in a rather fragile and uncomfortable coalition with a Nationalist minority which still calls itself Republican. The Democrats look on, hoping for better times.

      • What are you saying? Short of swinging with barnyard animals, an act only delayed because Democrats rarely leave citified Utopia and carrying all those lubricants in the $900 backpack causes chafing, it IS better times.

        Soon beef and gluten will be a distant frightful memory, only assuaged by consolation in the arms of a life partner or hectoring a neighbor for weed-whipping his driveway.

      • As God is my witness, please write more often Sean. Your writing reminds me of many of the writers at The American Spectator, circa late 80’s through the 90’s.

      • Why thank you! I subscribed to TAS in that time frame. You are wired-in my friend!

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      • Candidates running should be judged on their support of Trump. If they have no balls chuck em to the pits of hell.

      • >”Candidates running should be judged on their support of Trump”<

        Democrats agree

      • Never let your enemies define the terms of your engagement.

    • I totally agree with your well written comment. “Gutless phonies” is one of the best descriptions I have heard describing RINO’s and many other republicans. I could add a few other terms and phrases, but I have had a good day, and don’t feel like going off tonight. Thank you for taking the time to write a totally honest and accurate post.

      • I like Breitbart’s quote better – “eunuchs” is what they are.

    • ” A more skilled figure would have won in a landslide. ”


      Are you kidding?!?

      It’s a MIRACLE that he won at ALL.

      The entire media was against him (yes, including Faux News). The Democrats were against him. The Republicans were against him. The NeoCon NeverTrump traitors were against him.

      The Deep State was against him.

      Every nation that paid to play at the Clinton Slush Fund & Influence Casino was against him.

      Multiple Billionaires were against him.

      16 other candidates (mostly career professional GOPe) were against him.

      The actual Democrat candidate was against him, the co-pilot of the most villainous criminal political family in American history.

      The PRESIDENT was against him, and the president used the practically unlimited resources of the federal government (and all of its surveillance capability) to weaponize the Deep State against him.

      He was outspent by what, three to one (or more)?

      Not a single major newspaper in the COUNTRY endorsed him.

      He was vilified in ways never seen in politics before.

      He was personally targeted and set-up by the supposedly ‘conservative’ moderators at the very first debate (and every debate thereafter, but the first one was a shocker).

      He overcame ALL of it, and he did it all with a skeleton staff, without a “ground game”, without a national support structure and while being sabotaged by his own party, without being beholden to anyone but the American People, and the American People were the ONLY support he had, against ALL of the above and lots more I forgot to mention.

      That doesn’t even COUNT all the cheating and voter fraud that went on, which will become known as those investigations continue.

      He beat them ALL.

      And you say “A more skilled figure would have won in a landslide” ?

      A “more skilled figure” has never lived in American history.

      Can you name another human being, dead or alive, who could have pulled off what Donald J. Trump pulled off?


      • Yes they are and we need hell to rain on democrats who have broken laws seven ways from Sunday.

      • Unfortunately, “we” do not have any power against the combination of the RINO Republicans and the Democrats.

      • Add to the combo mix the media. They are always against a Republican President but this time the hate the man as well as his party affiliation.

        Notice the dearth of panel experts that support the President?

      • We do. If we dare to use them. We have the most potent of weapons. A single vote. To say ‘to hell with ya all…let’s Make America Great Again’.

      • We do if we throw them all out of office……and then replace them with representation that will actually carry out the will of “We The People”. We have initiated this process and anyone who thought it was going to be finished in a year or so, is as delusional as the Progs! We need to keep in mind, this is the long game, as the Progs have been playing it for decades.

        We just keep replacing the eGOP AND the Progs until the pendulum swings. Will it work? I don’t really know….but at least it is heading in the right direction. Haltingly, yes but here’s hoping that we can grind them into the dustbin of history where they belong….

      • The problem, of course, is that the voters themselves support Democrats and RINOs in disturbingly large numbers, which is why there are so many of them in the legislature. The General unpopularity of the recent Obamacare “repeal and replace” effort should speak to that. A majority of the electorate simply doesn’t care for small government conservatism.

      • True Dat! BUT If you look at the voting in the past election, the country is a sea of Red with a few islands of blue on the coasts. The founders understood the Tyranny of Democracy and made us a Republic. It worked this time and we need to all come together to make sure we hold onto that Republic! We need to keep grinding until the powers that be “Get it”. Like I said, I have no idea if it will work. But you SOMETIMES get the things you try for, but you NEVER the things you don’t try for……

      • “The general unpopularity of the recent Obamacare ‘repeal and replace’ effort” spoke to the public’s uncertainty, not their change of opinion…. Unless you think that the cost failure of Obamacare fell last fall didn’t move votes into the Trump column.

      • We The AMERICAN People can and will do it as long as we stick together as we did last November.

      • This is a defeatist attitude. Stop reading political opinion if you’re not willing to fight.

      • I’m afraid citizen’s arrest won’t work with criminals such as Hillary, Comey, Pelosi, etc. You’re welcome to try, however.

      • Right, because the options are citizens arrest or nothing. LOL

      • G-d watches the fall of the sparrow and I’m absolutely certain HE watched the fall of Hillary!
        Oh! yes! Some things are written in the stars. As Rabbi Akiva remarked, cryptic and paradoxilly, “Everything is known and yet free will is given”
        Yes, a miracle; one that was planned a long long time ago!

      • Agreed. With 20/20 hindsight, Trump the only candidate of the 17 on the primary stage who could have won. Each and every one of the other 16 candidates would have had at least 80% of your list visciously applied against them and would have folded like Romney. Only Trump had the guts, drive, self confidence, and tenacity to resist that gross dishonesty and work for the win. Trump was not my choice, but the progressives assured he actually was the only realistic choice.

        The neverTrumpers are fools. Unfortunately, Trump was and is the only chance to save the Bill of Rights and Constitutional freedom for individuals. A Hillary win or this coupe attempt would guarantee this nation conceived and dedicated to Liberty will not endure and will be extinguished from this earth.

      • Trump was a crazy wild card that few thought could win. But with Trump it was a roll of the dice. All the other candidates would have been taken out by the MSM. In Trump’s case the MSM actually helped him out when they went totally insane. It was so over the top that they ended up helping Trump.

      • Yup – there was a big appetite for stupid in 2016

      • Agreed. The left wing media unwittingly motivated voters like myself, to get off our cans and get out and vote for Trump. Why? Because the bias towards Hillary was so over the top, amongst MSM commentators, that many voters, like myself, who originally had no intention of voting, as a result of the extreme bias in the media, considered it our moral obligation to counter the pro Hillary elitist crowd, at the many networks and get out and vote for Trump. In that regard, I am convinced, that it was the action of the media, in the last few days, before the election, who essentially won it for Trump.

      • The neverTrumpers don’t care about the Bill of Rights. They only care about the Republican Party, because that is the vehicle for their corrupt acquisition of wealth and exercise of power. They are not loyal to the United States; their nation is the GOP.

      • PLEASE.. sign up at You are the only other person I have known to “see” the whole picture like that other than the editor…he would love to meet you. Please message the webmaster there…or leave your email address.

      • he had 5 LIVING presidents opposing him. BUSH, BUSH, CLINTON, CARTER AND OBAMA

      • Same Here….please join forces with us at

      • Yeah…you are right…and I was wrong to classify some of them as “living” lol they have been brain ddead for years

      • Excellent comment. The people trying to give President Trump advice now are mostly the ones who were certain he could not win. They remain entirely clueless to this moment.
        No one else, NO one, would have stood a chance in those gale-force, hurricane-size headwinds. What’s that quote? Providence looks out for fools, idiots, and the ???????? United States of America?
        We dodged not a bullet but a MOAB when we denied Hillary!

      • Even Trump didn’t expect to win. He just wanted to feed at the right wing outrage industry trough like Gingrich, Huckabee, etc. It’s like picking up money off the ground. Trump never underestimates the gullibility of the average citizen, so he knew it would work out for him.

      • “Even Trump didn’t expect to win.”


        I don’t believe that for a second, and I don’t think you do, either.

        Nobody risks that much or works so hard or subjects themselves to that amount of abuse for something they don’t expect to win.


      • Gingrich, Huckabee, Santorum…perennial presidential bidder looking for book deals or Fox News gigs after their 15 minutes of fame. Trump never wanted to actally work for the people.

      • If you know anything about Donald Trump from the last 30 years, he doesn’t do anything not intending to win. This is not a guy who does stuff just for laughs.

        When he won the nomination, he and his family were all-in. If Hillary won, she would have done everything she could to destroy the Trump family name.

        Trump is no quitter, and he’s relatively fearless.

      • Not for laughs, to replace his petered out gig at The Apprentice. Just like the reality TV show that paid him millions for doing nothing but acting important, being an ex candidate provides credibility to spout off as an expert and make millions on books, speeches, paid punditry, et. like Cain and Carson.

      • Your short-sighted bitterness is why it’s so easy to keep beating Democrats in elections. Consumed by hate. Bad look for an ideology that believes in gun control.

      • Oh, I thought it was illegal gerrymandering and voter sup pressing laws that have given Republicans an edge in the red state shlt holes you inhabit.

      • Well, we generally don’t have dirty voter rolls like California, where there are more voters registered than than voting age people live. LOL

      • The fact that he did win is a miracle. But, I knew he was going to win. I talked to so many people of all stripes and they knew that the country was in the wrong direction and that something drastic had to be done. I heard the people talk and they spoke at the polls. I think they are still there and they are still itching to vote.

    • “It seems they [GOP politicians] would rather be the pathetic, tamed court-approved opposition rather than actually make a change”

      This is just one excuse of many.

      It’s really simple, the vast majority of GOP politicians are really big government statists that just pretend to be conservatives to get elected. They need to raise funds to buy off insider support and pay for advertising their fake conservative rhetoric, and so are all for crony capitalism where government controls commerce so they can sell favors to raise money. Fortunately money isn’t buying elections so well these days. Voters see the big fund raisers as sellouts.

    • Trump won by appealing to racists. Uniformed voters, etc. You had someone who paid out $25 million in a fraud settlement, revealed himself to be an absolute pig when it came to women and a habitual liar. All of which Dr. Hanson doesn’t want to mention. Whose fault was hiring Flynn, Mooch, etc. CNN?

      • If what you spew is so, one would think you would be running to the exit doors to leave this horrible country. Or you’re wrong and you know it to be so.

      • You call people “racists”, yet it is your party who appeals to groups based on color and race – ironic, don’t you think?

      • Business is business. The problem is that dems enter politics poor and leave rich. Maxine waters the most corrupt member of congress.

      • Let’s see if I can make it even a little worse for you. TWO IMMUTABLE FACTS:

        1. DJT will appoint (Not nominate, THANKS hairy) 1-3 to SCOTUS. That means that for DECADES decision after decision after decision will be “conservative.” THAT is going to cause you and your ilk EXCRUCIATING psychological pain. I’m fine with that.

        2. I, and millions like me, will take IMMENSE pleasure watching that INEVITABILITY sink into your warped, hateful little mind. THAT is going to hurt…BAD…think DELIVERANCE BAD…squeal little piggy. It’s music to our ears.

      • I think we care a lot less than you imagine. At best, Gorsuch will rule in such a way that abortion and gay marriage will be deferred back to the states, something which you “federalist” guys say you’re always OK with. I’m kind of OK with it as well, since I live in a blue state. In no universe will Gorsuch’s appointment ever manage to turn the cultural clock back toward hating gay people, however, nor will it make going to church fashionable again – and frankly, for many of you that’s really your long-term dream.

        With regard to the culture wars the train left the station a long time ago insofar as I can tell. Issues like Obamacare matter a lot more to me than abortion or gay marriage, and it’s pretty clear what the electorate wants at this point when it comes to healthcare – they want the government to remain involved and they want Obamacare to be fixed rather than repealed.

      • The internet crystal ball predicts a rendezvous very soon between your face and a baseball bat.

      • Hillary has another name~ La Puta Grande de Babylonia

    • But a more severe, more harassing master would extemporize subtler, more urgent proof…

    • Since 1932, until 2016, there has been a Nixon or a Bush in every Republican administration.

  4. Exactly, professor. It seems a puzzle until the visceral hatred congressional Republicans have toward Trump is understood. It’s rather amusing it emerged today GOP MoC’s and senators also were targeted by the Deep State’s illegal and illegitimate surveillance and suddenly the Obama Administration’s massive domestic human rights violations are an issue. Whatever it takes, I suppose. You almost would think elected Republicans don’t care about anything other than their stations in life or something.

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    • Whatever it takes, indeed. It’s time to take the gloves off.

      Every day that CNN still has a satellite license from the FCC is a failure, as far as I’m concerned.

      • But they’ll continue to have one for the foreseeable future. And if by some chance you did manage to take it away, a dozen replacements would merely spring up in CNN’s place. There’s kind of a strong demand for CNN, you see, when 60% of the electorate thinks the President is incompetent.

        You need to think of a way of disposing of that irritating 60%, not CNN.

      • First off, there is zero evidence that 60% of the public thinks the President is incompetent. The polls are faked, and that is an established fact. From my own experiences, I would rate the President’s popularity at about 85-90% I wish I could be more precise, but the proper figure definitely falls into that range. And if we look at CNN’s ratings compared with actual news agencies like Fox, the figures are proportional.

        Second, I don’t think we’ve come to “disposing” of the opposition. That’s a little extreme, at least for now. They need to be silenced, yes, but that should do it. For now.

    • The only support Trump has are his voters who are the largest identifiable segment of voters. We need to take our pound of flesh on the RINO’s looking to undermine Trump’s and our agenda. Let them understand that they will be history as our resolve has not weakened in the slightest.

    • TWO WORDS: swamp creatures. Benedict McCain is openly RepubloCRAT, tho.

  5. Congressional Republicans stand around with their hands in their pockets while the Left and their propagandist media attack the president who would be only too happy to sign any bills they send him.

    Are they incompetent, afraid, or playing for the other team?

  6. “The salvation of both the Trump Administration and the Republican congressional fate in the 2018 elections is to reestablish political deterrence”

    So the administration and Congressional majorities are in need of salvation now?

  7. Well, it is a bit puzzling, isn’t it? Maybe we don’t really have a two party system. Maybe we have something like the Harlem Globe Trotters and the Washington Generals. They both serve the same pay masters. Bread and circuses for those of a classical bent.

      • A unified system without parties is probably our only real way of surviving as a country. Until then, we need a strong executive who ignores the other two branches when they threaten to derail necessary action. Why do judges get to comment on executive actions, for instance?

      • Because Executive Actions must be constitutional.

      • Unfortunately most liberal jurists legislate from the bench, and the U.S. constitution means nothing to them .

      • But that’s the point. Who decides if they are or not? When we let so-called judges, some appointed by Demokrats, is that fair to let them decide what a president says is constitutional or not?

        I think we need to take a hard look at the other branches and decide if it’s in our best interests to have them have so much power.

      • The courts decide, and it can be taken to the highest court, if so desired, which, BTW, is currently made up by a majority of Republicans nominees. What’s the alternative? No judicial review? That’s called a dictatorship. I wouldn’t want that for any President, even one I fully support.

      • Judicial review is fine when it’s justified. But the President has absolute control over matters of national security, which include immigration. Judges have no right to interfere in those areas.

      • I’m afraid that simply isn’t true, nor should it be, for any President. And I think you might be saying otherwise if some hardcore leftist wanted to, say, completely open the borders in contravention of existing law. Judicial review is an extremely important part of our system of checks and balances. Allowing one person to gain too much power is why Third World countries are what they are. Our system of checks and balances has served us very well.

      • Well obviously we wouldn’t be saying this is another leftist like Obama were in the White House! Does that concept really need to be explained?

        The “checks and balances” are fine until the country is at war, either a real one or a virtual one. Lincoln and FDR did was technically uncostitutional but was also the right thing to do; what good is a constitution if the country is destroyed? I feel like the Demokrats are a bigger threat than any foreign foe we’ve ever faced, or all of them combined for that matter. So like FDR and Lincoln Trump must do whatever is necessary to protect the country from an enemy.

        In short, we can’t really afford “checks and balances” right now. Once the ship is steadied, which would not take long if we could remove distractions such as the liberal press and activist courts, we will have the luxury of letting those things slowly come back into existence.

      • What we need is a strong leader who is not distracted by trivialities. We need a unified country to stand behind him. We need to protect our borders, and stand up against our enemies, both outside our borders and within.

        The country is under threat. The threats are external (Muslims) and internal (Demokrats). The latter is somewhat neutralized right now, with minority ranks in both chambers and a significant minority in the governerships and state house. I think we will soon see more defections from the Demokrats, as whenever an existing party seems to be out of
        the favor of the people to such an extent that they start to feel they are threatened with annihilation, you start to see a great migration from that party, like rats leaving a ship. This has nothing to do with greater knowledge or willpower, but with a kind of sixth sense that politicians have to abandon a failing party just in time.

      • No, WE NEED WAR: the soil of liberty watered by the blood of tyrants.

  8. Hanson is incorrect that Nunes “excused” himself from the unmasking investigation. Nor did he recuse himself from the Russian-collusion probe; he merely stepped aside from leading it.

  9. After 44 years being a GOP activist I finally gave up. You are right on all counts about the timidity in Washington, Prof. Hanson, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for your recommendations to be put in place.

    On the other hand, Republicans in state legislatures around the country are taking some very bold and long overdue steps–at least those not blocked by leftwing state and federal courts.

  10. Excellent read. The only problem with this proposal is the Democrats won’t learn. And the next time they’re behind the wheel they will insist on payback. Better to crush them, so they can never drive the ship of state again.

    • Being inclined myself to sober reason, collegiality and cordial debate, I find that appalling. However, being also inclined to accept reality as it is instead of how I wish it to be, I find that uncomfortably irrefutable.

    • The crushing better start soon, because that bus has nearly sailed.

      • I don’t know about “bus has nearly sailed.” I think the bus has “stalled” and as per usual, there are no mechanics on it.

      • Gee, that is a new one – a bus “sails”? I think it “leaves the station” and a ship “has sailed”.

      • Seems like someone was thinking about the Magic School Bus from Saturday morning cartoons.

    • I totally agree Stammon, but can you please point me to the republicans who would actually stand up and be counted? I can’t seem to see any.

      • You can’t put one half of the country behind bars. Logistical problem.

  11. As Nancy Pelosi so accurately pointed out, the Democrats (I call them Demoncraps) don’t have to win in 2018 to further their agenda.. The RINOs defer to them anyway.

  12. There are no, “Republicans,” nor real, “Democrats,” in the traditional sense.

    There are federal career politicians.

    These republicans to whom you refer are cronies of the democrats you naively think they oppose.

    All of them are seduced and utterly compromised by the power and cash that comes with federal office, and only wish to appear contrarian.

    Wasted words. The corruption is too deep.

  13. All good advice; but what motive have the very venal, entirely self-serving grifters who are nearly all of the Republicans in Congress to take it? (Ann Coulter thinks only 6 of them, all told, are genuine patriots and not mere grifters.)

    They hate President Trump as much as the Democrats do because of his agenda as a candidate. They don’t WANT to stop mass immigration, legal and illegal – that does not suit the gouging donors who own them. They don’t WANT to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a good private healthcare system (insurance freely purchaseable across state lines) and a public health scheme reformed to be more efficient and less open to fraud – that does not suit the gouging donors who own them. They don’t WANT a fair and sensible tax system but rather the one they have at present, in which the very rich individuals and corporations get off pretty lightly and taxes hammer the small and medium size enterprizes which are the seed-corn of tomorrow – again, the reason being the fact that they are owned by the very big enterprizes.

    Above all, they don’t want the Swamp to be Drained! They must have read with horror the excellent 28-point strategy of Candidate Trump’s “Contract with the American Voter” on this score, published last October.

    The real villain of the piece is the people. The American nation should have primaried these Congressional rascals out of their seats long ago.

    • You’re right, it IS the people. A majority of them indicated they want to fix Obamacare, not repeal it. And some of their Senators listened to them, lol and behold.

  14. I just can’t imagine Republicans ever investigating Democrat scandals — and some journalist (one of the few conservative ones) needs to ask Republican leadership why not. I think that the reason is that the Beltway GOP all generally wants to say on the good side of the Democrat Media Complex, even though they only like a Republican if he hates other Republicans and then only so long as he’s not up against a Democrat, because then the media paints the Republican as Jack the Ripper and Lee Harvey Oswald going around hating gays and blacks and forcing raped women to have their rapist’s babies (and wouldn’t Republicans think that that level of hatred just for running against a Democrat in an election would suggest they can’t ever win with the media so that they out to have principles they’ll actually stand up?).

  15. need to drop the hammer on a few gope types, too. especially senators and ryan.

  16. Two things, Victor. First, the cause of GOP impotence may be pure cynicism, as in “who are you going to vote for in 2018, the party that couldn’t pass Obamacare repeal, or the party that gave you Obamacare in the first place?”

    Second, who knows how many members of the cowardly party might have aided and abetted Democrats in their effort to delegitimize Trump? We know there’s a good possibility McCain worked with Fusion GPS. How many other duplicitous weasels might have engaged in similar efforts? That in and of itself goes a long way towards explaining why they’ll tolerate Mueller and refuse to initiate a parallel second investigation.

    • It is all about the primaries. As far as Ryan is concerned – even voting for his Democrat challenger would be acceptable so that he is retired. Make it known ahead of time that Conservatives will vote to remove him even voting for the Democrat. That will set the stage for his replacement with regard to our expectations.

  17. Over at City Journal, Edward Jay Epstein lays out a convincing case that this delegitimization is also Russia’s strategy. So, as usual, the progressive Left is simpatico with our enemies. And they believe it’s a strategy that will put them back in power. With more Republicans betraying their voters and crossing over, they may have already won. After all, with the Murkowski, Collins and McCain defections, Chuck Schumer is already de facto Senate majority leader.

  18. Deterrence should include the Full Scooter Libby; testimony/depositions under oath, with prosecution of any and everyone who has a different memory of events . Ruin them with legal expense . Guerre a la Outrance

  19. Enjoyed the Socratic questioning. Hanson is an intellectual force.

  20. I predict that the Republicans will do nothing.
    The democrats are evil and will quickly turn America into Venezuela if they ever get back in power. The Republicans are weak kneed pansies who will allow the democrats to do just that. I loathe the blatant criminality of the Democrats, and the media who ignore their treasonous crimes. But I also loathe the republicans who do nothing but gripe and then sit on their hands as the country goes to hell.

    • I hate the Republicans more because of all the things I hate, gutless pansies top the list.

    • “I loathe the blatant criminality of the Democrats, and the media who ignore their treasonous crimes.”

      The media who are complicit in their treasonous crimes.

  21. The Republicrats. I think it’s because they are in the Washington DC bubble. Trump’s election showed that the country as portrayed by the Washington Post and the NY Times is as fake as their often fake news. But our elected representatives don’t believe it.

  22. The VDH record of being right on the mark is intact!

    Everything he says in this article is correct, but the simplest “Cliff Note” key is that whether a member of the majority or the minority, the flow of money into their personal coffers from “the system” is not significantly diminished.

    Members of congress who make it through one or at most two terms of office without “magically” becoming millionaires despite the cost of living in D.C and their “paltry” $175,000/yr salaries are the true minority in congress.

    Draining the swamp is a good agenda, but the only way to keep it from constantly refilling is to establish term limits.

    • I agree with the sentiment, but not with the ‘term limits’ solution and here’s why: In essence, the problem on the *electoral* side is the same as the problem on the *corruption* side. Which is, in a word, *money*. Term limits does nothing to change this part of the problem, in fact, it may exacerbate the problem. We can’t ban money from the electoral system for same reason we cannot ban lobbyists from DC: The First Amendment. Term limits would only increase the power of campaign consultants/managers etc while doing nothing to diminish the power of lobbyists. In the case of Donald Trump, *neither* special-interest lobbyists nor campaign consultants had much power because (a) he funded a substantial part of his campaign with his *own* money and (b) as time when on, received a large number of small donations from Trumplican/Trumpocrat Americans. DJY was able to do this because he received a substantial amount of *free media* (however negative it might have been). One of the dirty secrets of American elections is that campaign consultants not only craft ‘the message’ (in consultation with lobbyists), but also organization by buying of *media time*. Without *free* media time, Trump would have been hosed. The MSM realized *after* the election that they had — without fully realizing it — *made* Donald Trump *possible*. Part of what you see in MSM coverage of Donald Trump after the election comes from the belief that, because (in their minds) they *made* Donald Trump can also *unmake* him. The same problem applies to media that applies to lobbyists: The First Amendment. Except the media has a vulnerability that lobbyists do not: They are corporations with a ‘public trust’ and *ought* to be subject to anti-trust law. I am not an expert in this area, but if virtually *every* corporation in a particular industry were operating selling the *same product* in the *same way* — thereby *not* offering the public a *choice* in products — there would be legitimate anti-trust concerns. The problem, as I see it, is *not* the length of service of elected officials, it’s the *media control* over who is considered a *legitimate* candidate or office holder. This has been a gripe on the pseudo-Left for some time, but it’s a valid one and those not on the Left should think seriously about how to *fix* the Media to make it more *useful* for the public.

      • Agree term limits are at the root. If Congress didn’t get to rely on a tax-payer funded retirement – had to secure their own; if they had to find insurance like those in the individual market we would see a different focus. They were meant to be public servants, public servant salaries – do their job and move in….yes we are desperate for term limits…

    • End the exemption Congress gave itself on insider trading laws.

  23. The Mediacrats and pseudo-Leftists are trying to nullify the election. Since the ‘cowardly RINOS’ *also* want to nullify the election, they are collaborating in it. They are both wings of the same Globalist Party and feel it is their *right* to rule with impunity. The Globalist Party want ‘those people’ to ‘learn their lesson’: Shut up and suffer in silence. The entire nullification process is *not* about Donald Trump, it’s about *the people* who voted for Donald Trump and more particularly Trump’s *base*. The Globalist Party *hates* and *fears* this base: They have just enough numbers is just the right places to alter the outcome of future elections *if* a Presidential candidate runs on an anti-Globalist platform, as Trump did. The working people who, at one time, put their faith in the Democratic Party have been learning for some time now that the Democrats don’t care about them. The outrage that is being expressed by working people who have supported the Republican Party is *just getting started*: Is there anyone who doesn’t know what ‘RINO’ means? *That’s* an indication of the just how much erosion of support there is by the ‘working class’ who have been taken for granted by the Republican Party. The reality is, as long as a Globalist is elected to office, neither wing of the Globalist Party — either Democratic or Republican — actually *care* who gets elected. Either way the Donor Class wins. That’s the invisible thread that holds together the various ‘inexplicable’ actions of the RINOS.

  24. The R’s aren’t taking the fight to the D’s because many of the R’s despise Trump as much as the D’s. They’ll do anything to keep the corrupt status quo.

    • There’s truth to that, but it’s far from the only thing going on. The R’s didn’t despise W, but did they fight back against the phony Plame story? No, they didn’t. Did they fight back against the phony Katrina story? No, they didn’t. “Gutless cowards” explains a lot.

  25. The real reason the republicans don’t go on the offensive is most likely that every Congressional Republican of consequence is corrupted, either by blackmail or bribery. Probably the leadership in both houses was briefed on and at least tacitly approved illegal actions conducted out of the Benghazi facility. Since then each obvious scandal they’ve play-investigated has added to the skeletons in their own closets.

    And what did NSA, the CIA, and the Awan brothers do with the stuff they were collecting? Probably not just write down birthdays in order to send a card and then destroy it. Whoever was behind those efforts has dirt on virtually everyone who matters. The mess we see is the consequence.

    Trump was our only choice but he should have read Machiavelli. He assumed he would be able to make deals in our government to advance the goals that won him the election but what he needed to do was strike swiftly and as brutally as our law allows in order to disorient and weaken the deep state. Now the fence sitters and weathervanes that are common in any group of bureaucrats are reluctant to support him lest they be caught out by a change at the top.

    He seems to have figured out what a Chief of Staff is for. Now if only he’ll allow Gen. Kelly to do that job …

    Anyone know how to kill the slideshow of ‘related posts’? What script it is? It keeps the screen constantly jumping up and down even when it’s not displayed.

  26. “Putin’s ambitions”? You forgot to list them or to explain how his nefarious “ambitions” adversely affect a machinist, sales-clerk or house-painter in the USA.

  27. Not gonna happen with these “Republicans”. No party that openly lied for 8 years promising to repeal Obamacare is going to drain the swamp. It would be like burning down your own house.

  28. This should be required reading for all conservatives and rinos.

  29. Hanson is, as usual, succinct, informative, and right. The pathetic crowd of Repblicans who participated in the “Never Trump” issue of the National Review revealed how desperate the old guard elite Republicans are to keep any outsider from loosening their hold on non-power. They don’t care about winning. They care about holding onto their spots on Meet the Press and their invitations to cocktail parties in Washington

    Leibovitch’s “This Town” pretty much said it all. Aside from the readily identifiable handful of patriots, we need a scorched earth policy toward these “Republican” losers. First step is to get McCain, Ryan, McConnell, and Graham out of power. By any means necessary. You can’t win a war with a bunch of traitors running your side.

    We need to clean house, get the votes necessary, and start sending criminal Dhimmicrats to jail.

  30. “Republicans and the Lost Art of Deterrence”

    One of VDH’s lesser interesting commentaries … it ignores the fact that the Republican establishment (RINOs one and all) views President Trump as an interloper and an outsider, and will gladly burn the house down before they allow him to be the head of the household.

  31. Most Republicans in Congress seem to be failures. Either they are part of the Progressive movement, or they are only interested in being part of what has become an aristocratic class, ie exempted from Obamacare for example. Unless people are challenged in primaries we have no way to get rid of them. And even then, how do we know a new candidate is not the same as the old, or worse? In Florida we elected Marco Rubio based on his campaign statements that he was against amnesty, and upon winning he immediately joined traitor McCain and Democrats in The Gang of 8. After his bill failed to pass, and Florida voters expressed anger, Rubio said he made a mistake. No he didn’t. He did just what he planned to do, which is just what the man who ran for the Senate in the election before Rubio did. Mel Martinez also ran saying he was against amnesty, and upon winning he immediately joined McCain and Ted Kennedy on stage calling for amnesty. The anger from Florida voters resulted in Martinez resigning before his term was up, but Rubio pulled the exact same bait and switch on us when he ran. Unlike Martinez Rubio sees himself as President. He ran in the 2016 primary, and many liked him. When Trump won the nomination Rubio said he would run again for the Senate. He was not allowed to run for both offices at the same time under Florida law, and other Republicans were set to run for the seat, but after he failed to win the nomination, he was allowed to change his mind, and run as an incumbent for his seat. All the other Republicans but one, Carlos Beruff, stepped aside for Rubio, and Rubio won. I voted for Beruff, but there was no defeating an incumbent even though he had betrayed the voters. My Congressman never has a primary challenger. Donald Trump was a wonderful candidate to behold, but he is unique. When we can’t even get primary challengers how do we change the Republicans that work with the Progressives or just enjoy the perks? We see the problem, but where is a solution?

    • As funny as people who ignore hillary, the DNC and democrat corruption, as funny as the American citizens doing jail time for lesser crimes against federal law., as funny as the cowardly GOP or as funny as the MSM covering it all up and colluding with the DNC?

  32. Perfect, except for the title, which should read “RINOs and the lost art of deterrence.”
    The “Prisoners’ Dilemma” is an unbalanced competition. If two parties cooperate, each gains one. If one cooperates while the other cheats, the cheater gets 5. If both cheat, no one gets anything.
    In that situation, thousands of strategies were simulated in millions of rounds. The BEST strategy was ‘Tit for Tat.’
    TfT starts with a green card (cooperate) the first round. Thereafter it plays whatever the opponent played the prior round.
    TfT starts trusting. If the other side cooperates, TfT continues to cooperate. If the opponent cheats, TfT retaliates. IF for some reason the opponent reverts to cooperate, the next round TfT relents and forgives.
    TfT is trusting, retaliatory, forgiving, AND transparent. THAT is the optimal strategy bar none. /wiki/Prisoner%27s_dilemma#Strategy_for_the_iterated_prisoner.27s_dilemma
    Despite deep documentation and clear results the RINOs fail, abysmally, to recognize that simple truth.
    In the negative formulation, we say “weakness is provocation.” In the positive, it is clear that “power is respect.”
    OR as an otherwise failed “community organizer” once said, punch back twice as hard.

    • You’re assuming that the Republicans see the situation as a competition, that they want to win, that they want respect. What if they just like the money they can get from being allowed to share the trough with the Democrats?

      They HAVE all the power that their class of donor would have any hope of purchasing so they can collect even as losers. Why would they want the responsibilities that go with winning?

      Pay of a Congressman from citizens: < $600/day
      Pay of a Congressman from Others: $19,000/day

      Then there's the whole corruption thing. They fear — I think quite rightly — that if they start forcing open Democrat closets around DC what falls out could take them down too. Not just from bribery but blackmail as well.

      • Hey Nuther – You’re right.
        I only note the proper game theoretic solution in order to highlight their failure to seek victory, and cast endless shame on their spinelessness.
        We can only highlight the folly. Our cudgel here is shame. Alas so many of them are shameless.

  33. Do Republicans unilaterally follow Munich rules because they hope such protocols will create a new “civility” and “bipartisan cooperation” in Washington?

    No. But have you ruled out stupidity?

  34. I think the problem is that many of the Republicans support most of the liberal Democrat policies. They actually don’t want to reverse them. It was easier for them to pull this off when they were not in power. Plus, their empty promises helped get them re-elected. Unfortunately, I believe most politicians are brought and paid for by special interest groups. Many special interest groups are smart enough to “buy” politicians from both sides.

  35. Great column as usual Mr. Hanson. I am now happy to be aware of this site and will visit often.

  36. Hanson has completely lost his moral bearing and lost his mind. There is no defending the corruption and evil of Donald Trump. Really appalling. If not for the media, which Trump would, like all dictators, love to shut down, we would be in grave danger indeed.

    • Seems you’re hopelessly brainwashed. Trump is nowhere near being a dictator. Unlike Obama and most Democrats like you, Trump loves America and what it stands for.

    • Like most of today’s Democrats, you are too afraid to confront the facts laid out by the author. Pick a point Hanson makes….any point…and refute it. If you don’t, you’ll continue to embarrass yourself.

      • Sorry I am not the least bit embarrassed. As for refuting his points, I see no reason to repeat what is int he Washington Post, for example, every day. But all you read is right wing propaganda like this site. I write these posts in the hope that one – just one – person will wake up and realize what is happening. It’s not meant for you.

      • Behold. A mind-numbed robot, incapable of seeing through his own brainwashing. Face it. You won’t refute a point because you can’t. All you can do is mindlessly repeat msm talking points. Did you get upset when Trump’s guests got only one scoop of ice cream when Trump gets two….like the WaPo told you to?

      • Google the word “Projection” as a psychological term.

      • LOL. Projection flows from Democrats like a waterfall.

        Folks. Notice that all this guy has is the talking points his masters tell him to parrot. Hanson’s article is spot on, and this guy says it’s not. And to win the “argument”, he uses the “You’re a poopiehead” offensive. Sadly, that’s really this guy has.

  37. The Democrats control the narrative because they are one with the Media (actually the Media controls the Democrats). The only answer is to go after the media, and go after them hard. We must do sting operations to catch the NYT and the Amazon Post paying govt workers for classified info, and then prosecute them for espionage. And we need to seek the death penalty.

    • Agree, but the current GOP won’t do it. The GOP is a false friend.

  38. Why are we investigating ourselves, when we all know Hillary should be sitting in jail?

    But Republicans always give them a pass!

    “Who makes these deals”? :)

  39. In a confrontation, the Republicans go into their Marquis of Queensbury stance……while the Democrats kick them in the ba//s.

    Those who voted for Trump are in danger of having their victory taken from them unless they start fighting back. The trouble is that many if not most live in the parts of the country that are far away from the “action centers” such as New York, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Seattle, and Boston. That is where the attacks on the Trump people are taking place. That is where the media centers are and that is why they control the dialogue. The Trump supporters are isolated from those centers and also isolated within them if they live in any of those areas.

  40. This article is spot on. John McCain’s wish for some sort of brotherly love in the Senate is remarkably naive for someone who has been in politics so long. The US is in the midst of a “cold” civil war between the Progressives and everyone else. The Republicans, as the current embodiment of “everyone else” need to figure out that they are at war, and act accordingly. One does not negotiate with an avowed enemy until one has beaten or destroyed them, and then only to dictate terms. And make no mistake: Progressives are the enemy of “everyone else”. Their agenda cannot be realized by negotiation or persuasion, only imposed by force, legally or otherwise, as it is deeply unpopular. And the Progressives are not going to compromise, they aren’t going to reach some sort of accord, and they aren’t going to admit that they might be wrong. The only solution is that they be destroyed politically, crushed out of existence, and their legitimacy forever tainted. Republicans! Get on with the war effort, destroy Progressivism or be replaced by some who will.

    • Progressives are half the country. The President finds support among little more than one-third of the electorate nowadays. “Everybody else” at this point is you, not us.

      • Well, you must be reading the NYT again. There are no honest polls that show
        “Progressives” are half the country, and the political results bear that out. At best, progressives are a third of the country, but they are certainly 100% of the Democratic Party. Outside the Northeast, the Left Coast, and Illinois, there are no “progressives” in power. Perhaps a look at the electoral map might enlighten you.

      • Listen, my friend, I don’t really care what time you use to describe us, but clearly half the country if not slightly more or opposed to Donald Trump.

      • Listen, I don’t really care what term you use to describe us, but clearly at least half if not slightly more of the electorate is opposed to Donald Trump. You may be right that we’re not distributed particularly well on the electoral map, but in terms of numbers what I said is pretty much correct.

        Also, no one stays in power forever; perhaps a look at the history books might enlighten you. Frankly, though, I’ve never seen one side squander their time in power as rapidly as President Trump and his supporters.

  41. Are you listening you inept, gutless RINO’s…do your job, reread this article if you have to or move out of the way!

    • Sadly, the gutless RINOs are a part of the swamp that needs to be drained. McCain, Flake, Kasich, !Jeb! and the rest are either spineless, or worse, are in collusion with Democrats against Trump and the American people.

  42. If our president is guilty of a crime related to the election then he should be held accountable. However this must go both ways and every person who agrees with the above assessment must immediately and repeatedly contact their congressional representatives and demand that each of the above issues be investigated and addressed. And that if action is not taken then every effort should be made to primary said representative/senator. This is a serious time for our country.

  43. “For eight months, progressives have swarmed the media and our politics with false charges of Russian collusion, aimed at delegitimizing both a president and his conservative agenda.”

    But they’re not false. JR proved the accusations to be true with his own emails, and unfortunately, the claims of naivete or lack of success do no mitigate the purposeful actions taken by JR, Jared, and Manafort.

    As for the attempt to redirect from the subjects of collusion, conspiracy, and obstruction by pointing to the Democrats, fine. The President is in charge. The AG is his appointee. He can order any investigation that he wants. Why doesn’t he.

  44. There is one problem with your screed, Mr. Hanson. And that problem is the talented Mr. Trump. No amount of demagoguery will obscure the fact that this narcissistic fool is unfit and unprepared for his duties. No amount of demagoguery will hide the fact that this incompetent, mendacious clown has attempted obstruction of justice before our very eyes due to his fear of discovery in the Russian scandal. You, Mr. Hansen, attempt to discredit the Special Counsel…that would give pause to any thinking individual about your agenda and methods. But one article will not stop the chaos of this presidency nor its likely terrible outcome. Truth will win.

      • Are you thinkiing about your self, Mr. Crazy? How about this…Trump is a consummate con man. And con men need the dim witted to thrive. Why, you are a fine example! Congratulations, I guess.

  45. Great piece. But let’s take this a little further and see exactly how the Trump administration can stop this nonsense, and get back to saving the country?

    First off, the last time I checked the FCC was run by five presidential-appointed commissioners. Right now, two are vacant, two are filled by Republicans (or at least RINOS) and one Demokrat. If that is the case, why does CNN still have a satellite license? Why is NBC allowed to broadcast?

    Second, we know for sure that the Washington Post and NYT have had communications with Islamic terrorists. Therefore there is absolutely no downside to having the FBI seize all computers and hard drives from both papers and examine them for illegal activity, and seal both of their headquarters at the same time. I believe under anti-terrorism laws, the federal government can take such action under just a warrant for up to 18 months. That should be long enough to ensure that both of them are out of business for good. If not, imprisoning a few of their senior editors should send the message.

    Third, why are representatives from the foreign press allowed to be in the US? Immediately expel all “journalists” from BBC, Guardian, Economist and of course Al Jazeera (the later might be best sent to Gitmo).

    It’s not enough to go after Democrats, as you’ve written. That’s a start, and as soon as the leaders of the opposition party are in jail the better. But this action has to be coordinated with an aggressive prosecution of the press.

    • You describe a fascist state, with suppression of the free press and any dissenting parties. Are you sure you understand what you are talking about, Keith?

      • Only a lib could describe basic law and order as “fascist!”

        Fascism would be shutting down the press entirely. Which I would never endorse. But I want a free and honest press, don’t you?

      • You don’t want a free and honest press. You want a press that reports only the things that you believe to be true.

  46. Ground control to Hanson: That old-west-sheriff-stops-lynch-mob only happens in the movies.

  47. It would appear that there is far more scandal associated with Comey’s use of the dossier to conduct an investigation into Trump collusion with the Russians, along with the flagrant misuse of intelligence by the Obama administration in its waning days. And what about the promiscuous treatment of computers, servers and other communication devices to which they are linked? The Brennan, Clapper and Comey cabal somehow concluded that the Russians wanted Trump and not Hillary and sought to undermine her campaign. If that were really the case, then why didn’t the Russians provide Wikileaks any of Hillary’s emails, including the ones she had irrevocably destroyed? What about an investigation into the so-called investigation into the Hillary email and server issue. Is it common to issue blanket immunity to all of the actors? If Mueller doesn’t want to delve into these issues, than one can safely conclude that he is a very corrupt individual.

  48. AKA, Republicans need to grow a pair? Can you imagine how any of the other 17 candidates would have crumbled under these attacks? I give Trump credit for sticking to his guns, but he needs to stop fanning the flames of these attacks. The House and Senate need to get on the same page, now.

  49. Self-pity and self-victimization has become the most offensive component of Republican ideology

    Sessions lied in his confirmation hearing
    When it became obvious, he had to recuse himself
    His next-in-line Rosenstein was an appointee of Trump – not of Obama, not of anyone else.

    He appointed Mueller because the lunatic Trump fired Comey
    Mueller is as clean as snow – and was Bush’s FBI chief

    If you thnk this deck was stacked against you, then you’re just a whining, sniveling shit – like your so-called president

    • Mueller is part of the swamp. And the swamp wants Trump out of office then they will go after Pence. Their goal is to have Nancy Pelosi as Speaker in the White House after the ’18 election. And the mainstream media will cheer.

    • And you have no grasp of reality. It must be nice living in your self-imposed fantasy bubble.

  50. The Republicans are the party of stupid. On top of that many GOPers in congress don’t want Trump to succeed. There will be no real investigations of the corrupt Democrats because too many Republicans play the same game.

  51. The Republicans, like the Boy Scouts and the Vatican, have no clue how to use the media to help thier cause. When Obama shut down the National Parks not a single Republican Congresscritter had the brains to meet with constituent at the WW 2 Monument or any of the other open air memorials that Obama closed. This idiocy continues today. It is something in thier mindset to not go for the throat. Chucky Schumer does. Every single time.

    • You’ve got that right. If Hillary had won, she would have thrown Trump and all his kids in jail just for trying to run against her. Look at Venezuela.

    • The ‘republicans’, have no intention whatsoever to ‘help’ Trump – or you for that matter. Please, get a clue. Washington ‘republicans’ are just another branch of the corrupt Establishment. They have no intention at all to ‘help’ Trump. ‘Republicans” are right there with their fellows of the democratic Establishment in ‘helping’ to destroy Trump.

  52. Your presumption is that one of today’s Republicans would have the intestinal fortitude and cajones to actually fight the dems and MSM! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – Not in today’s elected Republicans they are only interested in maintaining status quo inside the beltway!!!!!!!

  53. I just pray that Trump’s tweets against Sessions will light a fire under the AG to actually get started on investigating all of the above crap mentioned in this article. What the hell has he been waiting for?

    • Exactly. I actually think the tweets were necessary. With Bob “everything is obstruction” Mueller how was Trump supposed to express his opinion and displeasure – a private meeting that would be reported in the WaPo the next morning? C’mon man. Trump can’t even be upset about the BS without the MSM calling it obstruction or evidence of “hiding” something. But, we should let the world in on the secret we all know, a person doesn’t need to be guilty of the fact, to get upset someone calls him traitor and tells the police to toss his house for evidence.

    • They haven’t. And, they will never do that. Sessions is an Establishment representative, not a real Trump supporter at all. As ‘republicans’, these corrupt liars fed you and me the words we wanted to hear. Then, as they ALWAYS have, they returned to Washington to continue making millions from lobbyists and their Chamber-of-Commerce buddies while completely ignoring their constituents back home. “Constituents”: That’s all of us, baby!

  54. The author forgot my favorite whipping-post, or should I say “times” instead of “post”, that the NYT – the favorite recipient of illegally procured and uttered secret information and false innuendo, is owned – again – majority owned – by a foreign national with as many official ties to the Government of Mexico as any Russian oligarch has to Putin. Subpoena the emails of every editor and reporter for whatever hint of “collusion” might be found. The ownership was of concern to the FCC when it occurred and should remain so. If the progressives can file lawsuits to allege that the Trump administration “colluded” to make some misleading statement to the press – and be asked to give depositions – what fun will it be to point at reporters and secret sources who have their facts totally wrong? There should have been a dozen perp waks by now, subpoena’s to unscrupulous reporters who seem to have endless top secret information. Why? Because it is a crime to “conspire” to commit espionage and sedition.

  55. Victor, there is NO way that the media will stop their obsession with DJT. they simply cannot accept the reality that he won fair and square and that Billary was a horrible candidate with ZERO ideas.

    • And that’s why Hanson’s article is spot on. RINOs need to be primaried, and Republicans need to ratchet up their efforts to highlight/prosecute Democrats criminality.

    • And you think that’s the reason that only 37.8 percent of Americans approve of Trump? Don’t kid yourself.

  56. Dr. Hanson seems to be morphing into Newt. Long, eloquent articles blaming the Democrats. He would have us believe the Russia story is nothing despite mounting evidence while there hasn’t been any evidence Obama spied for political purposes. I guess an accusation is a good as a fact in the right wing media

    • There has been no proof. You are an easily fooled media lover.
      And you lack critical thinking to figure this one out.

      • Facts can’t penetrate phadras’ safe space. He can’t be disturbed by them when playing with his play doh.

  57. At long last, thank you Professor Hanson! Someday, over the rainbow; someday soon, the crusty, old (as I certainly am) died-in-the-wool ‘republican’ conservative movement will figure out that their own so-called ‘republican’ congressional representatives and senators have been playing them for FOOLS! They have LIED straight to their conservative, staunchly republican faces – and laughed! Why? Because these liars and corrupt multi-millionaires are not republicans at all! They are the Establishment! Someday the ‘republicans’ will get a clue. Hopefully, someday soon.

  58. Thank you, Victor. The worm will turn on all of this but Republicans may be ground up as it does. My own Senator, Todd Young, clearly rode Trump’s coat tails to victory but he has not given one scintilla of vocal support for him. He’d better and real soon or his tenure will be a short one.

  59. Come on, victor, we expect better of you. Seems YOUR answer is… “investigate democrats and give trump a pass”.

    Sleazy trump slashed, burned, lied, intimidated, bullied, deflected… anything & anyone… in his hostile takeover of the republican nomination. And he still regularly engages in this behavior when the backstabber whims enthuse him.

    And now YOU wonder why no one trusts him… respects him… and desires a BETTER president?

    Sorry, Hanson – your judgement is lacking here.

  60. Finally, an informed, articulate exposition of the cowardice and growing irrelevance of our elected Republican Congress. It’s high time that we begin defending what we voted for in the last election. I agree completely with Mr. Hanson.

    • Replace the elephant with the Cowardly Lion!

  61. But the Republicnas are every bit as bad as the #resistance. Flake, for example, should be punished. Publicly. Punished now and punished in the primary by getting booted off the ticket. And McConnell should be doing the threatening.
    But McConnell is a useless, worn-out, drone and the rest of the party exists ONLY to feather individual nests. They HATE Trump and they detest his supporters. It annoys them that they must pretend otherwise. Although NOW they are fooling no-one at all.
    Honestly they REALLY aren’t called the Stupid Party for no reason at all. Now they have just added incompetent , mendacious, and disloyal to the mix.
    How do they survive that. More importantly who wants them to ?
    Trump should kill them in detail. if he can. Fire Sale is what is needed in the so-called ‘party’. EVERYTHING MUST GO.

      • I think he is doing his best with a traitorous bunch. But he needs to show more backbone. He and the Pres got Heller to shut up and play ball but they need to reign in the others. Graham and McCain of course are lost causes.

      • Don’t be so sure about McConnell

        “Mitch McConnell is unleashing the full force of his political machine
        in an all-out push to stop two “far-right” conservatives who threaten to
        make his life miserable in the Senate.

        The Republican leader is aiming to thwart Rep. Mo Brooks and former
        state Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore in a special election in
        Alabama next month. Both men are campaigning against McConnell as a
        despised symbol of the establishment — and both would exacerbate his
        already stiff challenge wrangling his GOP Conference.”

      • Interesting read. McConnell backing Luther Strange is not a terrible plan. Strange is a good, solid, mainstream Republican. He rejects evolution and climate change, is pro-energy and has a record of fighting not just the travesty of gay “marriage” but even taking a stand against the transgender freaks. Moore brings some baggage with him having been suspended from his judicial appointment.

        Now yes I believe Moore was in the right, and was a victim of the anti-Christian movement which has sadly made it all the way to Alabama. I don’t know much else about him but applaud the effort even if it was technically and for now illegal (I believe America is, always has been, and always should be a Christian nation, and that the first amendment freedoms and the benefits such as tax exemption should only apply to Protestant Christian sects and none other, something Moore would probably agree with as would any morally grounded conservative).

        But he does have baggage and perhaps McConnell is just being pragmatic and seeing that Strange, who already has the seat and is doing a fantastic job, has a better chance of winning the special election that someone with baggage. Moore is also pretty old at 70. So until I know more I’m going to assume the best out of Mitch here.

      • Fair enough, but I don’t trust McConnell, I hope I’m wrong, but I think he’s more establishment than not.
        I’d trust him more if he’d strip John McCain of all his committee positions ;)

      • May your loved ones die of cancer

        a good conservative is a dead one


    • Not all of them must go. There are a few loyal senators. Hatch, Inhofe Wicker and Moran spring to mind. I had hopes for Grassley but his traitorous comment that the senate would not confirm a new AG this year makes him a target. Corker criticized the president over his treatment of Sessions and thus must also go. We could go down the list one by one but the litmus test is, do they show absolute, 100% loyalty to the President? Yes or no. There is no middle ground.

      Same with the House. The RNC needs to do the same litmus test for 2018 elections and immediately pull the funding of any rep who does not pass the test, replacing them with someone who will sign up a pledge much like the Grover Norquist pledges that they had to sign in years past.

  62. It must be comforting to write only for your targeted audience. You are not required to be balanced, only to spew rhetoric. You did not make your case about the mainstream media, but then that is not what you were trying for. No, instead you would like to stoke anti Clinton sentiments in a weak attempt to distract from the abject failure of the Trump presidency. Well, most of us are more interested in the facts of the news, not editorials. The fact is that your President has an average 37.8 average approval rating, the lowest of any president in 70 years. His base is shrinking, he cannot work with his own party, and he cannot even manage the White House. He cannot stop inanely tweeting, and he behaves like a recalcitrant two year old. And these are just facts.

    • Does anyone remember when ALL the polls showed HilLIARy winning in a landslide!

    • You missed the point of the Op-ed. It was a complaint about the Republicans who have no backbone. Democrats goose-step in unison and use every parliamentary trick, while republicans go along. best example – How many recusals have the Republicans turned in compared to Democrats. Eric Holder never recused himself from anything. Loretta Lynch? Bob Mueller? And we can argue all day long about the friendships, conflicts, etc., but the point is that recusal – especially in Nunez case – was to eliminate the “appearance” of impropriety. That is the requisite standard. And there is no doubt that all of those people have given off the appearance, but none has even thought about recusal, while Republicans tuck tail at the first CNN headline that raises the question.

    • Several problems here. First off, we know the polls are faked. They got the 2016 election completely wrong, so why should we believe them now? Second, they show that 96% of people who voted for the president would vote for him again. And that’s all that matters. Even if the fake polls were correct, which their not, who cares about that 63.8%? They consist entirely of illegals, Demokrats, RINOS, and spineless independants. They are not a factor. Why would anyone care what those people think?

      His base is not shrinking.

      If he can’t work with his own party, that’s the fault of the party, not him. McCain will be dead soon. Murkowski has never actually won an election in Alaska with a majority and will soon be subject to a recall vote and replaced by Sarah Palin. Collins is wildly unpopular in Maine as well. Some of the senators who cowardly refused to support or vote for Trump have learned their lessons, like Heller in NV. Gardner made a lot of noise last year but has so far voted properly and other than criticizing the muslin ban has behaved. Flake is an embarrassment and must be recalled ASAP. Sassee is a know it all big mouth who has good conservative credentials but for some reason can’t see the light with Trump.

      Anyway the point is those Senators will either learn who the boss is or will find themselves voted our if not removed. Same with the House.

      As for managing the White House, there are still career government employees there who are sabotaging the Trump agenda. It will take time to get rid of all of them.

      And Tweeting is the only way he can get the truth to the American people.

      Those are the real facts.

    • Care to refute a point…any point…Hanson makes? Or are you just going to rely on your “Trump sucks….because I say so” meme?

      • No, I’m not interested in relitigating Hillary foibles. She is not the President.

  63. thank god for president trump it drives the fake media and climate change tree hugging baby killing liberal nuts crazy.

  64. We have too many GOP Congressmen who want to get Congressional pay and Congressional pensions and Congressional perks without actually doing anything of substance. The rank and file need to start an “Anybody but who we now have” movement so as to start eliminating these “Do Nothings” in the primaries.

  65. Our government has been utterly corrupted, and the Republican establishment is part of that. President Trump was the first step toward the people taking back our government. We are aware now and will prevail. The swamp will go down in disgrace.

  66. Who exactly would these attacks impress? Hardcore liberals and democrats would laugh them off, middle of the road independents already hate Hillary but there is nothing on the list of scandals that would make them change their mind. Launching investigations like this will make hardcore conservatives and Trumpets feel better but it won’t stop anyone from attacking Trump. The blood is already in the water.

    • Hillary is a felon and a traitor.
      She belongs in prison or worse.
      Why are you afraid that justice will be served?

      • If you think that there is no sense discussing anything with you. No one believes that Hillary is a traitor and pursuing that course will cause an oversized reaction from the liberals and democrats. How are you going to respond if the special prosecutor charges Trump or his associates with treason and felonies? It will be the same reaction. The difference will be the special prosecutor will build a lot better case than you have against Hillary.

      • But nobody cares what you think. Just like nobody cares what I think. All that matters is what can be proved in a court of law. The same goes for Trump. Lets hope he hasn’t done anything that can sway the Supreme Court or he will be impeached.

      • So true, so true. Equally nobody cares about our hopes.
        What is unclear though is the source of the idea that we need/should/may hope “he hasn’t done anything”. Do we have reasons to fear that he has, except the texts in NYT and WaPo?

      • That’s the point. That’s exactly the point.

    • the point of the article was deterrence. All the yelling of “collusion”- which is not a crime – was enabled by a the republicans who simply refused to say that collusion is not a crime. By letting the Dems know that their behavior will also be under scrutiny, logic would dictate that they be a little less willing to invent crimes that would bite them too.

      • That’s a good point. I sometimes wonder if the president should just come clean on the deals (not collusion) that he almost certainly made with the Russians, and release the tax returns which will almost certainly show many connections to Russia. That might have hurt him in the election so it was smart to keep it secret but at this point, who cares? The only ones who will are the ones who hate him already! And as you point out, it wasn’t a crime.

        Doing so would instantly cripple this Mueller witch hunt as well. My worry is that Mueller might find something actually criminal so it make sense to just admit to collusion now. I can’t think of a downside.

        The fact is, doing whatever it took to keep Killery out of office was OK. And I do mean literally anything. She and the Demokrats are literally the biggest threat to America, and we as a nation need to recognize that and act accordingly.

      • What if there were no deals and nothing on the tax returns showing connections to the Russian government?

        What happens to your theory then?

      • Maybe there weren’t. But if so the tax returns would nip this in the bud.

        This Russia thing is a distraction and the sooner it’s done with the faster we can move on. Also it’s wasteful to tie up law enforcement DoJ people on this when they should be investigating Killery.

      • I’m actually happy that Trump hasn’t released his tax returns and so are the Democrats. There is nothing there. What people need to remember is that Trump has been under attack by the State of New York for 40 years, including some successful sham allegations that they “settled” for fines. Mueller is a particular animal, he is chasing his invented version of “obstruction of justice” – just like he has done on previous occasions when he couldn’t find evidence of a real crime. One of his “team” has already been rebuked by the Supreme Court for stretching the obstruction statute in a way that offended justice. That’s not to say that they are “bad” lawyers, but all of them are “mission” lawyers who have never shown one propensity for seeking justice or truth at the expense of a conviction or win. Mueller, however, is worse. He has always been willing to protect wrongdoers in his own ranks at the expense of ordinary citizens. Because the core of the “collusion” narrative is the FBI using a fake dossier prepared by Russian spies to justify spying on Obama’s political opponents, Mueller will never seek the truth because it would require incrimination of the FBI. Here he is trying to explain away all the mistakes his agents made while “doing a good job” in the Boston marathon bombing. He was US attorney when the FBI was colluding with Whitey Bulger; He was involved in the Fast and Furious cover-up to save face for Eric Holder.

      • Yeah, see that doesn’t really make sense. The Liberal Democratic side is just as impervious to these “scandals” as the conservative/nationalist side to the Russian scandals. it won’t stop anyone from attacking, in fact, it might cause them to double down and attack with more determination. Since Trump is terrible at managing these attacks adding fuel to the fire won’t stop anyone from attacking anyone.

      • You are correct on one level, but the real issue has always been the wink and nod to leave things as more or less “political” attacks, with nobody really looking at jail time. Now, the Dems appear to have crossed a line and want blood from Trump and his family – I believe some republicans do to – so there needs to be some “deterrence” from that. The best example is Hillary – after the election, Trump seemed to say he would let it go. There is no doubt that Hillary, Huma, Podesta, and several others from the campaign broke the law and there is even good evidence that several members of Obama’s cabinet are guilty of violations. Hell, Bill Clinton’s very presence on that tarmac 2 days before Hillary’s testimony is sufficient for an obstruction indictment. It all comes down to “intent” – but that is a question for the jury. Even Jim Comey – there are half a dozen perjury, obstruction, or espionage charges that could make it through the indictment phase. At that point you could seek to take his pension, or seek a plea bargain that would prevent any profits from a book deal. It was this tat for tat that convinced everyone to let the Independent Counsel law expire. But now Mueller is acting like its back by stretching a narrow regulation way out of shape. So – a special counsel for HRC and Lynch – and like Mueller’s investigation, the ability to actually gain the conviction is irrelevant – it’s execution by process.

      • Why do you repeat the charges against Hillary, Comey and others ? Do you think I didn’t understand them the first or second time they were mentioned?
        I don’t care. No matter how often you repeat them I don’t care. Just as you don’t care if I repeated the charges against Trump and the White House cronies So, Where is the deterrence? Starting a war with journalists and government officials by charging them with crimes will not stop anyone from leaking embarrassing details of White House perfidy. It will just intensify the leaks.
        I know It feels good to punch people in the face and you can delight in the metaphorical bloodletting, but it won’t stop anyone unless you are willing to destroy our democracy like they have in Russia, Turkey and Hungary. Anything less will just backfire.

  67. Democrats are all traitors.
    The punishment for treason is death.

    • So what are we supposed to take from that? You’re advocating anthrax for half the country?

  68. How many times do pundits have to state the obvious before so-called Republicans act?

  69. This article is the biggest load of horse manure I have ever read. Giving a platform to a proto-fascist such as Hanson is deeply irresponsible. Facing the most corrupt administration since Harding and Nixon he would direct investigatory efforts toward Obama “unmasking and Leaking.” Well, unmasking is literally done every day in every administration by responsible intelligence professionals, and the Trump admin contains more big-time leakers than the last several administrations put together. To support a vulgar, dim-witted pig such a Trump is beyond me. He is no more a conservative than Bernie Sanders. Also, the “:ethical” Devin Nunes couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel. Conservatives need to look to principled young leaders like Senators Sasse and Flake and not fall for this loathsome conman who would undermine an economic order that has produced 70 years of prosperity for the West, and then he would disrupt the international order as well. It is becoming more obvious every day that the Great Cheeto is an active agent of Russian influence and his election is a critical component of Putin’s “Long Con’ to destabilize the West. Wake up, you deluded racist morons who support this clown

    • It is that free speech thing that really gets to you isn’t it. The only people that should be allowed a platform for speech in your world is one that agrees with you.

      If there was illegal unmasking and leaking by anyone don’t you think that should be pursued? Just because laws are broken everyday is a reason to turn our backs when that happens?

      Like speech. You seem to be only for enforcing laws when it is convenient for your sake.

      If you don’t believe in free speech and equal justice for all then you should move to Russia.

      • Not that I disagree with anything you wrote, but I think the better suggestion would be “you should move to Iran.” Russia isn’t actually all that bad and I for one am glad we are starting to improve relations with them after 8 failure years under the Kenyan.

      • .” Russia isn’t actually all that bad “. I guess you are correct if you don’t mind that Russia’s ‘leader’, jails
        his political opponents, assassinates or disappears journalists he doesn’t like and shares the wealth of his nation with his kleptocrat friends. The only difference between donald and Putin is that Putin really is wealthy, donald, who knows? There will not be improved relations with Russia so long as Trump is president since he screwed up easing sanctions with his own bizarre behavior. Now he is trapped by the bill passed by Congress keeping all the sanctions on Russia and perhaps increasing them as the need requires. No matter what you guys & donald believe, Russia is not now and will never be our friend.

      • Is jailing political opponents and getting rid of lying journalists such a bad thing? Let’s be honest here, if we didn’t have CNN and the rest would we as a country be stuck right now in dealing with these stupid investigations? I think they just get in the way and maybe we need to learn a thing or two from Russia.

        As for Russia being a friend, no they are not, but they are far better than the Islamic countries. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is a true statement, and we need people to help us fight the Islam countries. Russia is not perfect but they would be a good ally. Heck we are not perfect either.

      • Now I understand completely. Your problem is the existence of the US Constitution and the rule of law.
        Both of those institutions some times get in the way of most dictatorships, like Venezuela. You need to start a movement to cancel the Declaration of Independence, The Gettysburg Address and the Constitution. Then all will be well for you, right?

      • I looked and “CNN” doesn’t appear in the Constitution.

        If a press if fake, do they still enjoy 1st amendment rights? I say no.

      • The place where it gets decided whether they’re “fake” or not is supposed to be the courtroom, though, not your own little mind. That’s the part that you and the His Orangeness aren’t understanding.

    • As an Independent, I won’t defend Trump, but I will defend Prof. Hanson. Your impudence, overstatements, and insults are a dead give away: you’re a zombie progressive opposed to reason and free speech. One can disagree with Prof. Hanson, but he commands respect because he’s honorable and deeply intelligent… unlike you.

      • Actually I’m a true Rpublican. Hanson may be a professor but I’ve read enough his ranting to have less than no respect for his intellect. Wake up and realize that these clowns are conning you. You insult my intelligence. OK I’m A big boy. I’ll live. But this country won’t unless people like you wake up and realize they’re being conned. Trump led a revolt of the stupid who look to him to validate why they’ve never achieved anything

      • You’re just a small minded little clown , who is projecting his shortcomings on to others.

  70. Another astute and valuable article from Mr. Hanson. Thank you.

  71. Huck them all but 6 , the six can be pallbearers and receive pardons for their time served. When the dust settles and the smoke clears the democrats will wish they had just let Hillary fade into the sunset instead of trying to use Russia as the reason she lost.

    Without DWS Hillary wouldn’t have even been their nominee. They knew ole Bernie the Socialist wouldn’t have any chance at all so they got penned in by Hillary being their only hope. Putting all their eggs in the Obama basket they made a major mistake.

    The progressives days are numbered simply because they thought with the open borders and Chicago politics they could get the Republicans locked out regardless of Hillary’s history or not.

    Just imagine if their plan had worked. Hillary could have spent 8 years just being the public relations director for left, giving away the rest of the country and simply played Queen.

    They had it all set up the perfect plan & it was going to work until the escalator brought down the guy that they thought sealed the deal. They never in a million years believed the people of the country was fed up with the direction we were heading.

    The Tide Is Turning and their help getting Trump elected because they thought he would be the easiest to beat. Ha, biggest surprise they’ve ever seen and they still don’t know what to do about it.

  72. I’d like to see President Trump rally a million man militia to destroy his enemies.

  73. It almost seems as if members of the Republican Party see their counterparts in the dem party and the shills in the MSM as so corrupt they believe it’s a waste of time for them to turn their tactics back against them or even put up a vigorous fight. It would be wise of them to take Dr. Hanson’s advice and start fighting back. The voters appear to be on to how dangerous the dem party has become to the nation’s wellbeing. But they shouldn’t expect voters to do it all for them.

  74. VDH on the money again but I cannot figure out the reason the Republicans are so spineless. Even if the Establishment Republicans despise Trump, undermining his agenda means that we (i.e. Republicans) could lose the House and Senate. There is nothing worse than being a minority party as you have no ability to establish small fiefdoms of power that the political personality craves. Maybe Rush Limbaugh is right. The Establishment Republicans just want to be popular at Georgetown cocktail parties rather than represent the constituency. Most have safe seats anyway and may simply prefer to be in the minority and live off the public trough rather than represent the hoi polloi which they despise.

  75. It will be fascinating to see how VDH attempts to rescue his reputation when we find out the full extent of Trump’s collaboration with Russia. My guess is that he will persist in Soviet-style “what aboutism” to his dying day.

    • I’m sure VDH doesn’t lose much sleep concerning the anxiety of disgruntled Hillary voters.
      BTW, perhaps you should enlighten us on the many ways Hillary would’ve saved the world by now.
      Funny how all the Trumps haters do nothing but hate Trump, never bringing up Hillarys’ name, or touting her sterling character & moral qualifications for leadership.
      There were only two candidates (that had a chance to become President) on that ballot, Don or Hillary, no others. One had never held elected office, the other had held office only by reason of sticking w/ a morally challenged husband that treated her like a doormat. I could never vote for a self-inflicted doormat.

  76. As usual, Victor Davis Hanson nails it again. He is far and away the best “big picture” analyst on the planet. This should be mailed to every R member of Congress.

  77. Yes, right on. GOP needs a second special prosecutor, pronto.

  78. Could you please go into some detail about how unmasking actually worked and how it was used to political advantage? Are you referring to Michael Flynn’s conversations with the Russian ambassadors being outed which led to his being fired? Can you cite the who and the what of how it was used for political advantage and give some concrete instances? How wide was the impact if any? Would you publish any of what you wrote about without sourcing it properly if you were doing this for peer review?

    • Are you kidding? You are more likely to see donald’s tax returns than see any rational responses to your questions. These guys just make stuff up and hope no one challenges them. Just watch.

  79. Drain the swamp! God Bless PRESIDENT Donald Trump!

  80. Thank you, Victor Davis Hanson, for clarity. We have been watching in disbelief at a neutered Republican House and Senate allow Democrats to set the agenda especially on who and what to investigate. You ended your article on a tip of the hat to the Old West. None of these Republicans could have survived the Old West.

  81. Beating the Establishment is one thing. Subsequently trying to rule within it is another thing entirely. Our government and its abject corruption was put on full display throughout the 2016 election and has continued unabated ever since. The citizens of this country had better figure out an effective way to battle the Establishment, or our country will be lost forever!

    • You really gave yourself away and you don’t even know it. In this country elected presidents or congresspeople do not “RULE” , they GOVERN. You and donald both have no idea that there is a big difference. Putin, Kim jug Un, Machado, & Erdegon, rule, The rest of the leaders of democratic nations of the free world govern.

  82. The prostigeous and highly educated Mr. Hansen, who seems to value power in party over institutional bodies, may want to consider puting his advanced degrees aside and re-read Federalist #10… which applies not only when liberal factions are the majority, but when conservative factions are the majority as well… thank god our Republic has mature constitutional institutions that prevent the banana republic the writer desires from taking place. Long live the United States of America.

    • Obama pretty much planted the seeds for a “Banana Republic”.

  83. This argument would go farther were the GOP standard bearer not a clueless, grifting buffoon. Just sayin.

    • as opposed to the clueless grifting buffoon he beat in the election?

      • BBbut Clinton can’t save you, or your Orange Buffoon.

      • They were the perennial buffoon lovers.
        But do you care? Do I?

  84. These measures have my full support….it only requires someone in the GOP to grow a spine

  85. Let’s be grateful to Trump for delivering us from the clutches of the Clintons, but the president has so far failed to do all that he could do to advance the conservative agenda in Congress. Where was his Oval Office speech on the Obamacare bill? He’s no Reagan.

  86. This author is delusional

    your problem isnt the democrats. they are not running the fbi investigation.

    your issue is the Republican party is being run by a corrupt reality tv star who colluded with the russian government during his campaign.

    • Shhhhhhhhh

      Some of them realize this, most don’t. Always better when they operate in their own little world.

  87. Anonymous White House sources claim that the topic of General Kelly’s first meeting was………anonymous White House sources.

  88. Trump now has a 62% disapproval rating in the most charitable poll for Republicans, Rassmussen. The highest approval rating for Trump is 41%, Fox News.

    I think Trump has more to worry about among the electorate than anything else.

    The jig is up. The fraudulent Republican Party is going down in 2018.

    • Three problems with that.

      The first is that the polls are not trustworthy. They have been thoroughly weaponized, and bpth Republicans and Democrats are invested in a narrative explicitly designed to de-legitimize and, hopefully, overthrow or at least sabotage Trump.

      The second is that there is every reason to suppose the Bradley effect is in full force. Even in red states there have been violent attacks against people who support Trump. The level of animosity goes far beyond anything in the election that gave the Bradley effect its name.

      The third is that personal disapproval is not meaningful without context: the same people who disapprove of him often approve of what he is doing, and disapprove of his rivals even more.

  89. As always, VDH is on point with his analysis. I would point out, however, that firing back at the other side is only part of the necessary response. The more important response is to put a hard stop on the ability of any executive branch official, now or in the future, to weaponize the intelligence community for partisan purposes. The peril to this country from a continuation down the path of partisan intelligence agencies is almost unimaginable. It would be a direct threat to our liberty at home and present a genuine possibility of loss of focus abroad where our intelligence services are SUPPOSED to be focused. Yes, it would be nice if this administration could brush back the scandal mongering from the left and complicit right, but it won’t matter for long if we forget to stomp down hard on the partisan use of intelligence services.

  90. The nomination and subsequent election of Trump is proof that the party is completely out of touch with its voter base. The GOP still doesn’t get it. If they don’t cut loose of the lobbyists and complacency, they will be in permanent minority status when those same voters stay home on election day.

  91. The Assault to Overturn the Election……

    One Picture Equals 1000 Words…….

    You’ll need to enlarge this picture to view well……

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  92. Dr. VDH does it again, just buries us with facts. The Democrats face felonies while Trump faces the talking heads. While his team does incredibly stupid things that draw the spot light back on themselves. For no reason. The top strata of the family and Paul Manafort acted like the guys who fell off the turnip truck in June of last year. We have gotten five or six versions of the truth when one simple truth would have ended the buzz; they met with a Russian to get dirt on Hillary. It was collusion if she was linked to the Russian government but it became apparent in thirty seconds it was a waste of time. She had nothing. There was no follow up. There was no crime.

    Grown people would have accepted this. But after the string of fibs de jour, the question of competency, if not candor, arises. They insult the intelligence of their supporters. They did not bring a knife to a gun fight with their opponents, the press and the Democrats. Apparently they mentally came without a weapon or even their pants, sans-culottes en Francais. And continue the stupidity. One hopes they do better, for our sake. There are killers out there.

    Two facts not reported with possible implications to foreign meddling in our election campaigns are given here.

    Mr. Mikhail Lisen, a ex buddy of Putin and founder of RT, the Russian TV outlet in the US, was found dead in a Washington D.C. hotel. His room was paid for by the FBI as supposedly he was to meet and reveal the secret interworking of Russian propaganda efforts He commited suicide by beating himself to death with a base ball bat, while drunk.

    Mr. Rich Seth, a DNC staffer,who was, or was not an IT geek, who did or did not transmit thousands of DNC files to Wikileaks, was murdered, shot at close range in the back, in the early hours of the morning, near his Washington D.C. home. Apparently robbery was the motive although nothing was taken. Once again, the Trump campaign folks were subsequently implicated in political fibs, for campaign gains.

    Murder deserves adult supervision. Is this possible in Washington D.C.?

  93. I just love throw away comments like this “Trump is flawed at many levels” with absolutely NO PROOF or ENUMERATION of any of these supposed flaws whatsoever. I will take Trump and ALL his flaws any day over any currently pontificating politician, pundit or media nabob because he is beating Every. Single. One. Of. Them. He is doing EXACTLY what he promised every day. The only reason he hasn’t accomplished all of his promises is because he has to work with nattering fools within a constitutional framework that only he respects. It is time to replace every last one of the imbecilic fools in our hallowed halls because they are liars, thieves, extortionists and utterly sold out traitors.

    • The enumeration you requested
      1. Donald demonstrates every day that he knows almost nothing about almost everything and has no desire to learn. Perfect example. He could not demostrate the least bit of knowledge in detail or even in general about any of the health plans proposed by the Republicans. If you can provide a sinlge comment by donald showing any specific details of any health plan, go ahead now.
      2. The only thing he cares about is enriching himself, his brand and his bottom line. He is the only president in history to not divest his ownership in his personal investments, properties or companies. He is profiting by using his presidency to increase his personal wealth. Example: The Golf membership in Mar A lago, which he owns, went from $100,000 per yr to $200,000 per year the day after the election. Coincidence?
      3. His tweets and behavior demonstrate the he is a 71 yr old man with the impulses and behavior of a 6 yr old child. No attack against him no matter how slight ever goes retaliated against just like a child.
      4. He lives in the moment or the next 10 minutes. What happed yesterday never happened which is why he never seems to remember what he said or tweeted is often the opposite of what he tweeted today and he is not concerned about the consequences his words or tweets might have tomorrow. Just like a child.
      And this is just the tip of donald’s very deep Iceberg.

      • Great comeback. Should get even better when you get thru the 5th grade.

      • @ reality check,
        Were you posting your outrage when the Clinton foundation gave less than 10% of the money they raised for Haiti to actual projects in Haiti?
        By any independent objective standard, the Clinton Foundation is a slush fund to support the Clintons and their friends. Hundreds of millions were raised. Very little went to the actual causes. The rest went to paying Clinton campaign workers. It is charity fraud, plain and simple.

  94. Dr Hanson, as much as I agree with you, what needs to be said needs to be said in 20 words or less in a media controlled by the Right.

    Neither will happen.

    Unfortunately for America.

    • He isn’t talking to Americans. He is talking to the people who will take from him what needs to be said and re-say it in 20 words or less.

      • Left me flat on the delivery of the kernel of the idea I wholly agree with.

        The media is, after all, the message.

  95. I seldom read VDH. Got a few sentences into this and stopped. Think of it as a booster shot inoculating me against him.

  96. You don’t get it, Professor Hanson. The media will continue attacking Trump because at this point about 60% of the American public wants them to and will continue to buy their product, so to speak. Mr. Trump was unpopular before he was elected and has become only more unpopular since the Inauguration – that’s what happens when you don’t have a popular mandate to begin with and then proceed to squander what good will you might possibly receive as the new guy in town by acting divisively and trying to govern from the radical right rather than the more moderate center.

    The public doesn’t need the media to do anything more than videotape him when he speaks in order to reinforce their own negative opinions of him – we can think for ourselves when we see him talking on the boob tube. Like the Mooch said, the fish rots from the head down.

  97. The media, if considered to be a “lynch mob,” is actually doing it’s job and doing it well,
    Trump, for example, has been told by congressional Republicans, to bring discipline to the White House.
    How can this be, given that the man running the White House has not been, at least in the areas of
    life most Americans think of when considering what the word, “discipline,” usually applies to?The idea, based on Trump’s now known social history, is obviously absurd.
    Expecting Trump to know how to recognize “discipline” in potential WH staff, would be like asking
    Hitler to come out of his grave, wherever that might be, and to single-handedly rebuild the Reichstag
    building which his henchmen had burned to the ground before they could vote to end Hitler’s attempt
    to take over Germany. He took over Germany because the Bundestag was split when Hitler blamed
    his political enemies for the Reichstag’s destruction. He won because he had the largest minority popular vote of all votes cast. Sound familiar?

  98. A bunch of Democrats need to go to jail. Their crimes parallel the crimes that they exploited to drive Nixon from office. In fact, if Clinton approved the sale of a substantial portion of our uranium reserves to the Russians in order to receive tens of millions in contributions to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, or Obama used the IRS to persecute conservative political groups and prevent them from participating on the same level as liberal groups in the 2010 and 2012 elections, or he ordered the unmasking of Americans caught in surveillance of foreigners, the criminal activity FAR EXCEEDS anything Nixon did.

    This kind of behavior is only going to get worse if no one is ever held accountable and in the end we end up living in a banana-republc police state like the one in Venezuela.

  99. The Republicans are useless frauds. Trump needs to initiate movement towards a new party on the national level that will replace them in presidential elections.

    • I don’t think he is gonna need to do that. I think he is gonna own the Republican party after a few years, at least if he keeps up as he has begun.

      Both the GOP and the Democrats are resisting this, but I think it’s clear that Trump has forced them into a position where, if they ever want to enjoy anything resembling legitimacy again, they’re going to have to redefine themselves in accordance with the new terms he is setting: no more ignoring the important issues and pretending nobody cares.

      • All he needs to do is to make them obey the laws that they make for the rest of us.

        With, having to buy their Health Care through the Obamacare Exchanges, as a good start.

  100. Don’t you think its dangerous to create a movement around one man instead of a real set of ideas and policies? Isn’t this a cult of personality around someone who is the creation of the media in the first place? From his reality show to the continuous coverage during the primaries that sucked the air out of room so that he dominated every news cycle and left no room for anyone else. After manipulating the media he made them into a target – the enemy of the people. Don’t believe anyone but me no matter what you may hear its all fake. A classic demagogue. How did this demigod come to walk among us? Someone here actually thinks he is a figure of destiny carrying out gods will. How well has that type of figure worked out in history? We are going to though a period of major change and disruption and that is historically the conditions when figures like Trump rise and soon fall. Think of the destruction they always leave in their wake.

  101. Just a quibble … Trump is not a conservative. He’s a right-ish independent with populist leanings. That’s one reason the Republican establishment rather loathes him.

    • Debating these labels is tiresome. Look at his agenda: border wall, tax reform, space for religious liberty, trying to get government to live within its means. End to loony left political correctness that would turn the military into a laboratory of social engineering. In every respect this is a conservative agenda. So someone with this agenda is a rightish independent with populist leanings. Conservative is as conservative does. But thanks for clearing that up.

      • Let’s wait to see the CBO score his tax reform package before we call him a conservative who advocates “living within one’s means”.

        All recent GOP Presidents have blown up the budget by cutting taxes and ballooning military spending. Trump will do the same.

      • Agreed. Reagan, Bush the bunch of them all blow up budgets. But at least Mr T asked cabinet heads to bring in department budgets 10% lower? Wasnt that what he asked for? Hes at least acknowledging that fat junior, our federal government has to push away from the buffet table. When was the last time ANYONE made such a suggestion?

    • In other words, even though the agenda he is enacting is far more conservative than anything the so-called conservatives will enact, we should pretend that real conservatism means rubber stamping the Democrats agenda.

      No thanks. I think the GOP needs to examine exactly what it is they think they’re “conserving”.

  102. Victor David Hansen must be on mushrooms. The Republican majority is being forced to investigate its own because of politicians in the Trump administration, and Trump himself, flagrantly violating the rules, norms and law of the land to such a high degree that it cannot be swept under the eug as the author advocates. The rule of law withstands even Trump’s brand of Republicanism. Huzzah for America!

    • Um, OK, what rules, norms and law have been violated. It should be really easy for you to cite. As far as I can figure out Trump’s only crime was winning the election, fair and square.

      BTW we have had an investigation of Trump going on for 13 months and nada has been turned up. How many more months of empty-handed results will satisfy you?

    • The problem with your thesis is that #Resistance announced its true intentions and motives up front, from the start.

      Their goal is to remove Trump because they believe Trump is so evil that the ordinary rules – due process, the Constitution, refraining from treason, not weaponizing the US govt against its own citizens, etc. – do not apply.

      If Trump had done anything wrong, we’d have seen the proof by now. Heck, the impeachment would be over by now. They’ve gleefully leaked anything they think could be spun into a scandal, and they’ve cheerfully acknowledged that they’ve violated the rules, norms, and law of the land in their quest to find something – anything – that can be used to remove this imminent threat to America as they understand it. Yet they have found nothing: even after a year of the worst, most unethical spying/turning the intelligence apparatus itself against a US citizen during a campaign, it turns out the only lawbreakers are themselves.

    • Are you familiar with the concept of a double standard?
      Obama regularly violated the constitution. Clinton broke the law on many occasions. The NYT and the Dems would have us believe Trump is guilty of treason for speaking with the Russian Ambasador while Clintons accepts millions in pay for approving the sale of 20% of our Uranium to Russian interests. Yet Trump is the bad guy? Why anyone with a brain would buy this brazen Democratic propaganda is once again proof that PT Barnum knew very well the absense of critical thinking in a large part of his audience.

  103. Mr. Hanson does not appear to have a realistic understanding of who and what the Republicans in the DC swamp truly are.

    With few exceptions, they are simply one wing of the Political Class, which divides itself into two tribes in reaction to the structure of our government. They have far more in common with Democrats, the other wing, the other tribe, than they have with the citizens of our nation. They will fight with Democrats for control of the DC gravy train but they will unite with
    Democrats to preserve and protect the power and prerogatives of the Political Class.

    What we are seeing now is simply the coordination of the two tribes in their opposition to President Trump and their determination to thwart the will of the people who sent him to the DC swamp to drain it. They properly recognize Trump as the people’s wrecking ball, sent by the people to demolish the political and bureaucratic power structure of the Political Class. While the Democrats oppose the President and through him the will of the people openly, the Republicans pretend, more or less, to support him. They must attempt to conceal their true agendas because they promoted fraudulent narratives of reform to gain the support of the people who put President Trump in office. In many cases they pretended to support the people’s choice for President in order to ride his coattails into office. In reality, the Republicans are doing everything in their power to undercut his administration and his efforts to change the realities of business as usual in the federal government. Changing the dynamics of power and corruption and influence-peddling in the DC swamp does not serve their interests any more that it does the Democrats’ interests.

    We should not therefore waste time laying out effective agendas that would enable Republicans to do what they were sent to DC to do. They have not the slightest intentions of doing those things.

    Instead we should be laying out the next steps in our efforts to remove from the seats of power the corrupt parasites of the Political Class who are draining the lifeblood of our nation before they consume and destroy all that we hold most dear. The Republican leadership must be targeted for removal from office along with their most willing associates. A new class of political representatives and activists must seize control of the Republican party infrastructure and bend it to the will of the people.

    The battle for control of the Republican party will be long and difficult. The swamp-dwellers of the Republican tribe will fight tooth and nail to protect their power and privilege. But the alternative is a federal government and a Political Class so far beyond control of the people that they can never be brought to heel, essentially a tyrannical oligarchy.

    We have nearly reached this point already. We must recognize the situation and the threat it poses and go to war with our enemies in the Political Class. If we fail, all will be lost.

    • More likely he sees the problem just fine, but chooses his words to be persuasive rather than correct.

      • If Mr. Hanson saw Republicans (with a few notable exceptions) for what they are he would know they can’t be persuaded to do anything that would diminish the size and power of government, diminishing their power, their privilege and their opportunities to peddle influence in the process.

        These people are corrupt parasites. They cannot be changed or persuaded to put service to the people of our nation above their personal agendas. They must be removed from the body politic.

    • Absolutely spot on!
      The key is to stop giving money to the party and instead give it to true conservatives. Second, make passing term limits the next big agenda item. We need to smoke out the swamp dwelling Republicans that have become addicted to the D.C. Game. If they believe in limited government, actions speak louder than words

  104. My money is a thousand to one that Republicans would not do anything like that. They would just crawl and lose and later on compliment themselves about their “great principles” and complain about the later advance of Socialism while refusing to really do anything to stop it for fear of losing their “ideological purity”. Somebody should remind them what Paul Sartre said “Politics is like the kitchen if you want to cook a good dish you have to get your hands dirty”

  105. Brilliant. Washington Republicans are cowards. The only Republicans with manly concerns and a spine that will stiffen, will never be given a committee chair simply because Ryan and his kind steal money from lobbyists that make them more powerful

    Trump will hurt them and cares not one whit about party politics, I love it

    If they weren’t already transgendered Republicans would be neutered by Trumps coming executive actions.

    “F”’em the cowards

  106. If they weren’t already transgendered Republicans would be neutered by Trumps coming executive actions.

  107. The GOP are wimps, too afraid to fight back. Too worried the WaPo might write something mean about them. Wimps, cowards and losers. They should be putting Clinton on trial by now. Such a disgrace.

  108. Don’t kid yourself, Dr. Hanson. Pres. Trump bears some of the blame. He didn’t understand he was in a knife fight. He let Comey stay on as FBI Director after the election, remains incredibly slow to appoint replacements to Obama’s political appointments, and appointed Jeff Sessions as AG. Trump mistakenly believed that Washington, DC was just another place for “deals” (where the parties jousted over dividing the pie), whereas his opponents want him dead or in jail. They don’t want to make money or do deals. Trump’s naivete extended to foreign entities. He referred to the Israel-“Palestinian” negotiation as “the ultimate deal.” It’s not a deal when your enemies want you dead. As Goldfinger said to Bond: “I don’t want to talk…I want you dead.” Trump gets it now. If he can only get Sessions out of his fetal crouch, much progress can be made.

    • Trump is not “book smart”. It takes him a while to understand things. But once he knows what he is doing, no one can stand in his way

    • Sessions is raping the country with BS that is nothing but proven failure, he should be fired.

  109. Another fantastic article by VDH . This is exactly what needs to be said and done !

  110. Great analysis Victor. Too bad most of our elected representatives only read the headlines in the Washington Compost

  111. We have two political parties and neither one is for middle class hard working Americans citizens that love their country and see the policies of both parties destroying their nation and letting it slide into third world status.

    The Democrat party openly despise the men and women that work hard, obey the laws, pay the taxes, fight the wars and built this Nation and cannot wait to give away what they worked and built to every illegal alien and lazy worthless bum they can find,

    The repubs pretend they care while supporting the rich, open borders, globalization, big government, and are only slightly less worthless then the socialist American hating Democrat party.

    This Nation needs a American party we have two parties to represent the rich, globalization, illegals, Muslims, welfare bums and the rest of the world.

    Can Trump be the Start of a American party for Law abiding American citizens?

    • It all started under HW Bush and then continued under Clinton when our elected reps were allowed to profit from selling out our national infrastructure to foreign powers. there was a pushback then, Ross Perot got 20% of the vote, but not enough people were awake to it yet. Now, the majority of people are awake but it is just about too late. the money is gone

  112. This column is typical of the far rights empty and baseless ideology They go ,into, the attack mode ,against the media when they’re forced to try and defend their claim of media bias.and prejudice in their reporting. The Trump White House is a treasure trove of lies and deceitful information.. It’s an ,ongoing soap opera . with a new chapter unfolding each day.

  113. We need mutually assured destruction. Unless the republicans start fighting back with the same vigor as the democrats, everything will be lost. The republicans must be prepared to destroy Obama’s legacy. That is the key. Start going for that and the democrats will back down. Also they have to learn to use the language of the democrats. This isn’t a wotch hunt. It’s a grand conspiracy. It should be labeled what it is.

    • Yes we have meetings in the Dem underground stations underneath the mainstream media, where we plot how to get Trump to make ridiculous tweets. We admit it. It’s all our fault you elected an idiot.

      • The sarcasm is duly noted. Democrats do have a way with words. they can use conspiracy theory and everyone just backs away. The republicans need to study how the words are used.
        Like, if I said I’d said my only friends were white Europeans, I’d be called racist immediately and that would shut down the conversation, but a democrat can say that and everyone will just ignore that it is a dog whistle. Example: Jim Acosta today. the media is all mad because Miller dared to call him out for his statement, that was racist. Miller used the wrong word, though, so they can turn it back to him.

  114. I have voted Republican for nearly twenty years, for as long as I have been voting. At this point, my intent is to vote against incumbents in the primaries and against Democrats in the generals. And that only so long as Donald Trump is president. After he has left (when there will surely be a Democrat in the Oval Office) there will no longer be ANY reason to vote Republican.

    Unlike the vast majority of Republican elected officials, my primary loyalty is not to the GOP but to the USA. They are a confederation of whores. I want no more of them.

  115. Conservatism is a bad joke. Decades of bleating… but what has been conserved?


    But the people are awakening.

    And they are seeing that the greatest threat to MAGA comes not from the left, but from within the
    Republican Party: Ryan, Graham, McCain, Flake, etc, et al., ad nauseum.

    Republican shills and traitors hope to wait Trump out. They do not want to alienate their Ziocon overlords. Pathetic.

    But their time will come.

  116. Trump is the greatest potential threat to the legacy political class in both parties. That is why the Democrats can get away with fraudulent charges while the Republicans silently cheer them on and pursue every opportunity to under-mine President Trump from achieving the conservative agenda he ran on. If he gets it done, their entire class will become irrelevant.
    The fight continues. We must defeat Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and Mitch McConnell.
    Stop contributing to the Republican Party. Only contribute to directly to candidates that actually vote to support the principle of conservative, constitutionally based government.
    Unfortunately as we have seen over the past year, there are more than a few Republicans that say one thing and do another.
    I am done with them and done with supporting a Republican Party that is seeking to undermine a duly elected Republican President.

  117. Wisdom of a farmer from Fresno CA who has uncommon common sense.

  118. It’s always a pleasure to read Mr. Hansen’s columns.

    Sadly, however, I don’t see the Republicans recovering and actually acting together to push back the Socialist-Left and promote even a bit of Conservativism. I am to the point now where I think the Democrats will re-take the House in 2018. Not because people agree with their Leftist agenda (they don’t) but because they’ve determined that the Republicans are worse then useless.

  119. I am beginning to think that the republicans in congress really do not want the president to succeed. That way they can continue to feign disgust and anger, while really enjoying the power and privilege they currently have………

  120. We The AMERICAN People must combat the negativity by always pointing to the positive.
    There is soooo much to brag BRAG about, with, and for President Trump that, when combined with his natural instincts to win, he will continue to astonish, and marvel all who doubted before, and all who doubt now.

  121. Hanson’s blithe assertion we should just accept victors successfully covering up criminal behavior because “that’s the way the system works” should be flatly rejected as complete nonsense. The wheels sometimes move slowly but accepting criminal behavior by our leaders ensures that it continues and gets worse. The brazenness with which Clinton and other other Obama officials acted is astounding. The election in part was a much needed corrective, and Trump erred in quickly changing the topic right after the election. This gracious act on Trumps part ultimately resulted in him being on the defensive instead of offense. The clue should have been that congressional Republicans were more than willing to give Clinton a pass and other Obama officials a bit of grief with no real consequences. Trump probably underestimated how disgusted normal folks are with corruption in our leaders. Hanson too seems clueless on this point.

  122. Once again outstanding. But in my view the rino never trumpers do NOT want trump and are not helping Trump much at all. Of course there are a few rep exceptions, like maybe 10 that I trust. Ryan is a lost cause and Mitch these days never has guts.

  123. “The Republicans should announce far more forcefully to the media that Vladimir Putin may have been funneling via shady third-parties millions of dollars to anti-fracking groups. Such collusion, if proven through investigation, really is treasonous…” “MAY HAVE…? No, fact.

    A buddy of mine was in charge of security of the building in Denver with the largest concentration of oil and gas businesses. Facing “green” anti-fracking mass protests and possible terrorist threats from large crowds, the FBI gave him a prep seminar on these threats, and while neither Moscow nor Gulf oil states was not mentioned by name, the fact that they were massive funding them was evident.

    Now, why can’t Pubbies turn this into political capital? Laziness and lack of zeal to win – as Trump shows.

  124. I like the illustration (cartoon) with this piece. It says a lot more about sanctimonious fake patriots than the piece itself. A big, strong elephant (Republican) armed with guns, the flag, and the Constitution is getting ready to blow away a scrawny donkey (Democrat) backed up with a mob armed with pitchforks. Very fantastical porn for the “real” conservative. Not sure what the gallows signify. Not sure this cartoon goes with this piece, either; but I like it. Eerie, eccentric, fantastical. One picture is indeed worth 1,000 words. Almost as nutty as Rush Limbaugh.


  125. C’mon VDH – appealing to daGOP is talking to the dead, at best – or asking the culprits themselves, at worst!
    DaGOP has been exposed – they never were Conservative – and even worse, neither were the Conservatives. In fact, the Conservatives were the biggest political failure of the last 100 years – lost every institution to the Left – Fauxservatives!
    Cuckservatives! Read for days – – if you want action, it will come from here – – because it has already started.

  126. “Old Testament eye-for-an-eye”

    Not enough. I want two eyes for an eye.

  127. Republicans belong to the same UniParty as Democrats, and the UniParty by definition and design lacks moral courage. Thus this.