Mueller’s Empire: Legions of Lawyers, Bottomless Budget, Limitless Jurisdiction

So I’ve been wondering: Why on earth does a prosecutor, brought in to investigate a case in which there is no apparent crime, need a staff of 14 lawyers?

Or, I should say, “14 lawyers and counting.” According to the press spokesman for special counsel Robert Mueller—yeah, he’s got a press spokesman, too—there are “several more in the pipeline.”

Concededly, none of Mueller’s recruits requires Senate confirmation, as do Justice Department officials—notwithstanding that the former may end up playing a far more consequential role in the fate of the Trump administration. But does it seem strange to anyone else that, by comparison, the president of the United States has managed to get—count ’em—three appointees confirmed to Justice Department positions in five months?

A special counsel, the need for whom is far from obvious, has in just a few days staffed up with four times the number of lawyers. And all for a single investigation that the FBI has described as a counterintelligence probe—i.e., not a criminal investigation, the kind for which you actually need lawyers.  

align=”right” The way this is supposed to work is: the Justice Department first identifies a likely crime, and then assigns a prosecutor to investigate it. Here, by contrast, there are no parameters imposed on the special counsel’s jurisdiction. Mueller is loosed—with 14 lawyers and more coming—to conduct what I’ve called a “fishing expedition.”

Oh, and about those three Justice Department appointees: One of them, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has already recused himself from the investigation in question—the department’s most high profile undertaking. Another, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, is reportedly weighing whether he, too, should bow out. Perhaps he figures he has already done quite enough, having sicced a special-counsel investigation on the Trump Administration by flouting both the regulation that requires a basis for a criminal investigation before a special counsel is appointed, and the regulation that requires limiting the special counsel’s jurisdiction to the specific factual matter that triggers this criminal investigation.

The way this is supposed to work is: the Justice Department first identifies a likely crime, and then assigns a prosecutor to investigate it. Here, by contrast, there are no parameters imposed on the special counsel’s jurisdiction. Mueller is loosed—with 14 lawyers and more coming—to conduct what I’ve called a “fishing expedition.” But it is actually worse than that, as sagely observed in these pages by my friend John Eastman, the Claremont Institute scholar and former Chapman Law School dean. Mueller’s probe is the functional equivalent of a general warrant: a boundless writ to search for incriminating evidence. It is the very evil the Fourth Amendment was adopted to forbid: a scorch-the-earth investigation in the absence of probable cause that a crime has been committed.

For now, Mueller appears utterly without limits, in his writ and in his resources. As the ease with which he has staffed up shows, it is not hard to recruit lawyers. All you need is money. Mueller has a bottomless budget, thanks to a bit of Treasury Department chicanery known as “permanent, indefinite appropriations.”

Under the Constitution’s Appropriations Clause, no funding is supposed to be paid out of the treasury unless Congress has approved it in advance. Under the Framers’ design, with an eye toward limited, accountable government, every spending initiative must compete with every other one when Congress enacts a budget. Lawmakers must decide what we can and can’t afford when they draw on what is supposed to be the finite pot of money confiscated from taxpayers. We are supposed to know what we are underwriting and what it will cost.

The Swamp, ever resistant to such restraints, has developed a scheme known as “indefinite appropriations.” These are slush funds for future contingencies. A good example is the “Judgment Fund,” which President Obama raided to underwrite nearly $2 billion in ransom payments demanded by Iran, the sweetener he needed to close the infamous nuclear deal. It is an Orwellian game. What makes an appropriation an appropriation is that Congress provides a definite amount of funding suitable to the task it has approved. If it turns out more is needed, the executive branch is supposed to come back to Congress—ask for it and justify why it should be prioritized over other needs.

align=”left” These lawyers, overwhelmingly, are Democrats. Powerline’s Paul Mirengoff and the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross have been tracking it: Mueller’s staffers contribute to Trump’s political opponents, some heavily.

Mueller’s special counsel investigation is somehow under no such restrictions, according to the Justice Department. He unilaterally decides how much staffing he needs. And unlike a normal prosecutor’s office, the special counsel does not have to apportion his resources over hundreds of cases. He can direct all of them at one investigative target.

In this instance, the target is Trump, and the resources—apart from what will be scores of FBI agents—include 14 lawyers (going on 15 … going on 16…).

These lawyers, overwhelmingly, are Democrats. Powerline’s Paul Mirengoff and the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross have been tracking it: Mueller’s staffers contribute to Trump’s political opponents, some heavily. The latest Democratic talking-point about this unseemly appearance is that hiring regulations forbid an inquiry into an applicant’s political affiliation. That’s laughable. These are lawyers Mueller has recruited. They are not “applicants.” We’re talking about top-shelf legal talent, accomplished professionals who have jumped at the chance of a gig they do not need but, clearly, want.

The Democrats’ other rationalization is that Mueller, whose integrity is well established, is ultimately responsible for all prosecutorial decisions. I agree that Mueller’s personal probity entitles him to a presumption of ethical propriety. But a presumption is not a blank check.

Unlike many conservative commentators, I’ve contended that too much has been made of Mueller’s close personal friendship and longstanding professional ties to former FBI director James Comey. In drawing that conclusion, I have relied on Rosenstein’s description of the investigation assigned to Mueller. He said it is the same investigation Comey described in March 20 congressional testimony. That investigation is a counterintelligence probe—which is why I’ve never understood the need for a prosecutor. Since such investigations are not intended to build criminal cases, there seemed little prospect that Comey could become a critical prosecution witness. I reasoned that, in the unlikely event criminal charges became a possibility, Mueller could be trusted to consider the ethics of his participation.

Now, however, if reports are to be believed, Mueller is weighing whether the president is guilty of an obstruction crime. Putting aside my assessment that there would be no legal merit to such an allegation, there could be no doubting Comey’s importance as a witness in such a case. Mueller would then have to consider an ethical dilemma that the National District Attorneys Association, in its National Prosecution Standards (third edition), has described in the section on conflicts of interest (Standard 1-3.3, at p. 7):

The prosecutor should excuse himself or herself from any investigation, prosecution, or other matter where personal interests of the prosecutor would cause a fair-minded, objective observer to conclude that the prosecutor’s neutrality, judgment, or ability to administer the law in an objective manner may be compromised.

Notice that, consistent with the familiar ethical canon that lawyers must avoid even the appearance of impropriety, the standard here is based not on the lawyer’s personal rectitude or his subjective belief that he can administer the law impartially. The issue is: What would this look like to fair-minded observers?

Consequently, if this boundless investigation careens into a criminal prosecution, Mueller could have some major soul-searching to do. I thus confess to being taken aback that he has exacerbated the problem, rather than trying to mitigate it, with his staffing decisions. Into an investigation that was already fraught with political tension, the special counsel has recruited partisans—donors to politicians who describe themselves not as a loyal opposition but as the Trump “Resistance.” What are fair-minded people to make of that?

Not just one or two recruits, but 14 lawyers, with more to come.

Some personal perspective, if you’ll allow me. I had the good fortune to be a prosecutor in two of the better known criminal cases in modern American history. The Pizza Connection case, which I believe remains our longest federal criminal trial, involved a vast narcotics and money-laundering enterprise, overseen for well over a decade by the mafia in Sicily and the United States. The years-long investigation required gathering evidence on three continents, coordinating with a parallel, massive Italian prosecution, and ultimately indicting 36 mafiosi. The subsequent 17-month trial of 22 defendants, starting in late 1985, featured hundreds of witnesses and more than 2,400 wiretap conversations (translated into English from Italian). I was the junior member of a five-prosecutor team, which many of our peers found to be excessive despite the prosecution’s success.  

align=”right” Consequently, if this boundless investigation careens into a criminal prosecution, Mueller could have some major soul-searching to do. I thus confess to being taken aback that he has exacerbated the problem, rather than trying to mitigate it, with his staffing decisions.

I was the lead government lawyer in the terrorism investigation of the so-called Blind Sheikh’s jihadist cell, following the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and an unsuccessful plot to bomb New York City landmarks. The case involved extensive undercover investigations. We also probed the history of overseas jihadist movements, as well as that of covert American aid to the Afghan mujahideen’s war against the Red Army. There were classified-information challenges, including litigation over the admissibility in a criminal trial of evidence obtained under foreign-intelligence-gathering authorities. The eventual nine-month trial of 12 defendants, involved hundreds of witnesses and intercepted conversations (translated into English from Arabic).

We managed to get by with a team of three trial prosecutors and one appellate lawyer assigned to help us with the many novel legal issues. After all the defendants were convicted, I wrote the government’s appellate brief with the assistance of a single appellate editor. Not much staff, but the convictions and sentences were nevertheless upheld.

Why does special counsel Mueller need 14 lawyers (and more coming) for a counterintelligence investigation, as to which the intelligence professionals—agents, not lawyers—have found no “collusion with Russia” evidence after over a year of hard work? What will those lawyers be doing with no limits on their jurisdiction, with nothing but all the time and funding they need to examine one target, Donald Trump?

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About Andrew C. McCarthy

Andrew C. McCarthy is a former chief assistant U.S. attorney best known for successfully prosecuting the “Blind Sheikh” (Omar Abdel Rahman) and eleven other jihadists for waging a terrorist war against the United States – a war that included the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and a subsequent plot to bomb New York City landmarks. He is a recipient of the Justice Department’s highest honors, helped supervise the command-post near Ground Zero in lower Manhattan following the 9/11 attacks, and later served as an adviser to the Deputy Secretary of Defense. His several popular books include the New York Times bestsellers Willful Blindness: A Memoir of the Jihad and The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America. He is a senior fellow at National Review Institute and a contributing editor at National Review. He is a frequent guest commentator on national security, law, politics, and culture in national media, and his columns and essays also appear regularly in The New Criterion, PJ Media, and other major publications.

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212 responses to “Mueller’s Empire: Legions of Lawyers, Bottomless Budget, Limitless Jurisdiction”

  1. Fake news generated a fake investigation. The sole purpose Mueller serves is to keep the fake story alive with a fake investigation. Fake Russia is now being replaced by fake obstruction. Unfortunately fake charges of lying to federal officers are very likely for anyone who has the misfortune of speaking with one of Mueller’s stooges. The deep state and the Democrats are determined to stop Trump from draining the swamp that is DC.

    • You are absolutely correct. The only charges that will be filed will be “Lying to the FBI” or some such rubbish. I hope everyone lawyers up and doesn’t talk to them. What a fiasco!

  2. Why are we wondering? This is a coup orchestrated by the enemies of the people. Look at the disconnect between the President’s goals and the government’s policies. The agencies of the executive branch are in open rebellion against the sovereign.

    President Trump should contemplate martial law to save America.

  3. The principled response to Mueller’s delusions of grandeur is to fire him and abolish all special prosecutors/special counsels now and forever. We are already spending billions on Federal law enforcement agencies and the Department of Justice with its ranks and ranks of prosecutors. We neither want nor need to spend tens or hundreds of millions of more for these extra-Constitutional and unaccountable adjuncts.

    • Given the political nature of all this, I would argue that Mueller should not be fired at this point, but that there should be some sort of hearing or public forum with him being provided with a specific and restricted set of boundaries to which he and his investigators must adhere.

      He should be officially informed that he is not free to investigate anyone or anything, that he has a limited budget in terms of money, human resources, and time, and that he is restricted, specifically, to the issue of possible Russian interference in the 2016 US elections (or whatever it is he was originally required to deal with).

      • ESPECIALLY a limited budget! In fact I’ll consider it congressional misconduct to give this loon a blank check. High time someone in congress slapped these guys silly and told them to snap out of it? Taxpayers have had ENOUGH!

      • The Mueller leaks themselves are an Obstruction of Justice..
        and more than ample reason for Paul Ryan and the Republican Congress to shut down this farce of a special persecution.


      • He may not WANT to… but if enough citizens email and demand he protect our President from a blatant attempt to overturn the election, he may see it’s in his best interest.

      • Minimal estimate of cost: 14+ lawyers X $300/hr X 40hr week X 52 weeks= 6M + a year
        I will object to my Rep in Congress.

      • Are you equally concerned over the cost of Trump’s golf trips?

      • The parameters MUST specific in scope and any deviation from that scope will result in the immediate dissolution of the special counsel by the executive. Period

      • Agreed, without limits, his attorneys will simply comb through the bureaucracies trolling for people willing to lie about Trump and his people. This is going to be such a tremendous mess unless Trump/Sessions get this under control.

        Doubt this will happen? Just look at all the false leaks so far. And who thinks liberals won’t lie about this President?

    • Yes a dictator could do these things – Trump can’t

  4. The way things are coming together, I’d have to say I agree with Trump. This is nothing more than. a witch hunt. It’s odd that a case with no evidence would require 14 lawyers unless they are really looking to railroad someone. Trump and the Republicans need to open their own special council to investigate Mueller’s special council.

      • RUN, Mr. President, DON’T WALK to the nearest podium and announce that, as provided in the US Constitution, you are firing Mueller, Rothstein and the “blue ribbon panel of Obama & Democrat supporters” that Mueller has put in place. Denounce it as an unmitigated travesty of justice and an utter waste of time, talent, and treasure. The American people deserve better.

        Fight fire with fire! You can’t drain the swamp without getting rid of the swamp vermin that inhabit it.

      • Twoiron is spot on. Trump’s our last shot at restoring an America worth having. We need to clean out the DC swamps while he’s in power because whoever follows him, Pub or Dem, is sure to be too timid or already part of the corrupt power structure and won’t prosecute the battle with Trump’s vigor and confidence.

        MAGA, Mr President!

      • Trump needs to Fire Mueller and his lawyers Immediately.
        Mueller’s relationship to Comey is the conflict of interest of the Century.

        Also, Rod Rosenstein needs to be Fired as well.
        What the hell was he thinking picking Comey’s BFF Mueller?

        This all reeks of a setup, for which it appears Rosenstein was a part.

      • What idiot stopped Trump from firing Comey’s conflicted BFF, Bob Mueller?

        Be Bold, President Trump. Tell Mueller, Rosenstein, 14, 15, 16 Democrat lawyers, “You’re Fired.”

      • It is a setup, a coup d’etat as I noted earlier. Trump should order Rosenstein to order Mueller to confine his “investigation” to the Russian collusion issue, and to report within one month. If he refuses, fire him. If Rosenstein refuses to do that, fire him.

      • NOTHING THERE for the taxpayer to pay these mob-like thugs for~! FIRE BOTH OF THEM NOW and end this crap~

      • Yes then your “dear leader” can proclaim himself dictator and you can lick his —

      • It’s Mr President in case you missed a little event in the later part of 2016.

      • It’s already the bloody law!!! No one, not even the President, is supposed to be above the law. Well, unless it’s Mueller. And fools like you sit still for it, because it’s not your ox being gored. This time.

      • No Goober, I thought Obama was a preening pc progressive but have no use for a malicious carny barker, a bellowing baboon of a demagogue

      • Dunno who you be tockin’ about. Meanwhile, the new president has put hundreds of thousands back to work and restored America’s standing in the world.

      • Economy improved under Obama and has continued to improve under Trump perhaps despite rather tha because of their actions- Trump has done nothing so hard to give him credit or blame

      • Nonsense. Obama kept his dainty fingers clean of working-man dirt and jobs. A record 94m out of work under Obama as people quit even looking for a job.

        Trump did what Obama said was ‘impractical’ – intervene to save 1100 jobs in Indiana. He did that before even becoming president. Then he saved thousands more jobs by more such intervention. Then he ‘created’ hundreds of thousands more jobs by enticing several huge corporations to locate in America.

        You need to keep up with what’s going on if you’re going to comment in public. All you’re doing is making yourself look ignorant.

      • No you Trumpers have a monopoly on ignorance, you are totally wrong about job stats, please cite “thousands of jobs based on enticing corporations” will be waiting goober.

      • Another Dimwitocreepster vomiting out pointless noise. Get sick and die.

      • Another Dimwitocreep vomiting noise on the message boards. You are of no significance, dumbell.

      • YES ! I have been saying that since the beginning.
        Fire Rosenstein, who as deputy AG hires and fires special counsels..his replacement can review Rosenstein’s actions and REVERSE them as being without just cause. Mueller and all his merry men and women can pack up and go to ………..

      • You bet Rosenstein is a part of it, from BEFORE the very beginning of little scaredy-cat Comey’s LEAK!! What I’ve heard is that Mueller helped Rosenstein climb the ladder, so to speak from way back in the mid 90’s! How they have known each other since that time!

    • They are determined to bring down this president by any and all
      means. This needs to stop. This resistance is getting dangerous and,
      in my mind, is seditious. BUT HOW???????????????????????

      Here’s how, but it WILL require courage of a sort seldom seen in politics today.

      IS TIME to think out of the box .IT IS TIME to do something only Trump
      can do and if it backfires, he should realize he never had a chance to

      We need to do this, if we are to get the nation moving again, under YOUR

      **FIRST) Deliver a National Address during Prime
      Time. Announce that Democrats are trying to undo the election results of
      2016 by ANY MEANS possible with the help of the Media and the
      Establishment. You were elected to get the job done, but the Left is
      Obsessed with destroying your presidency. You and this country can not
      function in this manner.

      **SECOND) Announce you are FIRING Special
      Counsel Mueller and closing down his committee. Announce that Mueller
      is a friend of Comey and the lawyers Mueller has selected are all
      partisans tied to Clinton and Obama.. You will NEVER get a FAIR SHAKE
      from them. This was to be about the Russian Connection and Obstruction
      of Justice. However, Mueller has decided to expand the reach of his
      committee looking for evidence of a crime, when NONE exists. He has
      exceeded his authority in your opinion and you are the CHIEF EXECUTIVE
      OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH. A Special Counsel IS NOT Constitutionally
      Qualified to take down a sitting president. Only Congress can. Besides,
      they have no power to summon a grand jury and indict a sitting

      have been calling for it days after the inauguration. They continue
      to push this narrative to the exclusion of all else. LET’S GO FOR IT.
      Tell the Democrats TO EITHER PUT UP OR SHUT UP! If they don’t, they
      have been lying to the American people all this time and have tried to
      obstruct this president from enacting his agenda to the benefit of the
      people. This the Constitutional Process. What they and their allies
      are doing boarders on sedition.

      **FOURTH) Remind Republicans that
      if they side with the impeachment forces, they will set a precedent for
      ALL future presidents, who would be impeached and removed NOT FOR ANY
      CRIME, but rather because of political differences or because the
      opposition just doesn’t like him or her. The Constitution IS CLEAR as to
      how a president can be impeached and removed. Will Republican be the
      ones to alter the Constitutional provisions forever as Democrats want to
      do with their “LIVING CONSTITUTION?”

      • “Remind Republicans that if they side with the impeachment forces, they will set a precedent for
        ALL future presidents”
        Clearly a history buff – LOL!

    • Agree.

      “Why on earth does a prosecutor, brought in to investigate a case in which there is no apparent crime, need a staff of 14 lawyers? …by comparison, the president of the United States has managed to get—count ’em—three appointees confirmed to Justice Department positions in five months?”

      It really seems like the Dems and their allies in the administrative state (including Federal courts) are using this special counsel as a pretext to set up what amounts to a shadow DOJ.

    • Trump wants to increase employment in America, so Mueller is doing his small bit.

    • Well since no witches actually exist Trump has nothing to worry about- right?

      • Apparently you’ve never read about 1692 Salem. Don’t be naive.

      • You’re kidding, right? After all these months of media and democratic senators who already knew the truth lying through their sound bite teeth that President Trump was under investigation, you think they are looking for truth? You don’t think they make up their own truth and get everyone to repeat it? Haven’t they said themselves, resist by any means necessary? They haven’t exactly been quiet about their intentions.There isn’t a one of them I would trust with my grocery list, much less the office of the president of the US. Make no mistake, a coup against the duly elected president is an attack against the people, the democracy and the constitution of this country, not just against a man they don’t agree with. And if they succeed, what do you think this country will look like? And who is waiting in the wings to take over? Do you honestly think you could trust the welfare of this country with whoever it might be?

      • No coup is going to occur just an exposure of a ignorant small demagogue

    • Sack him, dismiss the entire farcical show and get on with governing America instead of chasing imaginary rabbits down imaginary holes.

    • How about a special counsel for Loretta Lynch, Clinton foundation, Hillary violating the Espionage Act. WHY is everything so one-sided?

  5. My thoughts on Mueller: f..k him, the horse he rode in on and all dems who have turned into a..holes since Trump won. Hey your message is not working, because you do not have any. what stupid mfers . Your candidate lost, because queen Hillary is lazy and dumb. pretty simple unless you are dumb and lazy.

  6. having 14 or 24 lawyers doesn’t mean there is a better or stronger case, or any case at all.

  7. Sentient Americans are watching this fiasco unfold with trepidation. Mueller only seems interested in impressing those in the Beltway. The very statistics of the one-sided number of “Investigations” launched upon Republicans vs. Democrats is prima facie that DC is horribly corrupted. — when all the genuine smoke Americans sense indicates a fire is emanating from the DEMS including Clinton Cash, Fast & Furious, NSA unmasking, compromised email Clinton and DNC servers, Wikileaks, etc.

    • There you have it. The true reason why the democraps are on offense. It’s the only option left to prevent a tsunami of indictments of O and company.

  8. Let’s see if I’ve got this right:

    AG Loretta Lynch meets on a private plane for a half hour
    with the husband Bill Clinton of the woman being investigated on a variety of
    charges including national security … and then subordinate Comey drops all
    charges against her a week later.

    But that’s NOT Obstruction of Justice.

    Yet after 8 months of “investigation” for collusion with no evidence whatsoever against Pres. Trump, a special prosecutor is enshrined to harass the President with at least 13 democrat lawyers to try to find some Obstruction of Justice…. with no evidence whatsoever.

    What is wrong with this picture..?

    • Unfortunately, Trump’s supporters aren’t vocal enough. So Republican activists, including us, need to reach out to the silent majority. We need to persuade them to support Trump openly. They can do that, for example, by signing online petitions, which can be done on this US government web site:

      Also helpful is this video, which explains the complicated legal issues in simple terms that everyone can understand:

      I believe if enough Americans can be persuaded to openly support Trump on this issue, he will shut down the Mueller investigation. That would allow Trump and Congress to turn their full attention to the really important challenges facing America. But this will happen only if the silent majority speaks out openly, in support of Trump.

      • This is like watching an episode of “Twilight Zone.”

      • So Bullcrap you prefer a Civil War. Brilliant! You pathetic little loser!

      • You prefer personal insults to argument, a “Civil War” ??? What are you talking about Goob?

  9. Where’s my ROI on all this ???!!!
    Fire Muler now.
    He is wasting money on a go-nowhere allegation of phantom crimes.

  10. Its probably really an Obama era evidence shredding operation disguised as an “investigation.

  11. I’m kind of thinking (hoping really) that this “investigation” is going in a direction other than the President. We have heard nothing (leaks) from this “team” of lawyers, and if there is no “collusion” or “obstruction” then they have to gearing up for something big. Possibly collusion, obstruction and Russian links via Clinton, Lynch, Obama and the rest of the Obama administration?

    • I’ve hoped the same such that Mueller is staffing with DEMS in order to have (bi)partisan credibility when the DEM excrement he discovers hits the fan. Hope springs eternal.

    • i’ve had that same feeling ! if mueller wants to keep his ‘sterling’ reputation, instead of becoming another comey, then just MAYBE he really is looking into loretta lynch, susan rice, the old hag, the clinton crime foundation, , eric holder, o’dumpo, and the entire democrap group over the last 8 years. just think what history would say about him if he uncovered and prosecuted the entire group of seditionist !!! he would be in all the books as the man who really did drain the swamp of washington d.c. otherwise, he’ll just be another democrap shill .

    • That is just too good to be true but it’d be nice if it is.

    • Was thinking the same thing. I sure hope my hard earned tax dollars are going in the right direction.

  12. His appointment of partisan Democrats is all you need to know. These guys all hate Trump and every Republican. They are out to do as much damage as possible. The perception among Democrat-Americans that they were somehow wronged when their rotten candidate lost is the source of all this. In fact, it was validated in the special elections yesterday. Americans do not want the illegals, high taxes and socialism the Democrats are peddling. It’s not the Russians.

  13. This is an abomination. Fire this stupid bastard and fire him now. let the stupid ass leftists riot. Taxpayer dollars thrown about by libturds like they are candy. put hillary on trial. many people are in jail for much less than she did. Democrats are scum

    • Agreed!They literally have no evidence. And as McCarthy stated, they are in violation of the 4th amendment. He must fire them unless they can prove probable cause. That would correctly uphold our constitution and set the tone for the rest of his presidency.

  14. Mueller is a highly partisan bad joke. He must go. This investigation is a dangerous farce.

  15. Her Thighness sent and received classified emails from a PRIVATE server. FELONIES. Lock her up…

  16. Interesting how the libcrats worry so much about spending $20 billion on a border wall as too much but sinking $50 million into an election (and losing!) and spending untold amounts on a FAKE investigation is justified. Until they find themselves involved in the investigation and they block any progress, not providing FBI access to their “hacked server.” I guess I will need to purchase more 5.56 ammunition for the hot Revolution that is to come

  17. This circus is being conducted WITH OUR MONEY!! When is SOMEONE going to bring the hammer down on it?????????

  18. Trump should fire Mueller and his lawyers. If Congress wants to impeach let them go for it. At least that would be in the open. The idiot dems have opened a can of worms and they’re playing with fire.

    • Those rinos are spineless. I would love to see them side with democraps for impeachment with no probable cause.

    • Democrats don’t have the votes to impeach. For that matter, they don’t have the votes for anything.

  19. Trump needs to fire Muller and crew today, including Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. He then needs Sessions to hire a special counsel to investigate Comey and one or two for the Clinton crime family, one for emails and one for Clinton Foundation.

  20. The skill is the witch hunt and the ability to budget for such circumstances. Its called the DC lottery and Mueller has won- BIG!!! As an educated career mooch, you disdain facts and create a fantasy of innuendo and justify why you need more and more coffers to be filled with other educated political “gotcha” allies while pandering to a defeated, vengeful group of despots.
    Identity politics at a whole new level- identify those who want enough to say “We can use this to say that” and those who are powerful enough to say “we will give you a bigger budget because your conclusions are almost complete”. It’s a bizarre world of “if this is probable and hypothetical, then this means we could find this and the one who can speculate on its potential is this person and this group, but because of its seriousness, we need a few more million, so can you go to the committee?” Mueller and the Clinton lawyers are magnificent in these objective approaches that only the DC can understand. Now, do you understand why the “special prosecutor” is so important?

  21. As long as they look into SETH RICH’S MURDER I am okay with ALL the CRAP they find on BOTH R and D’s(bet they still don’t find nothing on Trump).

  22. Our congress is a bunch of idiots – why not a well-defined scope and a TIME LIMIT – if you can’t find anything in 6 months (that congress agrees to pursue further), you are DONE. You should also have a limited budget and be restricted from appointing ANYONE who has actively campaigned or donated over $500 to any political candidate – especially the Democraps if you are going to be involved in judging a Republican. This special investigator has no bounds and neither does the ignorance of the congress that allows such lack of control on the spending of OUR tax dollars. They all need to be replaced!

  23. No one should have such power and especially those who are against any legitimized elected political president.
    Get Ride of that BS Special Council with unlimited powers………. Are they serious!!! SHUT THEM DOWN NOW!

  24. The ‘Demon-craps’ not only wanta sink their ship; they wanta bury in the mud at the bottom of ‘their sewer!’ ..oh well, it’s up to them and Pelosi and Schumer and the rest of the ‘NutJobs.’ …GO TRUMP, GO!

  25. Time to terminate this witch hunt with extreme prejudice.

  26. How can anymore say Mueller has integrity? If he did, he never would have taken this on, knowing Comey was involved.

  27. Tax payers should put a stop to this waste of money which is going to a bunch of Lib Lawyers to prosecute (with NO EVIDENCE ) a President ‘The People’ voted for? What is going on here?…has anyone have any sense ‘LEFT?’ ….for sure, NOT!

  28. Thought we already had a squirrel and a moose working on this case?

  29. I’m toying with the idea of what Gilbert & Sullivan would create to put this “situation” into an opera.

    Some far out blend of The Mikado, Pirates of Penzance and H.M.S. Pinafore?

    This is getting absurd….

  30. Investigate Swamp Poster Boy Mueller’s involvement with the clinton foundation and throw him and the clintons in jail under the rico act

  31. it’s a witch hunt, already has conflict of interest issues which bars him from leading it, and anything that it “””turns up””” will be 4th amendment violations as this is a fishing expedition tasked with nothing more than finding something to investigate rather than investigating something. there is more than enough cause here already for the entire thing to be scrapped and anyone involved held under sedition and criminal conspiracy.

  32. How does Mueller have ANY credibility when he was almost singlehandedly responsible for allowing the Tsarnaev brothers to carry out the Boston Marathon attack?

  33. Investigate every member of mueller’s (((staff)) through a microscopic lens.

    Go for a rico case.

    Throw them in jail.

  34. It is now obvious that the Leftists are attempting to overthrow the duly-elected government of the United States.

    The NYT and the Washington Post have devolved into a propaganda machine determined to bring down our President. From Fresno to Alexandria, American citizen are being attacked and murdered as a result of this propaganda. ANTIFA Fascists are attacking Trump supporters with rocks, bricks and bodily fluids.

    Special Persecutor Mueller is gathering a rabidly democrat
    “staff” to attack our President. He should know that Americans are
    neither blind nor stupid as to what he and his urine-throwing stormtroopers are
    plotting. Any attempt to use Obama-appointed leftist judges to remove our
    President will not end well for Leftists.


  35. Mr. McCarthy, PLEASE do keep loudly ringing the bell!

    I have followed your writing for years and respect your legal reasoning and expertise, as I am confident many, many others do, and I hope you do not let up on your displeasure with what is clearly another way to resist, and now perhaps remove the legally elected president of the United States.

    Democrats just think they are unhappy with the elections results. Wait until they try to impeach the president.

    They do not understand the word “unhappy”.

  36. The alledged ‘hacking’ of John Podesta’s emails and their publication by Wikileaks gave the Obamunists all the ammunition they needed for the ‘Russia collusion’ myth. An anti-Russian Ukrainian IT firm asserted “It was the Russians!” It wasn’t, but that didn’t stop the cabal of Brennan, Clapper, and Comey from promulgating the “17 Intelligence agencies” lie that Hillary Clinton used in her last campaign debate. See “The Easter Bunny Cover-up” for more:

    It was a Big Lie, carefully orchestrated and fed to the press in dribs and drabs, to the point where everyone in Washington, DC believed it. But it was a fable, and remains a fable, the product of a conspiracy first to derail the Trump candidacy, and then to undermine his Presidency. Even the Trump administration fell for it, with Flynn getting fired, and Sessions recusing himself from any investigation of the Trump campaign.

    It’s far more dangerous than even Watergate, because it involves the Intel agencies. Though the principals are now out of office, their influence with the media and with their underlings throughout the bureaucracies remains. A Special Counsel with carte blanche to ‘investigate’ anything and everything is a poison fruit that will leave the Trump administration withered on the vine and dying.

    The only alternative is to fight back: Attorney General Jeff Sessions has to wipe the scales from his eyes, rescind his recusal, and fire Robert Mueller as unnecessary. Then he has to initiate investigations of the Russia-collusion conspiracy mongers, with all their spying and leaks for the past year; and he has to also start investigating the Clinton Foundation, Mrs. Clinton’s emails, and the multifold illegalities perpetrated by Obama and Holder, e.g. Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, etc. It’s time to fight fire with–dynamite!

    /L. E. Joiner –

  37. I really think Trump should fire the lot, he would have the support of the American people , who are tired of this circus.

  38. Who ever came up with the need for a special council should pay for it. Lawyers bill by the hour
    so where are the time limits? It is pretty bad when the investigators need to be investigated.

  39. The US is broke and going broker by the day for a reason! Centuries from now, people will look back and ask, what were these strange people thinking?

  40. Here is a thought Andy. You , a never Tumper, is just beginning to get the corruption that James comey is. You either ensure the corruption is prosecuted or you are corrupt. James Coney is the Clinton Crime family fixer. You know it, failure to report it is complicity.

  41. Yawn, yet another article by a Trump lemming who doesn’t think that the former head of the mass murdering KGB and his thugs meddling in US affairs is of importance. I find it interesting that no one wants to talk about the chart that CA Congressman Eric Swalwell put together, showing Trump and his inner circle’s close ties to Russia.
    Mueller will get to the truth, hence the reason Donald Trump had talked about “firing” him.

    • Look under your bed, I hear there is a RUSSIAN living there!

      Misdirection, that’s the name
      Divert attention, that’s the game

      • I’m a hardcore conservative (unlike Trump, notice how he’s proudly holding the rainbow flag of death in my avatar) who has never voted democrat and never will. I am however interested in the truth. I’ve extensively been studying Trump’s ties to Russia and it’s astounding. Seek the truth my friend, it will do for you what it’s done for me: Set you free.

    • Yawn, yet another comment by a NeverTrumper who has not bothered with educating himself in Civics 101 and thinks anyone should give credibility to the rantings of a California Democrat who imagines Trumpian ties but is blind to Clintonian ties. FACT: Mueller can be fired indirectly by Trump and directly by Rosenstein if he wants to follow protocol. Trump can fire Rosenstein, all AGs serve the president’s pleasure. A president can fire the special prosecutor without regard, if he chooses to go the direct route that is within his executive authority.

      • I’m a hardcore conservative (unlike Trump, I’ve never supported the Clintons) whose never voted democrat and never will. When a democrat like Congressman Swalwell presents evidence showing Trump and his inner circle’s close ties to Russia (evidence I’ve studied from other sources as well), I look at it, study it and attempt to refute it. It can’t be refuted.
        I noticed how instead of attempting to refute the evidence, you talked about firing people who are investigating Trump and his close ties to Russia. Don’t be afraid of the truth my friend, and the truth is that Donald Trump has close ties to Russia and is covering it up.

  42. Tick Tock Tick Tock
    Hillary will run out the statute of limitations clock
    Misdirection, that’s the name
    Divert attention, that’s the game
    I see Russians, keep the press looking over there
    While Bill and I give high paid speeches everywhere
    You fools can’t put a glove on my ample rump
    Cause Mueller has all your attention on the obstructor Trump
    Bend over, bend over, and kiss your easily misdirected ass
    Cause folks, this is how democracies pass
    The statute of limitations, tick tock tick tock
    With Muellers help, Hillary will run out the clock
    Tick Tock Tick Tock

  43. With apologies to Mr Stockman, I reproduce here his take on what is happening; because it is so accurate and succinct.

    First he quotes President Trump’s own words: ‘They made up a phony collusion with the Russians story, found zero proof, so now they go for obstruction of justice on the phony story. Nice… You are witnessing the single greatest WITCH HUNT in American political history — led by some very bad and conflicted people!’

    Next David Stockman, one-time adviser to President Reagan: “The Donald has never spoken truer words than when he tweeted that statement last week. But he’s also never sunken lower into pure victimhood. What is he waiting for — handcuffs and a perp walk?

    “Just to be clear, the Donald doesn’t need to be the subject of a witch hunt at all.

    “If Donald Trump had a presidential strategy and the propensity to take command, he would have had all the intercepts of Russian chatter gathered up weeks ago.

    “He would have then had them declassified and made public. Then he would have launched a criminal prosecution against Obama’s hit squad — John Brennan, Susan Rice and Valerie Jarrett — for illegally unmasking and leaking classified information.

    “This course of action would have crushed the Russian interference hysteria in the bud.

    “The entire affair was a rearguard invention of the Deep State and Democratic partisans. They became shocked and desperate for a scapegoat to account for the unthinkable election of Donald Trump.The entire affair was a rearguard invention of the Deep State and Democratic partisans.

    “They couldn’t accept that the unwashed masses elected an outsider and insurrectionist who could not be counted upon to serve as a ” trustee” for the status quo. And whose naive but correct instinct to seek better relations with Russia was a mortal threat to the modus operandi of the Imperial City.

    “Let’s face it, the Russian interference narrative was never rooted in anything more than standard cybernoise from Moscow.

    “After all, it didn’t take a Kremlinologist from the old Soviet days to figure out that Putin did not favor Clinton, who had likened him to Hitler. Moreover, Trump had correctly said NATO was obsolete and that he didn’t want to give lethal aid to the Ukrainians.

    “Finally, he had expressed a desire to make a deal with Putin on Syria and numerous other areas of unnecessary confrontation.

    “That wasn’t acceptable to the likes of raging Russiaphobe John McCain: ‘We must take our own side in this fight. Not as Republicans, not as Democrats, but as Americans. It’s time to respond to Russia’s attack on American democracy with strength, with resolve, with common purpose and with action.’

    “The truth is Russia has no more attacked American democracy than did the North Vietnamese at the Gulf of Tonkin or the Spaniards on the battleship Maine in 1898.

    “More importantly, no one else in the world thinks Russia is a serious threat — except the bureaucrats of NATO who make a living concocting such threats. Throw in some nationalist politicians in Eastern Europe who are always eager to play the Russian card in their quest for power and attention.

    “But now we’re looking at the real possibility of a possible incident between U.S. and Russian forces in Syria.

    “Russia is now warning that any aircraft operating west of the Euphrates could be targets, after a U.S. Navy plane downed a Syrian jet over the weekend. The Syrian plane had supposedly attacked U.S.-backed rebels fighting the Assad regime, a regime Russia strongly supports.

    “Will Russia attack American aircraft over Syria? And how would Washington respond?

    “I thought the Donald said he would keep us out of Syria — which was the wise thing to do, incidentally. Meanwhile, U.S. and Russian aircraft are playing collision games over the Baltic. The other day, a Russian fighter supposedly came within five feet of a U.S. reconnaissance plane.

    “This is just nuts. Has anyone thought this through?

    “It just shows the extent to which the Donald and his America First campaign has been hijacked by the neocons and the Deep State.”

    Or does it just show that, while Candidate Trump most bravely endured an ordeal of an election campaign, had magnificent policy-positions, and pulled off a miracle against gigantic Opposition in November 2016 (almost as amazing as if a man with a pea-shooter had flattened the German Army in 1940), he failed over the same campaign period to work out a strategy for dealing with things if and when he became President?

      • I am not sure. These remarks appear in a newsletter-service to which I subscribe, and I fear I have already gone fully far enough in quoting at such length somebody else’s writings.

        On the substance of what Stockman shows, it appears to me that President Trump’s Achilles Heel has turned out to be some sort of comfort-blanket need to be well with at least SOME people who are ‘in’ with fashionable Manhattan and the Establishment; namely, Ivanka, Jared, and all those generals now filling the White House.

        Had he gone all-in for his policy positions of 2016/2016 by surrounding himself exclusively with people like Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, Kellyanne Conway, Kris Kobach, AND NO OTHER TYPES AT ALL, I reckon they would have ambushed all or most of the opposition to him by about January 1. They are smart enough, resolute enough and can outfox a whole lot more cleverly than the ‘Deep State Dinner Theatre’ which Mark Steyn is currently animadverting.

        That way President Trump could have achieved most or all of what his supporters (= voters!) desired. As things stand, I am minded of what someone said to me lately: ‘Failing to prepare means preparing to fail’.

        A question: do you think he could not have run with Kris Kobach as his VP candidate? (I.e. did it have to be the worthy, fine and dignified Mike Pence who nevertheless, I suspect would not be the political revolutionary Trump supporters like me want? Would the GOP establishment have withheld its ground game effort from such a ticket?)

      • Peter, Kris Kobach is not a household name, even among conservatives. Mike Pence is. He also has a reputation for being steady and ‘presidential material’. I’d have voted for him. I think his selection was a no-brainer, and an effective counterweight to Mr Trump’s reputation as erratic and unpredictable.

        I agree with you that it was a mistake to give some not-very-conservatives too much weight in the White House.

        /L. E. Joiner –

  44. Maybe he’s still looking for the anthrax mailer? Mueller couldn’t find his ass with both hands.

  45. Sessions recused himself about the Russian investigation.
    Obstruction and Jareds finances and all else he should be able to oversee
    I think he needs to remind Mueller of that

  46. Robert Mueller, Special Counsel, Department of Justice can be stopped from wasting taxpayer resources, and moving into a total “witch hunt” only to try and “manufacture” more anti-Trump political false deep-state nonsense, none of which would be true.

    Question: Are the 320 million Americans aware that Mr. Mueller is appointing “Mueller Team advisors that are openly all Hillary Clinton supporters, and BIG MONEY CLINTON CONTRIBUTORS?

    For some relevant background, see fine report titled: “Trump or Congress can still block Robert Mueller. I know. I wrote the rules” by Neal Katyal, Washington Post, May 19th.

  47. Mueller’s staffing decisions could conceivably be nothing more than an attempt to get Trump to shut the whole thing down – an increasingly sensible choice that democrats (wrongly) think would be political suicide,

  48. This is a witch hunt to bring DOWN Trump at ANY cost even if they have to INVENT a so called crime.

  49. When are the Republicans going to get some backbone and start the investigations into the Obama administration? There is much more there and you don’t have to dig very deep to come up with a lot.

  50. Robert Mueller, Special Counsel, Department of Justice can be stopped from wasting taxpayer resources, and moving into a total “witch hunt” only to try and “manufacture” more anti-Trump political false deep-state nonsense, none of which would be true.

    Question: Are the 320 million Americans aware that Mr. Mueller is appointing “Mueller Team advisors that are openly all Hillary Clinton supporters, and BIG MONEY CLINTON CONTRIBUTORS?

    For some relevant background, see fine report titled: “Trump or Congress can still block Robert Mueller. I know. I wrote the rules” by Neal Katyal, Washington Post, May 19th.

  51. Mueller is the Frankenstein created because of the backing of two Senate Republicans (and the call for a Special Counsel/Prosecutor); John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Both are more strongly allied with the Washington DC establishment than the Republican party. Both are shining examples of the need for term limits. Neither should be on the Senate Intel Committee because of their hatred of the president.

  52. How can the FBI conclude the DNC server was hacked by the Russians without ever being allowed to inspect the device?

    What am I missing?.

    • Because they got Hillary’s word that she wiped it with the included microfiber cloth as recommended by the manufacturer.

  53. My own deeply paranoid view is that the big staff is going to work overtime to identify every possible prosecution that could be brought against Obama era officials and then trade burying them to Trump for a bill of clean legal health.

  54. Staffed with Clinton donor lawyers he has to find a pound of flesh for the Democrats……Like Scooter Libby…there was no underlying crime….after 12 mos of an FBI investigation no leaks of evidence of collusion while everything negative to Trump has leaked…his not being investigated didn’t nor has any evidence of collusion….two items that would help him….Odd

    • If contributing to Democrats by several of Mueller’s lawyers shows partisanship against Trump, perhaps you can explain why Trump’s donations to Democrats since 2000 is more that 10 times the total donations of all those lawyers combined, does not make donald a partisan against himself? Please confine your reply, if their is one, to a direct, specific rational response, if you can. Thank you.

      • By the simply fact their are no GOP donor lawyers. I object to a one sided political lean on either side. Trump living in liberal NYC doing business in a liberal State giving money to liberal is just good business to buy influence…Are you really that ignorant as to how politics works?

  55. We’ve already established a precedent in this country that none of this matters. We’ve learned with the 11 years of Clinton-investigations that the motives of the prosecutors doesn’t matter, the political leanings of their staffs doesn’t matter, whether or not they follow ethics or the law doesn’t matter, whether they leak info doesn’t matter or if the info they leak is even correct doesn’t matter. None of that has ever mattered before in the endless investigations of the clintons. Whi should any of that matter now?

  56. If Mueller was over-ambitious and power-hungry, I could see him staffing as he does. But how can that be, considering how strongly so many top Democrats vouch for his character? Could it be that they are ambitious and power-hungry?

    • The following Republicans, among many others, also vouched for Mueller’s character. Orrin Hatch, Jason Chaffetz, Adam Kinsinger and Rob Portman, as well as Erik Erickson. Are they also ambitious & power-hungry?

      • Is that a joke?
        Name a DC denizen who isn’t ambitious and power hungry.
        Many are also fat and stupid; speaking of EE.

  57. Trump should fire Mueller, Rosenstein and anyone else hired during Obama’s tenure. Let the chips fall where they may. The Public trusts Trump.

    • 36-38% trust Donald. More than 62% don’t. Just simple math. BTW, when those chip do fall, little don john just may find himself up to his neck in them.

      • Yeah-the same polls said Hillary wins in a landslide, Ossoff wins Georgia 6 and the Democrats take the senate………ROFLMAO.

      • You’re comment is SO yesterday. The rest of the world is dealing with today/tomorrow. Past victories have very little to with what happens tomorrow.

      • Yep-you are correct! Ossoff’s loss was two days ago not yesterday…I stand corrected.

      • “The rest of the world is dealing with today/tomorrow”, says the guy who still can’t accept that Trump is POTUS and is clinging to the idea that the Democrats will find a way to command-z his presidency.

      • There were no polls that said “Hillary wins in landslide”

      • No, I think it’s safe to assume everyone knows.

        Probably even you.

      • I’d do business with the Donald long before I’d do business with Obama. Trump might swindle me out of a few dollars, but Obama would take everything I have.

      • Questionable polls claiming that a lot of people don’t trust the POTUS is not a legitimate grounds to justify a coup.

        You cannot overthrow this POTUS without overthrowing the Constitution. There is no evidence of any crime, and no legitimate grounds for impeachment. There is only #Resistance, which should more accurately call it #ResistingSelfGovernance or #ResistingAmerica or #ResistingMeNotGettingMyWay

  58. If hilLIARy doesn’t deserve prison…
    NO ONE does.

  59. Why on earth does a prosecutor, brought in to investigate a case in which there is no apparent crime, need a staff of 14 lawyers?

    One hard, cold reality: Trump hasn’t done anything.There is no evidence of collusion. There is no evidence of obstruction. There isn’t. Comey didn’t even think that Trump obstructed him way back on February 14th when they had dinner. There’s no evidence of anything No evidence. After a year, there is no evidence.No evidence of anything criminal involving Donald Trump. So here comes Mueller. Who is he? He is the highest regarded person of his ilk in Washington. He has the greatest reputation for the greatest integrity and decency and honor — a man who cannot be swayed by lucre or women, a man who is rock solid and has a life of devotion to fealty to prove it. Not a single crack in his reputational honor or integrity. So if you couple those two things — a man who is universally respected, who has never once been tarred or feathered or even touched by allegations of impropriety or partisanship.
    You couple that with a perp — i.e., Trump — who’s done nothing, for which there’s no evidence, what do you get? You get an exoneration.
    He’s gone out and he staffed up with all liberals. He staffed up with Hillary loyalists, Obama loyalists, Hillary donors. It has been so many that it’s noteworthy how many partisan leftists, how many leaning to the left Democrat lawyers he has hired. The theory is that he’s doing this so that when Trump is exonerated, the backlash will be limited because the investigators are all Democrats. They’re all leftists.

  60. Who ever claimed that witch hunts need evidence? This is not a prosecution, but a persecution, a purely political war against a duly elected president the deep state hates. And one should have no doubt whatever that Mueller and all of his Democrat attorneys, are out to get Trump by hook or by crook.

    The real truth is that this is not an investigation at all. It is a coup d’etat by the left. If it succeeds in any way, the American republic is finished.

  61. Anyone with eyes could see this coming. The campaign pitted Trump against, not just Hillary, but the GOP establishment as well. We could all publicly see Paul Ryan and the other Statists in the GOP not supporting Trump’s candidacy. Trump gave the GOP the middle finger. And so we knew a war would ensue. Trump ran on getting rid of the bloat and corruption. Unfortunately that is all corners of DC, not just the DNC.

    This special prosecutor is their war machine in action. The GOP installed Mueller, and his job is to use the “legal” method to oust Trump. The Dems and Obama were, and are still employing the bold, illegal steps. And the yellow bellied GOP is trying the “Legal” route. (Though, used in such a manner, this wouldn’t seem to be a legal way either).

    • It can be stopped. As I said earlier, Jeff Sessions has to rescind his recusal and shut down Mueller’s ‘investigation’ of faux Russian ‘collusion’ and non-existent ‘obstruction’. Give Mr Mueller a nice send-off dinner, and then start investigating Loretta Lynch and the Intel cabal who created this partisan ‘Russia’ fantasy.

      /L. E. Joiner –

  62. Mulleur has been hired as essentially a hit man for the deep state.

    We were also told Mr Fiztgerald and Mr Comey had impeccable integrity, which turned out to be false

  63. I think the investigation should have been time limited and the matters to be investigated defined and circumscribed. The special counsel should be required to issue an interim report by September 30 2017 and if his objective findings do not merit a continued investigation the office of special counsel should be dissolved.

  64. If memory serves this nation is reputed to be based on “The RULE OF LAW”.

    Which seems to have been over time FUNDAMENTALLY transformed to RULE BY Lawyers. In and out of the government law enforcement agencies including the Courts.

    While Americans slept?

    THE question of course is Cui bono from this self arrogated RULE by an exclusive, secretive Guild / “workers” Union?

  65. DERP. No comey said the original investigation was a “counterintelligence investigation” not the current investigation which includes all the time after comey was fired. YOU GET THAT? YOU KNOW THE BILL CLINTON INVESTIGATION STARTED WITH WHITEWATER.. ENDED WITH perjury in a sexual harrassment case. according to your ideas.. since star cleared clinton on whitewater, everything else he did was total BS and the perjury investigation should have never ever ever happened, in fact couldnt have happened because the investigation started on something else. Sound stupid? so is your entire stupid little article.

    PS Trump has only gotten 3 nominees approved for the DOJ because he is too busy sitting in his skiveys screaming at the TV to be bothered to actually nominate anyone. Even the GOP are bitching at his slowness at nominations. Of course he has to get people to agree to be loyal to trump over country, which makes the process much more slow. AS only antiamericans would accept those requirements.

  66. Shades of Patrick Fitzgerald who knew on the day he took office to investigate the Plame affair…that NO CRIME had been committed he also knew within hours WHO had talked to the press… he should have shut down after a single day ..
    Yet he continued on UNCHECKED for TWO YEARS.

    Determined to GET Dick Cheney for something…anything he was finally required to settle for one of his staffers. He charged convicted and jailed poor Scooter Libby on charges totally unrelated to the original mandate.

    Libby’s crime? Rather than use the democrats age old “I don’t recall” refrain (as Hillary did 147 times) …Scooter thinking he had done nothing wrong decided to attempt to honestly answer the questions asked and was convicted of a faulty memory

    Expect more of the same here…Muller will rampage thru the Trump Administration…UNCHECKED until he is able to create a crime to charge some lowly staffer

  67. If they go rogue with ridiculous charges and fishing expeditions, Trump will have to fire them all and let the political chips fall where they may, Any standard politician would be torn to pieces for doing so. Trump may well swing the nations electorate behind him.

  68. So, Trump should, via executive order, end the practice of “indefinite appropriations”. Without money, Mueller’s army of lawyers will go away on their own.

  69. Is it a crime to, without proper authority, hack into and remove certain materials from another’s communication system, as Trey Gowdy..,as recently as yesterday.., specifically “reiterated” it was?
    Is the further effort to hack into 21 separate State Election Systems a crime as well ?
    If they are crimes would they not be crimes requiring investigation ?

  70. Congress needs to step in and restrict funding to one staff member.

  71. Up to this point, Mueller’s primary qualification seems to be that he is especially adept at wasting tax payer money on democrat goose chases. The guy I worry about is Rosenstein (R) who appears to be the fox in the hen house.

  72. Mueller is not an ethical man with integrity. The same was said of James “the fix was in for Hilary” Comey. If Mueller had any integrity he would stop this investigation because there is no evidence of collusion with Russia, and no obstructive of justice. He seems to believe Comey’s account of the conversation with Trump, even though Comey has lied and was clearly unethical to exonerate Clinton. We know that the fix was in for Hilary. Comey has also engaged in other ethical lapses. It is obvious that Comey and Mueller colluded to open this investigation with the sole purpose of destroying Trump. This is an investigation in search of a crime, and it should be obvious to everyone including Trump haters.

  73. Thanks, Mr. McCarthy, for your superb explanations of the special counsel’s decisions that threaten the integrity of the investigations that he leads. I pray that Mr. Mueller will take heed of your wisdom.

  74. The Deep State is well on its way to destroying America with its trust-wrecking, institution shredding shenanigans.

  75. This is hard proof that the Democrat political syndicate is now able to manipulate events, improperly, and right in everyone’s our faces; the face of leftist fascism coming to fruition. Republicans best scream bloody murder…

  76. Rosenstein was a bad, bad, very bad, no good, incredibly stupid appointment.

  77. I guess Mueller is singlehandedly reducing the population of unemployed lawyers, including himself. Or perhaps this is just his way of funneling massive amounts of Treasury largesse into the hands of his professional cronies. Perhaps a bit of scrutiny into Mueller’s own affairs, at all levels, would be instructive.

  78. Jeh Johnson has TESTIFIED that “No Voter Machines have been compromised, and no talleys of votes were tampered with”.

    So, let Pajama Boy Comey’s Lover do what he wants.

    All he does is diminish whatever reputation he once had.

  79. Perhaps McCarthy’s oft-expressed good opinion of Mssrs. Comey and Mueller is identical to what one hears while trying to get one doctor to testify against another for malpractice; but still, considering the growing mountain of evidence of the sharp-stick-in-the eye variety, much of it introduced by Mr. McCarthy over the past month or two, that Comey and Mueller are paid-up members of the order Rodenta, genus Rattus, species rattus, why the hell is McCarthy still helming and hawing over the integrity of two unembarrassed villains?

  80. This whole mess stinks of subversion. The democrat party is loaded with left wing lunatics. I call them card carrying members of the CPUSA.

  81. Barnum and Bailey have never had any performance that approaches the level of complexity of this circus.
    And the tickets are being charged to every American taxpayers account, like it or not!
    Lady Justice is being replaced by The Blind Sheikh.

  82. Can a president bring suit against members of his own administration—Rosenstein, for doing it, Sessions for allowing it—for violation of his rights under the 4th Amendment, specifically for issuing a general warrant against him?

  83. So, Mr. McCarthy–why shouldn’t the President dissolve what he accurately has called a ‘witch hunt’.

    ****Comey testimony and likely criminal behaviors–greater than some the DOJ have prosecuted under his watches;

    ***obvious axe-to-grind hires by Mueller, including corporate partners, and some with their own sordid, and at times, unethical behaviors–even apart from working for, or financially supporting HRC;

    ***the shocking and unbelievable FBI ‘explanation’ of the Repub baseball diamond shooting–

    Why should this be allowed to go on? The FBI, to me, is now in CIA territory as a partisan anti (non-progessive, at least) state actor and at present should have NO credibility. Why should they, or their assessments be believed. (Remember Comey stated ‘no doubts’ about Russia being the hackers BUT no government agency EVER forensically examined the computer?! He’s putting his and the FBI’s reputation and adding fire to a constitutional crisis and NO government law enforcement ever actually checked the primary sources? Are you kidding me!?)

    It’s embarrassing to watch even folks like you and even Trey Gowdy stick up for people who have, by their actions, forfeited any benefit of the doubt. The Asst AG and Mueller and his entire team should be fired.
    Otherwise your articles are becoming the equivalent of Comey’s non-indictment indictment of Hillary’s crimes and then recommending doing nothing about it!

    (A good scene of how all this is being viewed is to juxtapose the picture of UNDERCOVER park ‘police’ cuffing 3 young men at the National Mall for the heinous ‘crime’ of selling bottled water without authorization placed next to Comey and ?wife walking free into NYT building–no doubt to further ‘enhance’ the FBI’s ‘reputation’! Equal justice for all, right?)

  84. This lawless must end. Though how can it end when the left is clearly lawless and trample the constitution daily? There is no end in sight until the are directly confronted and decisively defeated. If this does not happen soon and at the political level, there is no telling where this will lead. I, and many others, are over it. It must end now.

  85. MCCarthy is a swamp creature himself, a never Trumper who added to the discrediting of Trump. Like Comey, who said Hillary committed crimes, but shouldn’t be prosecuted, McCarthy wrote a book showing why Obama should be impeached, but recommended against it.

    Washington is full of betas who know better but, at bottom, protect the swamp. MCCarthy is one of them.

    Viva the Establishment!

  86. The criminal syndicate known as the Democratic Party is in full operation.

  87. The real question is, what can be done about the problem?

    It is now openly corrupt, with seemingly no attempt to hide that this is a coup. There must be something Americans can do to regain control of the nation that is being appropriated before our very eyes.

  88. Andy, I always love your insight and appreciate all of your columns. I would love to hear your take on what can be done about this obviously biased inquiry. It truly does appear to be a witch hunt. I think if Trump fires Mueller it would bring a fire-storm down on him, so that does not seem an option. I just wonder what can be done to bring this situation under control so that it leads to a fair assessment of what took place?? I also wonder why the Deputy AG caved so easily for a special prosecutor and wonder if Jeff Sessions can un-recuse himself??? I am simply asking, “what can be done about this?”

  89. Follow the bread crumbs.

    The Russians led to Flynn who led to Pence.

    The stumbling block of impeachment to progressives is a President Pence, so he must be eliminated. This would open the door for Speaker of the House Ryan, one of the leaders of the GOPe, who would rather compromise with Democrats than conservative Republicans.

  90. So the “Tribunal del Santo Oficio de la Inquisición” has reached the swamp. Fray Alonso de Ojeda (aka James Comey) has convinced that POTUS is not an orthodox member of the swamp. The chief inquisitor (aka Bob Mueller) and his minions will get to the bottom of this heresy. And the MSM media assumed the role of the torturers in the dungeon.

    Bottomless funding? Congress funded the slush fund for the inquisition. Congress can take away the slush fund. It appears that Congress is in on the inquisition about to take place.

    POTUS and his followers should stick to the constitution and claim what they did is protected by the 1st, 4th and 5th amendments and avoid appearing before the inquisitors. POTUS and his followers should use rallies to proclaim that the inquisition is about to take place and no American is safe from them. All Americans should shout to their Congress persons to defund the inquisition or else they will feel the wrath of pitchforks on election day. Time for ordinary citizens to participate in the cleansing of the swamp critters.

  91. I believe Trump is using this “case” to flush out a few more Swamp Things. I believe that before DJT decided to be President of The United States, he developed a detailed plan of what to do & how to do it. I don’t believe Trump is superhuman. I do believe Trump is using everything he has learned about the good & evil character of human nature to give a lot of genuinely evil people all the rope they need to hang themselves. At this point everything about FEDGOV administration is utterly & totally corrupt. Trump is doing his best to redress & reform U.S. government without resort to all-out civil war.

  92. I appreciate McCarthy’s perspective. But I have to say that somewhere in space is a small meteor called “A Clue”, and I envision that one day it is going to fall out of orbit and right on McCarthy’s head. He keeps effectively documenting evidence that these players are absolute partisan snake’s in the grass engaging in an extraordinary abuse of power, ethics and the Constitution be damned, pulling out all the stops to entrap a duly elected president because they did not like the outcome. It is extraordinary. They deserve to be disgraced and drummed out of public life forever. Yet McCarthy pathologically cannot bring homeself to accept the facts. He remains convinced that thoroughly dishonorable men are somehow men of integrity because they were once professional colleagues. Until he realizes finally that these men are traitors to our entire system of government and the rule of law, he is never going to get what is actually going on. Which is a coup by any other name.

  93. Collusion?….by any resonable observations imo, yes but on Mueller’s team part with the MSM and Democratic hysterical encouragement to minimally hamstring the Trump Administration for years or in all probability, indict a member(s) of Trump inner circle/family whether in the government or in Trump’s wide range of corporate leaders and supporters with any obscure violaton of the federal criminal code.

    DAG Rosenstein knows this and should move to close this farce out or replace Mueller. If not, then Rosenstein should step down and let Sessions find his replacement for a new DAG as Trump will then be fully justified to relieve Mueller of command and direct Sessions to find Rosenstein’s replacement who can then find and appoint a special council with an unbiased objective. This needs to be clearly and immediately concluded as this Monty Python like comedy has unfortunately and quickly emerged as a serious threat to our country’s stability.

  94. Why does he need FOURTEEN (and counting) lawyers?
    Because his goal, in collusion with Comey, is to bring down Trump by any means necessary. It’s as simple as that.

  95. The only way this much fire power would be needed would be if one were going after the Clinton and Obama crowd.
    Maybe some powerful Democrats aren’t happy with what’s been done to the party.

  96. I’m glad Mr. McCarthy has opened his eyes. It has only been a short time ago he was praising Comey, who is Mueller’s best buddy, as a straight-shooter and a paragon of virtue.

  97. Mueller needs to be fired, along with his staff, and an investigative team – not a prosecutor – assigned to find out what happened. No crimes are alleged or expected, so putting a prosecutor to work on the case prejudges it.

  98. A investigation in search of a crime, when there’s no evidence of one? How is this even legal?? End this FARCE! Waste of America’s time and money

  99. So, what’s keeping someone, anyone, from dropping Mueller as special council? It’s all be laid out. Mueller and Comey are BFF. That right there is a conflict of interest. Why doesn’t someone step forward and tell Mueller to go to hell because of this?

  100. How can it be that such an unlimited office can exist in a country established under a Constitution of limited delegated power?

    What are the sworn duties of the President in these circumstances to preserve protect and defend the Constitution?

  101. One might be induced to think that Mueller & Co. are setting themselves up as a Pro-Counsel to oversee all aspects of the administration because – in their eyes – it is obvious that the wishes of The People, as expressed in our most recent Presidential Election, are delusional.
    From lesser actions great revolutions have commenced and/or been perverted.

  102. ‘What will those lawyers be doing with no limits on their jurisdiction, with nothing but all the time and funding they need to examine one target, Donald Trump?”

    All those lawyers will be looking for a crime that’s not there.

    They’ll all be looking for weeks and months and they still won’t find anything.

    If none of Donald Trump’s political opponents – the Democrats, the major media – have been able to come up with something substantive over the past year – and, good grief, have they tried – what do those lawyers think they’re going to come up with?

    Nothing came from Barack Hussein Obama II and his administration.

    Nothing came from Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Democrat Party during her Presidential campaign.

    Nothing came from any of the major media during the 2016 General Election, even the ones who were polishing Hillary’s crown.

    Nothing came from any of Donald Trump’s Republican opponents, all 16 of them.

    Large numbers of people and organizations had since June 2015 to November 2016, 18 months, to investigate Donald Trump.

    Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

    So, why is America being subjected to this special counsel?

  103. Incase anybody hasn’t figured it out yet, these bogus investigation into something that never even happened is destroying whats left of the Democrat Party. There is nothing Mueler can do to separate Trump supporters, from Trump, and just like in the past it just makes him stronger, and brings more people onboard the Trump Train.

    Mueler’s reputation is already starting to take a hit, and the longer he does, what ever it is that he’s doing, the worse its going to get for him, investigation wise. People who go after Trump better make darn sure there’s no skeletons in their own closet. Comey just destroyed himself, is Mueler next? probably.

  104. I have a modest proposal for the Trump administration.

    Hire a special prosecutor to look into illegal immigration, who will then proceed to build Trump’s wall free from,congressional,oversight and budgetary restraints.

    And a special prosecutor to look into Medicaid fraud, who will then proceed to completely overhaul Obamacare, a task which the congressional republicans will be all to happy to hand off.

    The plan is fool proof since special prosecutors apparently have no limits to the amount of money they can spend, the contracts they can initiate or the scope of their operations.

  105. When will Mr Mueller begin referring to his office as The Star Chamber?

  106. Never trust someone who doesn’t pronounce his own surname correctly.

    Losing the umlaut when they migrated to the USA, German immigrants to the USA elected to spell their names with “ue” instead.

  107. “Why does special counsel Mueller need 14 lawyers (and more coming) for a counterintelligence investigation, as to which the intelligence professionals—agents, not lawyers—have found no “collusion with Russia” evidence after over a year of hard work?”

    Making up, finding and then prosecuting process crimes is hard work, Andrew, especially since they will need to barrage the Trump Admin with lawfare. See? Easy.

    “What will those lawyers be doing with no limits on their jurisdiction, with nothing but all the time and funding they need to examine one target, Donald Trump?”

    See above, making shit up from whole cloth.

    I have a new office for them:

  108. This is PURE THIEFT of the tax payer “throwing their hard earn money into bottomless pit – that goes right into Mueller’s pocket to distribute how he sees fit and it’s likely to last for years”, so they can use Trump to distract us from the ‘people around Hillary dropping like flies’ and cover-up all of her many crimes with BillyBoy, of course!!

  109. I’m almost to the point of drawing up a RICO case on Mueller, Comey and Rosenstein and filing it myself! Do they think we’re F____KING STUPID – to NOT SEE what’s they’re doing in front of our face – to not just President Trump, but every single person who voted for him??

  110. President Trump needs to HIRE a “Special Firing Agent”! Someone that has the guts to walk-right-in without notice and ‘GET IN THEIR FACE and say, very softly, BUT professionally “YOU’RE FIRED”!! …. as the agent stands back to watch them reeling in a state of confusion saying, WHAT?? …. as security ushers them RIGHT OUT THE DOOR ~ as soon as you get all of their keys/cards, not giving them a minute of time to think of taking anything or screwing anything up (like weasel Comey)!! Preferably, someone that they would never suspect, like a woman!! HAHAHA I use to personally serve Federal Lawsuits to corrupt District Court Judges, and I loved watching the confusion on their faces turn into red face rage since, most had no idea at first that it was a “federal lawsuit .. that was FUN!!! I can still hear one of the meanest, most corrupt one’s screaming obscenities by the time I got back out and down the hall to the elevator’s … Had my running shoes on just in case old tubs tried to charge after me .. TeeHee

  111. After 150 Days of spending millions of our taxpayers money, Mueller find no collusion between trump and the russian