Unmasking All Night and Leaking Every Day

As a veteran of the KISS Army, I recall (albeit vaguely) the great mystery about what the makeup caked quartet actually looked like in what for Rock stars passes for real life. There was singer and rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley (a.k.a. Starchild); singer bassist Gene Simmons (a.k.a. Demon); lead guitarist Ace Frehley (a.k.a. Spaceman); and drummer Peter Criss (a.k.a. Catman). Then, their eighth studio album—the last produced by this original lineup (until 1996 anyway)—was announced: KISS “Unmasked”! Finally, the mystery of what they looked like would be solved!

Or not.

Despite the album’s title, no unmasking occurred; consequently, the ranks of the KISS Army swelled with the mixed emotions of disappointment and relief—much the same as fans felt toward the band’s record, which Stanley called “a pretty crappy album. It’s wimpy.” Listeners were disappointed with the disc, and relieved when it was over. Regardless, the KISS Army was delighted that, by not unmasking themselves, KISS’s original show would go on!

Until 1983, anyway, when lineup shakeups led to a reconstituted Kiss sandblasting off their stage personas and appearing as themselves at an MTV press conference for their latest contribution to Western Civilization, the album “Lick It Up.”

It was a startling development for the KISS Army; and a difficult decision for KISS. Not only did the band risk alienating fans by rebranding with reality, they also would lose some of the precious anonymity their alter egos afforded.

Yet to this day KISS still packs concert venues with fans who also “wanna rock and roll all night and party every day,” ultimately, for the band this unmasking was the right decision.

And it was their decision.

Good thing they decided to unmask themselves prior to the Obama Administration, which apparently would have been more than happy to do it for them whether the band liked it or not.

To wit:

Fulfilling his and the House Intelligence Committee’s oversight responsibilities, on July 27 Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) informed Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats that illegal leaks of classified information and allegations based upon them—whether true or false—by “current and former administration officials” have “undermined our political processes and emboldened and aided our adversaries.”

Further, Nunes noted these criminal leaks “damage our national security and are an affront to the brave men and women who serve in silence within the Intelligence Community.” And, he ominously added, such criminal leaks imperil not just the collection of information but, most importantly, the lives of intelligence sources.

Still conducting its review, the intelligence committee has already accumulated disturbing evidence that “current and former administration officials had easy access to U.S. person information, and it is possible that these officials used this information to achieve partisan political purposes including the selective, anonymous leaking of such information.” (Emphasis mine.)

Bluntly, Nunes is saying his committee has evidence the Obama Administration abused its power to surveil and unmask American citizens as a step in its knowing, willful, and deliberate criminal leaking of classified information to attain political aims.

To stop this unconstitutional and unconscionable abuse of the American people’s unalienable rights, stanch the flood of criminal leaks, and commence restoring and strengthening our national security, Nunes and his committee are rightly following the leaks back to the very source of the classified information.

And what they found so far would make even G. Gordon Liddy soil himself.

The Committee has found that senior government officials offered remarkably few individualized justifications for access to this U.S. person information. For example, this Committee has learned that one official, whose position had no apparent intelligence-related function, made hundreds [emphasis theirs] of unmasking requests during the final year of the Obama Administration. Of those requests, only one offered a justification that was not boilerplate and articulated why that specific official required the U.S. person information for the performance of his or her official duties.

So much for the Susan Rice “it was routine in the course of my duties” defense.

Oh, and come to think of it, wasn’t that final year of the Obama Administration an election year?

The Committee also understands that Obama-era officials sought the identities of Trump transition officials within intelligence reports. However, there was no meaningful explanation offered by these officials as to why they needed or how they would use this U.S. person information, and thus the Committee is left with the impression that these officials may have used this information for improper purposes, including the possibility of leaking…some of the requests for unminimized U.S. person information were followed by anonymous leaks of those names to the media.

Quite a coincidence, no?

No. Again, Nunes:

Although the committee has yet to complete its review, we have identified a significant issue that will require changes to federal law. Specifically, we have found that the Intelligence Community’s U.S. person unmasking policies are inadequate to prevent abuse, such as political spying.

And there you have it. Your lives, liberty, and property and less safe because the Obama Administration cared more about using the security apparatus of the state to play politics than to protect America.

Now, in a time when America faces increasing threats from increasingly belligerent regimes from Beijing to Tehran and a terrorist threat knowing no borders or bounds, our assiduously devised balance between liberty and security must be revisited, revised and—God willing—gotten right by Nunes, his committee, congressional peers and the Trump Administration.

Gee, thanks Obama. Still, maybe you can help us here stateside by parceling out a few pearls of wisdom on the subject during your next multi-million dollar overseas speech? Better yet, you can tell us precisely what your administration’s national security officials—and other officials, apparently—were doing to American citizens. Of course, protecting America might lack the requisite salience to a crowd of globetrotting fops paying through the nose for a teachable moment on saving the planet from weather patterns….

Regardless, thus must we wrestle amidst the ruins with the Obama Administration’s abuses. While, at present the full extent of said abuses and illegal leaks remains unfathomed; and the above official in question remains unmasked—a courtesy and legality said individual did not accord other American citizens, nevertheless, when the ease with which the official acquired what is supposed to be closely guarded U.S. person information is assessed in conjunction with other evidence (such as the FISA court’s unclassified findings of the past administration’s failure to adequately comply with safeguards in place to protect Americans’ privacy), it is increasingly evident the Obama Administration abused its national security powers to “unmask all night and leak every day.”

Of course, that tune isn’t being aired by the media elite that digs the discordant notes of the Russia-gate canard, which was the creation of the very Obama Administration abuses they still being studiously ignore. Their journalistic abnegation is understandable, if inexcusable: not only did their coverage of President Obama twist their “objective” media outlets into 21st century versions of Tiger Beat; more to the point, the media elite is complicit in the leaks.

Since it’s hard to burnish one’s brand behind bars, it will be a lonely slog uphill for Republicans and Democrats trying to repair the damage to America’s Intelligence Community. But, again, succeed they must; lest, for our national security, the Obama Administration’s criminal leaks and abusive unmaskings prove the kiss of death.

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87 responses to “Unmasking All Night and Leaking Every Day”

  1. As a fellow veteran of the KISS Army, I agree with the comparison of bad unmaskings.

  2. They were all so sure they’d have Hillary to cover their butts and continue the corruption…. It’s a glorious thing to behold them screaming and pointing ” look a (Russian) squirrel ” while they try to evade the consequences of their evil. Unmasking indeed!

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    • Literally laughing out loud at you guys. Is this from Nunes? The so thoroughly discredited Nunes, that he can’t even attend his own committee meetings Nunes? The confirmed leaker Nunes? The Nunes who provided not one single shred of proof of partisan unmasking to back up his ridiculous “these officials may have used this information for improper purposes, including the possibility of leaking”? That Nunes?

      If this proven Trump collaborator is going to make those kinds of accusations about partisan unmasking, he needs to get real evidence to the Republican controlled Justice Department and get indictments going. Until then, he needs to stfu. This is the biggest nothing burger ever, served up by a completely discredited guy who is on “leave” because he had to recuse himself due to admitted lying about his leaks. Wow you all are in the tinfoil echchamber full stop!

      • Liberal Russian collusion promoters without a shred of evidence, now demand “proof.” The irony is strong.

      • Like i said, if the evidence is there – send it to the Justice Dept and let them criminally investigate and indite if they’ve got the goods. Otherwise stfu.

        Ironically, that’s the exact same thing i tell people who say to just move on from the “Russia thing”. Mueller’s doing his job, just stfu and let him do his job. Everyone will feel better when he’s done.

      • Mueller is a special “investigator” rather than “prosecutor”, but the job description is the same: spend enough time and money, and you can get dirt on anybody.
        I didn’t vote for Trump, I’m a libertarian, but I absolutely delighted that the criminal enterprise known as the Clintons lost.
        Comey admitted to a felony in congressional testimony, and is not under indictment. Why?
        Hillary is guilty of many felonies, according to Comey’s own report. No indictment, why?
        I laugh at the clown car administration we have, and despair off the cowardly GOP inability to repeal Obamacare. But the Democrats have become nothing more than a criminal enterprise, and are using their own felonies to accuse those who won the election, and the biased media has become nothing but Pravda for the American Communist Party.

      • IMHO mega-corp interests, and insider pay-to-play insider dealing, enabled by both major parties, are sucking this country dry, and what is killing all that was good about the United States. We don’t necessarily need less government, just a government that is not raping the country blind to to the benefit of global non-citizen mega corps.

        Independents, myself included, are now the largest voting block in the country – and that’s because a lot of people see exactly what’s going on, and are absolutely sick to death of it. Having some form of health care safety net is the least of our actual problems.

        The Republicans control the JD, and they have every motive to prosecute. So I’ll ask you the same questions, why aren’t Hillary and Comey being indicted if the R’s have every reason and the ability to indite?

        It is an absolute fallacy that the D’s have any ability to control or direct the Republican controlled JDs Russia investigation. R’s in congress are making sure that Mueller stays on the job. It’s just been revealed that Trump lied when he said he knew nothing about Mini Trump’s Russian meeting, and the fact that they were about assisting his campaign. He in fact personally crafted Jr’s public response – concurrent with his hour long meeting with Putin where not a single American was present. Those facts speak for themselves and are not a D or R issue – that’s an issue for every American.

      • I love the way you all invent lies. Trump did not know BEFORE the meeting, although it is no big deal if he did, but he found out about it afterwards. Flailing away at nothing and lying about lies is not helping your case.

      • Hard to understand why you lie and mischaracterize in the defense of this POS. At any rate, I never said “before the meeting”. I said Trump lied when he said he knew nothing about Mini Trump’s Russian meeting.

        Im not a lawyer, but i saw one on TV:

        July 16 – MEET THE PRESS

        CHUCK TODD: When did the president become aware of this meeting?

        JAY SEKULOW (President Trump’s lawyer): Well, the president said he became aware of it very recently, right before this came out, and that’s when he was notified. His lawyers talked to him about it right before. And, again, the president’s been very clear on that.

        CHUCK TODD: Can you tell me about the reports that the president was involved in the initial response that Donald Trump Jr. gave the New York Times.

        JAY SEKULOW: So I read those reports as well and the president was not — did not — draft the response. The response came from Donald Trump Jr.

      • I was not talking about what you said, duh. And thanks for proving my point. Quite the unbelievable idiot….

      • Nobody knows wtf you are talking about. Quite the unbelievable idiot….that would still defend the piece of shit Trump after what he’s been putting this country through in just his first 6-months, let alone the last week.

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      • you mean like the mountains of evidence that Trump did anything improper that the left keeps offering up? Face it, Okie is right, they all thought Hillary would of course be president so it didn’t matter what crimes they committed. Imagine, just for a second, if this had happened at the beginning of Obama’s term. You would have been in the streets not just calling for Bush to be jailed, but for him to be hanged. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. You, however, refuse to admit that your hatred for those who do not believe and think like you blinds you to reality.

      • Yes – exactly. i mean like the mountains of evidence that Trump and his campaign did many, many improper things. The latest of which is the fact that Trump lied through his teeth about not knowing about Mini Trumps meeting to collude with Russia, and then dictated his public response – just after he had an hour long one-on-one meeting with Putin, with not a single American witness. WTF is that about? I don’t know, and you don’t know. Just let Muller get on with his f/in job and quit defending the POS Trump.

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      • He who laughs last, laughs best or….. Dems/dims looking into the Russian Collusion dark tunnel, ” Look is that a light at the end of the tunnel, oh hell no, it’s an oncoming train……. RUN!”

  3. What I hope can happen here, before anything political goes on, is the membership of this committee saying with one bipartisan voice, “the use of our intelligence agencies for partisan purposes cannot happen ever again’. Maybe the Obama administration unmasking wasn’t partisan politics. I think it was, but before anyone goes political headhunting, the doors of this particular avenue for the misuse of US intelligence agencies need to be shut for good. I don’t want Trump doing this any more than I like the idea that Obama may have done it, regardless of who I agree with politically. This is something both parties should be able to agree on with no hesitation.

      • Probably true. My greatest fear is that we let these abuses become the new normal, it’s okay when our guy does it, and an outrage only when the other side does. We can then expect irs investigations and nsa intercepts for the political opposition. May as well burn the Constitution and the declaration at that point.

      • The Declaration of Independence will never burn; it’s fixed in place forever.

        Whether we’ll need another one someday is an open question, however.

        As for the Constitution, there are four members of the Supreme Court who already have a nice hot fire going and who will toss the Constitution into the flames as soon as they get a fifth. We just barely dodged that bullet in November, but more will no doubt be coming.

      • I would definitely put these events that I fear under the category of “a long train of abuses and usurpations”

      • Eh? The Constitution is long since dead. When Obama dug up Lady Liberty’s corpse to have his way with it there was only bones. Date the time of death to Jackson, Lincoln, Wilson or FDR, any way you look at it the Republic is long in the grave. The Founders thought they had built a system resistant to the sort of universal franchise democracy they could see tearing France apart. They failed. After the Kaboom we will need to try again. Now would be a good time to admit the failure and be thinking of bug fixes.

      • I guess I am stunned by the blatantness of it. They must have had the FBI, judges, other intel agencies in their pocket.

  4. Great read…and again we see the weaponization of government for political purposes by the Obama administration. The democrat party and its leaders cannot be trusted to do the right thing for America and her People.

    • And that, right there in your comment, is the number one reason why the federal government needs to be dramatically reduced in every regard, size, scope, influence, and, above all, funding available to it.

      The Founders had this figured out. It’s past time to put the federal government back in the tiny box prescribed for it by the Constitution. It will be a long slog, but it will be worth it to all of us.

      • That tiny box will never exist again. $2 trillion dollars for the DoD, interest payments on federal debt. SS,Medicare and Medicaid. No, you cannot stuff the water from an Olympic sized swimming pool into a gallon milk jug.

      • The box had less to do with financial size and more to do with protecting each of our individual rights from encroachment on an overbearing federal government. Obamacare, and its acceptance by the Supreme Court under tortured reasoning, is an example of a law that would never pass muster under the Constitution as originally construed.

        Restore the Constitution and this country’s people, free of federal interference, are capable of restoring the country itself.

        Right now, that prospect appears dim, I’ll grant you.

      • People have no idea that we are a confederation of states. They think the various states are just an accident of history. Until people realize the power is supposed to lie with the states and not the Feds we will continue down the path to socialism.

      • Um the full year budget for spending is about $1 trillion – way too high but not sure where your numbers come from…

      • Thank you for the great reply…it will indeed be a struggle down a very long road…I hope President Trump is the beginning of this journey and that the Convention of States will be soon forthcoming.

      • You can forget about both there will be no convention of states unless its to split this country in 2.

      • You may be right, but I have hope and belief that there’s more to America than coastal and big city liberals vs. everyone else.

      • That would be an interesting thought problem. What things should be changed?

      • A federal balanced budget amendment; term limits for all national politicians; repeal the 17th amendment; repeal the amendment that allows “anchor babies;” for starters.

      • Not sure about the liability for policies that cause death (imagine the litigation) – but I’m with you on the rest. Also, make very clear the 10th amendment which says any powers not explicitly granted to the Federal Government stay with the states is the law of the land. Any Federal Program that does not pass that test is shut down.
        As for term limits, 2 four year terms for Reps and 2 six year terms for senators.

      • Term limits:
        1. Restricts my freedom to vote for whatever dumbass I want to vote for, and
        2. Grants even more power to unelected technocrats.

      • 1. No it doesn’t…you have the freedom to vote for a new President every 4/8 years. Same would be true with the House of Representatives.
        2. This is indeed a problem that can be addressed in a different way…perhaps through a considerable reduction in taxpayer funds flowing into the corrupt D.C. bureaucracy.

      • Substantially increase the penalties for criminal wrong doing by global mega corps. Give the Federal government the ability to levy substantial fines on mega corps in equity and stock when the pull shit like Volkswagen and Wall Street did, for starters.That would make the otherwise anonymous owners (shareholders) actually feel some pain.

      • More interested in curbing abuses in government than the private sector. Volkswagen doesn’t reach into my back pocket and take nearly 35% of my income, $8000 per year in social security tax, Medicare taxes, etc. I am not forced to buy anything from the private sector (except Obamacare) and corporations don’t actively pursue private citizens that they don’t like.

        C’mon, take a more balanced approach and take note as to where the real abuses come from.

      • Hmm, how about respecting the 9th and 10th Amendments that specifically forbade the federal government from exercising any powers not granted to it by the Constitution? That would eliminate what, 90%(?) of the federal government?

    • You trust Donald Trump and his family with the federal treasury?

      • You trust whom with it, then? Surely not democrats or about half of D.C. republicans…they’ve managed to spend a trillion more per year than tax revenues provide for the last 8 years plus with no end in sight. Get real.

      • No one person, but I do trust the men and women who breath life into the US Constitution and the democratic processes it established to do the best they can through their pledges of allegiance. I am not perfect, so I do not expect collective perfection. The democrats would not be worse than what we have now. I wonder how many of the 80000 Americans in three states (out of ~130 million votes) – that gambled that Trump would be the lessor of the two evils – think they are winning? Folks forgot its better to dance with the devil you know as opposed to the devil you don’t – so here we have been – dancing from one national embarrassment to the next. We New Yonkers tried to inform the rest of America. Normally a candidates home state rises above partisan politics and is proud to give its presidential candidate its electoral votes – not Donald Trump – we did not elect him for dog catcher – NY State knows by experience he is a crook. Those who swallowed his ‘I’m the only one that can fix it’, ‘Its going to be easy’, ‘Your going to get tired of winning’, ‘Were going to repeal and replace on day one’, ‘We are going to bring manufacturing jobs back’, ‘Russia I hope you can find those 30000 emails’ at the very least should be tasting reflux.

      • Don’t have any idea who to trust then…got it…or else be specific.

      • I trusted Mrs Clinton over Mr. Trump. That evaluation is confirmed with every tweet, police officer and boy scout meeting speech. I also trust what some call the ‘The Deep State’ boogie man, aka Republican and Democratic citizen employees of the government who have pledged allegiance to the Constitution and will rat (leak) on crooks in a minute.

      • No reason then for any further discussions with you…be at peace.

    • You, and your article author, misrepresent what the few facts in this article show. We, very explicitly, see NO “weaponization of government for political purposes”. At least by the Obama administration. But by NUNES — yes.

      This article shows we cannot trust at least THAT republican to do the right thing for America and her People.

      • Your willful blindness is truly staggering.

      • The article is explicit. There is no evidence provided, and the author implicitly admits that. He instead says that abuse has not been DISPROVEN, points out this means abuse is POSSIBLE, then falsely asserts in a summary that abuse OCCURRED, and then blames democrats. The last is an explicit lie, easily seen by reading the article for content.

        As NUNES conspired with White House officials to create a false narrative of supposed documented behavior that do not exist, NUNES and his Trump WH partners are the only party here whose abuse of this process are established.

        The interim point argued in the article, that abuse is possible, is true. And it will always be true of police powers. The USG has known this forever, and while it is not curable, it is at least mitigatable by a) congress insisting on as apolitical a set of appointees as possible to the cabinet positiosn that oversee this process, and b) keeping extreme distance between the lower level implementers of security and justice, and the political advcates in the WH. Trump’s political attacks on the intelligence services, and on the justice dept, represent the greatest threat to our freedoms that we have seen in the last quarter century.

      • Your arguments are hollow and vapid. Obama and the democrats are culpable and complicit in these intelligence and governmental abuses. They’re not the only ones, but they certainly are in it big time.

        Do not trouble yourself defending them to me anymore…you’re not going to convince me otherwise.

      • Your second sentence is very true. Dogmatic ideologues are generally unmoved by facts or evidence.

  5. “Although the committee has yet to complete its review, we have identified a significant issue that will require changes to federal law. Specifically, we have found that the Intelligence Community’s U.S. person unmasking policies are inadequate to prevent abuse, such as political spying.”

    I read this to mean that Obama will get away with it and the only consequences will be that some law(s) will have to be changed. Maybe Republican’s should wait until January 2021 to make the changes, or later if Mike Pence becomes president in 2020.

    • Go right ahead. Only Trump and company were brazen enough to ask a foreign adversary to intervene in a federal election and the week before publicly asking, privately attempted get op research from the same foreign government. Fortunately the rest of us know better.

  6. Congratulation Thaddeus. Reading the comments here you have done your job. You’ve got them all frothing at the mouth that what you wrote is fact, ehrn on several occasions you wrote: “it is possible that…” It’s also possible that none or little of what you wrote is true, but, oh, let’s overlook that…

    • You apparently didn’t even bother to read the comments. At the time you wrote there were only about five of them. One said it was boring, one said Congress will have to make some changes, one hoped for bi-partisan rejection of illegal unmasking, and one was about the KISS army. The only frothing at the mouth was your own, it would appear, and then about the wrong concern.

      • The comments below mine were all written before the one I posted,. not the five above.

  7. Progressives only pretend to be Democrats, but they do not believe in democracy. Our rights are meaningless to them, and they will do as they please.

  8. Basing an article on what Nunes stated is a height of folly. The Congressman colluded with the Trump administration to present actual propaganda to Congress and the American people.

    The thought that the Obama administration did anything that could be construed as underhanded is ludicrous. Obama ran a clean administration. The biggest scandals in Obama’s Presidency were the field operation to sting Mexican cartel gun runners under Holder that went off the rails and BENGHAZI! which thankfully only cost $50 million dollars of taxpayer money to investigate and repeatedly found Hillary to be blameless.

    • I guess we’ll never really know with the rash of Democrats hard drive crashes, accidental hard drive collisions with hammers and spilling of bleach bit on them. Couple that with 6 month and greater uncompliance with subpoenas and it’s tough to know what the Obama administration did or didn’t do

  9. You let this insane moneygrabbing con man lead you to the abyss. Good riddance, its natural selection.

  10. Remember how you ran for president for like 5 minutes? And then quit Congress after you were too damned incompetent to get on a primary ballot?

    • “Incompetent” is unfair. Remember, many of Thad’s staffers picked up felony convictions while he walked away unscathed. That takes a certain sort of competence.

  11. Just a heads up, Mr. McCotter; Obama is not the President anymore. Nice try at distraction though, a worthy effort. Now back to Russia and the potential treason of the Donald.

    • Potential treason? What a crackpot. I mean, what single shred of evidence do you have, crackpot?

      • Do I need to explain the word potential to you? Let’s let the investigations play out or do you have your mind made up already? And why this overwhelming need for name calling? Are you 5 years old?

      • So nothing at all….What a crackpot. Even mentioning the word ‘treason’ without any evidence of wrongdoing at all is so entirely idiotic, and then to be lectured by such an idiotic fool….too funny.

        But let’s let the investigation determine if we are or were at war with Russia, indeed.

      • And you are behaving like a child (not unlike your President).

    • Did you not get the memo? The Russian treason thing is no longer “operative.” You are supposed to be pushing obstruction of justice.

  12. I would not believe a word coming out of Nunes mouth. Prosecute if you have evidence or shut thy mouth.

    • How about let’s investigate this until we find something anything, even if we have to go into the Obama officials personal business from a decade ago.

  13. Thaddeus, wow you go from current and former administration officials, drop the current and then focus on the former ‘possible’ use because Nunez says he had the ‘impression’ that fraudulent uses were done for political reasons. Then you twist routine – into some illegal pattern – and then contradict your own reasoning by admitting that what was done was not illegal by saying the law needs to be changed because the routine was not illegal. All that to declare “And there you have it. Your lives, liberty, and property and less safe because the Obama Administration cared more about using the security apparatus of the state to play politics than to protect America.” Talk about grandstanding? Great job man. There are many holes in this article, but the main one to me is – and you are correct here the lives, liberty, and property of us all should not be searched without probable cause – if we citizens are not communicating with foreign adversaries then there is no way our names will be available for unmasking-see how that works? Especially if it is known by the intelligence community that the foreign adversary with whom an American citizen is speaking is trying to turn them towards their ends (wittingly or unwittingly – in the case of DTJ unwittingly as he does not seem the sharpest knife in the drawer). I’ve got one question for you Thaddeus. If it was the former administration that is unmasking for political gain-why did we not hear about the DTJ meeting during the political campaign when it would have made the most damage to the Trump cause – and saved America from hearing the White house communication director say other officials were playing with themselves in the White House? For Gods sake how much more are we supposed to take?

    • Good call…this whole thing is a post-election created narrative by the democrats and the complicit MSM to do two things: derail and destroy President Trump, and deflect from the real perpetrators of intelligence and governmental abuse and Russian collusion.

  14. Despite it’s negative overall tone, the column is still filled with the naive optimism than any of this could be fixed, or that anyone in Washington truly WANTS it fixed. This is the path we’ve taken. There is no going back. There will be a reprieve (and no roll back) while Trump is in office, but the machine will go right back to work advancing the progressive cause as soon the next Democrat is elected.

    • Yup. We will know they are serious when the first dozen Obama officials are wearing orange. But I won’t bet on it happening.

  15. I don’t really re ally any leaks about transition staffers, during the transition at all, much less any that threatened national security. It’s a remarkably weak hand to play to deflect from all the bad news.

  16. So, a HARD CORE LEFTIST AMERICAN PRESIDENT did everythingthat one would expect A RUSSIN LEADER to do, but we’re still going on about Trump being a Putin stooge?


  17. The Leftist Elite Spectre and their Stooges Stalk America……

    One Picture Equals 1000 Words…….


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  18. “Until 1983, anyway, when lineup shakeups led to a reconstituted Kiss sandblasting off their stage personas and appearing as themselves at an MTV press conference for their latest contribution to Western Civilization, the album “Lick It Up.”’ Laughed out loud when I read this line. Reminds me of “Smell the Glove” by Spinal Tap

  19. i will donate my next ten bowel movements to the museum of modern art if samantha power or anyone of her rank faces any adverse consequences for this. It isn’t going to happen. I think it is safe for me to flush.

  20. If ever there was proof that where Powerful Democrats are concerned, Rules, Laws and even Morality don’t apply to them…

    THIS IS IT!! Well, the whole thing with those Pakistani CRIMINALS who worked for the DNC does also.

  21. What ever happened to justice for the little guy?