The Anatomy of a Lie

In the 2010 hit film, Inception, the lead character—portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio—explains to his protégé—played by Ellen Page, “An idea is like a virus. Resilient. Highly contagious. And even the smallest seed of an idea can grow. It can grow to define or destroy you.” The story centers around DiCaprio and his team kidnapping a corporate CEO, invading his dreams, and planting into his subconscious a false notion about why he should destroy his own company. The most effective lies—or disinformation—work in exactly this way.

What began as a simple false notion from the American Left―that the Russians hacked the 2016 presidential election to benefit Donald Trump’s candidacy―slowly evolved into a full-blown constitutional crisis. Soon, that false notion—that lie—could work its way from the far Left political fringe and into the political mainstream. If the lie is repeated enough times and by enough different voices that it becomes indistinguishable from other, more believable news (i.e., that Hillary Clinton used her family’s charity as a sop for illegal campaign donations when she was Secretary of State), then just as it did in the movie, the false notion will begin to consume the target audience. It will proceed until the target acts according to the dictates of that false notion—in this case, to impeach (or otherwise to turn against) President Trump.

It’s important to note when this story began. Because, as with all the best lies, there’s always at least an element of truth underneath the litany of falsehoods. This is to make the lie more easily digestible even to the most skeptical, well-informed observer. After all, if the false notion is immediately disregarded as patently false by the target audience, there would be no reason to engage in the perpetuation of political disinformation to begin with. A coherent timeline is thus essential to deciphering the truth.


Our story begins with a handful of loosely related threads that the Left slowly tied together in an impossibly complex, false, though nonetheless trafficable narrative. The first thread is that during the spring of 2016, the CIA received what it believed to be legitimate intelligence that the Russians were plotting to interfere in the presidential election. The Obama Administration immediately swung into action, directing its intelligence services to prevent such an outcome from occurring. Information came in from an unnamed Eastern European intelligence service, indicating that the Russians were funneling money through intermediaries into the Trump Campaign.

Meanwhile, a virulently anti-Trump Political Action Committee hired former British spy, Christopher Steele, to conduct deep opposition research on Donald Trump. It is believed that the PAC in question was a Republican group that was opposed to Trump’s candidacy in the contentious 2016 GOP Primary. Steele, who was previously a Russian expert assigned to Moscow for Britain’s top spy agency, MI6, made two key claims in his now infamous dossier on Trump.

The first claim was that while visiting Moscow in 2013 for the Miss Universe Pageant, Mr. Trump hired Russian prostitutes to service him while he stayed in the presidential suite of the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Moscow. The second claim in the dossier was that the Trump Campaign was, in fact, accepting illegal campaign donations from the Russians.

align=”left” If the lie is repeated enough times and by enough different voices that it becomes indistinguishable from other, more believable news (i.e., that Hillary Clinton used her family’s charity as a sop for illegal campaign donations when she was Secretary of State), then just as it did in the movie, the false notion will begin to consume the target audience. It will proceed until the target acts according to the dictates of that false notion—in this case, to impeach (or otherwise to turn against) President Trump.

To Steele’s first indecorous claim, he believed that the FSB, Russia’s leading foreign intelligence service, had acquired compromising intelligence in the form of a recording—what’s known as “kompromat” in Russian—of Mr. Trump ordering his Russian fille de joie to micturate upon his Moscow hotel bed. The purported reason Trump paid for this lewd act was as a form of revenge against Barack Obama, who had humiliated Trump previously at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner (the Obamas had stayed in that very same suite on a diplomatic mission to Moscow not long before Trump’s stay there). Therefore, according to these grotesque rumors, Trump was in a way defiling the Obamas for wounding his ego.

Yet, when Western news services attempted to verify Steele’s salacious claims regarding the existence of the tape in question, they could not find any support for them. In fact, the BBC initially refused to report on the story because they were never able to view a copy of the video in question. Yet, somehow, these unsubstantiated claims ended up in an official CIA report to then-President Barack Obama, Congress, and Mr. Trump himself.

align=”right” Here’s the problem: There were several details within the Steele dossier that were simply wrong . . . Nonetheless, the story gained traction after Senator John McCain (R-AZ), an avowed “Never Trumper,” obtained a copy of the dossier and fed it to then-FBI Director James Comey. 

The second claim that Mr. Steele made in his dossier was to confirm the initial suspicions of the CIA that the Russians were funneling money into the Trump Campaign (this could be a case of confirmation bias, on the part of the CIA). Thus, the informal working group of five U.S. intelligence agencies that were already investigating the activities of a handful of Trump Campaign advisers, as well as Trump business associates, had further reasoning to expand their investigation.

Here’s the problem: There were several details within the Steele dossier that were simply wrong. For instance, Steele claimed that the Russians were using a legitimate system of sending money to Russian-American pensioners as a means of dumping cash illicitly into the Trump Campaign. Steele asserted that several Russian consulates in Washington, D.C., New York City, and Miami were “delivering tens of thousands of dollars” to Russian operatives who were then influencing the campaign. The only problem with this is that there are no Russian consulates in Miami. What’s more, it was later revealed that Steele never obtained a copy of the supposed kompromat that he was told of when he contacted his extensive web of Russian informants. There is no verifiable proof that Russian intelligence possesses such intelligence, let alone that such proof even exists.

Nonetheless, the story gained traction after Senator John McCain (R-AZ), an avowed “Never Trumper,” obtained a copy of the dossier and fed it to then-FBI Director James Comey. Rather than question Steele’s sources and methods, Comey took the report at face value. Even to an untrained observer, it was clear that the Steele dossier on Trump was based on rumors, innuendo, and outright falsehoods. The FBI had vouched for Steele on the grounds that he was a former intelligence operative of the highest repute. Yet, his dossier was bought and paid for by an openly anti-Trump political group; his entire raison d’etre was to find damaging information on Mr. Trump—which is exactly what he did (veracity of his claims be damned).

Parallel Lies

During this period, Hillary Clinton was undergoing her own problems as a candidate. She could not seem adequately (or fairly) to lock up the Democratic nomination―thus prompting the Democratic National Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, in effect to rig the DNC primary vote in Hillary’s favor. Meanwhile, the FBI and Department of Justice were maintaining their own investigations into reported improprieties not only with Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information while she was Secretary of State, but also with illicit donations to the Clinton Global Initiative during her time as Secretary of State.

Way back in March of 2015, Hillary Clinton took to the stage (strangely at the United Nations) to announce that there was nothing to the scandal surrounding her e-mails. Soon thereafter, then President Barack Obama took to the press, in an attempt to exonerate her from any wrongdoing. By March 25, 2015, however, Hillary Clinton’s narrative was already beginning to buckle from the modest pressure of CNN’s Brianna Keilar. Keilar had asked Mrs. Clinton whether she chose to delete 33,000 (of what she claimed were) private emails from her server before or after March 4, 2015. It was discovered that Clinton deleted the bulk of those emails after March 4. This is important, because on March 4, the House Select Committee on the Benghazi Attacks subpoenaed all of Clinton’s emails from her private server. The bulk of those emails are still unaccounted for.

Even still, the Clintons maintained that there was nothing to the claims that she mishandled classified information when she was Secretary of State.

align=”left” [Hillary] could not seem adequately (or fairly) to lock up the Democratic nomination―thus prompting the Democratic National Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, in effect to rig the DNC primary vote in Hillary’s favor. Meanwhile, the FBI and Department of Justice were maintaining their own investigations into reported improprieties not only with Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information while she was Secretary of State, but also with illicit donations to the Clinton Global Initiative during her time as Secretary of State.

By June of 2016, a self-styled hacker going by the name of Guccifer 2.0 took credit for a major hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s servers. Guccifer 2.0 then handed his findings to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, where the emails subsequently were published. Nearly 20,000 emails from January of 2015 until May of 2016 were leaked. They were hugely embarrassing for the Democrats. Indeed, they proved that the DNC had rigged the primary for Hillary. This disenfranchised much of the Democratic Party’s Leftist base (who supported the self-described “Democratic Socialist” candidate, Bernie Sanders) and caused a major shakeup within the DNC leadership at a critical time in the campaign. With egg on the DNC’s face, the Democrat-led Intelligence Community then decreed that the hacking was the result of a Kremlin-backed cyberattack. Of course, neither the FBI nor anyone else in the Intelligence Community could fully verify this claim, since the DNC refused to hand their servers over to the FBI for inspection. Instead, strangely, the DNC hired a private firm, CrowdStrike, to conduct the internal investigation. It was CrowdStrike who determined that Russia hacked the DNC servers.

Of course, the larger question is why would the DNC refuse to cooperate with the FBI? That would be like refusing to cooperate with the police after your home was burgled and choosing to hire a private investigator to determine who perpetrated the crime. It certainly didn’t help the DNC’s credibility problem.

There was no doubt, however, that Hillary and the DNC leadership conspired to steal the primary vote away from the base’s preferred candidate, Bernie Sanders.

Also during this period in July, then FBI Director James Comey took to the press to detail the extent of Hillary Clinton’s corruption. In a stunning press conference, Comey outlined every single charge that was lobbed at Mrs. Clinton. Although Comey concluded that no prosecutor would press charges, based solely on the evidence at hand, his presentation—on top of the DNC hacking evidence—was extremely damaging to the Clinton Campaign.

Intramural Russian Roulette Thins Talent Pool

With this in mind, we can shift over to the next thread in the timeline. As the investigation into Trump associates and illicit Russian financial connections was underway, the Trump Campaign was preparing for what was to be a highly contentious floor fight at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. In need of strong talent to manage his Campaign’s desperate battle to keep as many skittish Republican delegates onboard the Trump train as possible, Trump sought out the best GOP campaign talent he could find.

Unfortunately, Trump was the dark horse in the 2016 election―as evidenced by McCain’s aforementioned role in spreading disinformation about Trump vis-à-vis the Steele dossier―and the reputed “best-and-brightest” campaign staff in the GOP were withholding their resumes. As a former campaigner and Republican Congressional staffer, I can tell you that the GOP was warning anyone who was interested in their long-term career prospects to stay as far away from the Trump Campaign as possible. Under these restrictive conditions, Trump had to find the best talent in a very limited pool of talent. He fell upon Paul Manafort.

Manafort has a long and controversial career in Republican politics. He cut his teeth in the famous Republican National Convention floor fight between former President Gerald R. Ford and conservative California Governor Ronald Reagan in the Presidential election of 1976. Manafort was instrumental in saving Ford’s candidacy. Given that the Trump Campaign assumed a similar ordeal was about to unfold at the 2016 Republican National Convention, and the fact that Manafort had a long working history with Trump’s first campaign manager (and personal friend), Roger Stone, Trump hired Manafort in March of 2016.

The interesting thing about Manafort is that he was not only a long-time Republican political operative (who can claim, along with Roger Stone, to have been among the first political consultants that the successful Reagan Campaign of 1980 hired), Manafort also has extensive business ties with unsavory political figures from around the world. Notably, Manafort is closely linked with the controversial (because of his extensive ties to the international Russian mob) Russian oligarch, Oleg Deripaska.

Deripaska is not only closely linked to the Russian mob, he is known to be a close personal friend of Vladimir Putin. In 2014, according to a Cayman Islands bankruptcy court, Deripaska gave Manafort’s business $19 million to purchase Black Sea Cable, a Ukrainian television company. Yet, as per the court findings, Manafort purportedly ripped off Deripaska. When Manafort was named part of the Trump Campaign, Deripaska and his representatives took to the press publicly to accuse Manafort of fraud, vowing to recover his lost $19 million.

align=”right” This baggage is the link in the chain that lends a modicum of credence to the Left’s great lie—their false notion—about Trump’s illicit ties to Russia, Russia’s undue influence on the 2016 campaign, and the “stealing” of the election from Secretary Hillary Clinton.

Writing on this issue, Mark Hemingway of  The Weekly Standard, stated that he believed Manafort and Deripaska were actually part of an international money laundering operation. The plan was for Manafort to rip off Deripaska, allowing for the latter to sue the former in a country with weak enforcement mechanisms. Given the weak enforcement mechanisms, Deripaska could then declare a financial loss and he would make even more money than he had originally lost (since the $19 million was not actually “lost” but merely redistributed).

Of course, Manafort’s dealings with Deripaska go back years. His Black Sea Cable deal in 2014 was but one of several. As Martin Longman of the Washington Monthly recently speculated, his longtime relationship with Trump ally, Roger Stone, is likely the cause of him being hired over other, less controversial Republican campaign talent. Needless to say, whatever talents Manafort had as a convention floor manager for Trump, he brought with him incredible amounts of baggage.

This baggage is the link in the chain that lends a modicum of credence to the Left’s great lie—their false notion—about Trump’s illicit ties to Russia, Russia’s undue influence on the 2016 campaign, and the “stealing” of the election from Secretary Hillary Clinton.

How shocked are we supposed to be that hired political guns are often less than scrupulous about their clients and associates? Is this unique to Trump’s hires or is it ubiquitous?  To ask is to answer.

But even then, how important was Manafort to the campaign? After all, Trump announced his candidacy in June of 2015. Manafort was brought on at the end of March 2016. His most pivotal role was at the convention in July. And, while he was suddenly promoted to the position of Campaign Manager shortly after the convention (because then-Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski brought negative press upon the campaign for reportedly assaulting Michelle Fields, and was subsequently fired), Manafort did not last long in that role. Indeed, he and Trump never quite gelled the way that Trump had with either Lewandowski or Roger Stone (or, eventually and finally, with Kellyanne Conway). In fact, by early August, Manafort resigned entirely from the Campaign (in part, because of his purported illicit ties with Russia). Yet, no connection between Trump or Russia ever existed.

Also, in March of 2016s, Trump announced his foreign policy team. As with hiring Manafort, those more-well-known Republican leaders and foreign policy intellectuals refused to sign on to the Trump Campaign. So, Trump pulled more unorthodox Republican figures to head his foreign policy team. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) became a key Trump confidant. Through Sessions, the Campaign’s foreign policy team was assembled. Of note, a man named Carter Page, who was virtually unknown in most foreign policy circles, was named as the number two man on the Trump Campaign’s foreign policy advisory panel. Carter Page, like Manafort, is believed to have questionable links with Russian agents of influence.

Yet, Page’s role in the campaign was not especially important. While he was listed as a part of the advisory panel on foreign policy, Trump did not rely on that panel for foreign policy advice. This is a fairly typical practice in high level national campaigns. Teams of “experts” are assembled and their advice is collected, but it’s just as likely to be politely ignored as actively sought. Further, Trump reportedly never met Page. What’s more, soon after having joined the campaign, Page was asked to leave. Thus, his impact and influence was quite minimal. Now he, like Manafort, is at the center of the FBI’s investigation into illicit Russian connections. However he, like Manafort, had relationships with Russian agents of influence that did not and do not extend to President Trump at all.

In fact, Page’s connections with Russian agents in New York City were not the result of him being an agent of influence, but rather, of Page happening to be in the same room with a Russian undercover operative. In 2013, while he lived and worked in New York City, Carter Page was a featured lecturer at an energy policy summit in Manhattan. He was approached by Evegeny Buryakov, a high-ranking member of a notorious Russian spy ring in New York City that the FBI was monitoring. The Buryakov (and two others) presented themselves as legitimate players seeking greater information on energy policy. As many academics do when meeting people who show an interest in their work, Page allowed them to view the opening slides of his pending lecture. The slides were based on open-source information and pertained to his views about where things were going in the energy sector. Page neither had access to classified U.S. intelligence nor was he an agent of the U.S. government. By 2015, the FBI investigation into his purported relationship with the Russian spy ring was ended when the FBI determined that he was not a spy.

But, don’t let that stop the Democrats from casting aspersions and spreading their false narrative.

Comey Contretemps

Just when the false notion of Trump-Russian collusion could not get any more obnoxious, FBI Director James Comey took to the stage yet again in October of 2016, when previously deleted Clinton emails were discovered on the hard drive of Anthony Weiner’s computer. Weiner was the disgraced former Democratic politician and husband of Hillary’s long-time chief of staff, Huma Abedin. The concern was not only that Abedin and Weiner were sharing classified information (Weiner did not have a security clearance and was, by definition, a security risk) but also that there might be new evidence implicating Hillary Clinton in dangerous incompetence (as well as obstruction of justice, since she deleted those emails from her server in March of 2015 after having those emails subpoenaed by Congress).

align=”right” Comey’s decision to reopen his investigation into Hillary Clinton prompted consternation on the Left. Indeed, former Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid (D-NV), wrote a scathing letter to Comey’s office in which he chided the quixotic FBI Director for not releasing “explosive” information on illicit ties between Russia and Donald Trump.

Keep in mind, that in July of 2016, another Clinton-related scandal erupted when former President Bill Clinton decided to pay then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch a social call aboard her plane, on a tarmac in Arizona. At the time, Lynch’s Department of Justice was heading up a separate investigation into the Clinton Global Initiative, for potential pay-to-play abuses from Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State. Essentially, there was some concern that Mrs. Clinton was using her position as the senior diplomat in the Obama Administration to get foreign actors and corporate entities to give her family’s charitable foundation massive donations in exchange for access to her as Secretary of State.

Comey’s decision to reopen his investigation into Hillary Clinton prompted consternation on the Left. Indeed, former Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid (D-NV), wrote a scathing letter to Comey’s office in which he chided the quixotic FBI Director for not releasing “explosive” information on illicit ties between Russia and Donald Trump. On top of the discovery of the Weiner emails, in October, WikiLeaks began disseminating pilfered emails from senior Clinton adviser, John Podesta. Like the other leaks about hacked emails from the Clinton and DNC servers, the Podesta emails were especially troubling because they proved the existence of potential conflicts of interest. In this case, a conflict of interest between the Clinton Global Initiative and Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State.

Even with the heat on the Clintons at an all-time high, the actual narrative of possible Trump-Russian “collusion” did not gain any significant traction. It was always in the background; always on the far fringes of the Left. Yet, it was there, percolating. The story never gained traction, likely because most assumed that Hillary Clinton would defeat Donald Trump even though Clinton’s sclerotic campaigning was endemic of a candidate who was simply going through the motions. This was strange considering that Trump and his team were on the campaign trail nonstop. But, of course, Hillary was considered inevitable.

November Shock Waves

It should be noted that by the time November rolled around, the U.S. intelligence community had been in deep investigations of all aspects of Trump’s business associations, political relationships, and personal background for any illicit Russian ties. Absolutely none could be found. Meanwhile, more and more evidence was popping up that proved just how corrupt and incompetent Hillary Clinton was. This, on top of the scandalous details about the DNC’s rigging of the primary vote, compounded to form a nearly insurmountable public relations nightmare for Mrs. Clinton (a PR nightmare that she stubbornly refused to acknowledge).

On November 8, 2016 the great shock of Donald Trump’s unlikely election victory began to roll through the mainstream and left-leaning commentariat (to say nothing of aggrieved and forsaken Republicans). It was “unlikely” not because of undue Russian influence, but because of how stacked the deck was against Donald Trump from within the American political establishment. Everyone assumed that Hillary was a shoo-in. When she did not win, rather than accept her loss gracefully, Mrs. Clinton refused even to speak to her downtrodden supporters. It was in this crucible that the old, handy narrative of Mrs. Clinton as the victim of Vladimir Putin and his stooge, Donald Trump, became a mainstream argument.

The paper trail had been laid for months. The government investigation that was occurring going back to the spring; the source of the Guccifer 2.0 hacks; the nebulous connections between a couple of Trump campaign aides and Russia; Harry Reid’s angry letter to Comey; the unsubstantiated Christopher Steele dossier; the fact that a few years prior Trump had visited Russia and, at one point, may have accepted money from a company owned by Russian emigres, these were the sources of the Trump-Russia scandal. Note the utter lack of actionable evidence.

Following her devastating defeat, Hillary Clinton is said to have been approached by a consortium of Left-leaning computer science experts and election lawyers insisting that her loss was statistically impossible. According to computer scientist, J. Alex Halderman of the University of Michigan and election expert, John Bonifaz, evidence existed that actual vote tampering took place during the election and that it was Russia’s fault.

Initially skeptical, the Clinton team opted to distance itself from these ideologically motivated “experts.” So, the cabal of Left-wing “experts” went to fringe Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, and got her to call for recounts in the three pivotal states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Accordingly, the Clinton team raced to federal court to validate Jill Stein’s calls for recounts in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. This was the first chance to prove in a court of law that Russia, in fact, hacked the election.

And what happened?

align=”left” So, with the federal investigation into Trump’s connections with Russia having gone on since early Spring of 2016 and with the only chance of actually proving in a court of law that Russia did―in fact―hack the election to favor Trump, no evidence could be produced. The entire campaign against Trump is one of innuendo, guilt-by-association, and lies.

The federal court threw out all three cases, when the computer scientists in question could not produce a scintilla of proof substantiating their wild claims. What’s more, there was evidence of vote tampering that came to light in the course of the proceeding. Yet, it was not Russian tampering. Rather, it was Democratic vote tampering in the city of Detroit (in this case, it was discovered that Hillary Clinton received more votes than there were registered voters in Detroit).

So, with the federal investigation into Trump’s connections with Russia having gone on since early Spring of 2016 and with the only chance of actually proving in a court of law that Russia did―in fact―hack the election to favor Trump, no evidence could be produced. The entire campaign against Trump is one of innuendo, guilt-by-association, and lies. With the facts working against the Clintons and the Democratic Party, with no proof that actual Russian hacking occurred (outside of the DNC email hacks), the Left shifted the narrative.

Now, the Left continues to espouse Russophobic paranoia about Trump-Russian connections, but the definition of “hacking” has been changed. It has been loosened to include any potential Russian interference or influence on the election. If anyone close to Trump met with a Russian at any point, that was criminal. If Trump so much as spoke of having more positive relations with Russia, that was proof-positive that he was the Manchurian Candidate. It should be noted that none of what was included in the Steele dossier has been proven. It should be noted, also, that the investigations into Trump have continued unabated since the spring of 2016. There remains no verifiable evidence of any illicit connections between Trump and Russia. Further, there is no proof that the Russians hacked the election.

Dems Can Find the Real Culprit in Mirror

The timeline provided is quite clear. While it is fair to state that political operators, such as Paul Manafort and Carter Page (who are more or less hired guns working for the highest bidder), had some odd dealings in their past with unsavory Russian figures, and while it is also fair to claim that the Trump Organization—a multinational corporation—may have done business with entities linked to Russia, that does not mean that Donald Trump is working in collusion with Russia to advance Russian interests. More important, there is no proof indicating that either Trump or his campaign colluded with Russia to “steal” the election from Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate. She was corrupt and she lied to the voters about a litany of things. What’s more, she represented the status quo that most American voters were no longer interested in maintaining. That’s why she lost. That’s why the Democratic Party lost in 2016. Whatever email hacking may have gone on, that was not the reason why the Left lost so badly. It may have contributed to the lack of trust people had for Clinton, but that was not the deal-breaker. What the Democrats are doing is attempting to exonerate their own bad politicking and lack of connection with the issues that were important to the American people in 2016 by casting aspersions on Donald Trump. The claims against Trump are patently false; they are lies based on a false narrative aimed at undermining the legitimacy of the Trump victory.

align=”right” Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate. She was corrupt and she lied to the voters about a litany of things. What’s more, she represented the status quo that most American voters were no longer interested in maintaining. That’s why she lost. That’s why the Democratic Party lost in 2016. Whatever email hacking may have gone on, that was not the reason why the Left lost so badly.

In fact, when the CIA initially launched its investigation into Donald Trump last spring, it did so under the pretense that Russia aimed at “undermining the credibility of the U.S. election.” Given everything that has been presented here, seeing how the Left has misrepresented and outright lied about the Russian involvement in this last election, I would venture that it was Democratic disinformation—more so than any Russian interference—that has undermined the credibility of the U.S. election. Yet, despite the accurate timeline presented here; despite showing the evolution of an outright lie, just like the evolution of an idea as defined in the film Inception, the false notion that Donald Trump’s victory was the result of wrongdoing has become an ingrained fact of American political life. Thus, you can see the dangers of “Fake News” and of disinformation.

But, it is not foreign influence that we should be concerned about. It is, in fact, the Democratic Party and their allies in the partisan legacy media who are the real threats to our democracy.

In fact, today, June 1, 2017, Congress issued seven subpoenas insisting that four Trump Campaign officials and three Obama Administration officials come to testify on Capitol Hill. While there is little evidence proving any Trump Campaign collusion with Russia to steal the 2016 election, there is ample evidence that primary national security figures in the Obama Administration misused their power to improperly spy on Trump Campaign officials. There is further proof that those Obama Administration officials then leaked the details of those covert investigations to the press as a means of degrading the Trump Administration’s ability to govern. Should Congress press the issue, it is quite possible that it is the Obama Administration rather than the Trump team that committed the real crimes against democracy. Only time will tell. What is certain, though, is that the corruption and manipulation of the 2016 election (and the months afterward) were the result of Leftist chicanery and not the fault of the Trump team.

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282 responses to “The Anatomy of a Lie”

  1. A very useful summary of the origins of the many ‘Russian’ threads that have gone into the creation of the ‘collusion’ fable. I think you may have underplayed the most critical element, though, and that is the active role of the Obama administration’s Intelligence Community, in particular John Brennan and James Clapper, who deliberately took all those threads and wove them together to promulgate the myth that “17 intelligence agencies” all agreed that the Russians were supporting Donald Trump and were subverting the American election in his favor.

    This outlandish claim became Hillary Clinton’s last-ditch attempt to slander the Trump campaign–and it was totally false. See Fred Fleitz’s piece in The Federalist ( ). It was nothing less than a Goebbels-style Big Lie, which as you say took on a life of its own once it had the imprimatur of the Heads of Intelligence. Never mind that the IC was totally compromised by Obama and had been illegally spying on the Trump campaign since the primaries, as I described in “The Easter Bunny Cover-up,” here:

    Brennan and Clapper, and maybe James Comey, have a lot to answer for. Maybe it’s time for Jeff Sessions to ‘un-recuse’ himself and launch a serious investigation into the corruption of Intelligence under Obama.

    /L. E. Joiner

    • Thanks for the read. Check out the video that I made. I know it’s a bit long, but I address the IC’s role a bit more in depth maybe than it comes across in the article. I fully acknowledge that SELECT and POWERFUL elements of the mid-and-senior-level IC bureaucracy have played an inexcusable role in the perpetuation of this myth.

      • Thanks. I did not realize the video clip was more than a few seconds of Madam Hillary, so ignored it; maybe you could make it clear that it is a 30-minute slideshow summary of the article.

        I like your conclusions, but I wonder whether, after all the incidental ‘connections’ of Trump associates with Russians are portrayed so graphically, a viewer might get the impression that there really is some ‘collusion’ there. Of course, it is hilarious that Jill Stein was at a dinner with Mike Flynn and Vladimir Putin! And that is the real point; many of these folks have had dealings with Russians, and Ukrainians, and Turks, and whomever, so you can speculate about conspiracies until the cows come home—and that is exactly what our vaunted Intel chiefs did, with malicious, anti-Trump intent.

        BTW, I think you give too much credence to the claim that the Russians hacked the DNC. Podesta’s computer was wide open to anyone. The techniques of ‘Cozy Bear’ and ‘Fancy Bear’ were out in the wild. It was the Ukrainian CyberStrike guy, Dmitri Alperovitch, who said it was ‘the Russians’. And Brennan at CIA bought it, because that’s the story he wanted to peddle to the papers: “17 intelligence agencies” agreed! How could anyone argue with that?

        Fortunately, it didn’t save Queen Hillary from impending defeat.

        /L. E. Joiner

      • Well done, Mr. Weichert. I will anxiously await publication in the NYT and WAPO.

      • Well, thank you, but neither will have anything to do with me, I’m afraid.

      • Mr. Weichert,

        Thank you for a well written and informative piece outlining the details of how the crooked Democrats dreamed up the lie they continue to spin in order to discredit the Trump presidency.
        I recently read an essay (linked below) detailing the career of James Comey, as a “Clinton fixer” which I found quite informative.
        I think you might find it of interest and I would very much like to know what your thoughts are if you decide to read it.

      • Geez. I want to create a group with you guys so you can spoon feed me info and I don’t have to do the work myself. This is some really great stuff. I’ve had on my list of “Things to Do” to find out who the “17 intelligence agencies” were and what the heck they did. Thanks so much!!!!

      • This article was a fantastic read. You did a wonderful job of wrapping it all up. I’ve sent this to some of my friends who were/are Hillary supporters and sucked onto the big lie. A couple of them actually read it and have since completely changed their minds and are even more mad at the DNC, Podesta, Media, and Hillary.

    • James Comey, more and more, is appearing as truly incompetent, and that his “firing” was not only justified, but long overdue. That he was kept in office by Obama says much about the abuse of power that needed to be covered up in that administration, and Comey was there to turn a blind-eye to that abuse.

      • Incompetent. He is an outright liar. This thing is so ridiculous. I am the judge of elections at my polling place. You wouldn’t believe how many of these dense democrats believe the vote was hacked by Russia. The amazing part was that the only way you can cheat is right at the polls or through absentee ballots. We had 15 absentee ballots at my polling place. My district is 97% republican, all the ballots were for Clinton. When I checked through the county 7 of them were cast by people living in another state. Two of them were cast by people who had already voted and were trying to vote twice. Two were dead people. And the other 4 the people didn’t even exist. I won’t even get into the other problems I had to deal with. Nothing like this has happened this bad in my 20 years as judge .The amazing thing was the turnout was below normal, but we have never had more than 4 absentee ballots before.And I was not harassed by any KGB agents all day.

      • What? Natasha didn’t try to “take you to lunch”?

      • I was about to slam you for being an obnoxious DemoTroll, but decided to look at your disqus profile.
        I’m glad I did….. That was some pretty subtle sarcasm RP!!

      • Soviet Communists used to believe: “In achieving our Political Goals, The Ends Justify The Means”.

        Today’s Elected, Appointed and Media DEMOCRATS still do….

      • It’s STUNNING that Comey wasn’t replaced right out of the gate by President Trump!!

    • So to summarize you point, we should ignore the crime but focus on the motive?……nice try.

      • You mean the crime of falsifying Intelligence reports in order to perpetrate character assassination? No, it should not be ignored.

    • Just say No brother. Drugs are a terrible thing, and you obviously can’t handle your sht.

    • The Obama Administration, in conjunction with the Democratic Party AND Mainstream News Media were the largest CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE in the Western Hemisphere. Yes, I know about Mexico and Colombia…

  2. Blah, blah, blah. I literally slept through Inception (my wife wanted to watch it, I fell asleep). And I am sleeping through the “Russia scandal” – because there is none, and no need to spend (virtual) ink on it.

    We voted for Trump because of his statements about Russia and Putin, not despite them, and we expect the administration to “collude” with Russia in forming a Christian alliance to smash ISIS, save Christians in the Middle East and Eastern Europe and tame the nihilists in Western Europe.

    Everything else is just hot air.

    • “hot air”
      More like Methane, and we all know where that comes from.

      • Just don’t use a match near the methane or it will explode.

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    • It is alt-right nonsense like yours that makes the rest of us want to investigate possible Russian interference in the election. Unless of course you are a Russian troll.

      • I am a Russian troll.

        Don’t worry. There can’t possibly be any half-intelligent reason why I have the views I have.

        After all, there are only two kinds of people: people as wise as you are and Russian trolls.

        I just type what Borys tells us to here in our St. Petersburg Wharehouse.

        By the way – between you and me – the Troll factory I work in is indeed (as our heroic intelligence agencies report) in St.Petersburg – but Missouri! That’s the headquarters of the Russian election interference. It’s all run out of Aunt Polly’s orchard.

        I and two of my colleagues (Tom S and Joe H) are having second thoughts. The food is bad and Borys drinks. Trolling is not the lucrative life we had expect.

        That’s why we’re running away. Going to Jackson Island to be normal internet pirates.

        Thanks for giving me the courage to finally abandon being a Russian Troll. Of course everyone can sleep easy. No one in their right mind would ever have views opposite to yours for any intelligent reason.

      • Thats awesome. I have been to St Petersburg…Missouri.

      • You do seem to be overly sensitive to the accusation of Russian trolling.

      • Good little liberal fascist lemming….you just keep charging those windmills erected by your pravda! Do you sit and roll over too?

      • And also violate 4th amendment rights and conduct illegal eavesdropping. Before Trump’s first term expires, we will prosecute everyone in the Obama administration for violating wiretapping statutes.

      • there won’t be ONE person fro Obama’s administration prosecuted, arrested or investigated. There is no there there except in the fertile minds of the Trump loons

      • You should read the FISA report. Educate yourself.

      • The RUSSIANS voted in Wisc., Penn., Mich., and elsewhere! IDIOT!

      • CLEARLY the Klingons and Modavian hackers were involved as well. Somehow they were able to get many HRC voters to SWITCH their votes or miraculously changed votes to DJT that had already been cast.

        Now, when HRC refers to a conspiracy of “Old White Men” stealing the election from her she is referring to the cabal of Santa and his Elves.

        So, FINALLY, the Dr. Strangelove party has solved the matter: the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” has morphed into a Global, possibly Galactic Conspiracy and…and…

      • Hillary won the popular vote. Fortunately, neither Hillary nor the Russians understood how our electoral system worked.

      • Well then we should investigate the Russian interference in the 2012 election. Of course you’ve read the intelligence reports that assessed the extent of Russian interference in the 2012 election. If you haven’t, go read. Then be consistent, with at least a hint of understanding of recent political history, or just shut up.

      • Let’s be frank. You’re newly discovered hate of Russia is a reflex of your humiliation in the last election. What else do you have, except to admit that Hillary lost because she was a terrible candidate in every way, doomed from the start. How else could someone who had so thoroughly fixed the election in advance with Bernie, with the Media, and even with the Deep State, have blown it so completely? Russia!

    • Me 2, DiCaprio is bigly overrated. Putin, Duterte and Trump. The hammer, blacksmith and anvil that makes the elitists stay up late at night looking over their shoulder. Putin has no political restraint only geopolitical restraint from Trump and Duterte is showing the world the emperor has no clothes. So much fun to watch.

    • thank you for telling us what a FOOL you are when you said you ‘slept through the movie Inception’
      91% approval on!

      • Oh wait. Sorry. I was thinking about “Catch me if you Can.” That’s the DiCaprio film I slept through. Apologies to Inception fans :-)

      • Better go with what everyone else says! It was in fact a mediocre film, vastly overblown, much like the Russia scandal.

    • ^^^ this is a proud traitor of America and deluded fake christian who knows nothing of history or Russia. bless his little black heart.

      these people are a dime a dozen, nothing special.

      • While I would prefer to simply say that citizens have the right to differ in the foreign policy debate, if you insist on resorting to throwing around accusations of treason, I think the traitors are people who hate Russia more than they love America and are therefore willing to undermine our President because he is not bent on resuming the Cold War.

        Also, insults would be so much more effective if they followed even the most rhetorical of arguments…Care to fill me in on what I’m not seeing in history or Russia?

        I will accept being called a deluded Christian.

    • a Christian alliance with an avowed atheist? are you really that stupid? Your vapid response is about as well thought out as this hilariously conspiracy laden article

      • Atheists (assuming for the sake of argument Putin is one) need not necessarily be hostile towards Christian culture. Even Machiavelli desired the preservation of Christianity for fear of “something worse”.

        Sorry, but I’m not taking advice on the definition of Christian civilization from people who think two men and a baby make a family.

        American arrogance is an excusable vice if we assume America at its best, but it becomes frankly disgusting when you consider America at its worse.

    • Another Russian troll, spouting the usual Putin propaganda.

      • Another stupid American, blindly following the rest of Western culture over a cliff while being convinved of his superiority.

        Thank God 2016 showed there are still enough patriotic Americans to give the country a fighting chance at changing its suicidal course.

        You really ought to be ashamed of yourself for imputing treason to your political opponents.

    • You are a sick piece of zhit,. I would be happy to turn you over to Isis.

  3. Manafort had a long working history with Trump’s first campaign manager (and personal friend), Roger Stone

    According to Stone, they have been friends since childhood.

    How shocked are we supposed to be that hired political guns are often less than scrupulous about their clients and associates? Is this unique to Trump’s hires or is it ubiquitous?

    Trump is the only candidate out of the 17 who was tough enough to win. Who cares who he hired? He won.

    • Oh, my. Are you taking a page out of the Demorats book and saying that in politics the end justifies the means? This is my shocked face…lol.

  4. Why isn’t Valarie Jarrett ever mentioned in all of this? She’s the one who kept Obama on a tight leash for 8 long years. Jarrett, Ayers, Axelrod & Emanuel: Chicago bosses of the new Communist Democrat Party of America.

      • were you born this stupid or is it a product of age & Faux News? Commies? lordy, the sheer ignorance stuns

    • And what really is the function of the won’s dc fortress / house ? Is it still gathering intell ?? Valjar the station head as she was in the WH ?

  5. What the sources show is that McCain was an afterthought (probably just a cover) for getting this phony report to the FBI. The report was sent directly to them and inserted into UK intel reporting.

    This fact points to the Obama admin as being the source of the report, not some unknown Republican.

    The reason was so that Rice could investigate Trump and use intelligence sources.

  6. “[W]hen Western news services attempted to verify Steele’s salacious claims regarding the existence of the tape in question, they could not find any support for them. . . . Yet, somehow, these unsubstantiated claims ended up in an official CIA report to then-President Barack Obama, Congress, and Mr. Trump himself.”

    That was the first, telltale sign of the campaign of leak-driven disinformation to come. CNN and the rest of the fakers had had knowledge of the contents of the so-called dossier for months. At the same time, the material was so plainly bonkers that even routine liars like Blitzer and Tapper would not touch it while wearing a hazmat suit. What they desperately needed was some excuse, some pretext, no matter how flimsy, to introduce the public to the “salacious” report. At that point rodent-in-chief Brennan, egged on by vice-rodent McCain, had the dossier or a summary of it put into Trump’s daily briefing (before he had been sworn in, mind you) on the pretext that the President-elect simply had to be informed of the sort of disinformation the Russians were capable of inventing, a preposterous ad hoc fable.

    That invented excuse gave a panel of rodents at CNN, Perez, Tapper, Sciutto, and, for melodrama’s sake, Carl Bernstein,* just the pretext to discuss on air what was ridiculous and obviously false without actually having to vouch for its merits. Buzzfeed cooperated as well by first explicitly mentioning nasty stuff. Tapper et al. could then say, “Hey, it’s not just us!” After that the daily exposé of fake-news was off and running and shows no sign of stopping.

    The whole stinking affair was obviously prearranged between the fake-news media and Brennan. “Give us a reason to broadcast this garbage,” they begged. And the chief rodent obliged by handing Trump the fish wrap.

    Rinse and repeat.
    *Bernstein’s career has been composting in alcohol for four decades now. He was there solely to give a bit of pants-tingling possibility to the entire scam: Watergate! The j-school wet dream nonpareil.

  7. Great piece. I’d argue that “mollifying” isn’t quite the right word in the final paragraph, though. “Undermining” would work better…

  8. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if McStain was a member or even the leader of whatever GOP “group” paid Steele to author that dossier. The story about McStain sending a staffer to London to get the dossier just seems too pat.

    • I still am curious why McCain and mini-me were so rattled in January. And Chaffetz today. Someone has something on them.

      • Don’t count PDT out of the gotcha game just yet. He’s had access to the info that led to subpoenas of Powers, Brennan and Rice by the House Intel Committee for some time, meaning he knows everything and then some. I’m betting he’s adhering to the old saw about revenge being a dish best served cold and taking his time about payback…

      • What they have on McCain is that he (and a handful of his friends both Dem and GOP) paid the Ex-British Intel agent to produce the Dossier. And it was McCain’s dirty hands that delivered it to the FBI.

        McCain and Hillary wake up everyday to the reality that in 18 months, Donald Trump achieved what both have spent decades of their political careers aspiring to achieve. They also both share the distinction of having lost to a then first term Senator named Barack Obama in 2008.

        There is one difference between McClain and Hillary Clinton. McCain has accepted the fact that he will never be the POTUS, while Hillary has yet to accept her fate.

  9. All true, I think, but Goebbels was right: repeat a lie often enough it will become the truth

    • Remember “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” BLM still uses the chant today even after none other than Eric Holder said it was a complete lie. Gullible = democrat

      • Another lie that keeps getting repeated even though publicly debunked by the IC is “17 Intelligence Agencies signed off that the Russians sought to influence the election”.

  10. And now “Beltway Jeff” Session’s DOJ has given us a Special Counsel to waste our money investigating this nonsense without probable cause or a criminal statute in mind. Meanwhile Hillary and Obama skate on proven violations related to her emails.

    Republicans are stupid.

    • What if the SC proves everything in this article? I’d be willing to contribute to that!

    • I agree with your last point, with the added caveat that their allegiance should be questioned.

  11. So if you are right and there is no conspiracy of connections or collusion between Russian Officials and the Trump Adimnistration, I am sure any of you can explain why Trumps and his closest associates are acting like they have something to hide. By Donald constantly attemting to stall or end the investigation by asking several heads of the intel agencies to ‘lay off Gen Flynn, (curiously or intentionally not mentioned by the author) or by firing James Comey becsause he won’t curtial the FBI probe. Also, perhaps you guys can explain why several members of Trump’s inner circle ( Flynn, Page, Sessions, Kushner) managed to forget several meetings with the Russians until reminded of those meetings by press reports, that none of them hav e deined. There may or not be fire but most of the substantial smoke is being spread by Trump himself and his allies themselves thru incompetence or deviousness that needs to addressed and solved, whatever comes out of it.

    • Not smoke, but fog endlessly pumped out by the liberal cabal.

      • It’s a fact that Sessions lied under oath. It’s a fact that Kushner lied on his security clearance form. It’s a fact that Manafort didn’t report millions in cash that he received from Russia. It’s a fact that Flynn lied about his contacts with Russian intelligence operatives and his connections to the Turkish government. It’s a fact that Stone admitted he had contacts with Russian sponsored hackers. It’s a fact that Trump has admitted he fired Comey because he wanted to stop the Russia investigation. The list keeps growing and growing. Anyone that questions these facts has to have their allegiance to the United States questioned. It’s not even a close call.

      • It’s a fact you’re a child molestor.
        It’s a fact you have a snake in your head
        It’s a fact you can’t think for yourself
        It’s a fact you lap up every talking point of the Clinton-Obama-Pelosi-Reid cabal

        See I can say fact also

        Now prove your NOT a child Molestor

      • It’s a fact that everybody breaks a law every day. It’s a matter of scale, Sessions’s meetings were
        routine, that anybody who is somebody have. Your a Top , that MSM propaganda can pull your string.
        Unwind, chill , life is better on the happy side of life.

      • Go ahead & embarrass me with cogent, rational arguments that make me look silly & gullible. But if you could have you would have already, right?

      • Very cute little play on words, But a rational specific argument refuting or challenging my statement would be much more relevant and cuter, even. Go ahead if you can.

    • Comey was fired for his incompetence. FBI knew about Boston bombers, pulse night club shooter, jackass fort hood shooter, san berdoo shooters and did nothing as Obama wanted. It always comes from the top via THEIR agenda.

  12. Especially when the lie is aided and abetted by a corrupt media.

    • How many of these lies were actually started by the corrupt leftist media? Most of them!

      • The media doesn’t start the lies, they perpetuate them. Operatives plants the stories.

      • The media lives and dies by CPC and CPI. If it takes a lie, that’s what they do. It’s child’s play to manipulate the media. because journalists, like a lot of people, are just plain lazy. Plant a false story in some low level blog using a fake identity, really easy, put it on the blog that’s picked up by the blog read by Wapoo, and presto you’ve created a national story. Hence the “un-named source with ties to the past…” who is probably a fake identity to begin with…

  13. This entire article is premised on the belief that the assertion claiming the Russians hacked the 2016 presidential election to benefit Donald Trump’s candidacy is false. The author offers no evidence to substantiate his claim. Instead he relies on the fallacious belief that the absence of evidence is evidence itself that there was no hacking.

    Well if you subscribe to this misguided and specious line of reasoning, then the rest of the article seems cogent.

    I wonder what theory or explanation he/she will posit if evidence is revealed showing any effort made-by Russia-to influence the election.

    I also wonder the same if evidence is revealed showing any effort (whether successful or not) made by Trump, his administration, or anyone associated with him conspiring with Russia to influence the election, a quid pro quo, or any other criminal wrongdoing?

    I can’t wait to read that specious article.

    • Yes we’r waiting for the number zero to come to the stand and speak.

    • so you’re saying you’ve already guzzled all the Kool Aid, and that you’re an idiot.

      got it.

    • Like this?
      Podesta was Hillary’s campaign director…
      “Podesta Was Board Member Of Firm Linked To Russian Investors …
      Mar 21, 2017 – Further, he failed to disclose 75,000 common shares of Joule stock he owned”

      “Joule Unlimited Technologies — financed in part by a Russian firm — originally … Russian company with close ties to President Vladimir Putin.

      • Russian investors are distinct from Russian government officials like the Russian ambassador and Russian foreign minister.

      • So Democrats attack Trump folks for any meeting with the Russian Ambassador, and the hate everything about Russia, but the invite him to sit with them at the Trump speech? Wouldn’t it have been more logical if the Russian Ambassador was colluding with Trump that he would be sitting with the President’s guests or Republicans? Maybe it is the Democrats colluding with Russia to get Trump out of office?

      • Nice try with the distortion…..the issue is that members of Trump’s cabinet and his associates met with Russian government officials and neglected to mention it during confirmation hearings….hmmm, wonder why?

        The issue is that Jared Kushner-as a private citizen-allegedly discussed establishing a direct line w/ Russia from their embassy.

        But of course, you want to marginalize it as simply another typical meeting with the Russian…..nice try

    • Exactly. The “big lie” is that the Russia hacking story is a big lie.

    • This kind of argument is like accusing someone of murder and saying there is no evidence it didn’t happen, therefore should be investigated…

      • That’s funny, because whether you’re aware of this or not, that’s actually how our criminal justice system works.

        I think you’re confusing an investigation with an indictment or prosecution.

  14. Got a good laugh out of this article…..thank you.
    Obviously, the authors are terrified of any legitimate investigations into the numerous connections between Trump/Associates and the Russians.
    So the article puts forth the notion that it is only the left that is behind all of this.
    That is about as delusional as many of Trump’s tweets have been, to date.
    The truth is that the left has no power right now…..having lost the senate, the house, the presidency, most state legislatures and gubernatorial seats.
    Any movement on the Russian investigation is in essence coming from Republicans, FBI, and Trump’s own DOJ……otherwise it would be dead in the water, media or otherwise.

    You also got to love all of the bogeyman Clinton references. Hey guys…….you talk about the left not getting over it, lol. Look in the mirror.

    In all, just a pathetic piece of nonsense. Thanks for the laughs.

      • Oh oh, insults……Just lost what little credibility you had……two demerits for you.

    • The left’s true power has been and still is to be found in their control of most news organizations.
      The power of accusation does not require “the senate, the house, the presidency, most state legislatures and gubernatorial seats.”
      It only requires selective editing.

      • Hmmm, what a broad generalized assertion….care to elaborate?

      • Liberals are a Majority where it hurts…

        News Media


        “Vladimir Lenin … Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.

        Vladimir Lenin … Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.”

      • The Paris Accord… did you know the following?
        The media portrays the Paris Accord in one light, omitting the facts.
        A list of the signatories to the Paris Accord who are Not complying with the accord they posture about:

        Canada’s GHG emissions (excluding LULUCF) will increase 17–23% above 1990 levels by 2020. By 2030, emissions are projected to increase by 14–29% above 1990 levels.

        The EU is not on a trajectory to meet its 2030 target

        China’s NDC and its national actions are not yet consistent with limiting warming to below 2°C, let alone 1.5°C

        Brazil Recent developments in energy infrastructure planning and increasing deforestation levels, estimated to have added around 130 MtCO2 to total net emissions in 2016, are evidence of a worsening of Brazil’s national climate policy implementation, going in the opposite direction from what is needed to achieve the Paris Agreement goal.

        India 50 GW of coal-fired power capacity is currently under construction in India, with another 178 GW in the permitting pipeline

        Saudi Arabia’s commitment is not in line with interpretations of a “fair” approach in line with holding warming below 2°C, let alone with the Paris Agreement’s stronger 1.5°C limit. If most countries followed Saudi Arabia’s approach, global warming would exceed 3–4°C.

        New Zealand ratified the Paris Agreement on 4 October 2016. It is not in line with any interpretations of a “fair” approach to reach a below 2°C pathway, let alone with the Paris Agreement’s stronger 1.5°C limit.

        Russia’s (non member) emissions may increase significantly in the future without it missing its INDC emissions target, which is incompatible with the efforts needed to achieve the Paris Agreement’s long-term temperature goal.

        Argentina, under current policies, emissions from all sectors (excluding LULUCF) are still projected to grow significantly – by about 50% above 2010 levels by 2030.

        Australia’s emissions are set to substantially increase to more than 21% above 2005 levels by 2030, equivalent to an increase of around 52% above 1990 levels.

      • As I recall, the media didn’t make any specific references to any of the provisions (negative or positive) about the Paris Accord.

        By selectively listing only the negative provisions (which, by the way are debatable) you’re making a misleading claim that the media’s portrayal of the Paris Accord-in this instance-is biased.

        I think most reasonable persons would agree that there are some aspects of the Accord that are undesirable and negative just like they agree the opposite.

        But considering the fact that the United States is the only G7 country, and the only industrialized country that abandoned the Accord, proves that the other countries-in spite any reservations-believed that the benefit derived from the agreement outweighed any negative aspects..

      • The US was the only country forking over large sums of money. How much money were the other countries “volunteering” to contribute?

  15. Were it not for the false narrative, the democrat left would have no narrative at all.

  16. Democrats are liars, scum, traitors.
    They deserve to be tried and sentenced to death for treason.

    • Just no. But they need to follow the rule of law like everyone else.

  17. Another theory is that John Brennan got the “Russia/collusion” ball rolling because he was furious at Russia for thwarting the CIA’s “regime change” efforts in Syria. Candidate Trump had suggested rapprochement with Russia. This could not be allowed.

    • More evidence that you are a Russian troll. We should all be furious at Putin for supporting Assad.

      • Obama did himself no favors by supplying the optics of
        “Urkel Meets Vlad-the-Impaler” every time he mentioned “Putin”

        Vladimir Putin steals
        Barack Obama´s thunder
        on the world stage”

      • Tell that to Obama’s Legacy.

        New York Times
        September 6, 2014
        Assad’s Syrian Air Force Bombs Hit ISIS-Held Territory

        New York Times
        September 7, 2014
        U.S. Launches New Airstrikes on ISIS

        [Assad is smiling while the rest of the world laughs…

        “The Nation
        President Barack Obama began his air assault on the so-called Islamic State (ISIS, or ISIL) group in eastern Syria in 2014 with 47 Tomahawk missiles. This massive assault, which continued for the subsequent two and a half years with regular bombings by fighter jets, did nothing in and of itself to set back the terrorist organization.
        In 2016 alone, Obama dropped over 12,000 bombs on Syria.”

    • Which is why it is so important that we investigate what really happened.

      • I agree, nothing to fear from the truth.

        Podesta was Hillary’s campaign director…
        Podesta Was Board Member Of Firm Linked To Russian Investors …
        Mar 21, 2017 – Further, he failed to disclose 75,000 common shares of Joule stock he owned”
        “Joule Unlimited Technologies — financed in part by a Russian firm — originally … Russian company with close ties to President Vladimir Putin.

      • OK, we can investigate that too. But it shouldn’t distract us from the main investigation.

      • I agree, walking while chewing gum is not difficult.

        “The Clinton Foundation, State and Kremlin Connections – WSJ…/the-clinton-fo... Wall Street Journal
        Jul 31, 2016 – Hillary Clinton touts her tenure as secretary of state as a time of … billed as Russia’s version of Silicon Valley—and a core piece of Mrs…”

    • Conversely, a false lie unopposed stands as the truth

      • A false lie and a lie are a difference with no distinction… both are lies

      • I guess someone was asleep during the logic and philosophy class…….

      • Ok I’ll bite…..please elaborate on your statement “A false lie and a lie are a difference with no distinction… both are lies”?

  18. Thank you for this is depth analysis. The whole thing is so absurd. Somehow Putin, unlike the entire intelligentsia, polsters, and press corps, new Trump could win. Rather than support Hillary, who almost surely would win, he chose to back the hundred-to-one shot? Putin knew first hand that Hillary was Obama in heels and could be easily bamboozled (the infamous “reset”, Ukraine, Syria, etc.) As you state, the scary thing here is the lengths to which the Dems will go – risking our established forms of government for power. Trump et al., better start fighting fire with fire. If he is forced out of office this will no longer be a House of Cards game, but a putsch – and who knows where that would lead…

  19. well done, let’s hope the real reasons come out for our country’s sake.

  20. Wikileaks and Kim Dotcom attribute the DNC emails to a Democratic insider working at the DNC. Who then is Guccifer 2.0?
    That the Obama administration used the IRS, NSA, CIA, and other agencies to surveil and harass political opponents is apparent. That the Clintons and some of their associates were involved in pay to play schemes that reaped exponentially more compensation from Russian groups than Mr. Flynn and on levels competitive with Manafort has been established.
    The Obama administration coordinated with the Clinton campaign and DNC. Someone should ask if the Obama administration unmasked the identity of the DNC leaker and provided that information to the Clinton campaign and/or DNC. A Podesta email mentions making an example of a leaker.
    Did the Clinton campaign meet with Russians during the campaign to determine future policy and common ground? They probably coordinated with the same Russians that members of the Trump campaign coordinated with…the difference is that the Clinton folks might have asked for money.

    • Putin attributes the DNC e-mail hacking to patriotic Russians.

      • Not really:
        “Hackers can be anywhere,” Putin told Kelly. “They can be in Russia, in Asia … even in America, Latin America. They can even be hackers, by the way, in the United States, who very skillfully and professionally, shifted the blame, as we say, on to Russia. Can you imagine something like that? In the midst of a political battle. By some calculations it was convenient for them to release this information, so they released it, citing Russia. Could you imagine something like that? I can.”

        Perhaps you should actually read the transcript.

      • Perhaps you should listen to the interview more carefully. When he made the reference that hackers exist elsewhere, he wasn’t addressing the issue that the DNC hacking came from Russia, he was simply marginalizing the issue of hacking.

        In essence he was lodging a straw argument and apparently, you caught it.

      • Or he was pointing out that the hacking could have come from anywhere. Spoofing an IP address isn’t a real challenge for a skilled hacker.

      • Or he could have flatly denied that the hacking didn’t originate out of Russia

      • I think you may be referring to the Podesta phishing incident. Hillary led her team in bad national security behavior as far as guarding top secrets on computers and cell phones. She did manage to erase 33,000 emails thst the Russians may have released if she became President. They did her a favor or don’t have them because they haven’t been published in the NYT, WP, or on CNN or MSNBC.

    • E X A C T L Y ! ! !

      But to the Democrat Media (who’ve been DRIVING this false narrative) REALITY itself is an artificial construct…

  21. “Given everything that has been presented here, seeing how the Left has misrepresented and outright lied about the Russian involvement in this last election, I would venture that it was Democratic disinformation—more so than any Russian interference—that has undermined the credibility of the U.S. election.”

    Basically saying

    That the Left controlled all the intelligence agencies and forced them to reach their published decision – that Russia took steps through hacking and pushing fake news through the internet – to influence the election.

    That Left should not have asked for and demanded investigations about the conclusion of the Russian interference.

    That the Left should simply let this whole thing (Russian interference into the election) go because it reflects poorly on Trump’s win.

    The only problem is that it is not the Left that wants answers, it’s the majority of the American people who want answers.

    And by the way maybe it’s folks like this author who are the “Leo’s” of this whole mess. Remember, in Inception, the ideas being planted required dreams within dreams within dreams.

    • Gee! When you frame the issue is such a vague,broad generalized manner…it makes so much sense…LOL

      • Just like using the movie “Inception” as the underlying support for your article.

      • I believe using that storyline as an illustration of the tactics & techniques used by the DNC-MSM was rather effective. If you are a Liberal/Progressive, I understand why you are objecting to it….

        Having not heard of “Inception”, I’ll have to go on NETFLIX to see if I can find that movie!!

      • How do you say “using that storyline as an illustration of the tactics & techniques..: was rather effective” when you then admit you never heard of or saw the movie? Your statement then becomes just a “blind” affirmation and not a reasoned defense.

      • Shut The Fvck Up!!

        The author gave such a good description of what, how and why I didn’t need to have seen it.
        That said, just out of curiosity, I actually do want to see that movie. LibProgDems….

      • Maybe you should change you name to Conservatives are Tyrants – stop the speech of others especially when you can’t reasonably answer it. Real Americans actually defend free speech.

      • WHO are you referring to? The authors of this piece, or The Democrat Media?

    • “The Left” ASSUMED that their Queen, the most corrupt woman on earth was going to win in a landslide. After all, that’s what all of their fake so-called ‘polls’ showed!! So, Clinton’s team would double-down on Trump until he was actually serving time in prison and all evidence of DNC-MSM ‘collusion’ would be wiped away…. Like her server!!

      • Hillary lost. Trump won. I know that. The left knows that. The people of America know that. So why keep bringing it up. I know, it’s a great excuse for and distraction from the Russian investigation.

  22. I was never too keen on Donald Trump! But it was going to have to be a mighty COLD day in you knows where before I was ever going to Vote for that BIG Nasty OLD Sea Hag LIAR with those Super-Over-Sized Humongous GARGANTUAN like Enormous THIGHS!!!! NO WAY that was ever going to happen like in a 1,000 years and Tens of millions of other Good and Decent Hard-working Law-abiding GOD!-fearing Tax-paying American Patriots who still truly still LOVE and care about their Country apparently agreed with me I a reckons????

    • I lived in Arkansas for 12 years (originally from California)….
      Hillary Rodham Clinton has been breaking the law, lying to Investigators (plus THE MEDIA) and…
      GETTING AWAY WITH IT ever since the notorious “Cattle Futures” episode, which was just THE MAFIA funneling money to ‘their man’, Bill Clinton in relation to Wal Mart decisions….

  23. *IMPORTANT” Make sure you CIRCLE BACK to CHECK on your posted comments to see if these here Filthy Mindless Liberal Snowflake message board TROLLS reported your comments as being spam?? THANK YOU fer your urgent cooperation concerning this so now simply POST ON and enjoy your comment boards. Yours Truly, BigZim!!!! Just thought I would give everyone a BIG League HEADS UP on this here? So make sure you double back to see if Mindless Liberal Snowflakes have reported your wonderful informative comments as being spam when they most definitely truly are not?? DOUBLE BACK and CHECK on your comments don’t allow the Mindless-Liberal-Snowflake-Message-Board-Trolls make a “VICTIM” out of you!!!

    • At least you are keeping vusy, if not productive.

  24. Excellent summation of this whole with hunt. I noticed that one key point was brought out — it was john McCain that gave the dossier to Comey thus initiating the investigation. Comey lately also acknowledge the information was false — admitting he started an investigation of a political candidate based on “known” false information.

    there went the integrity of the LEO of the US and the election process.

    He did not do it alone.

    I get back to my 3 questions I’ve been posting since last July:

    I was shocked at the manner it was handled. it was not done with any integrity or honesty and reeks of a cover up involving 3 people Comey, Lynch and Obama.

    this whole charade can be exposed and blown up by asking 3 simple questions:

    1. who decided to conduct a forensic investigation vs a criminal investigation
    2. what was the basis for that Decision — national security, law enforcement etc
    3. who approved that decision – was it Comey, Lynch or Obama

    If Comey made the decision it had to have been made at the beginning of the investigation since not one criminal charge was ever filed. Thus question 1 exposes that it was a cover up from the beginning and Comey misled Congress and
    the American public.

    If it was Lynch that made the decision then the FBI ceased to be an independent investigative organization and actively participated in a DOJ led cover up. Again then Lynch and Comey misled. Congress and the American public.

    If it was Obama then it dwarfs the Saturday Night massacre that resulted when the DOJ/FBI refused to be ordered to cover up Nixon’s crimes. By Lynch and Comey agreeing to the decision then they both actively participated in the cover up and did not fulfill their duty.

    Question 2 is a tad trickier to understand. what was the justification for making the decision not to have a criminal investigation and only do a forensic investigation. Was it national security or the vastness of the folks involved or to in fact ignore the crimes for political reasons. In either case the basis for the decision will indicate who made the decision.

    Question 3 if an extension of question 1. If Comey made the decision then who approved it. If Lynch made the decision who approved it. In 47 years of working in DC for the government and in the government there is 1 truism — no one person has the authority to approve any single decision — not even the president. All of his decisions are made with a consensus opinion. else they would be overturned constantly.

    Thus question 3 is telling in itself — If Lynch granted the approval on Comey’s decision then the question becomes did she get the consensus decision from Obama? If Lynch made the decision to conduct the forensic investigation — who approved it — one person has that right — President Obama.

    Again — question 2 then pops up — on what basis did Obama approve the decision to conduct only a forensic investigation not a criminal investigation?

    Answer to those 3 simple questions will blow this charade apart.

    Little by little more folks are going to focus on these 3 questions and demand answers. Thus I suggest Obama, Lynch and Comey find themselves some really good lawyers because they are going to need them — eventually this is going to dwarf Watergate because it directly addresses the integrity of the DOJ and FBI and THE fundamental principle of the US Government — sworn allegiance to the constitution not the executive!”

    With the newer revelations on unmasking and surveillance we now know it was a pattern of the Obama administration. Please note the recent subpoenas including to Amb. Powers (UN).

    this is going to blow back on the democrats big time.

    • Remember that bizarre ‘presser’ where Comey virtually INDICTED Mrs. Clinton on a laundry list of charges?
      His reversal and announcement that “NO reasonable Prosecutor would take this case” was so jarring, I was immediately reminded of a similar event: Chief Justice Roberts bizarrely twisting himself into ‘legal knots’ in order to SOMEHOW find ObamaCare to be “Constitutional”, not once but TWICE!! The common denominator in both is Barack Obama…

      When dealing with CORRUPT DEmocrats, there is no such thing as a “Coincidence”. It’s The Chicago Way!!

    • THAT ‘cartoon’ image approximates REALITY as far as many of us are concerned!!
      I dream of a day when Obama, Jarrett, Rhodes, Holder, Lynch, Comey, Clinton, Abedin, Mills, Blumenthal and Podesta have all been TRIED, CONVICTED and INCARCERATED at Guantanamo Bay Cuba….

      • Witness above the result of wishful thinking, a vivid imagination and a visit to an alternate reality. But it sure feels good, doesn’t it? Never let it go. The REAL world is not so kind or reassuring.

      • I’ve been watching “Political Scandals” ever since WATERGATE in 1973, am from California, but lived in Arkansas from 1974-86 and know that “The Clinton’s” are the most corrupt people on earth…

        So, All I have to say to you now is _F_U_C_K__O_ F_F_!_!_

      • Don’t get mad at him. Dogs spend a lot of time sniffing butts. And that is a major influence on their thinking & realities.

      • And therein lies the problem! For you and other Trumpkins that is reality. The rest of us see it as a delusion.

      • 1) I was a supporter of Ted Cruz (the Constitutional Scholar and Christian Conservative) and voted for Trump only because I had no other viable options…
        2) I’ve been watching Political SCANDALS/LAWBREAKING ever since Nixon and Watergate…

        ALL of the people I listed deserve exactly what I wrote!! I’m from California, but later lived in Clinton’s Arkansas. They are the two most corrupt human beings in America, even now!!

      • I was referring to the cartoon. The Russia hacking is not something that the Dems just made up. That is the real reality.

    • Was there a story to go with the cartoon? I’d like to read it if there is.

  25. It’s funny hearing all of this right/left jargon going on here. The Russian investigation goes far beyond that type of obfuscation. The truth is, Donald Trump does not traditionally fit into those kinds of stereotypes. What he has done is seize power with the lowest hanging fruit for him, which turned out to be the R’s. I’m convinced the investigation will be done thoroughly and fairly by a Republican himself, in Mueller.

  26. If there was no crime committed, Trump should be strengthened by the whole process of the Russian investigation.

    • LOGICALLY, that’s exactly right!!

      However, the Democratic Party (which includes 90% of the Main Stream News Media) aren’t guided by ‘logic’.
      Instead, they are DRIVEN by emotions which after Clinton’s unexpected loss have become detached from reality…
      As was stated in this exceptionally well researched, written and presented article, all the Democrat Media need are “Rumors” and “Lies” to keep this narrative going, as it has for almost a year now!!
      So blinded by rage are they, they’ve become like Marxists who believe “The ENDS Justify The MEANS”.
      Their former GOD/KING, Barack Obama was also someone who favored that political ideology. Coincidence….?

      • It won’t work. Trump will know how to leverage that scenario well. On the other hand, he won’t be able to do a thing if there is wrongdoing.
        His own Republicans will probably line up to take him down. They would prefer Pence anyway, if he is unscathed.

  27. The democrats and the liberal “Fake News” media are in a quandary. They have invested so much effort and personal cause into the Trump/Russian collusion theory, they have literally backed themselves into a corner. Their only chance of saving face is to drag this investigation out as long as humanly possible. Even after the Mueller investigation is over they will be demanding a separate independent investigation.

    • That may be. This is big business for the news media…..all of it….left , right and center. But the Mueller investigation will be the bottom line, IMO.

    • I’m afraid that when this DNC-MSM plot to render the Trump Presidency impotent is fully exposed, they may actually hire an ( I don’t want to trigger the Censor-Bot) to “Take Him Out” in a final act of “resistance”.
      On THAT note, I am convinced that the DEEP STATE RESISTANCE in DC is being guided by Obama/Jarrett…

  28. In response to questioning from Al Franken in Senate hearings, Comey said that he and the intel community THOUGHT that Putin favored Trump, period.

    That’s it! The FBI director opened an investigation on a presidential candidate based on the director’s telepathic ability to read the mind of the wusskie prez! That is grounds enough for firing him.

  29. “Of course, the larger question is why would the DNC refuse to cooperate with the FBI? That would be like refusing to cooperate with the police after your home was burgled and choosing to hire a private investigator to determine who perpetrated the crime.”
    The simplest answer to this question is that you would not want the police to search your house after a burglary if you had something to hide from the police. Same with the DNC. This also begs the question as to how would the Intel community come up with the conclusion that the Russians hacked the DNC server if they never even saw the DNC server????

    • Did it ever occur to you that maybe the intelligence community has OTHER evidence besides what was found (or not found) on the DNC server?

  30. Interesting perspective, Vladimir could not have done a better job distorting and conflating events and facts.
    This ironically named “American Greatness” column is best read with refreshingly cold Kool Aid. Meanwhile, back in the real world the investigation proceeds full steam ahead and a case for “Obstruction of Justice” might be developing. Stay Tuned!

    • And if the investigation reveals that Trump didn’t collude with the Russians, will you continue to listen to the Democrats’ & the media’s lies? Or will that generate a healthy dose of skepticism in you?

      • Which “Democrats’ & the media’s lies” are you referring to? Donald’s own tweets, unedited and in context, his actions regarding his attempting to influence the heads if the Intel agencies & the FBI, not denied by the WH up till this minute. Which other ‘lies’? We await your rational,direct response. Thank you!

      • This is kinda hard for some. But I recognize that not all of the people that post online are smart. So, I’ll try again. The lie I was referring to is “Trump didn’t collude with the Russians.”

      • Unfortulately, right now that is only an opinion which you are entitled to. It may become a fact when all the investigations are concluded. But like the Benghazi investigations, we may need 7 or 8 more of them before you are satisfied. Right now all of Trump’s words and actions are making your ‘lie’ seem to be actually the opposite…. the truth. You really need to talk to him. As usual he is his own worst enemy and needs no help to sink himself from the evil Dems or ‘liberal media’.

      • No one, outside The FBI, knows for certain whether or not Trump associates colluded with The Russians.
        Everyone watching, if they are honest, see that Trump is doing everything that a “guilty man” would do under the same circumstances.

      • The Democrats did everything in their power to obstruct the Benghazi investigations. That’s why there were so many hearings & why the complete truth didn’t come out.

        But those investigations did uncover the fact that Clinton Foundation was a huge sop & clever disguise for the Clintons’ “pay for play” operations while Hillary was Secretary of State. Without that disclosure, most people would have never discovered what the Clintons were up to, & Hillary might have been our President.

        Those hearings also revealed the huge lie that the video precipitated the Benghazi attacks. That lie was concocted to hide Obama’s foreign policy failures from the American people prior to the 2012 Election.

      • And the results of all these investigations ended up with the indictments or incarcerations of which individuals? If there was ANY evidence of ANYcrimes, there would have been individuals you could name. But you can’t because there aren’t any.

      • The failure of indictments & incarcerations resulted from the breakdown of the American justice system. Those failures resulted from a deal negotiated on a Tarmac in Phoenix. Bill Clinton proposed it, Loretta Lynch presented it to Obama, & Obama said “yes”.

        Eric Holder (Obama’s good friend) brokered the deal between Bill Clinton & Marc Rich. So, Obama likely knew how those crooked dealings worked. What happened was a low-down, dirty shame.

      • Your wishful thinking & vivid imagination has taken over. You can’t provide the slightest bit of evidence for your accusations & you know it every realistic or neutral observer knows it as well.

      • As a 66 year old Conservative from the bastion of Liberalism, New York City, I believe the media is an entertainment venue that can be counted on to distort facts toward there agenda, CNN as well as Fox News, the NYT as well as the WSJ.
        I have always believed that Dems lie; but, the advent of Donald Trump and his Republican enablers [now] convinces me that the Republicans are no different from the Dems – a lesson sadly learned late in life.
        I will accept the conclusions reached by Robert Mueller.., and only Robert Mueller.
        Is there anything that have stated in my post that leads you to believe I am not a skeptic!

  31. Excellent article! If the Russians intervened, it was to get Comey to drop his investigation of Hillary & say she was innocent, when she obviously wasn’t.

    Apparently, the Russians (who had bought Hillary before) hoped to do it many times again in the political game of, “The Price is Right.”

    The Russians biggest score was when they got Hillary to help them purchase 20% of America’s uranium supplies. That was what the “reset button” was all about.

    Trump was skilled negotiator that drove hard bargains. Trump also wanted to put America’s interests first. Trump was the last thing the Russians wanted. A corrupt, easily bought politician was more to their liking.

    • So then it should be easy to explain why a person who has nothing to hide is acting exactly like a person who has a lot to hide. His own bizarre behavior & tweets (& not fake news) are giving everyone the impression that HE believes there is fire behind all that smoke. And he should know that better than anyone, even the FBI. So what’s up? Your move!

      • I’d like to take a bowel movement on you. But doggone it, that move is not available to me.

      • Neither is a rational response available to you. But what else is new?

      • Or…he knows that the whole Russian collusion thing is eventually going to fall apart spectacularly and has no reason to quell it at this point, since it is occupying so much of the oppositions’ time and resources, and provides cover and distraction to all of his other pursuits. Maybe that’s it?

      • It MUST be frustrating being the sole representative of the DNC here to refute THE TRUTH with lies….

      • You didn’t exactly address my comment, did you? But you knew that because you know you won’t because you can’t, right?

      • President Trump is playing the MSM and the liberal progressives so well that they have become totally obsessed with, and focused on, the fake Russia collusion narrative. The result is that when Barack, Hillary, et al, are indicted, it will come as a complete surprise to the lefties. They are so deeply bought into spinning out the manufactured phony Russia story that they aren’t even aware how near their heroes are to serious prison time.

  32. I read this article because I had to choose to either listen to the wife or act busy. I vote Trump, will be voting Trump in 2020 even if he is in jail. I didn’t need this article to tell me the Democrats are satan minions.

  33. Hillary should have colluded with Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. When will the Democrats wake up.

    • Her campaign openly kissed-off the WHITE UNION VOTE in favor of a tidal wave of votes from Blacks, Hispanics, LGBTQ’S, Dead People and famous Cartoon Characters….. I know, crazy!!

  34. The Obama Administration weaponized the Intel Community through partisans like Woolsey and Brennan. Those two should be locked up.

    • “Those two should be locked up.” Why? What crimes have they committed? Just because it feels good to utter, in the country there usually needs to be a crime, an investigation and a trial first. Your move?

      • You must be a regular reader of GQ, Rolling Stone, Mother Jones and PRAVDA……

      • Illegal surveillance. The feel good part is locking these two idiots up for keeping the press and Congress foaming at the mouth over Russia despite having ZERO evidence of collusion.

      • For one Brennan’s CIA spied on Congress…Is this reason enough for you?

    • The Obama Administration/DNC were so incredibly LAWLESS and CORRUPT, the Italian Mafia watched in awe…

  35. i am gonna print this article so i can use it to line my birdcage.

    republiKlans have denied their passion for institutional racism and misogyny, basic unfairness, rule by private corporation, oligarchy, etc. for literally decades.

    with their open and full embrace of racist sexual predator and serial liar Pussy Grabber (his words not mine) as well as his hateful policies, they have outed themselves for the whole world to see.

    history will record republiKlan party shame for posterity. perfect.

    • Your reaction to a very intelligent presentation of FACTS, EVENTS, PEOPLE and an easily verifiable TIME-LINE tells me that 1) you are a Liberal/Progressive/Marxist Democrat and 2) It must be pretty close to the TRUTH, which is going to be very damaging to the Political Party (corrupt and lawless as it is….) that you love…..

      • good god, bless your heart.

        lifelong republiKlan huh? yeah. it shows. goodbye and good luck to you. the gruding resentment you carry around is punishment enough for your willful ignorance.

      • so, are you still denying you back a racist sexual predator who likely compromised american democracy to ingratiate himself with a foreign enemy of our country? now that the fredo corleone of the trump family has admitted collusion with russian enemies or are you committed to going all the way down with Pussy Grabber?

        i’m guessing you’re going down, perfect.

      • FuckOffBitch!!

        I was a supporter of Ted Cruz (the Christian Constitutional Conservative) from the beginning until the bitter end…. I only voted for Trump because he was the last ‘Republican’ standing….
        Since Trump speny half of his adult life as a Manhattan Pro-Abortion LIBERAL DEMOCRAT, I would have thought you people would have LOVED him because he’s NOT a “Conservative”!!
        But no………. Everyone on The Left wants to have him and his entire Government Bulk-Impeached and removed from Office, I guess so Hillary Clinton can be installed as the REAL ‘President’….

      • a mind this limited can only conceive of only ‘us v them’ and doesn’t indulge in critical thinking that might allow for change based on real evidence.

        i was and am not a HRC supporter so won’t speak to that.

        republiKlan males like this one are so frighteningly predictable.

        bless your heart honey, and good luck to you.

    • Klan? Are you forgetting that Democrats were the party of slavery, believers in white supremacy, the authors of the
      Black Codes & Jim Crow laws, & the founders of the Ku Klux Klan?

      But Democrats pulled their sheets off & burned them after KKK Grand Kleagle Robert Byrd, Lester Maddox, Orval Faubus, Bull Connors, & William Fulbright (Bill Clinton’s mentor) conceived of a new strategy. But they never took the Klan out of their hearts.

      After the voting rights act of 1965, the Klan could no longer suppress black voters. From then on, the Democrats welcomed blacks to their party & won their vote by giving them entitlement crumbs & blaming their malaise on the GOP.

      However, Democrats have to ensure persons of color never improve their socioeconomic position in society. Otherwise, the Democrats cleverly crafted strategy would start to fall apart. Because if blacks ever became successful, they might become Republicans.

      Since 1980, Americans’ socioeconomic mobility has decreased by one-third as Democrats work tirelessly to create a caste system in America in order to preserve the lower strata of their base.

      Please read Dinesh D’suza’s new book, “Hillary’s America.” He documents who the sub rosa racists in America are. And they’re not who you think they are.

      • please study american history my angry resentful republiklan friend….that was then, this is now. we can do nothing about then…but we can do a lot about now.

  36. The Dems have nearly completely self-destructed under O’s watch, and so many still pine for him. He had no business anywhere near the Oval Office even once, much less twice. The miserable post recession econ recovery further proves that. The Paris Accord is evidence of ideological thinking bordering on the delusional. The US “leads” by shooting itself in the foot, and enormous global wealth redistribution. The Paris Accord was NOT about climate – it was and is about money, and how much the US would contribute. The EU is furious that we are no longer playing the sucker.

  37. The Trump/Russia narrative will someday be studied as the most effective Echo Chamber operation ever. Despite Ben Rhodes breaking his arm patting himself on the back while berating the press for their gullibility, they just keep bending over and taking it.

  38. One can’t really blame the left for a lack of intellectual curiosity on this narrative. They did vote for Hillary Clinton.

  39. The collapse of the Democratic Party is probably irreversible at this late stage. The stampede toward socialism has shifted the DNCs center of gravity so far to the left that the majority of Americans can’t even see it from the political center where they live their lives. Former Democratic Party loyalists are being abused and scorned by the liberal progressive elites. The liberal infatuation with Bernie Sanders, Occupy Wall Street,, Barack Obama, The Resistance, etc. is continually shedding voters for the Democratic Party. The lefts’ insistence on ideological purity is driving away more voters, from every demographic, than all of the myriad tweets from President Trump. It is most unlikely that the DNC has either the desire or ability to turn itself around in time for the 2020 elections, let alone the 2018 mid-terms.

  40. Though it doesn’t involve the element of semitism, this whole affair reminds one of Dreyfus in France. The military establishment, the elite of the French army, framed Dreyfus wholesale as a German spy, by simply manufacturing evidence. It was deeply cynical and corrupt of the French Deep State.

  41. the lunatic right won’t believe what’s happened until they see that blue tie of Trump’s with the stain from servicing Putin.

  42. Kicking things off with an analogy from a sci-fi flick about dream sharing doesn’t help the narrative. If it’s a lie, it’s no more convoluted than the lengths we’ve gone to trying to expose the lie, as this column clearly displays. Our only options left are to believe in a vast right-wing conspiracy to destroy Clinton’s candidacy or a vast left-wing conspiracy to destroy Trump’s presidency. Common sense says neither can be fully true, but elements of truth from either side certainly help to reinforce our own stubborn stupidity.

  43. “Donald Trump doesn’t know anything about policy. Donald Trump doesn’t know anything about politics. Donald Trump doesn’t know anything about anything. He can get up and give a good speech. You listen to him talk about any topic and he wanders from sentence to sentence to sentence. So Steve Bannon is now the President of the United States. And that was more clear yesterday than ever before.”

    — “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough, quoted by Mediaite

      • Little don john knows almost nothing about almost everything and has no desire to know anymore about anything. He proves this every day and has been proving it since June 2015.

  44. And he is mentally impaired, too.“STAT reviewed decades of Trump’s on-air interviews and compared them to Q&A sessions since his inauguration. The differences are striking and unmistakable.”

    “Research has shown that changes in speaking style can result from cognitive decline. STAT therefore asked experts in neurolinguistics and cognitive assessment, as well as psychologists and psychiatrists, to compare Trump’s speech from decades ago to that in 2017; they all agreed there had been a deterioration, and some said it could reflect changes in the health of Trump’s brain.”

    “In interviews Trump gave in the 1980s and 1990s (with Tom Brokaw, David Letterman, Oprah Winfrey, Charlie Rose, and others), he spoke articulately, used sophisticated vocabulary, inserted dependent clauses into his sentences without losing his train of thought, and strung together sentences into a polished paragraph, which — and this is no mean feat — would have scanned just fine in print. This was so even when reporters asked tough questions.”

    • What left wing clap trap BS. Unlike Obama who, without a teleprompter to read fell into stuttering spells of “If, if,if,if,if,if,if,if,if,if, okey dokey” Trump meets with all reporters – including the most anti-Trump ones – for wide ranging and very coherent interviews.

      Heads of State and folks who were anti-Trumpers praise the way Trump listens in meetings and asks tough, relevant questions.

      But the real test is Trump has done the impossible time and again. Obama and Hillary, despite hundreds of highly paid “consultants” and “strategists” fail at everything. Obama is the only president in US history who did not have 1 year of 3% GDP growth. He doubled the deficit that it took 240 years and 44 presidents to accumulate. He destroyed jobs, doubled healthcare costs and abused power in ways other presidents wouldn’t even imagine.

      The only person worse than Obama is Hillary.

    • You add this idiotic comment to ever article that you can get to on RCP. Your comment is a logical fallacy (argumentum ad ignorantiam). How much are you being paid to paste this drivel all over RCP?

  45. Why did Trump fire Comey because of the Russian investigation if he had nothing to hide ?

    • Because Comey was a liar, leaker and violator of the Constitution. He got off lightly. Comey got incredibly rich covering up the Clinton and other swamp scandals. In the FBI he was known as a “bad cop”.

      • Trump told Lester Holt he fired Comey because of the Russian investigation . That’s obstruction of justice president confefe.

      • You are making all of this up and everyone, even many of those that support donald know it and you are making a fool of yourself and you just don’t care. You can’t provide 1 scintilla of evidence to support your accusations but if it ‘feels good’ it must BE good. If only the real world worked that way, right? Make a fool out of ME and give us 1 bit of proof. But you won’t because you can’t!

  46. Here’s the rub. We are powerless to do a thing about the bureaucracy and the media lockdown on all information that they can possibly lock down and keep from spreading. We can’t force the media to stop spreading misinformation, lies by omission, etc.

    The swamp still exists, the bureaucrats and politicians all unfairly despise Trump and the best talent still refuses to work with him. How long are we supposed to put up with being hamstrung like this before we can finally act in a way that will finally and once and for all, break the power of the elites who run our national and state governments? Or at least replace them with a new set of elites?

    Trump can only do so much and with absolutely zero support from the Executive branch he leads, he will be just as limited as Obama was in what he can do. I’m tired of this political stalemate. I want to see my side prevail and do so within my lifetime. I don’t think it will though.

    • ” the best talent still refuses to work with him.” If they refuse to work with him, they are far from “the best”. Swamp dwelling kleptocrats is more like it.

      There’s no doubt that President Trump has a formidable task ahead fighting an entrenched that wants to return the US to the default government that owns the people. He has only we, the people on his side.

      Will that be enough? Time will tell. Al-Sisi believes Trump can do the impossible. By my count he already has at least 6 times in his life. The left is exposing themselves as the hate purveying, intolerant, dishonest, childish and greedy parasites that they are while Trump delivers on campaign promise after campaign promise.


      • He has We the Republican base. Apparently hoving around 50 million. THEY have the rest of the voters against us. The only reason we are in power is because of the foresight of the Founders. I don’t like relying on ancient technicalities that can be overturned possibly through corruption to remain in power. We need to win over more voters. But that would mean compromising like “the right” does in Europe, “We’ll run the socialism better than the socialists will.”

      • I read that fewer than 30% of colonists were in favor of the Revolution and look how that turned out.

        By the way, in terms of the “best talent” I think Wilbur Ross, Rex Tillerson and Mnuchen – all from outside the political arena are the finest minds leading key areas that will favorably impact the life of every American and reset our standing in the world.

        Mattis and Kelly were rejected by the political class and are examples of what has been missing because of the swamp mentality.

        Trump has assembled a first class cabinet – probably the finest any president has assembled. Not bad for a “thin skinned narcissist rodeo clown.”

        We’ve been blessed with this last chance to turn back from the brink. If as many of us are as committed as that 30% in 1776 we’ll make it.

      • Exactly though. The revolution was not a “People’s Revolution” if it were, it would have ended up like France. Our revolution was a revolution by brilliant elites, the best minds of their day, brought together inadvertantly due to British Colonialism. The most rich and powerful men in our colony, all brilliant, educated in the law, etc. were the runs who concieived, organized and led the rebellion.

        We don’t have an elite waiting in the wings to help us out with funding and political power. There is no France to assist us in our struggle. There will be no Lexington or Concord, because our elites still, like those before them, achieved elite status through legitimate means. They may be incompetent, detached and utterly foreign to the mainstream American, but they are legitimate in their wealth and power. That makes it hard to overthrow them.

  47. The USA is lucky to have a man like Donald Trump who was willing to give up a very comfortable life to accept the abuse and indignities heaped upon him by the barbaric left, the entitled establishment and the dishonest media. A lesser patriot would have packed his bags when his family was first attacked – as they all expected him to when they launched their assaults.

    Instead, we have a president who is working tirelessly to return our government to us as he promised.

    This week brought us ANOTHER campaign promise met – despite 90% negative press, the deep state, media lies and dimocrite violence and obstruction.

    Well done, Mr President.

    * Out of Paris accord.
    * Out of TPP
    * Conservative put on Supreme Court
    * Illegal immigration down more than 70%
    * Wall prototypes solicited, bid and being evaluated
    * Increased funding for military and border security
    * Keystone and Dakota pipelines approved and carrying oil
    * Obamacare mandate removed, IRS told not to require answer on tax forms.
    * EPA regulations removed/weakened. Two old regs must be removed for each new one
    * Obama grab of state land undone
    * NATO told to pay fair share
    * Instrumental in organizing Arab states to police their terrorists and pay for safe zones for muslim refugees
    * Establishing framework for true peace in middle east
    * Took over negotiations from uniparty Ryan to pass repeal/replace Obamacare through House
    * Stock market value up $3 trillion and businesses reporting record profits based on Trump easing regulations and plan to lower taxes
    * More than 1 million jobs added/pledged
    * Renegotiating NAFTA
    * Negotiated trade deal with China favorable to US

  48. Why have so many people on the Trump team lied about meeting with Russians? Why did Trump admit to firing Comey because he wanted to halt the investigation into his campaign? Why is anybody even talking about the Clintons, since they’re gone?

  49. Probably the best summation of the timeline and events within that timeline I have seen. The interesting part is that despite having investigated Trump officials for over a year there has not been an evidential fact presented. And considering that the DOJ was leaking like a sieve for the last few months of 2016. That is not proof of innocence by any means, but it is interesting. I think a good many people, myself included, want this thoroughly investigated. We want to know what transpired, and who did what, and if there was any illegality involved. And we want anyone who broke the law to be appropriately punished. I don’t think that is too much to ask.

    • Trump would obviously open up the spigots? That isn’t obvious at all.

      Trump has had nothing to do with with fracking and Trump knows nothing about the oil industry. HRC couldn’t have stopped fracking even if she wanted to. And oil is traded on a world wide market so US oil production has very little with the world price of oil.

    • It would be like Obama to the coal industry ” you can use your cheep oil energy we will just TAX you to bankruptcy”.
      If you can’t stop production, then stop Consumption.

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  53. “…there is ample evidence that primary national security figures in the Obama Administration misused their power to improperly spy on Trump Campaign officials.” No there is ample evidence that Trump campaign officials, maybe even Trump himself, were speaking to the targets of NSA surveillance and were “unmasked” when Obama Administration officials inquired as to who these US citizens were. No evidence of misuse of power, but in this article plenty of evidence of Trump sycophants amplifying Trump’s distraction counter-narrative : they were “surveilling me.” Maybe Trump himself was on line as well. Let’s see what the Special Counsel digs up. I’m sure it will be interesting…maybe better than Benghazi.

  54. John Brennan has his hands all over this.

    In fact, when the CIA initially launched its investigation into Donald Trump last spring, it did so under the pretense that Russia aimed at “undermining the credibility of the U.S. election.”

    Brennan has stocked the CIA with hard core leftists. He hated General Flynn. They (CIA Brennan cohorts) are creating this narrative via leaks to a complaint press.

  55. A very well done, detailed, and useful summary of the evolution of this lie. Amid all the craziness, I had forgotten about Jill Stein’s little lawsuit. (Much like the Gore 2000 recount, an obvious example of dishonest concern for “every vote counting” by cherry-picking recounts in areas likely to favor the losing candidate.)

    The whole Russia defamation depends on shifting burden of proof to the accused and the vague nature of the term “hacking.”

    It is, as you conclude, an alibi by habitually dishonest people lacking all self-awareness.

  56. Missing one very key fact.
    The DNC emails released by Wikileaks conclusively document the inception of the “Russian” narrative.
    Emails by and between Pedestal and Mook on/around March 2016 discussed various ways to discredit and attack candidate Trump, should he win the nomination.
    A number of ideas were discussed, and ultimately it was decided that the “Russian” meme would work the best. This was about the time that Trump jokingly asked the Russians if they could provide Hillary’s missing emails, and the Democrats feigned high insult to that joke.
    No kidding. The whole “Russia” scheme was Podesta’s brain fart.

  57. Mr. Weichert and Mr. Buskirk, this is extraordinary. Thank you for a superbly written review of what has happened (and is happening).

  58. america greatness is how much the jewish, wall street and corporate elite can steal from the american ppl–pretty soon they will be stealing from their own as the have nots will have nada to steal—-

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  61. What’s really going to come to light over all of this is how completely corrupt the Obama administration was. Obama/Jarrett and their sycophants have done more damage to the country than the Russians could ever dream of. Obama/Jarrett placed their ideological scum in so many government agencies where they know can continue to push their Marxist ideas. The only hope I have is the GOP has the backbone to follow through on the gift they’ve been given,however, I won’t hold my breath as they already are either to stupid to see it or worried some of their corruptness will come out too.

  62. No amount of far right drivel is going to stop the investigations.

    • Good because the Democrats, especially the Clintoons and their smarmy handlers like “PizzaGate” Podesta need to be brought to trial and exposed for all the world to see just what crooks they are. Investigate With Integrity and the criminal Clinton Crony Cabal will be in prison…

  63. You know, of course, that rational sensible discourse such as this does not become viral. So you need a really salacious headline here like “Trump has sex with elephants”…