The Cold Civil War Just Got Warmer

The Republicans want to kill poor people; they want to throw grandma off a cliff; Republicans want dirty water and polluted air; Republicans want to deprive little schoolchildren of lunches; Republicans want to send your kids to war; Republicans are greedy, no-good, swindling weasels who prey on the weak and downtrodden.

That’s the popular narrative the Left (along with their cronies in the news media and pop culture) have shoveled down America’s throat since the 1930s. Just let former President Barack Obama detail it for you:

Since the election of Donald Trump, American cities and university campuses have been set ablaze in a wave of protest, hate, and violence. A well-funded and organized national “resistance” movement has been formed to push back against the supposed “fascism” of the President and the Republican Party. Meanwhile, powerful Democrats from Chuck Schumer to kooky Maxine Waters continue pushing the narrative that Trump is out to burn down our hallowed republic and replace it with his own cult of personality (never mind the fact that Democrats continue venerating actual anti-republican leaders, like FDR, who died early in his unprecedented fourth term in office).

Then, of course, there is the media. Last week, CNN’s resident “geopolitical expert” (who hasn’t written a good book since publishing his first in the 1990s, by the way), Fareed Zakaria, raved about a repulsive (taxpayer funded, of course) play depicting the assassination of President Trump in New York City. Celebrities from Madonna to Kathy Griffin have publicly fantasized about murdering President Trump (and written it off as “art”).

Meanwhile, CNN and MSNBC hold court every day—without a break—on how criminal Trump and his team are. Trump can do nothing right. In fact, they’ve even taken to criticizing the President’s eating habits.

As this has occurred, claims that were once reserved for the fringes of polite society; accusations of the kind that usually are left in the toxic miasma that is America’s election cycle have now become the basis of a full-blown counterintelligence and criminal investigation into the president and his top campaign aides. Trump and his aides stand accused of colluding with Russian intelligence to dump salacious emails hacked from the Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign at politically inconvenient times during the 2016 presidential election. The investigations into Trump and his top aides are entirely politically motivated. More importantly, these claims are based on the unsubstantiated opposition research of a former British MI6 spy, Christopher Steele, paid for by GOP opposition groups during the primary.

The president has been the subject of the worst kind of character assassination. More damagingly, he has had to endure countless leaks about his personal habits and classified meetings that have been taken out of context and shown in the worst light imaginable. Then, of course, there’s been the endless character attacks on Trump’s family and key Trump Administration officials, such as Stephen K. Bannon and Sebastian Gorka.

The Left is out for blood.

Angelo Codevilla and Michael Walsh speak often about an ongoing cultural, “cold civil war.” Political scientists have long talked about the increasing prevalence of Americans politically “self-sorting”; we hear the ceaseless lamentations of public intellectuals decrying the loss of moderation in politics. Blue Dog Democrats are extinct and liberal Republicans are on their way out, too, because America’s political discourse has become so terribly vile. We’ve become balkanized. The election of Donald Trump has only exacerbated this negative trend. Yet, it is the Left that continues to play up the rancor and division rather than the Right. They have impugned and politically assassinated the Republicans for years and now, in many cases, they are stopping just short of actual violence directed against Rightists everywhere.

Today, in the overwhelmingly liberal Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia, Republican Congressmen were practicing for the big Congressional baseball game scheduled for tomorrow night. I have been attending the baseball game between Congressional Republicans and Democrats, since I was first hired to work on the Hill in 2013. It was one of the few moments each year of true bipartisanship. Yet, the Left has made everything so toxic that now even that has moment must be tainted.


According to U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), as he left baseball practice Wednesday morning he was approached by a man walking in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia. The man, identified as Illinois-resident James Hodgkinson, inquired if it was the Republicans or Democrats practicing on the baseball diamond. DeSantis told Hodgkinson it was the GOP team practicing. Within minutes of DeSantis’ departure, Hodgkinson returned with firearms, took cover in the dugout, and fired upward of 100 rounds at the unsuspecting congressmen.

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) is a man with whom I’ve had some interaction. He is gracious and a good leader. I don’t always agree with him, but he is an excellent party whip. He took a bullet and, had it not been for his Capitol Police detail being on scene, it is possible that all of the congressmen practicing on the diamond would have been murdered by the shooter. We don’t know yet for sure if the shooting was politically motivated, but given the fact that the now-deceased gunman’s Facebook page featured Bernie Sanders, that both Rep. DeSantis and U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) are on record as saying the shooter inquired which party’s team was practicing—and after reviewing the months and years of toxic political discourse directed at the Right by the Democrats and the media (the same thing, in my book)—does anyone seriously doubt that the shooter was a deranged Leftist?

When Representative Gabby Giffords (D-Ariz.) was shot in the head in 2011 by a madman, the Left immediately pounced on the fact that Sarah Palin had made disparaging comments about Giffords’ politics before that shooting. Most wrongly assumed that Jared Lee Loughner, the man who shot Giffords, was one of those conservative nuts “bitterly clinging” to his “guns and religion.” It turned out that Loughner was a Leftist. The man who killed Democratic President John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald, was also a Leftist. How much do you want to bet that the man who shot Steve Scalise in Alexandria is a Left-winger as well?

It’s telling that, after the Giffords shooting, the media not only used that incident as a cudgel to bash the “dangerous” rhetoric of Republicans at the time, but they also used it as an excuse to politicize the event and push for greater gun control laws. I see no Republican leader turning this event into an excuse to push a political agenda.

What’s more, Democratic leaders are not insisting quite so vociferously on more restrictive gun control laws as they were when Giffords was shot. Could it be that, on some level, given that Republicans support the Second Amendment, Democrats are keeping mum because they think that Republicans deserve this level of violence? Their rhetoric on other issues indicates that, at the very least, the Left’s threshold for outrage over violence directed against Republicans is far higher than it is for non-Republicans.

Even when leaders, such as Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, do cite the attack as an excuse to tout the necessity for more restrictive gun laws in America, he does it as a way to diminish the severity—and political nature—of the attack. McAuliffe pointed to the fact that gun violence is something that Virginians (specifically Alexandrians like myself) must face at higher levels than the national average every day. Of course, McAuliffe does little to acknowledge that both Virginia and Alexandria have been outposts of the Democratic Party for many years. They’ve had their way with these localities and yet, here we are.

If Codevilla and Walsh are correct that the United States is in the midst of a cold cultural civil war, and if the attacker was, as appears likely, a deranged Leftist, then I believe that the cold civil war is getting warmer. It’s a sad day for America.

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About Brandon J. Weichert

Brandon J. Weichert is a contributing editor at American Greatness and a contributor at Asia Times . He is the author of Winning Space: How America Remains a Superpower and The Shadow War: Iran's Quest for Supremacy (Republic Book Publishers). Follow him on Twitter: @WeTheBrandon.

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18 responses to “The Cold Civil War Just Got Warmer”

  1. I was posting yesterday that the Democrats and their attack dog media have held nothing back in their efforts to inflame and incite as much violence towards Republicans, Conservatives, and traditionally Constitutional reverent American Patriots as possible.
    They have imitated Islamic terrorist tactics to a frightening degree.
    The above random incident of attempted mass murder is precisely what they are campaigning for.
    If Obama were in office, We would already have martial law, which would be totally attributed to their relentless provocations of their maniacal constituents.

  2. “in the midst of a cold cultural civil war…” My only disagreement with this article is that part. We have long-since passed ‘the midst’ and are close to the end-and we lost. Total control of the media in NY and Hollywood has crushed us. All we can do is shout ‘Hey! That’s not nice!”…

    • Their control is illusory. If it were so great, they wouldn’t be so P.O.’ed that they lost one presidential election.

      • Their control of the popular culture is not illusory. Yes, we still have the franchise and the left-wing fares poorly at the ballot box. Popular elections are under full-throttled assault, though, when the cultural Marxists lose. What we are witnessing now is a coup attempt under a patina of law, but it is also a harbinger of what will happen with every election forward. When the Left loses, it will not accept the results, full stop.
        There is nothing cold about this civil war. If we were to time trael to an Eastern European nation in the late Forties clinging to its last vestiges off

    • Oh, puh-leeze…that old saw of the “left wing media” is so worn out. When will you people get it through your thick heads that the left wing media does not exist outside of some fringe websites and blogs? There is no left or right wing media, it is just CORPORATE CONGLOMERATE MEDIA and THEY have cooperated and colluded to divide YOU up between themselves. There are no harder nosed tight fisted businessmen than media bosses. Oh, Disney may have “gay day” at Disneyland, but that is to guarantee a new crop of customers and a larger profit from a specific market. It has nothing to do with being liberal, and everything to do with making money. Fox is not a bastion of righteousness and right wing conservative family values, it is a snakepit of sexual harassment, misogyny, and downright despicable behavior. But, since MSNBC got all the lefties to watch by catering to them, Fox plays to you people. Why? Not to influence policy, not for the greater good, simply to sell you adult diapers or Viagra or whatever else their advertiser’s are flogging. You are a market. A ripe, steaming market and they are selling you a line of verbal opinionated crap to keep you glued to the TV so their advertiser’s can REALLY sell you actual crap. CNN, MSNBC, all of them are doing the exact same thing to their audiences. You, the left, the libertarians, the socialist’s, you are ALL being played by corporate media, trying to keep your beady little eyes glued to their channels so they can make more advertiser dollars. Grow up. “liberal media…” Don’t make me laugh. FYI, do you know what division controls the news departments of the networks? If you said, the news division is “separate and runs itself, free from ratings issues and as a service for the common good”, then, YOU are living in the 1960’s. The truth is, the news departments of all the networks have to answer to the ENTERTAINMENT DIVISION. Which means, what kids? Yes, you finally are getting a ray of enlightenment Ito those little skulls, it means the news must get RATINGS. And what better way to get ratings? Deliver sensationalism to a primed and ready pre-disposed audience. Please, think about it before you decry the liberal media again and simply play into another branch of the corporate media’s hands.

  3. All one has to do is read the comments after news stories to see that there are a lot of deranged left-wingers out there. The one thing about today’s event is that Hodgkinson was a lousy shot. He should have killed several but he apparently couldn’t shoot. His Facebook page – which I read immediately after his name was made public – makes it very clear that his motivations are political. What happened today was an attempted political assassination. Thank God he couldn’t hit anything. If he was a better shot, he could have got his wish – to kill Republicans.

  4. It is not a “cold cultural civil war,” it is Civil War II, the Left vs. America.
    The Left hates the America our Founders created and they are out to destroy it and impose their big-gov’t all controlling ideology.
    This is FAR beyond being just cultural.
    The problem is the weak Right is not fighting back. They need to get past the cultural nonsense and see that America is at great risk.
    America’s GREATEST threat is Leftism, the enemy within.

    Dennis Prager has it right: America’s Second Civil War

    And his prescient question has been answered with gun shots today.
    Will the Second Civil War Turn Violent?

  5. This article left out Congressional Republicans completely complicit in the war on Trump. Ryan today wss for once truthful when he today talked about Congress as being one — yes, one open borders, globalist administrative state Uniparty.

  6. spread the word, oh kissers of Hannity’s backside: our great leader on the campaign trail referred to objecting to hillary’s judicial picks with 2nd amendment rights. the fat pile of garbage thought he was being funny

    he wasn’t

    • I believe that should be “who was Francisco Franco?” I am unfamiliar with his story, so I m not getting the reference, Karl.

    • I dunno, but Kyle Chapman is our Bill the Butcher, or at least the closest thing we have to him.

  7. This is a nightmare. And we’re here, I firmly believe, because conservative Republicans stopped making their case in the public forum. We got complacent, we didn’t take the opposition seriously, and now we’re faced with a growing divisiveness spurred by real hatred of American values … by people who probably aren’t even aware of what those values are. This is why I support American Greatness: because they are willing to make the argument. There must be push-back, or the Soroses will believe they have won. And they cannot be allowed to win.

  8. New Rule: when politicians say, “People will die because of this bill,” they are inciting violence against the other side.

  9. New Rule: “The personal is political” means there are no non-political spaces in our lives, which is tantamount to Stalinism.

    • You forgot to mention that “the personal is political” is a leftist slogan popular in the ’60s and ’70s. But yes, it is tantamount to Stalinism, as is the Progressive Left.

  10. My god, the right wing is so sick and deluded. The sooner your beliefs are on history’s scrapheap of failures, the better. Take for instance the events in Charlottesville today as an example of what Trump’s empowering of the ignorant, mean spirited, vile, lowest cretins in this sad nation has created. And all over a stupid statue. A statue of a man who, if any of you out there cared to actually READ rather than spout bs without any basis in truth, you would find, abhorred slavery. Yes, my little right wing Klansmen and Nazis, the man whose statue you defend with your silly 5 dollar Walmart tiki torches, Robert E. Lee, abhorred slavery, and was quoted as saying “slavery is an abomination against God.” Upon taking over his family’s plantation, he freed all the slaves. He was far more progressive than any of you sick freaks. He did not fight for white supremacy, for slavery, for Jeff Davis, or the Confederacy. He fought for “his country” the state of Virginia. Read a book and, please don’t make it that dog-eared copy of “Mein Kampf you’ve been carrying around in your hip pocket all this time. You know you never read it anyway. Besides, the author died by his own cowardly hand in the end, his words aren’t worth reading.